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Infinite Auto Protection Review 2022 – Top 10 Car Warranties

Preparation is paramount in today’s environment, where anything may happen at any moment. Hence, getting a creditable policy is one approach to conquer this. Covering all the bases is important for one of the most crucial assets, second only to our homes.

Infinite Auto Protection is a great alternative for car insurance, with quick claim processing and knowledgeable staff to guide you through your insurance options.

In addition, for convenience and closeness, the company makes available tugging services, 24-hour roadside support, and the ability to pick the garage you wish to have the machine you drive in restored to its former glory. For example, Infinite will cater for engine and gearbox faults and braking failure. Those are the basics of Infinite.

The Verdict
Infinite Auto Protection Infinite Auto Protection

As a result, Infinite is a top-tier provider of vehicle service contracts. Many packages are available, and customers may choose the one best suits their requirements. In the case of a misunderstanding, go through their words to avoid confusion. Infinite protects your coins.

  • Several Alternatives
  • Frankly, the brand gives its users a wide variety of alternatives, and the masses consider it one of its many attractive features. Customers can choose the alternative that, in terms of cost and practicality, avails the best answer for fulfilling their needs. The firm's three main kinds of insurance tiers are Foundation, Modern, and Prime, with Prime being the most expensive choice. The plans provided are the building blocks of these great alternatives that have been divided into smaller, more manageable chunks.
  • The engine and gearbox are the rudimentary rock-bottom covered by the Foundation package, while the Modern package also caters for the steering. The Prime plan, on the other hand, makes available intense protection and serves the same purpose as a warranty.
  • In particular, it is composed of maintenance for superchargers, high-tech constituents, and ABS footbrake, which are not included in the Modern tier. These packages include free tugging and supple reimbu
  • Contracts May Vary
  • Customers can access helpful resources online at Infinite, where they may learn more about the company's agreements and other offerings. On the other hand, the data found online is fairly generic. Consumers are encouraged to study the agreement papers they have signed and consult with the provider if they have questions about the specifics of the legal paperwork which binds them.
  • Missing Cost Information
  • Although the company serves its prospects free quotes, some dissimilar reimbursement options, and touts a low monthly price, specific numbers about the deductible amount and the pricing period are unavailable to customers. Customers must confer with a representative to understand the specifics of their offer's terms and conditions.
  • Even though people do not like websites that provide no means of communicating with customer supporter reps through the digital platform, they like the several methods that may get in contact with Infinite. The answer is no; they cannot im

About Company

Infinite is a vehicle service contract (VSC) company based in Romulus, Michigan. There have been choices for used car insurance with this firm since 2008.

Infinite Auto Protection features an easy claims procedure and inexpensive premiums for qualified coverage. Infinite is the administrator of its VSC plans, which may be purchased for personal and commercial automobiles.


  1. Great Mileage and Age Limitations

Several vital limits limit infinite’s coverage options. For example, prospective customers may begin receiving coverage through the brand when they are as young as 19. In addition, it has a great mileage cap, making it a viable option for older vehicles.

  1. Additional Benefits

Any prospective client who decides to purchase an Infinite warranty plan will enjoy a collection of bonuses. You may choose various repair options, including roadside support, lease car supply, towing, and supple payment plans.

  1. Coverage Detailed on the Website

Unlike other firms, this company publishes a comprehensive list of all the car systems covered under their different warranty levels on their site.

  1. 24/7 Roadside Assistance

You do not influence the circumstances surrounding your stranding. Because of this, Infinite is available 24/7, including a day off. For the ease it provides, countless car warranty providers provide this perk. You can count on a good time regardless of location or what transpires.

  1. Car Rentals

You don’t need to give up life just because the repair shop is working on your car while it is for maintenance. You really must be present. To put it another way, Infinite’s advantage in automotive rental is crucial because it places them far from the competition. Because they will pay for the repairs to your cruising machine, you won’t have to stress how you will move about if you are without a car.

  1. Towing

Infinite can tow the machine you cruise into any garage, which you believe better handles your car and has earned the ASE certification. If your car becomes disabled and you need the assistance of a tow truck, the associated costs are high. Because this benefit is integrated into the overall strategy, customers may use it without exposing themselves to unwanted expenses. To bring your car to the repair safely and quickly, you should hire a tow truck.

  1. Flexible Compensation Terms

If you have Infinite, you are exempt from the need to make a payment for the amount that is still due immediately. They provide payment options that are flexible and may be altered to fall in place with the parameters of your current budget. Because you have a selection of payment methods to choose from, it will be much easier to purchase one of their plans at a price well within your budget. You will want to ensure that you take advantage of this opportunity to get car insurance.

  1. Coverage

Infinite provides its customers with various options, ensuring their financial investment is protected and maintaining their vehicles’ operability. Here are some of the most appealing aspects of the automobile warranty coverage offered:

  • Major Systems

If an important part of your driving machine flops, you won’t be left stuck with Infinite. They’ve covered you, whether it’s your engine, gearbox, or even your brakes. You may relax, understanding that your cruising machine and pocketbook are protected against the most expensive re-establishment pursuits.

  • Drive Axle

A defective drive axle assembly may cause any unwarranted shaking movement when steering. Your machine’s balance and fuel usage are all severely impacted if this part isn’t working properly. This makes propelling your machine a back-breaking endeavor. This is where Infinite comes in, providing full protection so you can rest easy.

  • AWD Coverage

Many service contracts kinds don’t extend coverage to 4WD and AWD systems. Luckily, Infinite is ready to serve you. This ensures that you are covered even when parts associated with your 4WD system fail to function properly. That encompasses the many contents of the transfer scenario.

  • Cooling System

The cooling system may prevent an overheating of the cruising machine. Maintaining this part is critical to the health of your cruising machine and may cause tough times down the line. Infinite protects all cooling parts.

  1. Transferability

You might pass your extended warranty to a new owner if you bought it first. In addition to the needed certified sale documents, there’s a USD 50 processing charge. Transferring the warranty to another person is possible, but you’ve to dig deep into your pocket.

  1. Maintenance Records

Maintaining your car under the maker’s recommended service intervals is mandatory. If the company reaches out to you to provide details showing the repairs were done at an authorized repair facility, ensure you’ve got the records.

  1. 30-Day No-Fee Cancellation

Reimbursement is available if you revoke during the first month of the agreement term and have not gotten any services.

  1. Free Quote

The organization gives a no-compulsion quote via the telephone or over the internet.

Plans and Pricing

It is possible to get an estimate from Infinite, but it is not immediate. The only way to know how much you’ll have to spend is to ask an agent. Price infinity is dependent on the following factors:

  • Make and model
  • The coverage you require
  • Exiting vehicle mileage
  • The deductible quantity you choose

Generally, the same coverage will make you dig deep into your pockets for a cruising machine with higher mileage than a lower one. The same is true for vehicles that are pricey to repair.

To put it another way, if the machine you drive demands a pricey component, the cost of your warranty coverage will increase.

Going through the reviews on BBB, one user stated that he used USD 2,000 for half a decade, a “full coverage” extended service contract speculated to be the Prime package. Another user said they parted with USD 77 monthly for coverage. The two packages sound very economical; however, additional parameters are lacking to make a great evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Infinite Warranties Function?

This business has availed two methods for making a plea to get served with a quotation. Alternatively, you may contact Infinite or fill out a quotation form online. Obtaining a quotation was a simple phone call that took only a few minutes of our time. Provide the model and mileage of your car when asked.

Covered repairs may be done at an authorized repair shop of your choosing. Ensure the workshop is linked to Infinite so the repair may be authorized. In certain cases, you may be needed to give a thumbs up to a diagnostic fee, which you will be responsible for if the repair is not covered by insurance.

Infinite provides a four-week refund word of honor. If you haven’t used your coverage, you can claim complete compensation within these four weeks. You’ll get a rationed amount of money back after that.

What Does Infinite Not Cover?

The packages, which are made available by Infinite, like all others, do not cater for every eventuality. Here are several examples of things that aren’t included:

  • Tires
  • Wear and tear
  • Emission systems
  • Routine maintenance
  • Batteries
  • Destruction from rust

Every exclusion is listed in detail in an example agreement made available online by Infinite. If you want to know precisely what the paper addresses, you should study it completely.

How Does The Infinite Auto Protection Claims Process Work?

The claims procedure at Infinite potentials is straightforward and speedy. Nonetheless, the organization is diligent and closely adheres to its regulations, which may delay certain claims. According to the example contract on Infinite’s site, a claim might take up to two months to be approved.

When evaluating claims, the firm doesn’t always need maintenance annals, but the pact stipulates that your car must have received the maintenance required by its creator. So, if you ever require to make an insurance claim, you should save a copy of your repair records on hand.

There are several repair shops accredited by the ASE where you may drive your cruising machine and have them analyze the problem. The repair shop contacts a claim overseer working for Infinite to finalize the authorization. For repairs to be covered under an Infinite warranty, you must get prior approval from the insurance company.

Infinite has the authority to check your car for any further diagnostic related to the claim or to transfer the car to another workshop. The repair business will need you to reimburse the deductible when the maintenance is completed if your insurance policy has one.

What are Infinite Costs and Discounts?

Depending on the make and model of the car, extended warranty rates might vary widely. Depending on it, Infinite’s expenses are calculated as follows;

  • Your cruising machine’s model and mileage
  • Deductibles
  • Your insurance policy

Your name, contact detail, and the model and mileage of the cruising machine are all submitted to Infinite for a free quotation. It’s expensive for a 3-year warranty to cost $1,350, according to one client. Nevertheless, your prices may differ.

Is Infinite Reviewed Positively or Negatively by Users?

After three years of receiving Infinite Auto Protection BBB grievances, Infinite has received an A- rating. It has a 2.38 user sense of achievement score and a 3.2 Trustpilot score. Not many customers have left reviews on BBB about their experiences with the company in question. The extended wait times or the firm’s refusal to accept their claims were a problem for a few people. Before registering, make sure you understand the terms and what is included.

Where is Infinite Available?

All states, except for Washington, Hawaii, Missouri, and Nevada, may purchase the coverage made availed by the firm.

How Many Self Contracts Makes Infinite Offer?

There are three different service contract options available from Infinite. Your machine’s engine and gearbox are two of the multiple parts which are covered by at least one of these three. Additionally, each plan includes a selection of more capabilities, like assistance by the roadside or getting compensated for using a leased car.

Can I Cancel my Warranty with Infinite?

It is possible to cancel the policy and get a refund during the initial days of coverage. During this time, you are not allowed to submit a claim. If you have already made claims, you are still guilty of termination fees and a prorated part of the service contract’s overall cost.

Is The Company Right For You?

If you’re a car owner looking for a warranty, Infinite Auto Protection is something recommended you pay attention to. Its costs for their plans, on average, are affordable and follow what one would expect to pay from a competing brand. Direct dealers, for example, Infinite, are way easier to do deals with than brokers. This is one of the reasons why we suggest them. Infinite Auto Protection’s Prime plan is a comprehensive choice covering high-tech features, even though the company’s other plans don’t offer a huge assortment of coverages. Last but not least, the fact that the business provides coverage for automobiles with up to 140,000 miles on the odometer makes it something you should contemplate giving a try if you need to ensure a jalopy.