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Ooma Review 2022 – Top 10 Business Phone Systems

With cloud-based phone services, organizations can be up and running in minutes and swiftly enroll new employees. Express setup assistant, pre-provisioned components, and 24-hour customer care make Ooma Office the greatest business phone system for simplicity of use. The service provider is a good choice for brick-and-mortar businesses transitioning from landlines to VoIP solutions. Similarly, it gives equipment that allows analog phones to connect to the VoIP network.

It is easy to see why the company has the greatest user satisfaction ratings, thanks to its user-friendly mobile applications, prompt customer service, and straightforward interface. Generally, its desktop applications and website are user-friendly. The express setup assistant guides you through the process of adding new users, defining call flows, and checking out add-on solutions step by step.

Similarly, the mobile and desktop applications have simplified user interfaces and focus on business-critical functions, so new members do not feel stressed by several pages. The provider preconfigures IP phones bought with special bespoke functionalities and adjustable controls. With an access point that links up to four devices or wireless Linx adapters, companies can use existing analog phones and fax machines with the software.

The Verdict
Ooma Ooma

The company's user experience is basic regardless of how you access the service. Switching between calls, messages, and contacts is simple by using the mobile app's clear interface. Users may utilize technologies like parked calls, attended transfers, and email transfers to handle phone calls. Icons aren't necessary since the company shows the feature's name instead. It's great that there is enough room on the screen to prevent accidental button presses by your team members.

The Office Manager's admin interface is simpler than the other corporate phone systems. There are tabs for call and fax logs, adjusting extensions and phone numbers, and accessing account information in the browser. When creating call flows, all choices are shown as drop-down menus from which you may pick the relevant actions.

The service provider is the best option for;

  • Businesses that need paging and faxing regularly.
  • Small groups in need of wired and wireless equipment.
  • Businesses moving away from landlines to VoIP.

However, it may not be beneficial for;

  • Voice-enabled businesses and organizations.
  • Businesses in need of an international phone plan with no time limits.
  • Companies have sophisticated call-routing requirements.

  • Good Customer Care
  • The Provider makes it simple to connect with an expert if anything goes wrong or if you have any concerns while setting up your new phone system. Similarly, they provide live chat and email assistance, but there is a separate phone line for business and residential clients. Instead of waiting in line with dozens of other home phone customers, you will be connected directly to a member of the appropriate team. The community forum is a good place to look for guiding principles, inspiration, and even solutions to some of your basic queries.
  • Easier Setup
  • The service provider has a simple out-of-the-box installation that gets you started quickly. Setting up a VoIP system is usually time-consuming, but with its auto-configuration innovation, you don't have to go through all those procedures again.
  • Functional App
  • The Ooma office app is the best option when you are out of the house or office and need to make a call. It is accessible in the App Store and Google Play and enabl
  • Several features are missing from the company's platform, like built-in collaboration tools and sophisticated video conferencing capabilities, which are available on other competing phone systems. No whiteboarding, annotation, or file sharing among team members is possible. There are no breakout rooms or team chat rooms provided by the service provider.
  • Similarly, they do not have any artificial intelligence characteristics either. Transcribing voicemails is a feature; however, it does not provide automated reports and action items. If you want a business phone system with voice intelligence, consider using Dialpad.

About Company

The company is a publicly listed telecommunications startup and market leader in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. All the tools you will need to customize your phone system are available to consumers at a low cost, and a free plan makes it even more inexpensive. The services may be used at home or in the office, but we prefer it for enterprises, particularly those without in-house IT departments. Small enterprises without IT staff would appreciate simple installation and customized phone system features. Here is a review to see how the firm compares to other top VoIP system selections.


Besides voicemail interpretation and calendar compatibility, Ooma Office Pro includes virtual meetings and more than 35 office capabilities. Due to the similarity in pricing between the mid-tier plans offered by other service operators, you should consider the Enterprise package. You gain CRM connectors, complex call flows, and call tracking when upgrading to this level. Here are some of the services that the company provides;

  1. Digital Receptionist

Phone systems for businesses often include this functionality. The company provides a precise application with sections for business and after-hours operations, primary data, and settings, in contrast to competitors that give extensive call flow planners for intricate routing. For example, you can build a dial-by-name database and develop customized messages for callers to get basic company information. Menus are available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

  1. Blocking Unwanted Calls

Many VoIP systems now include call filtering in response to the surge in spam and robocalls. However, the database used to detect spam significantly impacts the efficacy. The service provider has a current database of more than 2 million recognized spam numbers, which is worth it for many users. The user may block up to 1,000 phone numbers.

  1. Transcript of a Voicemail Message

Many phone solution providers include this capability in their basic or mid-tier plans, enabling customers to view email or softphone app notations. With the company, you may have your voicemails automatically transcribed and sent to your inbox through email. There is an audio file attached file that provides the interpretation.

  1. Overhead Paging

It’s not common for internet-based phone systems to have this capability; many operators allow users to page personal or department lines, but they don’t include physical paging functionality. Paging systems may be connected to VoIP services, although the solution is often difficult. In contrast, the firm’s paging features are ready to use right out of the box. An aerial paging adaptor is required to connect to the paging system. The service provider’s dashboard allows you to create a broadcast paging button for your users.

  1. Ring Teams

It is possible to create ring groups, which may route calls to many departments phone lines through many service providers. In contrast to Dialpad, the company does not mention a maximum number of ring groups. You can easily create new groups and customize parameters like the ring length for each stretch. Admins may add gadgets to the ring group, which is helpful if numerous workers use the same phone.

  1. Apps for Computers and Mobile Devices

The service provider’s backend is accessible on different devices, allowing you to customize your phone system to your specific requirements. It’s up to you whether you choose to use the computer or phone app, based on your tastes and the devices you access.

Only businesses may use the desktop app. The backend should be accessible to teammates so that they may change preferences or view their voicemails. A directory in the app makes it simple for team members to get in touch with one another through extension. Office Pro is the only way to get the desktop software right now.

  1. Using a Video Conferencing System

Most mid-tier VoIP plans have this function as standard equipment. According to our research, the company’s video conferencing platform has fewer capabilities and a lesser member capacity than Nextiva. However, unlike Dialpad, it does not constrain the number of participants or establish a limitation. In-meeting chat, selectable password security, and screen sharing are all included in the video conferencing features. You may even schedule recurrent sessions with these tools.

  1. Faxing

The company includes internet-faxing features on all subscriptions. Virtual faxing may be enabled on any user extension, and fax records can be seen as administrators for anybody in your group. The Office Manager allows your employees to transmit faxes and see their records. It is possible to receive them straight to a user’s email account as a PDF. The company’s base station or Linx device may be used to join analog fax machines through phone cable. Its service may be used with almost any conventional fax machine.

Plans and Pricing

The company’s price is as simple as its interface. A questionnaire on the homepage helps you choose a business phone system. You do not need an annual commitment to achieve the lowest prices; both of its small-scale business packages include monthly pricing. Despite this, the firm needs a one-year commitment for the two business programs and phone rentals.

It is possible to use around thirty-five business phone services with all subscriptions. These include mobile applications and virtual receptionists. Video calls and call recordings are added in Ooma Office Pro. The Enterprise plan provides hot desking and calls surveillance; however, RingCentral customers have to pay an additional $7 per person per month for these capabilities.

The four service plans may be broken down as follows.

Office Plan

Unrestricted SMS and phone calls to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico are provided in this $19.95 per user per month subscription. A free audio conference bridge, digital fax, overhead paging, and intercom are also included.

Office Pro Plan

Every feature of the office plan is included, costing $24.95 monthly for every user. Likewise, it adds advanced call blocking, audio and video conferencing for up to 25 people, call recording, and voicemail interpretation.

Enterprise Plan

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) feature, including attended transfer, CRM connections, texting, and shared line appearance, are included in this package, costing $27.99 per user each month. Additionally, it has a call barge, whispers, and monitoring.

Enterprise Call Center Plan

A contract for this plan costs $49.99 monthly for each user and covers all the enterprise-level functions. As a result, it provides contact center capabilities such as a queue-based predicted wait time and position, abandoned-call counter, and graphical call flow designer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Service Compatible With my Mobile Phone?

Yes. The company has apps for both iOS and Android. Once you’ve installed the softphone app and logged in to your account, you can obtain your phone system’s characteristics, such as voicemail, contacts, and text messaging.

Is the Company Available for Use Outside the U.S.?

With the service provider, you can make free calls to the United States from anywhere in the world. Likewise, a per-minute fee or one of many international calling plans are available.

How do I manage My Account?

The service provider gives you access to your account settings. A web portal does not necessitate any downloading.

Compared To Other VoIP Providers, How Does This Firm Stack Up?

You don’t need a computer to access the services. Neither software nor a headset is required. With this solution, you may get landline-quality phone calls via your existing phone line and vital internet access. In comparison to other VoIP services, Ooma will eliminate your yearly phone cost and allow you to save hundreds of dollars.

Do I Access the Services with My Computer On?

No, the firm has a portable, low-power, always-on gadget that does not need a computer to function. Making and receiving phone calls no longer necessitates the use of a desktop or the need to keep it on at all times. Doing this might save up to $20 a month on your energy bills.

Do You Allow the Use of Services Such as 911?

E911 service is available where the business approves it. Your address will be sent to emergency responders when you activate your gadget online and contact 911. For this to operate, you’ll need a mobile phone if your Internet connection isn’t up and running correctly. A landline backup is a good idea if you’re worried that your phone service is dependent on your Internet connection. As a result, your 911 calls will go through your home phone number.

What About my Phone Number?

In the United States, except in Alaska, you may acquire a new phone number when you sign up for your service online. Visit the company’s website to see if a phone number is accessible in your neighborhood. Do not cancel your existing phone service if you want to preserve your present phone number. The firm will need to receive a request from you to migrate your existing number, so choose a new temporary number for your service. Most of the time, this procedure takes around a week or two to complete. You may discontinue using your previous phone service after your number has been moved.

What Can I Expect in Terms of Audio Quality While Using Ooma Mobile?

PureVoice HD technology is included in the provider’s mobile app to give the finest sound quality while utilizing the least amount of data transfer. Using Wi-Fi to make a phone call will have the same resolution as making a phone call from your device. The Mobile App allows you to make HD calls from the provider’s device. It’s important to note that the quality of a call via 3G depends on your 3G connectivity. Calls should sound great if you have at least 40kbps upload and download speed. A bandwidth testing program like may be used to evaluate the performance of your 3G connection.

What is The Best Way to Stop Spammers from Calling Me?

The provider’s advanced features may block many undesirable calls, including spam and robocalls. One tool is more suited to particular sorts of calls than the others. Placing an unspecified number on your block list can prevent them from contacting you again if questionable calls come through. Call Blocking may be done in two ways: via the System Page or Call Logs. You first need to log in to Ooma office com as administrator.

Is The Company Right for You?

Ooma’s deployment and onboarding procedure are among the finest for corporate phone systems. For small organizations, the preconfigured IP phones are a lifesaver. The company may preconfigure hardware and send it out within 24 hours of a customer’s order. Additionally, after joining up, your team may access the online portal by downloading the mobile app. 15 to 20 minutes is the average time it takes to set up an account, according to the service provider.

The installation wizard leads you across three stages to add your staff as subscribers and customize their accounts. Most non-IT groups can install and set up their phone network without support from customer support. However, we love how simple it is to receive help using the app, toll-free hotline, or live chat.

Although the firm lacks the vast range of online seminars and training programs given by 8×8 and RingCentral, its capabilities are essential and need minimal training in most circumstances. You will enjoy the how-to guidelines for administrators and users, which feature step-by-step explanations with screenshots. Likewise, there is a community forum where you may discover solutions to less prevalent concerns.