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X Review 2022 – Top 10 Project Management Software

The effectiveness of a project is driven by teamwork and transparency. It is impossible to achieve success if any of the two is missing. Considering these two variables is important if you wish to conclude your tasks within budget and on time. And realizing this should not be that hard.

Current project management software focuses on cooperation and visibility; is the only one that seems to place a high value on this approach. It provides a visual collaboration area, allowing you to handle projects effortlessly while providing unmatched visibility.

In this piece, we will evaluate the software and provide our thoughts on whether or not it is suitable for use in project management. Our aim is that by the time you’ve finished this read, you will have some new ideas on the utility and efficiency of this software.

The Verdict

The platform's high-level plans provide useful features, such as task management. Adding new users is a breeze with the help of integrated wizards and tips. However, if you're searching for a free solution, I wouldn't suggest it because the low-level packages are sparse.

  • It is Flexible
  • Projects come in different shapes and sizes. And in various projects, different teams conduct distinct roles. Hence, good project management software must be flexible to various situations. And that's why we recommend the Project management tool Monday.
  • You can customize Monday's features to meet your management style without losing flexibility. And projects and workflows involving many teams are precisely managed using the software.
  • It is a Highly Visual Platform
  • A highly visual nature defines As a result, it prioritizes visibility.
  • Each project's particular duties, deadlines, and objectives may become burdensome. With several projects and teams to manage, boredom may wreak havoc, slowing down your team's output. contains features that may appear insignificant, yet they are both amazing and strong.
  • To begin, everything on the site is coded in a vibrant, eye-catching color scheme. Visually organizing tasks, viewing tasks, and keeping track of progr
  • The Monday Software includes a wide range of options and functions. To get the most out of these tools, you have to upgrade your plan. For instance, the entry-level service does not include timeline views and Gantt charts. And this is a major stumbling block to the platform's adoption by numerous project managers.

About Company

Monday is an open platform that lets users build the application needed to manage every job element. The user interface (UI) has building elements such as applications and integrations, allowing teams to construct or personalize their job solutions.

Courtesy of, a person can collaborate on anything from advertising campaigns to sales pipelines to CRMs to trackers, all from a single platform that’s easy to deploy and intuitive.

The platform provides a seamless connection between people, processes, and technologies, giving teams the ability to thrive in all facets of their job and fostering an atmosphere of openness and honesty in the workplace. Tel Aviv, New York, Miami, and London are the current hubs for the platform’s development teams, and Kyiv in Ukraine. More than 152,000 customers across 200 sectors in 200 states deploy the program, which can be tailored to meet any enterprise vertical.

Services exceeds all of your expectations when it comes to project management tools, exceeds all of your expectations. With a wide range of services, the team behind the software can expect your demands. In addition, the software is well-crafted, such that teams can collaborate on anything from advertising campaigns to the sales pipeline. However, it all comes down to the kind of package you want. Below, we’ve listed the top-notch services and features you may expect from, including:

  1. Project Data Visualizations & Dashboards provides several methods to see the same data through several dashboards and visualizations. The most sophisticated plan allows you to combine several boards into one. Even the cheaper plans enable you to choose from various board styles, including tables, Gantt charts, forms, and tasks.

You need to establish a board once, and performs the rest of your work. The same project information can be viewed in various ways by all team members.

  1. Project Automations

Automating workflows has never been easier thanks to Monday’s “recipes,” including common triggers and actions. For example, the automation recipes are arranged by type: notifications, repeating things, giving due dates, and relocating them based on a condition. This makes it easier to locate what you’re searching for.

Custom automations can also be created from the ground up. Since the automated customization page uses casual language to guide you through the procedures, any individual can utilize it. A single “and” command can link several or concurrent tasks, making automations more flexible.

  1. Deep and Extensive Integrations

Monday connects with numerous third-party applications natively or via a premium Zapier account. You may link it to popular project management applications such as Asana and Trello. Furthermore, they integrate all the essentials required for a cohesive communication tactic and process, including Gmail, Slack, and Zoom.

The process of integrating is also quite straightforward. Search for suggested applications or apps of a certain kind by clicking on Integration Centre’s icon on the menu’s sidebar. An activity on Monday can set off a message in Slack or Gmail, thanks to their Automations Center.

  1. Customer Support

If you need help with, you can contact their support team by filling out a simple form. Even though they have a large library full of self-help and training materials, most of your questions will not require going that far.

Consider joining one of their webinars or watching some of their videos on YouTube to get a quick introduction. You may also use their frequently asked questions (FAQ), feature requests, and walkthroughs (getting started with your first task, managing and charging, and so on).

  1. Apps Marketplace

You have the flexibility to extend the functionality of your work operating system (OS) by employing custom views, widgets, connectors, and automations thanks to the project management tool Monday applications marketplace. To enhance your computation handling, form creation, and other capabilities, you can select add-ons, which are either free or paid for.

There are third-party connectors with MailChimp and HubSpot in the applications marketplace, but there are also original, Monday-built extensions. In addition, Monday provides API documentation for developers interested in creating their integration solutions.

Plans and Pricing

Monday software provides a solution that caters to enterprises of all sizes’ diverse project management needs. There are four distinct packages available for you: the Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise packages.

A summary of the initial payment requirements for each plan is as follows:

In general, is known for having relatively reasonable prices. There are project management systems on the market with entry-level costs starting at more than $20, which we’ve seen. Most tools have monthly pricing that begins at less than $10 per user, on average. Therefore, is somewhat in the same ballpark as those results.

You will need to sign up for our yearly billing plan to receive the rates displayed above. The charges for the year billing cycle are 18 percent less expensive than the month-to-month rates.

Project management software Monday offers a solution for everyone, no matter where they are in the learning process or how complex their project management requirements are.

Just check that you have a good understanding of the features that come with each package. Some plans are far less flexible than others. We’ll explain each one in further depth below to assist you in making an educated selection.

You may test out Monday tool features at no cost for two weeks, whatever plan fascinates you specifically. The free trial includes an unrestricted number of boards and users and does not need a credit card to sign up. Here is an overview of their prices.

-Individual: $0

-Basic: $8 seat/month

-Standard: $10 seat/month

-Pro: $16 seat/month

-Enterprise: Contact Monday’s sales team

Individual Plan

Monday’s freemium package for two seats is the individual plan. To begin with, users have access to an infinite number of boards, more than 200 templates, and 20 different kinds of columns. You can use both the iOS and Android applications at your disposal. This strategy is well suited for sole proprietors and those who wish to maintain their daily level of organization.

Basic Plan

The basic plan is designed for smaller teams that are kick-starting their tasks and need assistance with project management. It entails everything that the individual subscription provides and having limitless items, 5 GB of storage space, and the construction of a dashboard dependent on one of your boards. The most advantageous characteristic is that you are provided with many free viewers for visitors and shareholders.

Standard Plan

Small and medium-sized businesses that require access to detailed data and charts will find the basic offering quite beneficial. This package includes everything catered for within the first two packages and additional features such as Gantt views and a dashboard, which blends up to five of the task boards. This is the strategy that has my highest recommendation.

Pro Plan

The pro plan includes all the things described in the first three packages and also private boards and chart views, among many more. Additionally, the dashboard may integrate up to 20 different boards. Bigger and more active teams will much appreciate the additions offered by the pro plan. The monitoring of time, in particular, is an advantage in this context.

Enterprise Plan

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the predefined packages, you can get a bespoke quotation on an enterprise plan from This includes enterprise-scale interfaces and a dashboard, which integrates up to 50 task boards. In addition, you’ll have access to their first-rate client service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monday?

Monday’s project management software allows anybody to build the tools they require to operate their whole business. In addition to pre-made templates and the flexibility to personalize any work solution, it contains many pre-configured options.

What are the primary rivals of

Asana, Wrike, and Smartsheet are some of the most popular alternatives to the Monday tool.

What is’s most outstanding characteristic?

Task Management has the greatest rating from Monday reviewers.

The Project Management tool Monday is used by whom?

The majority of Monday tool’s users come from Small Businesses and the Marketing industry.

Is The Company Right For You?

One of the best features of Monday is that the platform provides extensive lessons for advanced features like integrations, plug-ins and process automations.

Training materials and built-in tips help new users get up to speed quickly. In contrast, more skilled users will love the ease of working with more complicated digital workspace operations, such as filtering.

However, Monday is not suitable for users searching for a free tool to manage their projects. Since the features in the Free and Basic plans are so limited, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership to get the full experience. Even if Monday isn’t the most affordable alternative, its user-friendliness is unmatched.

Monday is an excellent option for creatives who are part of medium-sized or big teams and have a modest to high software and app budget.