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JustWorks Review 2022 – Top 10 Employee Leasing Services

JustWorks is a low-cost, IRS- and ESAC-approved Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that handles your payroll, taxes, and benefits. HR advisors are ready to answer your concerns and enable you to remain compliant, in addition to accessing enterprise-level health benefits packages from leading insurers. The company is one of the most cost-effective PEO services, with monthly rates ranging from $39 to $99 for each employee. Small firms with little or no HR expertise may benefit from payroll and benefits administration services. At the same time, larger organizations can let the service provider handle the administrative chores while focusing on the people side of HR.

The Verdict
JustWorks JustWorks

Just Works is a low-cost PEO with a good reputation for helping small companies succeed. Additionally, it offers HR, benefits, payroll, and compliance assistance to guarantee that your company complies with federal and state standards. Its web solutions make it simple to onboard staff. In contrast to other PEO providers, the company delivers completely transparent pricing with options for companies with as few as 25 employees and 175 staff. Please take advantage of the PEO services and cloud-based solutions they provide by signing up for a subscription now.

However, the service provider may not be suitable for the following;

Businesses that Need Specialized Analytics and Connectivity

Firms with specialized analytics and connection requirements should go elsewhere since Just Works' offerings are not comprehensive enough. For example, t trucking firms may be better served by trucking payroll solutions if they need specific reporting for regulatory compliance. Additionally, companies in high-risk sectors such as construction may have difficulties obtaining complete liability coverage.

Large Corporations

For the most part, the service provider focuses on small firms with less than 175 workers. You may consider Paychex or ADP if your company is large enough to benefit from HR payroll software and a PEO.

Growing Businesses

If your company is developing, you will need recruitment and application monitoring capabilities, which Just Works does not provide. Check out some of our HR software recommendations when looking for these services.

  • Transparent Pricing of Their Plans
  • Pricing for the company's services is easily visible on the website, unlike other PEOs, who need customers to contact and get a quotation. Monthly rates start at $49 per employee, much less than the $100 per month charged by certain service providers. If you have between 100 and 174 employees, you may pay as little as $39 per employee for the company's basic plan. Likewise, businesses that employ both W2 and 1099 contractors should be aware of the following; Just Works does not charge a monthly fee for paying contractors, unlike other payroll software and PEO suppliers. Additionally, it handles year-end 1099 filings.
  • Quality Employee's Benefit Choices
  • For small businesses looking to provide high-quality benefit choices for their employees, payroll and employee benefits management is a cinch for the company. It has the buying authority to bargain prices and benefits coverages from prominent operators and insurance providers since it manages the benefit
  • Plan Options
  • Because the company only provides two plan levels, you can't mix and combine services with this PEO. For example, instead of paying for the PEOs' various services, you may only sign up for the payroll service with some of these organizations. JustWork, on the other hand, does not meet this standard.
  • Industry Inconvenience
  • Unavailability in some businesses is another possible disadvantage of the platform. After putting in the time and effort to sign up for a PEO only to discover that your sector doesn't qualify, it might be disappointing. Please contact customer care if you are considering Just Works as a potential service provider for your business.
  • It's Not Compliant With OSHA
  • Despite the company's outstanding workers' compensation and compliance assistance, it is not obvious if they have OSHA-compliant insurance products or not.

About Company

PEO JustWorks is a one-stop destination for all your HR needs, all in one place. Every small company can choose a solution that is just suited for them. You can rely on the platform for the essentials, such as payroll administration, compliance support, and simple HR solutions. Alternatively, you may select a more comprehensive subscription that includes tax filings, business calendars, software connections, COBRA management, and many other capabilities.

Two-four workers, five-24 employees, 25-99 employees, or more than 100 workers are all included on the website. You may choose from the different plans to meet your company’s specific demands.

Even better, you may construct a package unique to your company. When using the platform’s plan builder, you only need to enter your company’s staff count, the state where you conduct business, and a few facts about your sector. They will then provide you with a customized price tailored to your projected budget and requirements.

Flexible, sturdy, and easy-to-use products distinguish the service provider from its rivals. The price, assistance, and insurance coverage can help consumers improve their small enterprises. Only a few aspects aren’t readily available on the company’s website.


People with no prior HR knowledge, such as small company owners with a few workers, may use the platform to handle their HR needs. Its Payroll and Benefits Outsourcing (PEO) solution frees you up to concentrate on building your firm. Here are some of its most important services.

  1. Taking Care of the Payroll

JustWorks Payroll for both employees and contractors, as well as vendor payments, is handled by the service provider. Paper checks may be used to pay, but you’ll have to write and issue them personally. Likewise, direct deposit payments are available, allowing your workers to divide their paychecks across numerous accounts. The company asks you to authorize payroll four days before your planned date if you pay by direct deposit.

Additionally, the platform allows for off-cycle payments and income garnishments. They will handle a garnishment notice at no extra cost, but the order must be sent directly, and its employment identification number (EIN) must be stated on the notification.

  1. Internet-based Time Card.

You may examine and amend employee time data using the service provider’s online timecard. They can import your employees’ actual hours completed if you utilize QuickBooks Time. The time and attendance software Just work Hours is a good option for smooth integration. Employees may clock in and out on mobile devices with this premium add-on ($5 monthly per user). It includes overtime notifications, shift planning, geo-stamped synchronization, and a mobile app (accessible for iOS and Android devices).

  1. PTO Administration

As soon as you have set up your company’s holiday and sick leave guidelines on the platform, the system can keep a record of accruals and assist with managing PTO demands. It sends an email to the appropriate management for approval of operations. Similarly, managers may examine and authorize or disapprove requests directly through its website.

  1. Management of Payroll Taxes

The company takes responsibility for tax preparation, filing, and payment. So, you must ensure that the service provider has correct and comprehensive payroll data like cash tips and checks formed outside its system.

  1. Help and Tools for Complying with Regulations

Keep current state and federal requirements by relying on the customer care team. It contains built-in curriculums powered by EVERFI and provides compliance reports like the EEO-1 to keep you on the right side of the law. Your staff will access an online sexual assault protection course as part of this package. Additionally, it may assist with the following areas of regulatory compliance:

  • Reporting of new hires
  • Benefits for the unemployed
  • Files for ACA (1094-C and 1095-C)
  • Workers’ compensation
  1. Administration Benefits

JustWorks, as a PEO, can provide competitive benefits to its clients’ workers since it has its own EIN. You will get better rates and stronger start plans since it can barter pricing and packages based on 70,000 employees rather than just five or 20 people. Small firms may now provide their workers with a 401(k) plan because of this service, which is managed and taken care of by the company.

Likewise, they allow you to design a benefits package for your employees and select the insurance coverage you wish. A mechanism in place can tell you whether or not your chosen plans may be combined. This will bar you from selecting choices that are unsuitable to the ones you have already picked if it determines that the price and functionality of your options vary too much. JustWorks provides the following advantages;

  • HAS and FSA
  • Accidental death and disfigurement coverage
  • Life and 401(k) insurance
  • Benefits accrue to commuters.
  • Outreach services in the medical field
  • solutions such as on-demand primary care and Teladoc
  • Subscriptions at a fitness club
  • Benefits to health and well-being

Employees have to choose their perks at onboarding; the rest is taken care of by the company. Those with a qualified life event (QLE)—such as marriage, childbirth or adoption, or a formal separation or divorce—can upgrade their benefits coverage at any time within your company’s annual benefits registration period. However, within 30 days of the event, they must show documentation of the QLE.

Plans and Pricing

It is rare for a professional employer organization (PEO) to make its rates available online. The clarity in pricing helps the purchase process simpler by helping you evaluate the worth of offered features and services. PEO research may become bogged down in a sea of marketing jargon and hollow promises, so it’s great to discover an open and honest business about its services and pricing. According to the functionality and number of workers your firm has, PEO JustWorks breaks down the cost of the service.

Two price options are available from the service provider: Basic and Plus. Payroll, taxes, employee onboarding and perks, and workers’ insurance are all included in the Basic tier of HR services. COBRA management, health advocacy, health savings and flexible spending accounts (HSAs), and improved access to medical and dental insurance are included in the Plus tier.

The cost is simple after you have decided on the advantages you want to provide to your employees: A usual practice among PEO services is to bill on a per-employee basis as the company does. Here is what it will cost you for each plan;

Basic Plan

  • Business with less than 25 employees: $49 monthly per employee
  • 25-99 employees: $44 monthly per employee
  • 100-174 employees: $35 monthly per employee
  • More than 175 employees: Personalized quotation

The Plus Plan

  • Less than 25 employees: $99 monthly per employee
  • 25-99 employees: $89 monthly per employee
  • 100-174 employees: $79 monthly per employee
  • More than 175 employees: Customized quote

You may pay monthly or annually; however, the cost is somewhat cheaper if you choose the latter option. Although the company boasts that there are no extra fees, your monthly or yearly charges do not include healthcare benefits and workers’ compensation – your plan will determine these rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is JustWorks?

Small businesses allow you to do essential operations while ensuring business data security in the cloud. To put it another way, you’ll be able to focus on everything from personnel directory, benefits programs and healthcare membership from any gadget. HRIS software eliminates going through cabinets full of old printouts or scouring your work computer for data by storing everything right where you need it.

Is it Possible to Utilize JustWorks Hours if my Company has Many Locations?

Yes, you may create separate overtime policies for your offices or Jobsite places in Just works Hours. For businesses with locations in numerous states, this is a great option.

Are There Any benefits to Using the Company to Minimize Labor Costs?

Our time monitoring software lets you get real-time visibility into your staff. Increased awareness through geo-fencing, overtime watch, and automatic notifications and alerts improve operational efficiency and labor budget management.

Does the Company Have a Mobile App?

Geo-fencing, personalized notifications, shift planning, project monitoring, and built-in analytics are some features that make controlling employee time with the company a breeze.

What is the Cost of Using Just Works?

Based on how many workers you have; the basic plan goes from $49 per month per employee to $39 monthly per employee. Basic payroll, compliance, and HR management services are all included in this package, so you can focus on running your business.

Who Are the Main Competitors of the Company?

In many cases, the top payroll services are equally concerned with human resources and payroll. You may want to check into other alternatives, such as Gusto, Rippling, and ADP. Similarly, Paycor, OnPay and Wave Payroll are many options that prioritize payroll above HR.

How Long Has the Company Been Operating?

JustWorks was created in 2012 and focuses on delivering benefits, automated payroll, adherence help, and acts as an HRIS for other small enterprises and startups.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes. It’s simple to get going with JustWork. You will be assigned an onboarding manager to assist you with activating your profile, configuring your perks, and enrolling your staff. Workers’ compensation, payroll tax forms, and Employer Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) are just some of the responsibilities the company takes care of for you as part of its PEO services.

They take great delight in developing software that is both instructive and practical. There are a lot of links to publications that explain the law and how it applies to your business, as well as definitions of phrases you or your staff may not understand. Other valuable resources include how-to articles and tips on benefits and state rules.

To keep you up to speed on the newest rules, the Just Works team maintains track of adherence and regulations. Additionally, you get access to HR experts who can provide guidance and best practices to help you better manage your employees. They have customer service specialists accessible around the clock, so you can get help whenever needed.