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How You Can Change the Post Order in WordPress

As WordPress become more popular among web designers and users, understanding the nutty gritty of your WordPress content management system becomes very important.  For example, one might think that the post order on your website is negligible but this is not the case. The idea of latest post appearing at the top of the home page has been the layout style of blogs since the past decade. With WordPress, you can arrange your post with whatever order you like by just changing the date on each of the post. A very fast way to do this is by using the WordPress Quick Edit Option. However, there are even other plugins that can make it faster.

Changing Post Dates

Changing post dates requires you logging into your WordPress Admin Panel. When you have logged in, select “Post” from the menu at the left and click” All Post”. Click the “Published” link if you are having a lot of draft in order to have all the post that are online displayed. Then click “Quick Edit” link below the first post you want to change, note that it will appear when you hover the mouse on it. This will bring out some options like changing the date, title, tags and category without leaving the admin panel.  Now Click on the “Month”, “Day”, “Time”, “Year” and change the post date as desired. Then click on “Apply”. You will see the post automatically moved based on the new set date.

Using Post Order Plugins

Another way is to use the post order plugins. You will do this by logging into your WordPress, select “Plugins” on the menu on the left and then select “New”. Search for “Post Order” in the search field and get over 2000 different plugins from WordPress based on the keyword. It is important to understand that despite the huge number of available plugins, not all will satisfy your needs. What you need to do is to check the description and reviews and select those with good reviews and is recently updated. Install and use the plugin after reading the developer’s instruction about how to install and use the plugin. Most of these plugins are very easy to use because it allows you to just drag and drop. With this, you can just drag and drop titles among the posts into any other place you desire.

Making a Sticky Post

This option is normally used when you want just one post to feature on your blog. This will help keep the post at the top of your homepage even if you add post on it later on. What you need to do is to log into WordPress, then click on “ Post” and then “All Posts”, then search for the post you want to make first on your home page. Click the “Edit” Link under the title. Go to the publish section and look for the visibility option, then click on the “Visibility” edit link. After that, tick “Stick this post to the front page “check box, click “Ok” and then click “Update”.

Using any of these options is easy and you need not be a web developer to get it done. The most important thing is to decide to it and apply these techniques to change the post order in WordPress. Try it now.

How You Can Change the Post Order in WordPress


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