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Helcim Review 2022 – Top 10 Credit Card Processors

Helcim is an established merchant service provider. They provide businesses with world-class solutions. They have specialized in helping the small business community. Their reasonable rates make it an excellent option for growing companies. They have been offering their services for many years. But like any new company, you need to know what they offer and their rates before deciding if they are valuable to you. For most people, Helcim scores five out of five, and they earn one of the highest recommendations. But you need much more information to make the right decision. This article will break down all the Helcim offerings, including services, features, pricing, pros, and cons.

The Verdict
Helcim Helcim

The final verdict is that Helcim is a great merchant account provider. Small businesses are usually disadvantaged when looking for a merchant account provider. But thankfully, Helcim has features that can help businesses of all sizes. It’s one of the best options in Canada and the US. This is a detailed insight into the services they offer and their features. Use the information to make a great business decision.

  • Helcim is an all-inclusive platform
  • They offer transparent pricing
  • There are no early termination fees or long-term contracts
  • Incredible customer support
  • Your processing costs will decrease as your business grow
  • They accept international payments
  • There are no monthly fees
  • They have helpful free features
  • Not the best option for high-risk industries
  • It might be a bit expensive for low-volume businesses

About Company

Helcim is a Canadian-based company that also serves the US. They offer merchant and credit card processing services. The company has existed since 2006; a student entrepreneur is the one who founded the company. Nicolas Beique is still the CEO of the company. They didn’t start offering their services to businesses in the US until 2013. The company has seen tremendous growth over the years. The all-in-one platforms allow merchants to start processing different payment and billing forms. The interchange-plus competitive pricing attracts a lot of businesses. Helcim stock and services come with a complimentary software interface that allows business owners to manage everything without additional charges.

The platform supports subscriptions, hosted payment pages, payment links, and invoicing. The software is the most convenient solution because you can use it on any device. Helcim is an inexpensive way for a merchant to run their business effectively. However, when you have low sales volumes, it might not be the most affordable option out there. One of the major milestones for the company was when they added the Helcim Commerce platform in 2017. Because of these advancements, they now have around 7,000 merchants in Canada and the United States. You will get a volume discount if your business does more than $ 25,000 worth of transactions per month.

Unlike other companies, Helcim doesn’t charge a monthly fee. That brings their charges even further down. Merchants can set up a free online store Helcim will host for you, and you will also be able to process payments from your buyers. The company doesn’t work with all high-risk businesses. Their services won’t favor businesses in some industries, including bitcoin dealers, adult entertainment, video arcades, and airlines. You should find another merchant provider if you belong to any of these industries. Helcim has the hardware you can buy to improve your payment processes. Some companies offer free hardware when you sign up for their services but don’t expect the same from Helcim. You can compare other merchant processing companies with Helcim, but you will soon find out that Helcim stands out in many aspects.


Setting up with Helcim is easy; the application process will only take a few minutes. Your account will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours. You need to concern yourself about the features and services the company offers. Some of the features and services you will benefit from include the following.

  1. Card Reader

Helcim card reader is meant for every business. It’s easy to set up, and it will do everything you want it to. They only have one credit card terminal, a small but very versatile device. It will take care of all your in-person credit card processing needs. It can function as a mobile card reader, countertop terminal, or a Point Of Sale system. You can sync the device with your tablet, computer, or smartphone. You can connect it via WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB cable. Canadian business owners can rent the machine if they don’t need it full-time. You have the option to add a receipt printer from them at an affordable option. Their card reader can work in conjunction with Helcim virtual terminal. The possibilities with these multifunctional payment processing tools are endless. You may think you don’t need it until you buy it, and it changes your whole payment processing game.

  1. Online Invoicing

eCommerce businesses are the ones that need online invoicing more than anyone. It makes the buying process easier for buyers. The Helcim online invoicing solution automatically sends payment reminders. It will also allow you to create and send unlimited invoices to your customers. It’s very effective, like the Helcim virtual terminal, but you can use it to text customers and request payment. Your invoices will have a ‘pay now or send now’ option. It’s a convenient feature for the buyers because it allows them to complete their purchase with a click. The robust invoicing features can help a small business establish its brand. You can design the invoices to feature your brand logo. Customized and professional invoicing will make you stand out from competitors.

  1. Hosting

Helcim can host your online store when you sign up for their payment solutions. Hosting services are usually very costly. But Helcim makes things easier because your account will come with a complimentary hosted online store. Your online store will have discounted codes, a shopping cart, shipping integrations, SEO tools, and an SSL certificate. Almost all businesses have a website these days, but not all of them can process payments online. You can add Helcim’s hosted payment pages if you have a pre-existing website. The hosting features come with a theme editor; you can customize your website to fit your brand. A Helcim merchant has all the tools to optimize the online buying process.

  1. Online Food Ordering

Restaurants or food-related businesses can also be Helcim merchants. They have a quick-order online store you can use to sell food. You can create a menu, take orders from their customers, and accept payments from them. If you have a food website already, you can add a payment form and a food ordering menu. Reaching customers online should be the goal because most customers look for solutions online these days. You can tell your customers if you offer shipping, delivery, or pickups. It makes it easy for buyers to order from anywhere. The website will have tax calculations, tip recommendations, and discount codes. If you enable the website, Helcim will automatically install an SSL certificate to keep everything secure. The built-in SEO tools will help you get found more by customers. You can integrate the website with hardware from the Helcim stock.

  1. Recurring Payments And Subscriptions

Helcim will enable you to automate billing. You can retain customer information securely on their servers. When you have the customer information, you can easily automate their payments if they buy from you again. You won’t have to ask for the same information again; completing the purchase will only take a few clicks. They will help you manage subscribers because adding and maintaining customer information is difficult. Built-in email functionality allows you to keep in touch with customers. You can send emails automatically using the templates available on your account. You will also be able to update card information before it expires. Automating the payment process significantly reduces the lengthy checkout process.

  1. Helcim Hosted Payment Pages

A payment page is one of the easiest ways of accepting online payments. You can seamlessly add the feature to your website without any programming. You can use the hosted pages for various reasons depending on the kind of information you want to collect. You can use it for customer registration and get their information. The fully customizable design allows you to control the payment experience for your customers. It’s fast and easy to set up; even a less tech-savvy business owner can install the feature. Helcim customer service is always available to help you through the setup process.

  1. Customer Portal

Helcim services include a self-service customer portal. This is the ultimate convenience tool you can offer your customers. They can log in anytime and update their payment details or information. They can also see their order history and review invoices. The customer portal is fully hosted by Helcim, making it easy to set up. You will be able to give customers 24/7 access. There are videos and many other resources on the portal that benefits your customers. But you still have the power to control what your customers do and see on the portal. You will control whether the portal can be used to make payments and decide on the payment methods. The good thing is the portal works across devices. Your customers can access it through their phones, tablets, or computers.

  1. Point Of Sale

Helcim allows you to turn your tablet or smartphone into a convenient and fast point of sale system (POS). The POS can automatically track your sales trends, inventory, customer information, and transaction history. Of course, the payments are built-in. When you track your customer purchase history, you will learn more about them, allowing you to offer better solutions to their issues. You will also access reports, which will help you make better decisions in the future. A functional point of sale is a crucial part of any business. You can update your catalog the way you want so that you can track your inventory across different locations.

  1. Virtual Terminal

With the Helcim virtual terminal, you can use the computer to key in credit card information. You only need to log into your account from the workstation and start processing payments. That means you can work from anywhere. This is the best tool for remote workers or businesses that are always on the move. Billing repeat customers will be fast and easy because you already have their information. You will be in control of everything; you can even set up unlimited users. Helcim incorporates better security features for the card vault to keep customers’ information safe.

Plans And Pricing

When it comes to credit card processors, they have the same credit card brand fees and interchange rates. What are mostly negotiable are the markup and the margin. Most experts recommend the interchange-plus pricing, and that’s what Helcim offers. They are transparent and flexible. You will be able to see what you will be paying the processor. Tiered pricing usually adds up the costs and might be expensive in the long run. Helcim doesn’t have any contracts, monthly fees, or hidden charges. The processing rates are pretty low, which favors most small businesses. You can easily calculate custom rates online if you don’t find a price model that suits you. They will automatically lower your rates when your business processes more. The more you process, the more you will save.

Helcim card reader goes for $ 109, and there is free shipping. They go out of their way to be transparent. They even tell you how much you are likely to pay when processing different types of credit cards. You will pay these interchange-plus rates when you sign up with Helcim.

  • Online credit card processing: 0.5% + $ 0.25 above interchange
  • In-person credit card processing using a card reader: 0.3% + $ 0.08 above interchange
  • Online and in-person international transaction: 0.5% + $ 0.25 above interchange

Their markups remain the same across all card types. The interchange rates vary greatly, so it helps to see all the rates broken down. It gives you a picture of what the general costs will be. Many finance reporting features are also helpful to new merchants. Take advantage of the volume-based discounts. If you process more than $ 25,000 per month, you can save a lot of money. The more your company grows, the better your pricing rates will be. They have a full-page that shows the discount schedule on their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Order Hardware From Helcim?

The Helcim shop is built into your dashboard, and you can immediately access it after signing up. They have card readers, stands, printers, and so much more. You can use the dashboard to order these and much more. Shipping is free, and it will take two to three business days using FedEx or UPS ground. The equipment purchase will be charged to your bank account. They currently don’t offer payment plans or rentals. You have to come up with the full price to access the helpful hardware.

Will I have to change banks?

There is no need to switch banks; you can continue using your bank account from the credit union or financial institution of your choice. Partnerships or incorporated businesses must use a bank account. But if you are a sole proprietor, you can use your personal account. This makes it easy to integrate Helcim into your business because it doesn’t require many changes. You can sign up directly on their website using your phone or computer. They don’t need any paperwork or signatures, so the signup process will only take five minutes or less.

How Long Will The Funds Take To Be Deposited?

You will receive deposits on your account within two business days. It depends on the time of the day the transactions were settled. That means the transactions you do on holidays or weekends will be initialized for deposits on the following business days. Usually, the transactions are batched together and then deposited at once into your accounts. Helcim works fast to ensure your business keeps moving.

What Is The Helcim Customer Service Like?

The Helcim support team is available from 7 am to 7 pm. They have in-house customer service agents and offer responsive email support. Unfortunately, they don’t have chat support, but you can call them. Every weekday during business hours, they are quick to respond and offer support where possible. The self-service customer portal is also functional when you run into problems.

Is The Company Right For You?

Most Helcim reviews indicate that most users are happy with their services. They have many payment processing tools, some of which are free. If you want to set up online or in-person credit card processing, Helcim is the right company for you. They have a few years under their belt and have helped many businesses over the years. Transparent pricing is also an attractive feature. All your data will be streamlined, which is incredible because managing customers’ information will be easy. The third-party integrations are many, and they are all useful. Helcim undergoes rigorous audits, inspections, and testing to better its security for all merchants.