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iOS Trends: What’s New in the Store for 2019?

Can you think of life without a phone? It is nearly next to impossible to imagine. What if you have been using the same mobile phones with key buttons instead of smart devices nowadays? The picture depicts that innovation and change are necessary for each device to sustain and help make better lives. The top mobile app development companies make sure to stay ahead of the latest trends be it Android or iOS to get the most out of their products. Here, we are going to talk in brief about some iOS trends which are necessary for an iOS app developer to stay updated with.

Coming up with Swift 4

All the iOS app developers are very much aware of the Swift programming language that is developed by Apple which offers ultimate support to the i-phone operating system and also the Linux operating systems. It is pre-compiled for macOS and tvOS; as swift is very much scalable and provides robust security. The reasons why it is getting more attention is all because of the simple development of the applications without consuming a lot of memory of the device. With the rise of Swift 4, we are expecting the growth of iOS applications to get more secure and faster.

AI + Siri = Heaven

The very first Apple’s personal assistant namely Siri has gained a wide reputation across the globe by boosting the impacts of Artificial intelligence to make a smooth life. The mixture of AI and Siri opens up to the contextual learning which better understands what the people speak and search. Sometimes, it has become handy to find answers to a few crucial questions. In an extra to this, it offers a GPS pin which helps you get access to Citi Mobile App by offering services of the task manager.

Time for some core Machine Learning

One of the most hyped thing among the iOS developers is the Core Machine Learning or Core ML framework launched by Apple to provide effective tasks regarding Camera, quickType, and Siri. This has reduced much of a hassle among the developers as now they just have to add a few codes to enhance the security of the app and enrich its features. The framework offers a high level of communication that can be applied to all iOS devices along with its robust library. It becomes useful in face detection, understanding the proper language and develop AI-driven video games.

A pinch of Augment Reality (ARKit) and User-friendly ApplePay

The company has decided to shift the focus on ARKit since last year for developing 3D effects to iOS applications. It is likewise helping to create virtual reality-based mobile applications which have gained huge attention these days. The ARKit also receives ample support from Amazon’s Sumerian application platform to helps other business organizations get keen to support. Similar to the Google Wallet by Google, Apple has launched Apple Pay for iOS users to make easy payments with a mobile wallet. It is highly secured for hassle-free purchase and popularly used by most of the business as an easy payment gateway.

Focus on Hybrid Apps

The cross-platform or hybrid applications have faded out to get new and advanced tool support by NativeSCript, React Native and much more which helps to solve issues regarding the performance and user experience. The hybrid apps have better interfaces and UX support and so it is encouraged by the iOS developers for minimizing time consumption.

Switch to Apple HomeKit

One of the most innovative creations by Apple has been the HomeKit for resolving the purpose of home automation. Imagine a scene where all the iOS devices interact with one another on the command of Siri; this is how technology advancements are born. Such futuristic technology allows all the iOS app developers to create such applications to get connected with devices using Apple HomeKit to bring about a major change in the home automation procedure for sure.   

Exciting times ahead

In the upcoming days, we can expect Apple to come up with major technological advancements for simpler lives. We have seen major changes after the launch of iPhone X and iPhone 8. Hence, it is mandatory to keep a piece of updated information on the latest trends is vital to update your applications at regular intervals for better performance.


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