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Nextiva Review 2022 – Top 10 Business Phone Systems

Transparent and usable data from conversations, videos, and texting are key features of business phone systems. Due to its high-level analytics and detailed reports that can be established and retrieved without needing IT expertise, Nextiva is a top option for the most refined corporate phone system with tracking and reporting. Unrestricted internet faxing, one-to-one video conferencing, an auto-attendant, and toll-free minutes are included in each company’s membership. Mid- and upper-tier plans include CRM features, professional greeting tapes, and SMS/MMS messaging.

The service provider’s dashboards, wallboards, and roughly 120 to 130 bespoke point-click reports make it unique among the hundreds of corporate phone systems. In actual time, it provides CEOs with a glimpse of the company and sales managers with customized wallboards to stimulate their workers. It is simple to set up and automate the distribution of the reports, despite their extensive nature.

The company phone system provides historical data reporting features for evaluating periods and spotting patterns. Artificial intelligence is also used to scan user perceptions in the CRM tool. Its competitors like Dialpad give voice intelligence elements that can be used independently. However, the user still needs third-party CRM software to gain a complete picture of the customer experience.

The Verdict
Nextiva Nextiva

For those looking for high-quality and dependable phone service, Nextica is the answer. A CRM, Cospace, a contact center, and more are just some of the service provider's tools to help organizations enhance effectiveness and job productivity. The company is a one-stop-shop for communication, sales and marketing, and customer support requirements. It is suitable for both small and big organizations.

  • Dependable Services
  • With a highly rated uptime and no disruptions recorded, the company has proved to be a very stable service provider. The uptime percentage is outstanding, and the absence of outages suggests that it provides the performance and dependability that organizations require. If a VoIP service goes down, companies lose money and leads; thus, its reliability is good.
  • Better Training
  • The service provider gives different training methods for staff members to become proficient in the software they use. In-house training is an option for companies looking for a more in-depth educational experience. Likewise, to get the same level of detailed instruction, a corporation may use webinars to meet its training requirements.
  • Quality Customer Care Services
  • The company's customer care services are among the finest in the market. No matter how small your staff is, you will have access to its world-class customer care regardless of your chosen plan level. The provider's customer service
  • Even though the service provider is known for its integrated solutions, it may not be the best choice for your company in some situations. For example, SMS/MMS and multi-person video conferencing are not included in the Essentials plan's list of important services. Some alternatives are less costly and just as effective as primary phone calling. The basic plans of their competitors include video and chat.
  • Similarly, the provider does not provide foreign phone numbers or global workforce capacities. As your company expands, you may consider adding digital numbers to make it easier for overseas clients to get in touch with your firm. Those that aim to extend their operations internationally in the next year or so will find RingCentral and 8x8 more flexible in this situation.

About Company

Nextiva is a voice-over -internet-protocol company formed in 2006 by Tomas Gorny, and its headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s the best VoIP phone service when it comes to flexibility. Small firms with only a few employees to giant corporations with several divisions may benefit from this software. It’s challenging to find a better set of services than those offered by Nextica in this market. Customer experience management, remote work, contact centers, and more may benefit the platform’s advantages.

A wide range of sales and service tools are available to help sales, marketing, and customer care teams succeed. For example, customer-specific information may be shown in real-time on the caller’s phone screen via call pop. The integrated CRM stands out against rival stand-alone platforms, allowing you to unite your customer-focused operations completely.


The service provider has every function a small or medium-sized organization may require, such as auto-attendants, conferencing, and business analytics. Unlike the competitors’ entry-level subscriptions, Nextiva’s basic plan includes unrestricted internet faxing, perfect for businesses wishing to lessen their dependency on faxing services. While features differ depending on tier, Professional and Enterprise customers get access to high-level statistics that go beyond the basic reports seen on other corporate phone systems.

  1. Patterns and Effectiveness Evaluations

Unlike phone providers that merely disclose call times and use information, the service provider employs artificial intelligence to drive insights. The consumer statistics and VoIP reporting tools provided by Nextiva are simple and accurate. Business intelligence software improves transparency into your activities and consumers, enabling you to estimate call volumes and planning requirements.

  1. Conferencing Through Video

In consolidated communications systems, this capability is becoming more widespread. RingCentral’s basic plan does not feature one-to-one video conferencing, which is included with all Nextiv memberships. The Professional and Enterprise plans offer 250 video users, less than the 500 enabled by 8×8, X-Series, and Zoom packages but more than other providers like Ooma and Dialpad.

  1. Nextiva Voice Admin Dashboard

Employees that are part of sales teams, customer service departments, or other groups with common objectives would appreciate this function. In contrast to other service providers, the company provides dashboard capability on their corporate communication software’s Professional and Enterprise levels. Dashboard templates are available in the Professional package, while Enterprise customers may design their own. We appreciate the one-page layout of the dashboards, which shows data in the form of charts or tables and measurements in the form of tiles.

  1. Nextiva CRM

The capability is absent in many other VoIP systems, but CRM functionality adds substantial value to VoIP subscriptions. For example, click-to-call and automatic follow-up are only two of the many productivity-enhancing capabilities available in Nextiva CRM. Likewise, the call pops are appealing. On every call, a little box glides across the screen, providing vital customer details such as the sentiment from their last engagement, total account balance, a quality grade, and the score they provided in their past survey answer.

  1. Call History

Even the most essential company phone systems include call records and usage data. The service provider takes it further by introducing more call expenses, such as international calling rates. Enterprise subscriptions provide expanded call logs that indicate the kinds and quantities of redirections. At this level, members may also examine call recordings and notations in the call history. This saves time and consolidates information.

  1. Cospace by Nextiva

The functionality is accessible on all plan levels and is a separate collaborative application. It centralizes collaborative capabilities such as team schedules, task management, and a permanent chat room. Additionally, businesses may invite an infinite number of guest users, which is suitable for engaging with customers. However, it falls short of what its competitors provide. It’s because Nextica cooperation necessitates the usage of separate software, while RingCentral incorporates its virtual workplace into the primary program.

  1. Auto-Attendant

While most providers include a virtual receptionist to welcome and route calls, you will enjoy the straightforward interface and expert implementation assistance that allows small company owners with little technical skills to establish their system rapidly. The simplicity extends to updates, with users able to add or delete staff and adjust rights from a single interface.

Plans and Pricing

The company has redesigned its service plans, reducing them from four to three categories: Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. Nextiv’s price is competitive in the market. However, among rivals, its premium plan tier is one of the most affordable. Volume and yearly subscription reductions can help to reduce total expenditures.

Additional savings may be provided if you register for a 12-, 24-, or 36-month agreement, but it’s a great way to use the weekly free trial first. All memberships include unlimited calling, digital faxing, and one-on-one video conferencing. Each includes a toll-free and a local phone number, call groups, a digital attendant, and mobile and desktop applications. Here is a breakdown of their plans and pricing;

Essential Plan

The Nextiv Essential package includes all that a small company needs to get up and run. It goes for $29 monthly, but with a 12-month commitment, you will pay $21.95 per user. In complement to more fundamental capabilities such as unrestricted voice and video calling, the subscription includes extras such as voicemail to email alerts and 24/7 customer assistance. The plan is appropriate for small companies just beginning to work with VoIP or those wishing to move from another provider. It provides the fundamentals and more at an affordable price, even for growing companies.

Professional Plan

The Nextiva Professional subscription is geared for smaller organizations, although it has more features than the Essential plan. Unrestricted conference calls with up to 40 members and unlimited video conferencing with up to 250 users are just two of the many benefits of this plan. Professional installation and connections with systems such as Salesforce or HubSpot make this more extensive package a viable option for sales and marketing departments. For the price, you get a lot of bang for your buck. The cost per user is $33.95 monthly or $31.95 with a 12-month commitment.

Enterprise Plan

Using the Ultimate plan is the best option for large businesses. Additional features include sales productivity, ticketing, and pipeline strategic planning in addition to the other two plans. As one of the most expensive plans, it also serves as a marketing and sales tool. The prices are $43.95 per user monthly or $43.95 per user with a 12-month commitment.

Besides corporate phone systems, Nextiva provides four different contact center bundles as part of their offering. Workforce efficiency and omnichannel navigation are included in these plans. Despite the company’s Contact Center being integrated with its commercial phone systems, the two products are offered as diverse options. Additionally, desk and conference phones, headsets, and adapters are available. An office phone might cost anywhere from $107 to $840.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Software Compatible With my iPhone?

Yes. The company’s softphone apps may use the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and other iOS devices. Aside from Nextiva’s homepage, you can also get it through iTunes or the App Store. You may begin making and receiving calls as soon as you activate your membership.

Is the Company’s Fax Service Safe?

Yes. Independent fax services from the company and digital faxing incorporated in VoIP subscriptions are protected during transit and kept in very safe data centers. Additionally, no documents are lost or forgotten since faxes are sent straight to your device.

Does Nextiv Support Texting?

Use your company number to send and receive as many text messages as possible. This capability allows sending SMS/MMS messages from mobile and desktop applications.

What is the VoIP Phone’s Quality Like?

When using cloud-based communication services, the effectiveness of your calls is directly tied to the speed and dependability of your internet. Traditional landlines are noticeably worse in terms of call quality. Calls on landlines might be muted or distorted due to a lack of audio bandwidth. HD Voice technology is used in VoIP conversations to accomplish this.

How Many Calls Can I Initiate at Once?

Unlimited phone calls are possible with the service provider. Your gadgets and your users are in charge here. A standard VoIP phone can handle three calls at once; however, this might vary depending on the phone’s hardware. In a typical phone system, you can control numerous calls simultaneously without running over lines. One of the advantages of VoIP phone service is the ability to handle several calls at once. Guests will never receive a busy signal, even if you have one phone number.

What Is a virtual number?

Virtual contact refers to a phone number not attached to a specific person or company. It can be used to monitor response rates from a specific marketing campaign. For long-distance guests, they may still contact your team by dialing a local virtual number.

What is Cloud PBX?

It is possible to utilize all of your firm’s phone services through the internet using a cloud PBX service. No on-premises hardware is required to deliver a PBX’s functions via the internet. A cloud PBX can save your business a lot of money annually. Your IT staff would concentrate on more pressing issues rather than dealing with an old phone system. If you transfer offices or go to another country, you can still use your communications devices and make or receive calls.

Is it Possible to Record Phone Calls?

Call recording is available in the business communication solution in the provider’s Enterprise plan. It may be included in specific packages for a small additional price since the recordings are safely kept outside in a secure location. There is a digital record of the conversation for incoming and outgoing calls. Having these on file is helpful for both educational and legal reasons.

What is an Auto Attendant?

An auto-responder is a digital receptionist who may help lead calls to the right individuals and departments. It’s quite likely that you have seen or heard about it before. When consumers contact, they will listen to a prerecorded greeting that instructs them to hit a key based on their needs. Guiding users to the appropriate department quickly and efficiently eliminates the need for unnecessary changes throughout the workday. In addition to being available around the clock, Nextiva’s multi-level auto attendant may modify its choices based on the time of day.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes, Nextiva provides the most incredible user experience since expert setup services are included with every plan, not only enterprise-level memberships. The online phone activation instruction leads you through four steps: Add workers, establish hunt groups, configure auto-attendants, and connect phone numbers. Every page is simple to use, and the software allows you to quickly establish one or more auto assistants. Once completed, send your configuration data to the provider, and they will start up your system.

Likewise, you may utilize NextOS to mass-upload personnel from your file server. If you have a few workers, you may arrange a phone system and begin interacting within minutes. It will take much longer if you decide to set individual user rights and develop extensive call patterns.

While many actions may be completed online using the self-service interface, you must engage the company to activate end-to-end security for voice. Nextica, like other corporate phone systems, includes training options for managers and workers, including educational webinars and step-by-step instructions. With these resources and the simple user interface, your staff will be able to get more acquainted with the software and encounter fewer roadblocks while using different tools.