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NeatBooks Review 2022 – Top 10 Accounting Software

Managing finances is a priority for all businesses, even startups. Financial management will keep your growing company on the path to success. It helps you improve compliance and productivity, and you can measure your growth. Many startups fail because of a lack of funding to continue production. Hiring an in-house accounting team might not be possible for all businesses. But accounting software can be a beneficial tool. NeatBooks software can help you keep your business numbers organized. So many aspects of a business’s financial sector need constant attention. The software allows you to focus on other pressing matters while handling the books. This review will show you the ins and outs of the software so that you can decide if it will be helpful to your business.

The Verdict
NeatBooks NeatBooks

The innovative approach NeatBooks has taken to account reconciliation attracts most businesses. They pay attention to every financial detail to ensure you are on the right path. That is why they deserve acknowledgment. They have plenty of positive reviews from the customers they have helped over time. They are transparent with their pricing; what you see is what you get. The accounting software is scalable; you can adjust it when your needs change.

  • Customized and automatic accounting reports
  • You can easily pair receipts with expenses
  • Amazing user experience
  • There are multiple ways you can upload transactions
  • They offer secure document storage
  • Great support options
  • They support multiple currencies
  • They are relatively expensive
  • They don’t have CRM integrations
  • No payroll services

About Company

NeatBooks is receivable-only accounting software. It’s still a new player in the industry; it was released in 2015. The NeatBooks accounting software was launched in 2021. However, the parent company Neat has been in the industry since 2002. Neat premium service has helped many businesses turn their accounting around. They have simplified accounting challenges new companies face. It’s not a must to be an accounting expert to run a successful company. You can use the tools from software like Neat to handle the finances. With NeatBooks, you can reconcile your books, scan receipts, and manage transactions on one platform. The software is transitioning the industry to where bookkeeping is frictionless, instant, simple, and automated. They support businesses from multiple sectors, including the retail and construction industries.

NeatBooks started because they wanted to offer in-house financial expertise as an outside consultant. They can be an extension of your team. They envision a world where even small businesses can maximize growth. Mobile access is available, making the software or website even more convenient. Training is also available if you can’t figure out how to use their accounting system. Their live support comes in handy when you run into issues. Unfortunately, they don’t offer CRM integration, and there are no payroll services. Their accounting tools focus on helping you download transactions from your bank account and categorize them.

NeatBooks has four ways of bringing your transactions from source documents into online storage. They will pull information like dates, amounts, and vendors and place them in the correct online records. When you match transactions with their original documents, it’s easy to manage everything. You can generate customized reports and send invoices with the software. Everyone needs a team or software like NeatBooks on their side to make better business financial decisions.


NeatBooks is a cloud-based financial management system with a few impressive features and services under its belt. A Neat receipt scanner and other tools can help your business thrive. If you are not acquainted with the company yet, these are some of the services they offer.

  1. QuickBooks Set-Up

You can get everything organized from the get-go with QuickBooks. NeatBooks will help you set everything up to start organizing your numbers. They will give you expert tips and train your staff, so you don’t miss a beat to grow the business. You can link your bank accounts and customize reports and invoices. Your accountants will easily access records anytime and anywhere. It’s the ultimate solution for a startup; you shouldn’t wait until the numbers are scrambled up before you look for a solution. Start the business with a financial structure that will sort you for a long time. QuickBooks will need some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, everything will flow. It will require some funds, but it’s worth it in the long run. Set aside funds on your budget to cater to financial solutions like QuickBooks.

  1. Training

When you hire new employees, there is usually so much you have to train them on before they adapt to the culture at your office. You can train them on how to use QuickBooks features. This will help you improve and streamline your daily operations. They will help you train new employees via virtual screen sharing. They will even create customized flow charts that make you handle everyday bookkeeping tasks and other jobs more efficiently. You should call them to get a tailored training package. This service takes the hassle of training new employees from your hands. New workers will easily integrate into the office culture and be productive as soon as they finish the training. They do the training faster, so the new workers won’t spend a lot of time adjusting.

  1. File Reconciliation

When you match transactions with their original documents, it is considered reconciliation. They will help you clean up the books and match everything with the right file. When you have a heavy workload and new transactions every day, it’s possible to mess up the papers. If you don’t reconcile your records, you may fail to remain compliant. If your balances don’t match, it might result from messed-up books. You might have unreliable reports as well. You need a reliable team to get you caught up quickly so you can continue operations without issues. Your accounting team will appreciate the help once your numbers are organized. This service requires a custom price quote. The hourly rates will depend on your workload. File reconciliation will help you manage your books for tax time. It’s easier to handle the taxes when your numbers are in order.

  1. Virtual Help Desk

If you need quick answers concerning your books, you should use virtual desk help. They help you solve multiple issues like linking a new bank account. If deposits don’t show in your checking account, they will help you sort it out. Neat premium service will help you eliminate a lot of headaches and save time. They step in when there is a problem and handle it within minutes or hours. NeatBooks team will screen share the whole process so that you can learn. If the same issue happens again, you will know the steps to take. This service is usually a bit pricey, and they charge in 15-minute increments. If you know your issue will take a long time, ensure you have enough funds or find another solution. But if it’s an account issue that can be fixed in under 15 minutes, reach out to the NeatBooks team.

  1. Monthly Bookkeeping

An extra set of eyes won’t hurt even if you have a team handling the books. They are pros in maintaining your books online. They will reconcile and categorize your books every month. They will give you reliable numbers you can rely on when making business decisions. They are willing to work with your accountants and create customized reports. This will provide you with time to work on your business without fearing making costly errors on your books. Every company needs basic bookkeeping services to thrive. It helps you handle funds better, and you can easily adhere to all tax laws. This monthly bookkeeping service is the next best thing for a business that can’t hire a full-time accountant yet. If you already have an accounting team, this will boost them. It’s one of the services you should prioritize because neglecting your books can have severe consequences.

  1. Review and Diagnose

NeatBooks can do a 28-point review of your books. You might think a review is unnecessary when you have a team of people organizing your business books. But the review from NeatBooks might be the best way to identify trouble areas. They will also look at accounts and transactions that need to be tuned up. There might be large negative balances lingering in an account that is hindering you from pushing forward. They will look for personal transactions and old balances in undeposited funds. They take time with the books and thoroughly review them before giving you a proper diagnosis. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing all their findings. They won’t leave you hanging if they discover issues; they will offer recommendations on how you can move your business forward. It will be easier to form lasting solutions when you know where the problems are.

  1. Integrations

NeatBooks allows a few integrations that are worth looking at. There are about four integrations available. They will help you keep the address book clean and the finances organized. Other companies offer more integrations, but when you consider the services NeatBooks offer, you can do without most of the integrations. Look at their integrations list and see which will be helpful for your business. If you feel like none of them are useful, you can concentrate on the NeatBooks services. Neat software support is readily available to help if you have trouble installing the integrations.

  1. Receipt Scanning

Perhaps the most incredible service is the Neat receipt scanner. They can scan all your receipts, gather the data and then store them securely in a single place. They offer bank-level security encryption. You can rest assured your sensitive information is kept securely. You can easily reach the stored data and sort documents with keywords and filters. Receipts are essential, and if you use a third-party company for storage, you should know how quickly you can access the documents when needed. With NeatFiles, you can easily access the data without deep diving. Their ability to upload and match your receipts right away is impressive. You can use their user-friendly mobile app to keep everything organized. You will keep tabs on where your money is going and see if your spending is helping the business. They even have a dashboard that will show your expense categories and cash balance. Spending details will tell you all you need to know about the path the business is taking.

Plans and Pricing

NeatBooks’ pricing differs depending on the services you need. A few services require a custom plan, like QuickBooks training. The parent company Neat cloud pricing starts at $ 29 monthly. But if they bill you early, it will be $ 288, which means you will be paying $ 24. That means you are free to choose between the monthly or yearly plans. You can save some money when you opt for the annual plan. All the plans include invoicing, document management, and accounting services. Before you start using NeatBooks, these are the rates you should be aware of.

For virtual help desk, the minimum half-hour charge is $ 65. The money is billed in 15-minute increments. When you have a complex issue, the money can add up and be a large sum. QuickBooks setup starts at $ 575 for new businesses. The online review of your books will cost $ 475. Monthly bookkeeping begins at $ 375 monthly.

NeatBooks and Neat cloud pricing are very different. Whether you want to go with the parent company or the newly-launched software, you must look at the prices carefully. Neat software reviews suggest the parent company is the most affordable. NeatBooks is championing some revolutionary services, especially for a growing business. But when you look at the price tags on the individual service, you will realize you need a lot of money to sustain their services for a long time. However, you can outsource the services you require only at the time your business is in need. That’s a clever approach to avoiding unnecessary costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Organizations Does NeatBooks Work With?

NeatBooks work with government facilities, non-profits, freelancers, and small, midsized, and established businesses. Any type of business can use its services to grow. They are especially suitable for a large company with high volume sales. But basic bookkeeping is crucial even for a small business. You choose the services you want and pay for them.

Is There A Difference Between QuickBooks And NeatBooks?

QuickBooks is more robust and versatile since it contains every aspect of accounting a business might need. NeatBooks, on the other hand, is accounting software that allows you to keep track of your spending by uploading receipts. When you sign up with NeatBooks, they will set you up with QuickBooks. Using the two software will be even more beneficial. But QuickBooks increases the costs of accounting. If you use Neat premium service only, you will spend less.

Will NeatBooks Charge Me For Invoicing?

No. There won’t be additional charges for invoicing. It’s part of the package you receive. You will be able to send customizable invoices to your customers. That allows customers to pay through bank transfers, debit, or credit cards. But the standard online processing fees still apply. You will only escape the service fees. Invoicing is a crucial part of business accounting. Being able to access the services for free will be a huge benefit.

Does NeatBooks offer any kind of support?

NeatBooks offers live support during business hours online. Customer support is probably the first thing people consider before they start working with any company. Without reliable support, it’s hard to rely on their services. Some of the Neat software reviews highlight their helpful live chat support. You can also reach them in other ways, but the live chat warrants quick responses. If you run into an issue using their software, you will know they have your back. Things like QuickBooks require help and support before you can start using the accounting software alone.

What Kind Of Training Does NeatBooks Offer?

When teaching your new staff how to use QuickBooks, they will use screen sharing so that your team can see how everything is done. They also use webinars and documentation. This training goes a long way because it gets your team to par with the software features and other accounting aspects. You will learn a lot you didn’t know, which will help you throughout your business.

Does NeatBooks Have A Free Trial?

Yes, they offer a free trial. That’s the best way to sample all their services before you mobilize the funds to start paying. It gives you an idea of what features are worth paying for and which ones you can live without.

Is The Company Right For You?

Overall, NeatBooks might be an excellent option for businesses with many expenses and receipts. Other top picks might offer better services, but NeatBooks is focused on helping you keep track of your expenses. They ensure your records are straight so you can easily refer to past documents and be more mindful of your spending. The receipt information is kept securely with high-level encryption. They have mastered the document management part. But if your business needs more in-depth accounting services like payroll or inventory tracking, look for alternatives.