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InterGuard Review 2022 – Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software

InterGuard is a personnel surveillance technology that assists organizations in tracking employee activity across social media, email, and online surfing platforms. It automatically enables customers to snap screenshots when predetermined keywords are written or seen by workers, safeguarding sensitive data such as customer lists, pricing, etc.

Using InterGuard’s color-coded warnings, organizations may monitor irregular logins, illegal downloads, and unnecessary printing for policy infractions and abnormal activity. Management may establish productivity ratings using the time monitoring element. Supervisors may also keep tabs on how their workers are using social media to determine whether they’re being unproductive or actively looking for another job.

InterGuard easily integrates with third-party systems like Citrix. A monthly fee is required to use it.

The Verdict
InterGuard InterGuard

InterGuard is a comprehensive personnel monitoring program that records a significant amount of information on user actions. Once you get over the first learning curve, it's a valuable tool for people who work remotely.

  • Be aware of what your employees are doing
  • The employer monitoring program from InterGuard allows you to keep track of what your employees are doing on their PCs. Real-time images and browser logs are used to document their computer use. Analytical tools allow managers to learn more about employees' work habits and trends during shifts.
  • In light of the importance of sustaining staff productivity, these solutions allow you to monitor how productive your employees are at work. Best methods for tracking remote personnel are much more critical. Remote workers need to be monitored by management to ensure they are accomplishing their jobs.
  • Control Website and Program Access
  • Allowing employees to access web pages that might interfere with their work is among the most common restraints to efficiency. Social networking and pornographic websites all fall under this category. When it comes to keeping employees from being distracted, InterGuard's software contains web pages and software access conv
  • InterGuard doesn't have an audio recording
  • The platform does not support audio recording. While not often essential, this functionality might be beneficial if you have to record what a staff member is saying remotely. For quality assurance reasons, you could wish to record a marketing agent's calls.
  • The platform can't record continuous video
  • Another disadvantage is that the platform cannot capture non-stop video. On the other hand, the application may take screenshots each several seconds and then display them as a film. This is usually sufficient tracking to show companies what their staffs are up to.
  • InterGuard is not very intuitive
  • The platform is not particularly user-friendly. It's only easy to navigate after you've mastered the program, but selecting the correct tools might be time-consuming initially. Individuals with short attention spans may get this difficult, but the ability to filter by user, web page and even USB gadget are excellent.
  • The default storage period is two week

About Company

InterGuard is an all-in-one personnel monitoring system, including filtering and tracking, as well as personnel examination and appraising and information loss deterrence. It has been named one of the best personnel monitoring software for 2022. It enables you to sit in the onlooker’s chair and assess your employees throughout their shifts to ensure they are focused on their daily activities.

In addition to the personnel monitoring, InterGuard also provides filtering, information loss deterrence, endpoint lockout, and monitoring threats from within the organization. This program assists users in guarding essential properties, for example, delicate corporate data and exfiltration threats. Users may also use this software to defend themselves against potential risks. InterGuard can assist limit the future risk if a breach occurs by shutting down access and endpoints in the areas where information loss was discovered. This guarantees that no more data is stolen.

Because your workers should be focused on completing their jobs opportune and effectively, InterGuard works towards raising and refining your enterprise’s output. In addition, InterGuard offers data on user output that you may deploy to evaluate the performance of your workforce in terms of efficiency. Similarly, you can use the data to evaluate how your current company operation is set up and identify any bottlenecks or issues places that need attention.


The monitoring tools and functions offered by InterGuard concentrate on a few key areas, namely:

  1. Employee Productivity

The InterGuard’s program lets you observe activities on a computer in real-time or through screenshots. In addition, you have the option of receiving reports detailing how workers are using their time. In particular, the reports investigate the programs and web pages that the users frequent and display the amount of time spent on each. Courtesy of this feature, you better understand how the workers do during the day. The beauty is that the settings can be changed according to the department, so you can check keystrokes for one group while keeping tabs on website activity for another, and so on.

  1. Insider Threat Protection

Using granular settings, you may restrict access to particular attachments, apps and webpages, and USB storage. You may configure alerts based on attempted rule breaches, keywords, and other activities. In addition, the program may access a distant device. Hence, the program can be used to lock a gadget, recover a delicate file, or get rid of a stolen item.

  1. Investigations and Compliance Audits

The program can fulfill many investigative and compliance-related functions. If a worker visits inappropriate web pages, the program can offer the required evidence for penal action. These logs and data might also be useful in cases of unjust termination. In addition, the program can provide comprehensive compliance reports for firms, which must adhere to given standards.

  1. Web Filtering and Website Blocking

In addition to letting you ban access to certain websites, InterGuard provides complete browsing and search activity data. Depending on their function, you may set up web access rules for each employee’s work requirements. An employee’s PC may be seen thanks to suspicious behavior warnings remotely. Its capacity to track and monitor both in-office and off-site employees makes InterGuard a dynamic service provider in this market.

  1. User Activity Monitoring

Email, file transfers, and keystrokes may all be monitored using InterGuard. If you want to know precisely what your employees are looking at while they’re working, the system can snap screenshots and store them each five seconds to once in sixty minutes.

Plans and Pricing

The platform has a somewhat complicated price structure. You can choose between on-premise fixings and cloud-hosted services. If you wish to install the program on-premises, you’ll require a SQL server and to call InterGuard for more price information.

The primary cloud-hosted package offered by InterGuard is billed yearly and requires at least two users. PC and Mac watching costs $156 per license per year, and Android and iOS monitoring costs $150 per year. These prices are for purchases of two to ten licenses. The company has a discount from 10 to 50 percent available if you purchase between 11 and 25 authorizations of every kind of monitoring. If you want to purchase more than 25 authorizations, you must get in touch with the sales staff to receive a price quotation. You also can pay for the next two years in advance and receive a discount of 15 percent.

Several of the available enhancements come at a fee. It costs $19 a year for geolocation support, while web filtering costs $15. If your personal computer is stolen or misplaced, you may use Endpoint Lockdown ($60/year) to keep tabs on it. Sending emails containing confidential information, filling out online forms, or storing data on removable media becomes impossible with Data Loss Prevention ($133/year).

Unfortunately, the company has a monthly payment, which feels more like an afterthought. The monthly package allows you Windows and Mac computer monitoring. However, you require a yearly subscription to monitor Android, iPhones, or Chromebooks. To make things worse, if you select the monthly package, you cannot purchase different add-ons such as geolocation and site filtering.

Here is an overview of their prices.

  • PC and Mac: $ 156 per license per year
  • Android and iOS: $ 150 per license per year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is InterGuard?

The platform is a highly-rated personnel monitoring program solution that assists bosses in checking on their workers’ output. A worker’s output can be classified as fruitful or fruitless, elaborated into simple reports and charts, and then deployed to enhance performance and workflow. In addition, the system assists enterprises keep security in check with capabilities like keystroke logging, screenshots, a threat within the exposure, and vigilant logs.

How does InterGuard work?

The software allows bosses and managers to label web pages and apps as fruitful or fruitless. Then administrators and supervisors can check the graphical itemizations of staff activity dependent on the web pages and applications workers visit. The software keeps a trail of all keystrokes pressed by an employee across all browsing platforms and apps so that administrators can oversee each worker’s step. If keystroke logging does not spotlight employees’ behavior, then the screenshot capability will be handy for amassing visible evidence.

Where are the InterGuard’s headquarters offices located?

Westport, Connecticut, is home to InterGuard’s headquarters.

What sorts of users and organizations are supported by InterGuard’s Employee Monitoring software?

InterGuard’s software works well with the following users and organizations: mid-sized businesses, freelancers, small businesses, enterprises, non-profit organizations, and administrations.

InterGuard supports which languages in their software?

The following languages are supported by the InterGuard Employee Monitoring system: English.

What types of assistance does the team behind InterGuard’s Employee Monitoring Program provide?

The InterGuard customer care provides live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is there a mobile application for InterGuard Staff Checking?

InterGuard does provide an application for the Android and iPhone platforms.

What kind of training will I receive if I sign up for InterGuard’s platform services?

Training is made available by the InterGuard team in the form of material, webinars, and live online.

Is there a free trial version of InterGuard software available?

InterGuard does provide a free trial.

What is the cost of InterGuard software?

Starting at $8 a month per user, the InterGuard software may be yours.

Even though InterGuard has been operating since 2002, the firm has continued to advance its platform in line with the changes in the employee monitoring market. InterGuard provides a variety of solutions. It provides an easy interface with cloud, SaaS, and web-based services and is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS. Because there is a mobile deployment service available for both Android and iOS devices, employees who operate remotely are protected against any potential hazards. Even if virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for Windows and terminal servers are supported as part of on-premises and business solutions, most customers will still choose cloud hosting.

Businesses can also benefit from using InterGuard, which helps prevent data loss. Remote incident response solution helps firms recover lost information and destroyed or stolen assets by highlighting weaknesses like dangerous keywords and user activity tracking. A device may also be locked if it is stolen using endpoint lockdown features, allowing you to find your workers’ devices. Files may be retrieved or deleted remotely, and all monitored devices can be recovered. As a result, InterGuard is now a serious competitor in the field of remote PC access solutions.

The user interface of InterGuard has a set of drop-down options to let you navigate more quickly. Pie and bar graphs are included on the dashboard as an added convenience. You can block workers’ access to particular websites, and you may also establish “alert words,” which notify you if an employee appears to be violating business rules, using the tool’s detailed settings. You and other administrators can access 30 pre-made reports, from which you may generate individualized reports. It can automatically produce and distribute reports.

InterGuard possesses several features which improve a supervisor’s capability to monitor, evaluate, and manage staff output and behaviors irrespective of location. Because of its potential to aid in preventing malicious conduct and tracking work effectiveness, it is a complete employee monitoring solution that can be utilized by expanding firms.