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How you can add a Content Locker to your WordPress Website

Are you looking to grow a successful online business? Do you wish to stay well aware of the pitfalls of becoming too much dependent on the search engines as the traffic source? You must have already placed the social media logos on your website in order to engage more social shares but have you checked out the content locker? Well, in this article, we will be looking at what a content locker is and how it will help you in converting your goals along with a short guide on how to add it to your website. 

What is a Content Locker and How it’s Useful?

A content locker is a very simple concept which simply locks your content behind a pop-up. The visitors can lock the content by performing a pre-defined action. As per your objectives, this action can incorporate to enter the email address or pursue via web-based networking media. 

The ultimate goal of your content locker is to increase conversions and reflect the goals of your site through defined actions. You can wholly select the content which you wish to lock. But make sure that it should be high enough to make your visitors unlock it. Try to consider most of your new posts or most informative articles with the flabbergasting images and quality videos. Likewise, you can offer a lock away a coupon, rebate code or a URL to a mystery page so as to pull in your group of spectators. Remember that when you lock content, you are asking the users to enter their email or engage on social media and thereby it is crucial to reflect that your content is worth their investment.

How to add Content Locker to your Site?

Content locker is a very broad term and there are multiple ways in which you can add it to your WordPress. Henceforth, before you keep running off to begin bolting up your content, consistently make an idea about what you truly need to achieve with the assistance of content locker. 

By and large, the substance storage is used to make your clients offer or like a post via web-based networking media, pursue an email list, register on your webpage or even pay a little charge. There is a variety of plugins that lets you add different methods that are focused on one specific action. So, but obviously, if you wish to boost your social media presence, you will want a content locker plugin that helps to boost your email list.

On the off chance that you wish to add a content locker to your WordPress, at that point you can have a go at utilizing OnePress Social Locker which is a famous, free and well-evaluated plugin for the activity. You can use it as required by sharing or subscribing to the other two social platforms i.e Facebook and Twitter.

  • You should simply introduce and enact the free module from your WordPress dashboard. After its activated, select Social Locker -> All Lockers to edit the locker you wish to.
  1. Sign-In Locker: User is required to follow you so as to get entrance 
  1. Social Locker: User is required to share or like on a social stage for access 
  • After this, you can arrange the message and styles for your content locker. Here’s the live preview of the same.
  • You can save the changes after it satisfies your needs. Then, you need to use the new Social Locker button for locking the part of your content in your posts from the WordPress Editor.

  • And Voila! your content is locked and you are good to go!

Sum Up
Here we come to the end of the article. We presented to you a simple way to add content lockers to your WordPress site. If you want to stack flexibility for your social content locker and opt-in emails at the same time then you can make use of the same instructions.

Always remember that when you think of locking the content, it should be worth it for the users to sign on or even pay bucks for it. Try the different free or premium wordpress plugins for your website to lock the content and boost your customer engagement like never before. Till then – keep learning!


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