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Liberty Home Guard Review 2022 – Top 10 Home Warranty Services

Many products available in the market come with a warranty that covers for their replacement or repair in case of damage. Home warranties work in like manner as appliance warranties. Liberty Home Guard (LHG) is a company that offers protection covers to homeowners. The company has several warranty plans that can cover either new or old homes you have resided in for years.

Putting your house under warranty is very important. LHG is there to help you out with repairs of appliances that malfunction at any time of the year. The company gets your damaged things repaired or replaced even when you are low on cash. You just need to sign up with them and pay for a plan that works best for you.

The following is a detailed review that captures the important services, plan prices, and anything relevant about LHG Company.

The Verdict
Liberty Home Guard Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard has raised to the occasion when it comes to top companies that provide home warranty plans. The company has received positive reviews from a lot of its former customers. However, it has its bit of share when it gets to negative reputation from a few clients.

The company offers three amazing cover plans that cover the basics of appliances to the most valuable and critical systems and appliances within homes. One of the outstanding plans is the total home guard that has combined all the two plans to ensure all your necessary appliances and systems are covered.

LHG offers unique services that other companies don't. These extra services include key rekeying from hired locksmiths and gutter cleaning services. The company also has an ever-available customer support team that can respond o filed claims regardless of the day, time, and season.

The company also allows clients to track their failed claims and view their charges on its website. This detailed review has captured the important aspects to note with the LHG Company. Any additional information can be accessed on the company's website or by contacting a company representative.

  • Easy Claims Process
  • Homeowners who wish to file claims for covered items are required to follow a simple step. For any damaged item that is covered, clients need to simply put in a request service with the company. This can be done either through the phone or online.
  • The company swiftly responds to failed claims and links up the homeowner with an available contractor. The contractor can then liaise with the homeowner to schedule an appointment after the client pays the set service fee.
  • Professional Service Delivery
  • The company's contractors who are sent to diagnose the raised claims always operate professionally, strictly adhering to the company's policy. Once the technician diagnoses the problem, he contacts the company to inform them of what is required. The LHG Company is liable to cover any repairs or replacements.
  • After completion of every repair or replacement service, the company will always call clients to verify the satisfactory level of the services rendered.
  • No Obligation Co
  • The company does not allow clients to choose a technician they prefer.
  • The LHG services are unavailable in the following states: Oregon, Indiana, California, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Wyoming, Washington, Lowa, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts.
  • The company is new in the market and relatively much smaller.

About Company

Liberty Home Guard is not a home insurance company. LHG is a company that protects you from the breakdown of common systems and appliances around your home. This includes a failed washing machine and a refrigerator that becomes too hot. All of this gets covered by LHG.

This homeguard warranty insurance Company was established in 2017 and provides its services in all major states in the US except California, Oregon, Indiana, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Lowa, and Massachusetts.

The company offers three major plans that allow customers to choose what to cover. LHGG plans have an average cost of $75, which is relatively cheap compared to other companies in the market.

LHG Company takes pride in ensuring clients’ homes and all their systems and appliances are protected. Some of the items included in our plan covers are washers, dryers, furnaces, refrigerators, air conditioning, and many others.


  1. No Home Inspection Required

LHG Company can agree to protect your home without requiring any maintenance records or conducting a home inspection. The condition of the systems and appliances is not much of a concern when getting into an agreement with the Company.

  1. Monthly, Annual, or Multi-Year contract option.

LGH offers flexible contract options that match clients’ needs and budgets. The payments can be made in three major plans: monthly, yearly, or multi-yearly. However, the company offers discounts to clients who choose to pay on annual bases.

The company allows monthly payments for the protection plans. When a client chooses to pay for an entire year at once, LGH offers them free two months of protection. To save on money, homeowners are advised to adopt the multi-year protection plans from the company.

  1. Liberty Finds A Contractor For You.

LGH makes it easier for clients to get top-serve from highly-qualified personnel in the market. Homeowners are no longer required to visit online sites and read long reviews in search of a qualified top-rated servicer.

Instead, the company conducts market research on your behalf and sends you the top-rated and skilled servicers to your house.

  1. 60-Day Guarantee

The homeguard home warranty Company is always ready to resend a technician or specialist back to your house to help resolve an issue that re-emerges after being fixed. Should a problem arise within 60-days of being fixed, the company will resend another contractor to resolve the issue without any extra charges. However, this policy strictly applies to issues re-emerging within 60-days only.

  1. Changing Plans

This company’s flexibility is amazing. LHG allows clients to change from one plan to the either. Should one feel that they paid for more coverage than they require, the company can allow them to downsize. Clients are also entitled to move to higher coverage plans to protect more items. However, switching between plans is only applicable within the first 30-days of signing the contract.

  1. Automatic Payment

LHG Company offers an automatic payment option that allows continuous protection of clients’ houses, system, and appliances. Homeowners who subscribe to the automatic payment plan have a guaranteed protection plan that is continuous. The company sends new contracts to clients in the automated payment plan 30-days before their contracts expire.

  1. Cancel Anytime

This homeguard warranty company allows subscribed clients to cancel their protection contracts anytime. Any cancelation done within 30-days of signing the contracts guarantees a full refund of the paid amount. The company offers prorated refunds of clients’ remaining contracts when the cancellations are made after the elapse of the 30-day window period.

  1. No Coverage Limit

LHG is liable to cover all the replacement costs and repairs or systems and equipment that break down to normal tear and wear. The company does not have a limit on the number of claims to file in a year. Clients are free to file as many claims as possible should such a scenario occur.

Plans And Prices

LHG offers affordable protection plans and coverage services to homeowners. The company’s three major cover plans include System Guard, Appliance Guard, and Total Home Guard. The plans have an average monthly cost of between $65 and $75.

The company allows users to subscribe to the optional add-on protective plans that cover all the appliances, equipment, and property not covered in the three main protection plans. The costs of the company’s protection plans vary depending on the client’s residing location, the type of plan adopted, and the number of add-ons included in the plan.

Here is a breakdown of the various plans, their cost, and a list of what is covered/protected.

Appliance Guard Plan

The appliances guard plan is the least comprehensive plan that protects all the basic appliances in the house. This plan costs a monthly payment of $64.99 or a yearly pay of $649.99. Some of the items covered are those that need short-term maintenance. The covered appliances include a

System Guard

The system protection plan is designed to protect all pricey items in the house. The systems are covered against malfunction or failure. This system guard plan costs $69.99 monthly or a yearly payment of $699.99. This plan protects the following systems: heating, ductwork, air conditioning, electrical, water heater, plumbing, plumbing stoppages, and toilet.

Total Home Guard

The Total Home Guard plan costs $749.99 a month or a yearly fee of $749.99 and is the most comprehensive protection plan. This protective plan combines the Appliance Guard and System Guard plans to develop a wholesome coverage of home appliances and systems.

The total home Guard plan covers the following: heating, ductwork, air conditioning, electrical, water heater, plumbing, plumbing stoppages, toilet, clothes dryer, clothes washer, kitchen refrigerator, refrigerator ice maker, oven/cooktop, garbage disposal, dishwasher, built-in microwave oven, ceiling fans, cooktop exhaust fans, and garage door openers.

Optional Coverage

Among the home warranty providers, LHG stands tall as the company with many add-on selections. The add-on offers more comprehensive coverage to appliances and systems not captured by the three plans.

Some of Liberty’s add-ons include:

  • Pool and spa

This costs $17.00 monthly or a yearly payment of $195.00.

  • Sump and pump

This costs $3.00 per month or $36.00 per year.

  • Central vacuum

This requires a monthly payment of $3.00 or $36.00 per year.

  • Well pump

This costs $9.00 each month or a yearly pay of $101.00.

  • Additional spa

This costs $16.00 a month or $188.00 per year.

  • Septic system and septic ejector pump

This costs a monthly payment of $11.00 or $123.00 each year.

  • Stand-alone freezer

This costs $4.00 per month or $44.00 per year.

  • Second refrigerator

This costs $4.00 each month or a yearly payment of $44.00.

Coverage Length

The company offers an agreement period of thirty days after the contract is signed, during which the cover is inactive. After 30-days of waiting, the paid plan cover will automatically be activated and continues throughout the stipulated period.

LHG can also choose to renew clients’ contracts 60-days before the expiry of the current one. However, clients will be charged for the renewed plan cover lest they decline the offer.

Claim Process

The company is proud to score a claim denial rate of 3% against a market rate of 10%. LGH intends to ensure that they respond and attend to all their customers’ claims. The company has recently re-launched its claim portal to allow clients to easily file and track their claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The LHG Total Home Guard Plan Cover?

The Company’s Total Home Guard is a comprehensive protection plan that covers the appliances and systems included in the two plans, Appliance Guard and System Guard. Some covered items include plumbing systems, water heaters, electrical components, HVAC systems, laundry, and kitchen appliances.

What Is Not Covered By The LHG Plans?

Every home warranty company has limitations on what it covers. This homeguard home warranty company excludes its covers for all the issues not caused by normal tear and wear. For example, any garbage disposal unit protected under the appliance guard plan is only not covered if foreign objects like glass and bones cause damage or breakdown.

Subsequently, water heaters covered by the system guard plan are eligible for repair or replacement when damaged mechanically. The cover is not applicable for storage tanks, sediment build-up, or insulation blankets. Clients should check the terms and conditions stipulated in the warranty for detailed information.

Does LHG Cover Roof Leaks?

The company offers coverage for roof leaks in its add-on plans. This can be found on the main warranty plans.

Does Liberty Home Guard Cover Mold?

The company is not liable for fungus, mold removal, or remediation payments.

Does LHG Cover Water Damages?

The company does not offer replacement or repair services to appliances and equipment malfunctioning from water damage.

Does The LHG Company Cover Termites And Insects?

The company offers a protection cover for pest cover as an add-on plan. The pest control covers damages caused by aunts, silverfish, cockroaches, spiders, and moths. However, termites are left out.

Does LHG Cover Theft?

The company does not include cover plans against stolen household items. Homeowner insurance policies should cover the loss whenever items are stolen.

Does LHG Cover Damages From Trees?

The homeowners’ insurance policy usually covers the damages caused by trees. The LHG Company does not offer protection from tree damages.

How Much Time Do Technicians Take To Come Once A Claim Is Made?

The LHG Company is obliged to send a technician within 48 hours after a client makes a claim. It is worth noting that LHG also offers emergency responses. Whenever a client claims an emergency, the company can expedite its response services to meet the pressing issue.

The company’s technician is the only authorized person to determine an emergency case, not the homeowner.

Are There Customer Service Complaints?

The LHG Company has been providing protection covers to home appliances and systems for a while now. This company is listed with the Better Business Bureau as a quality service provider for homeguard insurance. However, the coverage plans offered by the company have a limitation on what they can cover.

Clients who fail to properly review the terms and conditions of the cover plans before signing an agreement are bound to file a complaint whenever the company insists on not having jurisdiction over their raised claims.

The company is highly rated. It is good noting that the rates to a company are subject to change based on the customers’ satisfaction.

Is The Company Right For You?

LHG is a company whose services are open to any homeowner. The company offers protection plans that cover most of the items in the house. LHG is not interested in conducting house inspections to determine the home’s state of things and systems before signing a contract with clients.

The company just covers anything included in its plan regardless of its initial state. This includes shacking ceiling fans to broken HVAC systems. New homeowners should not worry about delays in getting a warranty. Once the waiting period is over and the cover becomes effective, the company will willingly repair or replace anything damaged even before the contract-signing period.

The following people will greatly benefit from the LHG company service plans:

  • People that have plans to buy new appliances in the future.
  • Homeowners who have no budget for repairs.
  • Real estate agents who wish to make houses on the market more appealing to clients.
  • People who want to sell their homes and are keen on attracting many interested buyers.