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International Van Lines Review 2022 – Top 10 Moving Companies

International Van Lines is a Moving company specializing in local, long-distance, and international moves. The company is well-equipped with a fleet of trucks and competent crew members to facilitate various clients moving needs.

IVL offers services that include automobile shipping, full-service packing, cleaning services, corporate relocations, online shipment tracking, Government and military relocation, office moves, and long and short storage services.

The company offers competitive prices in the market and can be termed among the lowest. However, IVL does not provide all the costs clients should expect on their official website. One has to call the company representative to get an estimated cost of their moves.

The following is a breakdown of the company’s services, prices and costs, and policies:

The Verdict
International Van Lines International Van Lines

International Van Lines (IVL) is a licensed and accredited moving company that offers services locally, between states, and internationally. The company has insurance policies covering the clients' items against damage or loss during transit.

The IVL is a perfect choice for anyone seeking cross-border moving services. The company is ranked top for its worldwide availability and quality customer services. However, some clients have complained about the poor services the IVL subcontractors offer.

  • All-In-One Movers
  • IVL offers many moving services. These include local, interstate, and international moves. Global Van Lines’ local move services are done using the company's fleet of vehicles. The company offers customized crates for transporting household items as well as storage options. The international moves require IVL to coordinate boat or air freight services for its clients. The company also ships vehicles for clients.
  • Carrier And Broker Services
  • Broker moving companies outsource moving services from other local movers to carry out their contracts. Carrier service companies, on the other hand, coordinate and execute the moving contract by themselves, from start to finish.
  • IVL is both a carrier and broker company. The company executes moving services in all the states it has been accredited to operate. The Department of Transport has restricted the IVL's carrier services to the states of Florida, California, Illinois, Texas, and Pennsylvania. The company brokers contracts wit
  • Minimal Information Online
  • The IVL Company does not openly display its moving costs and charges on its website. Clients seeking to know their moving costs must contact a company's representative. The company's website lacks an instant rate calculator. However, clients can fill in names, emails, and phone numbers on the tool and receive an estimate of their moving costs.
  • Varying Final Cost From Estimates
  • The generated estimates of all the moving costs are subject to variations. The IVL Company has additional charges that significantly tip off the given estimates' balance scale, requiring clients to reach deeper into their pockets. However, the list of additional costs is not included on the company's website.
  • Clients must call a moving company representative for a survey that will generate an estimate. However, the estimated cost is not the binding, final price. Expect some variations.
  • Broker Complaints
  • IVL serves as a moving company and a broker. The company being a broker means it doe

About Company

International Van Lines Company started as an international moving company with a license from the Federal Maritime Commission. In 2007, IVL ventured into the local- domestic moving services due to the many requests they were receiving. The company has beat all odds and now rides the wave as the fastest-growing INC500 Company in the country.

IVL has more than 200 employees and handles over 20,000 moves per year. IVL has established many offices countrywide. The company has received top-rated reviews from c0nsumers groups like US News and Forbes.

Global Van Lines Company has a license registration number USDOT 22293832. This means the company is permitted to conduct carrier services. IVL has a wide fleet of trucks to facilitate its operations and performs foreign logistics services to over 150 countries globally.


Whether you are relocating locally, moving to a new house across the street, or moving overseas, IVL Company is there to provide you with a seamless transition. The company is well-equipped and certified to provide moving services to local, long-distance, and international destinations. The company also offers auto transport, among other services.

The company is determined to keep a general high-quality score. Here are some of the services that IVL provides:

  1. Out-Of-State (Long-Distance) Moving

IVL offers moving services to any of the states in the United States. However, some states requiring the company to work with a third-party moving company include UT, MT, OR, and WA. The company provides full-pack moving between the states. This means the company will send movers to come and do all the packing work.

IVL crew is well-trained to handle all cargo and items, including fragile items, precious artworks, and paintings. The company provides safe and custom-designed boxes that can fit each item in your household. The items are then carefully packed into the company’s moving trucks and safely taken to the preferred destination.

  1. Local Moving

IVL Company specializes in local moves. The moving company offers loading, bubble wrap, and packing as some of the essential services for clients. Local moves are those that are confined within the same state.

The company is obliged to use their moving trucks for all local services. However, the type of truck used will be determined by the house size and the number of items being moved. IVL provides a moving crew that does all the packing services for the clients.

Clients that seek to use the IVL services for local moves are advised to contact a company representative for price estimates.

  1. International Moving

The Federal Maritime Commission has licensed the IVL to operate freight services overseas. This means that IVL is a legitimate company that can safely handle your international moves. The company provides air freight services to over 180 countries around the globe.

IVL is experienced in providing both air and ocean freight services. Clients are allowed to move goods and items from the US to any destination country around the world. Overseas shipping is also inclusive of cars. The company is also accredited as a pro moving company by the America Moving & Storage Association.

  1. Auto Transport

This IVL service is between states and includes fleets of vehicles and single vehicles. The company has several vehicles that they use to effectively facilitate the moves.

  1. Storage Containers

IVL offers clients an opportunity to store items for a while. The company has weather-controlled storage safes that protect items from damage by weather. Clients can choose to store items in these storage boxes short-term or long-term. The company also facilitates warehouse storage for customers who wish to store items long-term.

This moving company offers portable cubes for clients to store up temporary items and vehicle storage as well.

Plans And Pricing

The IVL does not display moving costs and fees on its websites, meaning clients cannot compare the prices with other companies. A client seeking moving services with the IVL will have to call the company and seek an estimate quotation of the expected moving cost. The quote process is free, and the estimates might vary from the final price.

The final prices vary depending on several factors from client to client. These factors include the distance of move, the home’s size, the items’ weight, season, and the number of valuable items needing special care. However, the company charges a base fee on fuel and labor costs.

Reviews and comparisons with other moving companies place the IVL prices within the market range. IVL movers have average rates of between $1,500 and $11,000. It is worth noting that IVL requires clients to pay a deposit of 25% of their estimated cost before being assigned a moving date.

The remaining moving fee is paid in two installments. The first installment is paid on the pick-up date, and the final one is paid on the delivery date. The following is a breakdown of the estimated costs based on previous moves.

IVL Local Moving Cost

IVL Company estimates the local cost of moving based on the number of workers assigned and the number of hours used. IVL also charges a constant $30 an hour for packing services. The number of hours used to move depends on the number of items in transit and the ease of moving them. A one-bedroom house is estimated to cost $2,104 when moving 140 miles.

  • Two-Bedroom- Home Size

The company offers three users, an hourly packing fee of $180 and a $150 hourly rate.

  • Three-Bedroom- Home Size

Movers suggested are three. Hourly rate of $200 and hourly packing charges of $230.

  • Four-Bedroom- Home Size

Movers suggested are four. Hourly rate of $200 and hourly packing charges at $280.

  • Five-Bedroom – Home Size

Movers suggested are five. Hourly rate of $250 and hourly packing charges of $330.

IVL Long-Distance Moving Cost

International Van Lines offers long-distance moving services. However, international moves are different from long-distance moves. The company classifies any move beyond 300 miles as a long-distance. The main factors determining your final cost include the weight of the items and the size of the house being moved.

The following is an example of a quoted price for a previous client. It is good noting that this is not a binding quote. The company’s moving coordinator best determines clients’ exact moving costs.

  • One-Bedroom Apartment

Estimated weight of 2,100 pounds. Moving cost for 150 miles is $2,100. The moving cost for 500 Miles is $2,100, and the moving cost for 1,000 Miles is $2,500.

  • Four-Bedroom Apartment

Estimated weight of 8,700 pounds. The moving cost for 150 Miles is $9,600. The moving cost for 500 Miles is $9,600, and the moving cost for 1,000 Miles is $10,300.

IVL International Moving Coat

IVL is well equipped to offer international moving services to clients. With international moving, the prices are not readily available to compare. Clients seeking international moves from IVL must liaise with the company to get an accurate quotation of the cost to expect. Nonetheless, the final cost of this type of moving depends on the cubic feet required during moving.

Other factors that determine the final charges include:

  • The accessibility and distance of the destination country.
  • Add-n services like special item care and packing charges.
  • Ocean freight or air freight moving charges.
  • Port-to-port and door-to-door services.

IVL Extra Fees

Clients might incur an extra cost for the following services: however, the list does not capture all the additional costs. Clients are advised to incur directly from an IVL representative for a detailed quotation.

  • Elevator and staircase- $759elevator), $75 per flight (stairs)
  • Long carry- a charge of $75 per extra foot from the packed truck.
  • Fragile and bulky items- $150 per item.
  • Specialty item moving, e.g., piano- $150-$350 (depending on the item).
  • Storage- $0.50 per cubic foot each month.
  • Motorcycle transport- $350

Cost of additional services

Clients with a flexible budget can benefit from the additional services offered by the IVL. The company has not disclosed much on every service cost but has clearly stated its packing and storage prices fees.

  • Local Move Packing

The company charges an extra packing fee of $30 an hour on top of the estimated move cost.

  • Long-Distance Move Packing

IVL charges will range from $375 to $2,500, depending on the cubic square feet.

  • Storage in Transit (SIT)

The company charges 50 cents per cubic foot per month.

Cancelation Policy

IVL offers a cancelation policy allowing clients to cancel their moves 48 hours before the scheduled period. The company policy allows a full refund of the deposit to clients who make their cancelation within the 48-hour window. IVL allows for a simple cancelation process with no explanations needed. Simply send a cancelation email to the company representative.

IVL allows payment through checks, cash, and money order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IVL Use Its Fleet Of Vehicles For The Move?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has certified IVL to operate carrier services in Florida, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, and California. This means the company is free to use its fleet of vehicles to transport items in any state.

The company is DOT certified to operate courier services in some states meaning that IVL will have to coordinate with other local moving companies in such restricted areas. IVL uses third-party moving companies for its interstate contracts in restricted locations.

The Original Estimate And Total Cost Of Moving Are Way Different. How Can I Establish Whether A Moving Company Charges Me The Right Amount?

Any clients seeking the services of any moving company are advised to understand the terms of the deal before signing any agreement contract. Based on the survey conducted by the moving company representative, the client is to have a rough estimate of the total cost to expect.

The moving companies are responsible for sending a specialist to survey size of the house, the number of items being moved, and their value. This information is used to come up with an estimation of a moving cost that is then presented to the client.

According to federal laws, moving companies are barred from charging more than 110% of an estimate. However, you can have this agreement in writing with your moving company to guarantee you protection from overpricing.

It is worth mentioning that the final charges may vary from the estimated cost. This is normal because of the other factors that may cause additional charges during moving. These factors include the moving distance, the delicate nature of items, restricted access points, and hours of transit.

Clients are advised to communicate with the moving company representatives to inquire about the expected additional cost.

How Can One Identify If A Moving Company Is Legit?

Federal laws require all moving companies to register with the Government and get certified. Each moving company that is registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) is given a DOT number. The DOT is expected to be in open display on each company’s website.

Any moving company that lacks the DOT registration number has questionable legitimacy. In addition to checking the company’s registration number, clients are advised to always view the reviews of previous clients. The online reviews capture the previous customers’ experiences and can guide you in deciding on whether to choose its services or look for alternatives.

Is The Company Right For You?

The IVL is a perfect choice for anyone intending to make long-distance or international moves. The company offers affordable rates and high-quality, professional services. IVL is also available to anyone seeking to make short-distance moves.

The company coordinates with local moving companies to execute its contracts in the restricted states it cannot operate. This has led to a few negative reviews for some of the moves done by the local companies sub-contracted by IVL.

However, anyone in Florida, California, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania is invited to use the company the next time they plan a move.