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Gusto Payroll Review 2022 – Top 10 Payroll Services

You can rely on Gusto Payroll for your business’s human resources requirements, payroll handling, and tax preparation. There are many service options available for this cloud-hosted system. Health insurance control, time monitoring, paid time off (PTO) management, and exposure to trained HR professionals are just some of the HR services offered by the platform. This service provider is the finest HR software for payroll processing because of these and many other factors.

The Verdict
Gusto Payroll Gusto Payroll

The program is undoubtedly a solid payroll administration solution that goes beyond the minimum while reasonably priced. It automates several tedious operations associated with any business's employee benefit, HR, and payment administration requirements. Though it has its benefits and drawbacks, just like any other payroll system, the gains significantly exceed the downsides in more ways than one.

  • Best Possible Experience for the End User
  • It's not uncommon for powerful tools with a slew of valuable capabilities to be cumbersome and challenging to navigate. While using the provider's pages and dashboards, you won't be bogged down by cluttered UI. This impacts both payroll administration and employee-facing functions.
  • Affordable
  • The service provider gives various reasonably priced options for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and even larger corporates. Depending on your choices, you pay a small fee per employee after paying the basic price.
  • Provides the Contractor Only Version
  • That option is also available for those who need a contractor-only edition. Paying for tools that you don't use is not required. As an independent contractor, you can access the self-service portal, which includes the option to prepare and submit 1099 forms and receive limitless payments from contractors.
  • Compatibility
  • The platform is compatible with many business applications, many of which you may
  • No Geo-tracking Tools
  • Geo-tracking is a must-have function for hourly field workers or distant teams. The geo-tracking feature may have to be integrated into a payroll application if that's the case for you and you still want to utilize the platform.
  • It Does Not Have a Mobile App
  • Despite the software's many capabilities, a mobile app for managing payroll and employees while on the move is still a work in progress. Hopefully, this will be implemented soon.
  • There are no International Payroll Options
  • Using the services outside the United States is impossible. To utilize it, you must have a US-based employee.
  • A Few Limitations with Connectors
  • The software comes with a wide range of connections for time tracking, payroll, and accounting. On the other hand, some users would prefer if the company was compatible with Microsoft Office365. As a result, the service solution can only work with a certain number of other systems. Check out integration options for the best compatibility with your exi

About Company

Gusto is a reliable payroll software that allows you to manage simple to complicated payroll activities for workers and contractors. It streamlines the process of enrolling new staff and enables you to minimize human mistakes. It’s the solution you want in your team to guarantee your payroll routine works well, thanks to its user-friendly approach to payroll administration.

Regarding payment systems, the platform comes out on top as the finest online payroll solution for most people. That means it includes all the necessary tools and combines them with automation to offer a quick, dependable, and flawless payroll process. It consists of many pay schedule options, assists in managing employee perks, and instantly analyzes and submits payroll taxes.


Many plans are accessible via Gustohr, each with a different set of features. However, many small companies will benefit greatly from several key capabilities that the software provides. These aspects are described in more detail below;

  1. Integrations

There are many popular services that Gusto HR can link with. These include standard accounting, time and attendance applications, and point-of-sale systems. With so many connectivity options, firms who want to connect all of their business apps to develop a bespoke solution find it quite handy.

  1. Payroll

Payroll for workers may be handled fast and correctly using Gusto’s many capabilities. Full- and part-time W-2 personnel, independent contractors, consultants, and other 1099 professionals may be paid using the software. There are no limitations on the number of states you may pay using the service.

Payroll Processing: When all of the valuable details has been input into the program, the system automatically prepares a payroll, saving your time. Every pay month, all you need to enter is the number of hours (paid hourly) and each employee’s incentives or commissions. A verification message appears after selecting the “Submit Payroll” link, indicating either direct deposit or the capacity to process checks for those who want them. Fairly constant payroll may be set up to run automatically. Without any more involvement from you, payroll executes each pay time without any issues whatsoever. You may complete payroll as often as needed every month without incurring any extra fees. Employers that recruit full-time and part-time workers and freelancers benefit greatly from this level of adaptability.

Payment Alternatives: In addition to direct deposit, the platform gives prepaid debit cards, printed checks, and various other choices for you to pay your staff. Each worker’s bank account is credited with their payout amount on payday. Debit cards and prepaid debit cards operate similarly: paychecks are instantly debited on payday to the cards. Printing checks from your device is an option if you decide to pay your employees this way. Check stock paper is required even though no special software is needed.

Payroll Taxes: In terms of payroll taxes, the software handles everything. You don’t have to worry about manually filling out and submitting any tax forms; the software does everything for you. Likewise, it takes care of all of your company’s payroll-related obligations.

  1. Benefits Management

In addition to online benefits signup, Benefits Administration provides licensed benefits advice and employee assistance. Likewise, 401(k) and 529 college savings plans are available, as well as health insurance, employees’ protection insurance, commuting perks, health savings plans, and flexible spending accounts.

  1. Consent to Regulations

On numerous fronts, the service provider aids companies in being legally compliant. When your firm employs a new employee, the software handles all the documentation with the state on your behalf. Automatic generation of all W-2 and 1099 tax forms for your workers is another feature of this program. Afterward, each worker and contractor receive a digital copy of the forms. ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and other federal standards may all be met with the aid of the platform if you manage employee benefits.

  1. Reporting and Data Mining

For administrators and teams, Gusto payroll provides the opportunity to run a wide range of valuable reports. Personalized reports may be created depending on the data you wish to study, or you can download the software’s standard reports. You can see information about your employees, taxes, payroll, vacation, and other aspects of your business.

  1. A Guide to Finding and Bringing on New Employees

The software will make it easier for you to hire and onboard new employees. Its induction capabilities include job offers and e-signature papers, personnel directories, organizational charts, bespoke onboarding procedures, technology deployment, and records management, among other items. Sophisticated services like employee relations advice, customized manuals, job role forms, HR guidelines, policy templates, and harassment prevention training may be included in your plan, based on your subscription level.

  1. Attendance and Working Hours

With the right service package, the service provider can handle part or all of your time and vacation monitoring needs. Setting holiday and sick leave rules and keeping track of workers’ accruals and balances is possible. Requests for time off may be handled by either the Concierge or Complete plans. Managers may accept or disapprove requests submitted by workers in the program. Optional payroll and shared calendar integration are available for certain plans as well.

Plans and Pricing

Basic, Core, Complete, and Concierge are the provider’s four service levels for organizations with full-time staff. All four programs enable you to pay W-2 workers, 1099 contractors, freelancers, and all applicable payroll and tax services. The HR functions provided by various plans aren’t all the same. A monthly base cost and a monthly per-employee fee are included in each plan. The following is a brief description of each subscription:

Basic Plan

The monthly fee for this plan is $19, plus an additional $6 for each employee or contractor. In addition to four-day direct deposit and paid-time-off rules, it provides complete payroll and worker self-service.

Core Plan

This plan has a $39 monthly base price and a $6 per-employee fee. With this package, you get all of the functions of the Basic plan, as well as onboarding support, accounting integration, time monitoring connection, and the option to conduct payroll automatically.

Complete Plan

There is a basic charge of $39 per month for this plan; however, the monthly fee for each employee is $12. All of the features of the Core plan, including software authorization, employee profiles and surveys, project monitoring, and labor costs, are included in this plan type.

Concierge Plan

The plan has a $149 monthly base charge and an additional $12 per month for each employee or contractor. Likewise, it provides access to Gusto’s HR consultants, HR compliance guidance, employee relations counseling, and an HR information centre for aid with work instructions, job descriptions, HR manuals, and policy forms.

For companies without full-time staff, the software provides a contractor plan. This program does not charge a monthly base price; however, each contractor is charged $6 per month. Unrestricted contractor remittances, contractor self-service alternatives, and 1099 forms and files are included in the package. The service provider does not have any agreements to sign. The service is billed monthly, and you have the option to discontinue it at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Process for Getting Started with the Platform?

You don’t have to wait till tomorrow to get started. The service provider gives a guide to help you transition if you’re currently using another payroll service.

Even Though I Don’t Pay W-2 workers, can it be Used to Pay my Independent Contractors?

Paying just independent contractors is a possibility. Due to the contractor plan, their 1099s are filed and sent for them instantly at the end of the year.

What is Included in the Accounts of Employees?

Using the software, employees may view their pay stubs and W-2s for the rest of their lives. Their account allows them to record their time worked, schedule time off, donate to charities straight from their paychecks, and change their contact information.

Is Direct Deposit an Option for My Staff?

Yes. The service provider’s options are direct deposit, paperless enrollment, PTO, time tracking, and more.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes. Since it is a cloud-based solution, you don’t need to set up or update any software with the service provider. Users may access the software’s web interface from any phone or tablet. A to-do list is shown on the Gusto HR dashboard and scheduled events. This involves providing a firm location, adding personnel, creating federal and state taxes, and attaching and authenticating your bank account.

For payroll, you input the number of hours every person worked, holiday or sick leave they spent, incentives or commissions they received, and cost reimbursements. Direct deposit verification is sent to your workers or contractors once you file the paycheck. Printing out any required checks may also be done at this time.

You only need to know their names, email accounts, and wage scales to add them to the database. Afterward, you may provide other details, such as your SSN and residential address, as well as your tax deductions and bank account info. On the other hand, you may take advantage of the worker self-onboarding function, which enables employees and contractors to submit all the information personally.

Focuses on the financial and year-end tax records are available online for all employees, including full-time, part-time, and contract workers. Employees can access their data even if they change jobs since these are lifetime identities.