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New Leaf Moving Group Review 2022 – Top 10 Moving Companies

Hiring a full-service moving company has become the solution for people relocating from one place to another. There are moving companies sprouting up every day. Deciding which moving group to hire can be a task. This review focuses on New Leaf Moving Group. It’s a young company that makes moving much easier, even long-distance. They offer different services depending on what you need and can afford. Despite being new, they already have an impressive company profile. But it’s always great to review the company’s services, customer support, and pricing before you start working with them. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of New Leaf Moving Company.

The Verdict
New Leaf Moving Group New Leaf Moving Group

New Leaf Moving Group maintains a C+ rating online. It is a brokerage company connecting movers to the right team of professionals. They do a great job with local and interstate moves. Their services are much more than loading and unloading your luggage. They boast of their specialty services, including piano moving. They work with qualified movers to ensure professionals handle everything. Their pricing model is based on custom quotes. A large percentage of their clients recommend the company to anyone who is relocating.

  • The moving company is available any day of the week
  • They work with experienced movers
  • The company only employs certified and vetted teams
  • They offer a wide variety of relocation solutions
  • Nationwide commercial and residential moving
  • They have consultants assigned to every move
  • They encourage green moving practices
  • Free online estimates
  • No international moving
  • Additional fees for packing
  • Their services don’t extend to Hawaii and Alaska

About Company

New Leaf Moving Group is a family-operated company or brokerage based in Florida. They have been coordinating moves successfully across the US. It was established in 2020, and they legally operate under the Relocation Management Group. They have a dedicated team that puts customer satisfaction above everything else. Once you reach out to them about your move, they will plan, organize, and execute everything. Nationwide moving is the focus; they serve up to 48 states. Since every move differs, their prices differ from one client to the next. As a freshly established moving business, New Leaf service pro has created a name for itself in the industry. They can compete with longer-running moving businesses in Florida. They handle household items and commercial moves.

New Leaf Moving Group can also connect you with an established mover in your area as a broker. They retain their headquarters in South Florida, but they can help clients from every corner of the state. They boast of creating the best and most stress-free moving process. So far, New Leaf Moving reviews portray competitive rates and a well-coordinated moving process. Although they primarily focus on interstate moves, they can also facilitate local moves. They encourage eco-friendly moving habits. They recycle moving supplies and will also encourage you to donate things you rarely use instead of moving them to the new location. These are some of the traits that make them different from other companies that have existed for many years. They use a well-organized timetable to ensure you are relocated on time.

Their services include a few advantages like packing and long-term and short-term storage options. They also have experience in moving pianos. Their team will help you navigate all your moving-related challenges. They work weekdays and weekends from 9 am to 8 pm. Remember, they are a broker, so they won’t be transporting your household items, but they will organize and coordinate everything. For this reason, there have been some complaints against them, mostly about the transportation. But when it comes to organizing moves, their services are top-notch. You can reach them via email or phone whenever you need their services. They have consultants ready to start helping you plan your move.


New Leaf Moving Company offers a wide range of services to fulfill your needs. Although the services don’t extend beyond national borders, there is still much on offer. They accommodate both commercial and residential moving jobs. Here is a rundown of all the services they offer.

  1. Local Moves

New Leaf service pro organizes seamless moves around cities using Florida local movers. They promote themselves as working with responsible and dependable teams. Local movers are not as stressful as long-distance moves, and you can probably manage without movers. But professionals make everything easy, and they can also help you pack. New Leaf Moving Group service local areas, including Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Palm Beach County, Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point, and Delray Beach, among others. Get in touch with the company, and they will connect you with a moving professional in South Florida. Local move services are available for both commercial and residential clients. Storage solutions are also available for local movers. Instead of struggling to look for trustworthy movers for your precious household items on your own, you can use them to access the best team in the field. Local moves might not be as pricey as long-distance moves but ensure you get the best deal. The company boasts of competitive prices, but you won’t know until you get a quote.

  1. Long-Distance Moves

There are plenty of moving companies to pick from when you want to move across states. But you have to look for one that is experienced and professional. New Leaf Moving Group will move you to any destination in the continental USA. Their great logistical support makes a big difference. They have experience in interstate moves. They have transported people to Texas, New York, California, and New Jersey. Their well-versed network of carriers will coordinate your demands for nationwide relocation. You can entrust the loading and unloading processes to the professionals. Some possessions need extra care, especially when transporting them for a long distance. The movers will also handle the necessary planning that goes into long-distance moving. New Leaf Moving reviews agree the movers do a great job handling items long-distance.

  1. Residential Moves

With residential moves, the privacy and safety of your belonging is the priority. That’s why you need a trustworthy team on your side. Most completed moves from the New Leaf Moving Group fall under the residential category. They started residential moves around Florida but gradually increased their scope to other states. They handle everything from condos to two or four-bedroom houses. Special household items like pianos, fragile paintings, and furniture are carefully packed to avoid damage. The advantage of working with New Leaf Moving Company is that they ensure you get an experienced team. Some movers have specialized in residential moves, while others have commercial moves.

  1. Office Moves

An average commercial move without complications is difficult, especially with large equipment. You barely find commercial property owners relocating without the help of professional movers. New Leaf Moving Group offers full-service commercial moving with storage, packing, and handling of specialty items. They go to great lengths to avoid a delayed move because most commercial moves are usually time-sensitive. They are also flexible, more so with businesses, because their needs are usually unique. The company can also help you pick a relocation package with a range of bonus moving services. When you work with a professional, experienced team, they can foresee problems before they happen and help you avoid a disaster. New Leaf quotes are tailored depending on the nature of the move. The price will be determined by the items you are relocating and the distance. Their team will carefully assess your needs before they give you a quote. They might not be the cheapest moving company, but they don’t compromise quality.

  1. Professional Packing

There is a difference between when you pack your household or office items and when a professional does it. You may neglect some items, which can be costly when transporting valuables. Packing supplies require extra funds. But when you use New Leaf Moving Group, you will have a team of professionals to pack your belongings, and they come fully prepared with packing supplies. Of course, this might add to your moving estimate, but it’s worth it if you don’t have packing skills. The techniques and materials of the moving crew will be up to the industry standards. The high-quality material will protect your belongings during transportation, unloading, and loading. They also label all the items, which makes unpacking super easy. It’s not indicated whether you can do away with the packing services when you want. When discussing the quote, you can ask if it’s possible to do away with the service.

  1. Storage Services

New Leaf Moving Group offers storage services. During relocation, you realize there are a couple of items you can put away in storage because you don’t use them often. Their storage facilities are secure with 24/7 surveillance. You can confidently store your valuables there for however long you want. They ensure the storage is kept clean and up to standard. Whether you want short or long-term storage services, you will be sorted. Climate-controlled storage units are also available. These are moisture-free units; you don’t have to worry about mold. Expect these services to come at a fee. But it might be better to get these services from your moving company rather than a third-party company. The way you pack items before storage matters a lot. New Leaf Moving Group will supply you with tools to keep your items safe in storage. They will also transfer items from your home or office to the storage unit. Decluttering might force you to put some household items away. It will be a relief when you have a storage unit readily available. The company claims to have affordable storage prices with no hidden charges.

  1. Specialty Services

Aside from moving and packing, New Leaf Moving Group offers specialty services. Any item you consider special, whether it’s heavy or fragile, they will help you move them. They have handled military and senior moving. These are the kinds of moves that require special care. They have also handled pool tables and fine art movements. Their customized quotes are free online. You can reach out and state your special needs and wait for them to handle everything. Not every mover is experienced in handling specialty items. But New Leaf Moving Company will ensure you are served with the best. They look for specialty movers, so you don’t have to. Specialty moving affects residential homes more than businesses because that’s where people keep their most valued or sentimental items. New Leaf Moving Group is not a certified motor carrier; they don’t have their own fleet. But they ensure specialty items are transported accordingly.

Plans and Pricing

When it comes to moving, charges are all over the place. The price is partly determined by the nature of your move and partly by the services your moving company offers. Full-service companies like New Leaf Moving Group tend to be expensive because they handle all the logistics. Other companies may not offer storage and packing services which makes them affordable. New Leaf quotes are no different; they will hear your needs before estimating the price. The company doesn’t sell itself as being economical. They understand there might be cheaper options, but they are confident in their services. You will get your estimate once you complete the online form on their website. But that’s not the end of it because their representative will call you and elaborate on the estimate further and go over other factors.

They don’t offer averages on the website, so comparing to other movers might be hard. When you book services, they will require you to pay a deposit. You can do it via electronic check, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. They haven’t clarified how much you will need to pay as a deposit. But they say that if you cancel five days before the available pickup date, you will get a refund. But your refund is subject to a 5% cancellation fee. Based on New Leaf Moving Group reviews, their average price might be slightly lower than the US average moving price. That is somewhat consoling if you were worried about spending a fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Company’s Online Reputation?

Their online reputation is slightly above average. Most of their reviews are promising, but they have faced customer issues. New Leaf home complaints are worth looking into. Most customers agree the representatives were very helpful, and the company is flexible with scheduling. The overall affordability is also an advantage. They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau yet. Being a new company with barely two years in the market, they have some catching up to do. But if you want a broker that will hook you up with the best movers, New Leaf Moving Group is capable.

Is New Leaf Moving Group Insured And Licenced?

They are not carriers and won’t transport your items personally. But they only work with licensed carriers. But it doesn’t hurt to double-check the company transporting your valuables. You should always ensure those handling your move are meant for the job. There have been New Leaf homes complaints, but not necessarily about licenses. If they carefully vet the moving team before assigning them to you, then you have nothing to worry about. It’s part of their job as the broker to ensure the workers are licensed. They are better suited for local moves because you can also look into the company they recommend.

What Does New Leaf Moving Group Cost For Interstate Moves?

When moving long-distance, the cost might significantly go up. But the company doesn’t have any rates published; you will have to rely on New Leaf Moving Group reviews or get a quote. The prices vary; that’s why the estimates are tailor-made for every individual. Thankfully, the online quotes are free and only take a couple of minutes. Ensure you are detailed enough to get an accurate quote. The price will go higher if you need packing services since they charge extra for professional packing.

When Is New Leaf Moving Group Available?

They are available Monday to Sunday. Since most moves happen on weekends, it’s only logical for your preferred company to be available all week. Their customer service is also available all week during their working hours. They are the best people to reach out to when planning a move.

Is There A Limit To What New Leaf Moving Group Can Move?

They say they can handle any type of move you have. The only service they don’t offer is international moving. Any move within the 48 United States they can handle. If you are moving heavy or have a lot of belongings, ensure you communicate that to them. They will tell you if they can’t find someone to accommodate your needs.

Is The Company Right For You?

New Leaf Moving Company is right for movers relocating long or short distances. They have undergone some growing pains, which led to unhappy customers. They have tried to reach out to customers and resolve issues. But it’s unclear whether they have changed their processes to ensure the issues don’t happen again. For local moves in Florida, New Leaf Moving Group will execute flawlessly, whether it’s a residential or commercial move. They offer additional services like storage and packing, which come in handy. The company has handled specialty moves before. However, if you are taking a long-distance relocation and you don’t want to gamble, you can look for another more experienced company. Such moves need a seamless moving process without any complications. New Leaf Moving Group is a solid choice if you consider availability and affordability. It all comes down to what your needs are.