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How to Create a Static Website Design Using WordPress

Do you wish to create a static website using WordPress CMS? Here in this post, we have covered different details about the process of developing a static site using WordPress together with some quality themes for any kind of static site.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating blogs. It helps you in creating a blog and publishes your content without any need of any technical knowledge. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot create any static website with WordPress.

This platform has grown over the years and now people use WordPress for creating any specific kind of website. It may be a regular blog, an online shop or a business site. We are continuously posting a large number of WordPress theme collections that you may use to create any type of website designing you wish to.

The best part is no matter what type of website you create and how your homepage looks like, you still have the power to separate the blog section for your website that you think is really important for any type of website. A blog can help you in keeping your users updated about the events related to your business, some special offers or any kind of announcements that you want to bring out.

What is a Static Website?

By static, we mean a website having a fixed homepage that doesn’t change every day with any sort of new content. It has a defined layout telling you what a site is all about, it may be some details about their business and the team.

For the business website where you won’t be adding new content constantly, there is hardly any point in creating a normal blog showing the latest posts on the front page. However, a static homepage with the blog section separately will be a perfect fit.

Nowadays, I see a number of bloggers creating a static homepage for their blogs and have the blog section differently. And this really helps to some extent when it comes to reducing the bounce rate of a blog as the user tends to move around on your blog and visit more than one page in every visit.

So, how do you create a static site while using WordPress? Let’s check the process in detail here:

Choose the Best Static WordPress Theme

Agama theme

Agama is an outstanding theme for WordPress which is quite good for any type of website you wish to create. This is one of the powerful WordPress themes in the theme-vision store coming with unlimited possibilities.

This theme at present offers you more than 30 sub-themes and the list is, in fact, growing with around 15 new child themes each month. So you may imagine what you can actually do with this individual theme. Regardless of what kind of website you create, you will find this theme fitting in everything perfectly.

Agama is completely compatible with many important WordPress plugins like bbPress, BuddyPress, and Woo Commerce, therefore you may use this theme to create an online store in order to sell your products or create some stunning community.

As far as we are concerned with the design possibilities and the customization options,  Agama is a flexible design offering you a range of different layouts that you can use for your pages to create a distinctive site.

Divi theme

Divi is the theme which stands first in the list. It is a theme for any type of website you wish to create for static WordPress sites. This theme comes with many unlimited potential, design, features, and layout. Divi is the most popular product among Elegant Themes store and it is now evolving regularly.

Divi A builder is the key strength of this wonderful theme bringing unlimited possibilities to this theme. The completely responsive theme provides you a number of different pre-made layouts which you may use for your website straight away.

Since we are talking about the static WordPress site, with Divi theme you can create a static website with any type of layout you wish to, the possibilities are however unlimited. The Divi builder provides you a lot of modules which may include everything that you may need to create a stunning static page for your website.

Similarly, there are many themes like X Theme, One Page, Avada, and Salient offering you wide customization options. Through this, you may also have stunning slides for your website. This theme is ready which means you can use this theme to create some great looking online store in order to sell your products.

How to Set Up a Static Homepage

The homepage is the face of your business website. Before you start with any other page of the website, it is important to know how to set it up within the WordPress dashboard.

You just need to follow these simple step by step instructions and it will be a good job to go ahead with.

Simply log in to your WordPress dashboard and also head over the pages. Add a New page dashboard page. This option is available on the left sidebar in your WordPress dashboard.

Name the Page “Home” and then type whatever you wish to for the content of your homepage.

Style your WordPress Static Homepage

Now that you’ve got a WordPress Static homepage, there’s nothing particular yet. So how do you add content to your homepage?

●        Well, one of the easiest ways is to use the regular WordPress Editor. You may edit the page you named “Homepage” just like you would do with any other WordPress page or post. Any changes that you make to that page will be robotically displayed on your static homepage.

●        If you still wish that your WordPress website’s blog function should work, just add another page called “Posts” or the “blog”. Remember to not type anything for the content of the page, it needs just a little.

●        In case you do not have any posts, now is a good time to get drafted one.

●        Go to the settings>Reading Settings dashboard page.

●        Place the first option, “front page displays” and then select “a static page”.

●        For front page choose the “Home” page that you just created.

●        For the “posts page” choose any “Blog” or “Post” page you that you designed.

●        Then go to the appearance and menus dashboard page. Add a menu with the home option pointing to your homepage and “posts” or “blog” page for your posts page.

●        Now open a new window and type the URL for your website. Then just locate your menu. Through this it depends on your theme, it is usually located under the title of your website. Is there some “posts” or “blog” page? If there is, just check out if it redirects to a page with your posts.

●        And there you go, a static front page for your WordPress site!

If in case, it doesn’t show the page you want it to, and then verify that you followed all the mentioned steps.

Design a Different Page for Blogs in WordPress

WordPress displays your content by default in a blog format on the homepage. But what if you wish to create some custom homepage in WordPress? Where does your blog page go then? Here in this article, we will show you how to create a different page for blog posts in WordPress.

Using Default Static and Blog Page Settings in the WordPress

WordPress comes with the built-in support for creating some custom home page and a separate page for the blog posts. Here you need to create two new WordPress. The initial page will be your custom home page. You have all the freedom to title this home page. On the right-hand site, you will see many pages attributed box with an option to choose some template.

Final Word

The procedure of creating a static website using WordPress is very easy and you may get any of the themes mentioned to create a good looking website for your business. As mentioned already, creating a static front page may add a lot of value at a time like lessening the bounce rate of your website and you may have a nice custom design for the homepage of your site that will create an exclusive brand value for your website.


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