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Learn How Slider Plugins will make your WordPress Website Look Impressive

To make sure anybody catches sight of your website, it is really important to make your website or blog look aesthetic. Nobody loves to read a whole 70-100 word paragraph when they open a website.

What a user looks for is concise information which can tell him what the site is about and what they offer. Therefore, to attract users it is important to add sliders in your WordPress website. There are many web design in Toronto that do the job for you and creates an attractive website which helps in fetching organic traffic. 

Why is it worth to add Slider Plugin?

Sliders provide concise information but tell way more than that. As not only you can write, but you can also add a picture in the background or along with content and can even run a video in the slider. Sliders help in managing space at your website and reduce the amount of scrolling done by a visitor. If it is a blog or an e-commerce website, sliders add a user-friendly experience to your site.

How to select a good slider plugin?

There is a wide range of slider plugins available for WordPress, from full-width sliders to jQuery slider plugins, to match with vibe of your website. When created with relevant tools, sliders can engage a lot of traffic on your website. However, choosing from n number of sliders can be a difficult task, therefore, when selecting one; it is required to look of salient features of plugins. 

  • Speed

It is normally seen that a web slider slows down the loading time of pages. Ultimately, a user might lose his interest if your website is slow. To make sure your slider does not slow the rate of loading web pages, it is important to use an appropriate plugin and an even good web host.

  • Response

Every website is not mobile-friendly. However, people access websites through their mobiles because of obvious reasons. Therefore, it is essential to seek slider plugin responsive to handy devices.

  • Easy-to-use

Adding a slider seems fun however, it can make you land into a confusing maze. Not every slider plugin available on the internet world is user-friendly. It is important to seek a plugin that provides an easy-to-operate interface, else you might waste a lot of time learning a plugin when you could have used another and finished off with the same. 

Below are the top 8 WordPress plugins, which you can consider for getting a Slider:

Soliloquy Slider

Slider by Soliloquy is one of the most popular free sliders out there. The reason behind its popularity is it is responsive which fulfills our requirement of a mobile-friendly slider. Apart from this, it gives user-friendly experience and does not make a site heavy. 

The experts behind this slider plugin are active and let you add other plugins in it as well. Although it is a lightweight slider, yet has a lot to offer. It has a drag-and-drop slide builder that allows rearrangement of pictures and videos and templates which are already present in this plug-in let you customize without any hassle.

Meta Slider

Meta Slider is considered as best Slider plugin with nearly 1 million downloads. it enables you to add video, multiple slides, animated slides, post feed navigation and so on. It is responsive and on top of all, it has built-in SEO fields. It does not use Java and CSS hence is fast as well.

It comes with four jQuery sliders –Nivo Slider, Coin Slider, Flex Slider 2, and Responsive Slides. Therefore, you can add multiple sliders in one slider plugin. 

Meta Slider is available in both free and premium versions, if you want advance plugin features, it is highly recommended to go for the premium version.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

For creating a professional level plugin, no other plugin can beat Slider Revolution. This tool is itself a studio; it allows you to make customizations, and add video and display images. Apart from being transition friendly, it is responsive as well, it works great on small gadgets like mobile phones. 

Slider Revolution is a premium plugin, but that is worthy because it has nearly 200 templates and many special effects included. However, any novice in the field might find it difficult to use because of a complex interface.

WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel

WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel provide you to add sliders using short codes. It is a full-width responsive slider. Also, if you are looking for a slider that offers an array of navigations, then this slider is a perfect choice for you. 

It has both, free and premium versions. The free version lets you create 5 sliders and 1 carousel, you can create sliders for only specific categories, however, it can set multiple sliders on a page. The premium version has a lot to offer, it has an additional 90 designs ad 30+ short codes which can be used Gutenberg short code block and has drag and drop option. 

Layer Slider


Layer Slider is an exclusive slider plugin that lets you create many powerful sliders with animated landing pages. It is a responsive slider and allows creating a full-width WordPress slider.

If you have already build your site and are now looking for upgrading it to give it a professional feel the Layer Slider is perfect for that. It has its own drag and drops option for adding slider plugins. Apart from this, it lets you add a lot of transition which makes your website looks attractive. Moreover, it is built respectively to SEO. It can easily make public land on your website without doing much. 

Slide Anything

Although many responsive slider plugins are listed above, yet Slide Anything is more advantageous as it is touch responsive thus, it is smart phone friendly. As the name suggests, Slide Anything lets you create anything in a slide- images, text, short codes, and HTML. Sliders are added using an editor toolbar button or by inserting a short code.

Slider Anything works on Owl Carousel 2 which is one of the best jQuery plugins. Because of Owl Carousel, it has a lot of features that makes this slider worthy to choose an option. It supports the Touch and Drag feature, provides infinite looping, transition effects. Reorder slides etc. all of this makes it a very flexible plugin. It has both premium and free versions.

Super Bundle

Super Bundle is WordPress friendly and fits easily with its setting. It is also in the list of one of the best slider plugins from CodeCanyon marketplace for WP Page Builder. Not only is this a slider plugin but it also lets you add a carousel for making to add charm to your website. 

It offers some terrific features like parallax background and video background. It lets you make your tailored website as this has 70 customization options. To attract people’s sight it also has animation features included with some 6 unique text effects. 

Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider is the most famous jQuery plugin in the world of the internet. Nivo Slider has its free ‘lite’ version of the original Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin. It has been downloaded nearly 3 million times since its inception. Although it is a jQuery plugin, yet it is easy to use and includes features of WordPress plugin which is developer-friendly.

Nivo Slider has pre-built custom themes, 16 transitions and lets you create a slider from existing content. Apart from all this, it also covers our third requirement which is speed; it is fast and does not make your site heavy and users do not face the issue of loading time.


All in all, there are many Slider Plugins for your website; it depends on you what kind of feature you want to add and what kind of feel you wish to simulate at your website. Slide plugin whether it is any of the above mentioned makes the task of any visitor easy as he does not have to open multiple pages and gives your website a professional look.


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