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MetroFax Review 2022 – Top 10 Online Fax Services

If you need to transmit a fax the next time, you do not have to waste time looking for a specialized machine. You could decide to use an electronic fax provider instead. One inexpensive alternative is MetroFax, which allows you to send and receive faxes using an internet interface, the email client you already use, or its cutting-edge mobile application. Despite this, its online layout is outdated, it does not provide users with access to international numbers, and it does not have any innovative signature facilities.

When you begin using the services, traditional fax machines will appear a cumbersome and outdated waste of space. Any internet-capable computer or device, such as a smartphone, may be used in conjunction with the platform to send and receive faxes using a unique fax number. With no fax machine, you may save a lot of money while not purchasing fax paper, ink cartridges, or other fax-related products and services.

The Verdict

No matter where you are — at the home, office, or on the road — MetroFax allows the user to send and receive faxes in a way that is quick, simple, and inexpensive. The application can run on almost any device that can access the Internet, particularly mobile phones powered by Android and Apple. Users who wish to free themselves from the financial burden of expensive fax machines and specialized phone lines are prime candidates for this service.

  • It is Flexible
  • Your ability to transmit and receive faxes around the world is made possible by eliminating all hardware required by Metro fax. You can carry your job with you to other countries and yet be able to get fax notifications from the office when you are relaxing at home. Pay standard market rates for international fax transmission and reception when sending or receiving faxes from a location outside the United States and Canada.
  • It's Easier to Set Up
  • You may create a new membership in a matter of minutes. The system is quite user-friendly, and there is minimal learning experience involved. You can understand all of the capabilities by using the online tutorials and training, such as the contacts list in CSV format. You can upload your contacts to expedite sending texts to your preferences. Likewise, you can produce reports for your personal use, which you may examine and store for your records.
  • Several Options for Sending Fax
  • Sending faxes may be done in many ways using the f
  • Since j2 Global Inc. acquired Metro fax in 2013, the Company has received many negative customer feedbacks. The Company reportedly has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Complaints mainly were received from customers who made a single purchase but then had recurring billing automatically deducted from their bank accounts without their consent after the original transaction. Clients also claim they cannot terminate their accounts successfully either online or over the phone.
  • Additionally, the fax metro solution does not include the capability to plan faxes; however, given the availability of the mobile application and the fact that very few providers give this function at all, this does not constitute a significant obstacle.
  • Other Drawbacks Include;
  • An outdated web user interface
  • There are no foreign fax numbers available.
  • No digital signature tools
  • Management of passwords during account creation might be complex;
  • there is no option for two-factor authentication
  • Testing of fax

About Company

The Company began in the dawn of the Internet, back in 1997, when faxing was still the most common communication and file-sharing method. Unlike most of its competitors, it focuses fully on digital faxing, making it one of the major internet fax companies. Because of this emphasis, the firm can go farther than its rivals and routinely makes new upgrades to its products with amazing innovative capabilities.

Internet faxing has been more popular in recent years, and Metrofac is one of the most prominent companies that provide this service. It’s backed by the most innovative digital fax services across the world, and its servers are of the leading technology, which allows them to provide unrivaled protection for your transfers.

Metrofac gives its customers the ability to easily retrieve their faxes from their laptops, desktop computers, or wireless devices by using the many benefits provided by the Internet. Pages sent by fax are attached to the client’s email inbox rather than physically. The user-friendly, cost-effective, and highly scalable Internet fax service provided by the Company relies on people and businesses of all sizes. It contains a selection of incoming fax numbers that may be either toll-free or local in thousands of places across the United States, and there are no more fees for long-range or transfer time costs.

Metro fax provides complete, specialized iOS and Android applications. The applications provide you alerts when you have received fax, a feature that will make it simpler to notice incoming fax. The software allows you to search your faxes as saved on the Web, browse faxes and files, and monitor your contacts. The app is packed with features that make it simple to view, transmit and share faxes.


You can send faxes to several people simultaneously, and the Company provides a solid client site with executive capabilities. The platform allows both incoming and outgoing faxing. If you need a new fax number, you have the choice between regional and toll-free fax numbers and the ability to utilize your current fax number if you have one. Users can digitally sign papers before submitting them.

Metro fax is compatible with different common office applications, like Microsoft Outlook. Within the context of this discussion, sharing faxes from your email is analogous to sending an email document.

The faxes you send and receive using the service are saved in the database associated with your account for as long as you have an active subscription to the program. Regardless of the method used to send the faxes, you will always have easy access to them thanks to the service that transforms them directly to PDF and TIFF files.

If you have problems with the service and wish to find solutions on your own, the webpage has a section with frequently asked questions that you could find beneficial. There are also tutorials and training videos available.

Plans and Pricing

Like many other digital fax providers, the Company has different price categories. The Essential plan now costs $9.95 every month (an increase from $7.95), and it provides an allowance of 500 pages that may either be delivered or received. The next level up, which has a fee of $12.95 per month, increases the number of pages that may be seen each month to 1,000. The top tier, known as Professional, costs $35.95 a month and includes 2,500 pages. There is a little reduction in cost applied to each plan’s yearly premium. If you send more pages than your account allows, Metro fax will assess additional charges of three cents for every page.

When the price-per-page metric is the only consideration, the 1,000-page plan provided by the Company is the most cost-effective option available among all fax services. Groups may transmit and receive pages into a single pool instead of making personal restrictions. It’s less probable that you will be hit with additional charges if you have access to many pages.

If you are unsure about using Metro fax, the service provides a free trial period of fourteen days. However, you will need to sign up and submit your credit card details to use it.

When using Metro fax, you will incur an additional fee if you transfer a fax to an international contact apart from Canada. The service levies an additional price for each page that is transmitted. If you want to send a fax to a number in Australia, for instance, Metro fax com will charge you between 10 and 40 cents; the exact amount will rely on the recipient’s carrier and the kind of number they have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Company’s Online Faxing Service Operate?

Transferring faxes with the provider is as simple as sending an email with an attachment of your paper. The platform may be accessed from any mobile phone or computer with an internet connection, regardless of location. Hardware or software upgrades are not required.

How Can I Receive Faxes?

As with any other attachment, opening a fax page is as simple as double-clicking on it in your email. Similarly, you may view, save, forward, and even verify your fax pages online using secure web pages or mobile applications.

How Much Does It Take for a Fax to be Sent Using the Service?

The fax will be sent after a few minutes, but there is a possibility that it may take more time if the recipient’s fax machine is busy. If the first try at sending a fax is unsuccessful, the service will try sending the fax three times.

Is The Service Safe?

The Company is delighted to assist businesses with their security concerns. If the mail server they are delivering to cannot interact with the Company through TLS encryption, the Company falls back to using plain SMTP delivery as the last option. In the end, fax security is heavily reliant on an individual’s email privacy. Clients concerned about their email security should get a message in their email that faxes have arrived and then connect to the secure online portal to download the fax.

Is The Service Provider Useful?

Metro fax is a superb internet fax service if having a mobile application and 24/7 assistance is crucial to you. However, it does not prioritize safety, and the functionality should be more robust.

Why Use Digital Faxing Instead of Emails?

Some government and medical institutions still use faxes for security, even though email is widely used. Metrofa takes privacy so seriously because it provides its consumers the flexibility and savings while also assisting them in conforming to the security rules. Faxing to numerous recipients and integrating with electronic medical records and customer relationship management systems is also easier with this solution.

What Makes the Service Provider a Good Fit for Companies of All Sizes?

To meet the demands of any size organization, Metrofa provides many different options that may accommodate as little as 10 numbers up to 1,000+ lines. With their cheap per page charge of only three cents, Metro fax is practically impossible not to save costs. Check out their top seven firms that may profit from Metro fax com for more details.

Is It Worth It to Give the Company a Try for Small Businesses?

The service provider is a fax management solution that caters specifically to the needs of small companies and makes it easier for them to handle their faxing needs. Online faxing services must be affordable and speedy for smaller firms. There is a greater focus on the Company’s offerings for small businesses since these organizations have fewer resources and need higher-quality service.

What Exactly is The Metro Fax Application?

You may use the free Metro fax app combined with your paid Internet fax membership to send and receive faxes on the go. Through the use of the mobile app, you will be able to transmit faxes. You can even monitor the status of your account using the mobile device you have in your possession. Send faxes from your Google Docs, Dropbox, or Android smartphone, complete with any files.

What Distinguishes the Services from Competing Products?

The provider’s dependability and assistance are unsurpassed. A decreased rate of missing or incomplete faxes and no problem sending multi-page documents result from this firm not using VOIP to transfer faxes. Additionally, they do not subcontract any of their help, so customers can feel confident that they’ll receive a quick response from the Company if they have a problem.

How Simple is it to Transmit a Fax Number?

Many times, the firm can shift numbers to Metrofa. However, this is dependent on whether or not the present supplier would give the contact and where it originated. There is a one-time transfer cost of $24.95, and the procedure takes 10-14 business days.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes, if you are not happy with the free virtual fax services available, you should look into Metro fax since it offers an economical alternative. The perfect candidate for this service is a client who needs to gain fax messages while on the road and keep a unique phone line that can handle several fax pages at once.

The subscription options are well priced and provide the chance to readily expand along with a new venture or a small company. Every account is equipped with a unique fax number and can connect with a maximum of five email addresses. The service may accommodate your Company’s needs.

Users in the United States or Canada who send and receive fax texts within those countries are not subject to extra fees above the monthly price. However, outside clients will be subject to more costs for any faxes they send to countries outside of North America. On the other hand, this may not be the best option if you have many customers located in other countries.

Customers are never required to enter into a contract. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of this digital fax service, as it helps make the platform one of the most cost-effective and open providers currently on the market. Similarly, you can use free demonstrations and a risk-free trial that lasts for thirty days and gives you unrestricted access to the software and all of its functions for the trial period. After that, you will be able to decide whether or not this is the right kind of service you want.