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How to Plan Content Marketing with WordPress

Content marketing is and will remain an integral part of a high traffic generating website with great conversions. Regardless of what size your business is, bringing marketing content to promote your existing operations is a must. You may have access to just fewer resources due to tighter budgets and the scalability depends upon your investment outcome, there’s no way in which you can’t get great results with content marketing.

Harness the power of persuasive copywriting

86% of businesses today are using content to achieve the supposed advertising in a non-promotional manner. People today do not want to rely on advertising to make their purchase decisions – they are looking for more valuable information, which builds trust.

What makes content in marketing so useful?

If you can produce high quality content catered to your niche audience regularly and with increased marketing efforts your site will receive a lot more visitors. However, your content creation alone will not churn the kind of traffic surge you’d want to receive at your website. When combined with proper marketing techniques will your business see more leads generation and ultimately you will make more sales.

There are many possibilities with content marketing tools and WordPress has got some powerful plugins that you can use in your marketing strategy. Together, will you be able to boost your present efforts to generate the maximum results when starting a blog with WordPress.

How to effectively build your audience so that it builds your brand?

Do you know that content marketing is the most low cost strategies than other traditional methods? Here is a comprehensive list of the affordable solutions that makes your content marketing a success:


  •  Write great content

The most important part of a content marketing technique is the quality of the content, which forms the base of your marketing efforts. Always, keep your content simple. Have your customers in mind while writing the information. Know what is the most asked question by the buyers in your industry? Chances are that many people out there are facing the same problem. Hence, the concerns of your target audience must be the first thing that your content and website as a whole should address.

“A great way to reach your potential customers is to answer their query. Your blog will repeatedly feature in their search results and if it is enticing enough within a few clicks they will checkout your offerings page. Before long you know they will be right there, ready to take the next steps to jump into your sales funnel!”


  • Create content regularly

Even before you write, make sure you have a properly organized content creation process in place. Adding content regularly is the best way to keep visitors coming back for more. To avoid falling behind with your content creation, it is ideal to use a calendar or a tracker. It is similar to how you would be use for meetings and noting down important aspects of your business.

Popular WordPress plugins such as Editorial Calendar allows you to organize and schedule your posts. Also, you can add future releases as well in a clear calendar format. Having this free plugin that is easily compatible with most themes installed on your web hosting, you can very quickly and easily stay agile with your content creation strategies.


  • Choose a quality WordPress theme

So many free and paid themes available to support your WordPress website can be quite overwhelming. It is important that you choose a theme that is reliable, fast, and most importantly looks professional and provides the ease-of-use. Also, the theme you’re choosing shouldn’t be pricier as well. Choose from a huge number of drag-and-drop features and options by installing suitable free plugins such as Siteorigin.


  • Keep up with your email

Another great aspect of a good content marketing process is the ability to fetch email addresses of website visitors. With a list of email addresses of potential customers, you can now reach out to them directly by setting up email marketing process each time you have a new post on your blog. The new email notifications ensure that the audience gets notified about your latest news and updates, which encourages them to keep coming back to your site for more.

 A splendid way to keep up with your email promotional efforts is to sign up for a free MailChimp plugin for WordPress. The powerful tool unboxes several top quality features to simplify your content marketing. Send automated posts to your contact list through MailChimp. It opens up a great source of discussion with your targeted audience, as you get to know what exactly do they want and understand how well you can help them attain the information. Keep a track of your SEO footprint by following the mail trail and clicks that users have responded to. Make sure there is an actionable button that the receiver can interact with easily.


  • Manage your social presence

Your social share accounts for a significant outcome from your content and promotional campaigns. It is more than important to have a social profile that speaks about the enriched value that your business provides. More articles produced and featured on social media platforms means your business will find a more active audience that is genuinely interesting in your offering. WordPress has a number of great plugins that you can install and kick start your social sharing right from the website. As soon as a blog gets published, make it available to the wider audience online.

 Social buttons added to each post encourages people to follow and share your content. This brings a lot more traffic to your website, which many other content marketing methods would not match up to.


  • Use analytics to measure results

Finally, build your content strategy based on how well your posts are performing i.e. if there have been many people looking at your website. Analyze real-time statistics right at your WordPress dashboard by adding analytics to the site. The information that you avail from installing the Google Analytics trackback will help you monitor how your content performs across various platforms, especially the social media where the audience share is huge.


Wrapping up:

These are just few of the many great content marketing strategies that top marketers have in their minds. Be consistent with your efforts and give time to implement each strategy. If you’ve tried few strategies that have helped your website and blog get more attention, do share with us in the comments below.


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