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Oracle NetSuite Accounting Software Review 2022 – Top 10 Accounting Software

For financial management, Oracle NetSuite is a powerful and user-friendly ERP software. The financial statements of enterprises may be tracked and automated using the software. Financial activities, such as accounts receivable and payable, may be expedited by this complex system, which also maintains records of a company’s regulatory standards. If you’re looking for a tool that’s both flexible and international, this one is for you. Integration with Oracle’s portfolio of business solutions is straightforward. The service provider is the greatest accounting software with ERP solutions.

The Verdict
Oracle NetSuite Accounting Oracle NetSuite Accounting

Your company may save time and effort by streamlining many of its activities, including accounting, with the assistance of Oracle NetSuite, a genuine all-in-one solution. Suppose your business makes use of the whole product suite. In that case, the many departments and computerized systems will be able to collaborate and give real-time details that are beneficial to the entire workforce.

However, the service provider is pricey even while the all-encompassing breadth of the platform justifies the expense. Smaller enterprises may find the software to be unmanageable and burdensome. Instead, its best suited for medium- to large-sized enterprises that run intricate operations. The software functions at its peak when all its modules are used in tandem with one another; therefore, this is the scenario in which it excels.

  • Regarding enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Oracle NetSuite is the best. Moreover, it provides a complete overview since it covers all aspects of your company's activities. The following are a few benefits of NetSuite ERP that you must be aware of:
  • You Will Get an Overall Picture of the Supply Chain
  • A key benefit of using the software is seeing the whole supply chain at a glance. Because of this, the service provider is a good solution for people who often find themselves in the darkness regarding supply-chain management. NetSuite's inventory, production, and buying modules may improve distribution chain effectiveness. Upgraded vendor-customer connections are another benefit of using this technology.
  • Flexibility
  • The platform provides the usual high level of adaptability with business applications. With the open API, you may connect it to almost any other application. Likewise, we all understand that integrations greatly enhance a company's success. You will have access to re
  • It is correct that with good consultation, you may learn the software's capabilities more quickly, but there are certain drawbacks to this powerful ERP software that you mustn't overlook.
  • Elevated Personalization
  • Customization in the software is both expensive and time-consuming. NetSuite partners' responsibility is to ensure the system runs smoothly and error-free. Working with an expert or partner to develop your ERP system is not always feasible.
  • Subscription Costs
  • The ERP system is hosted in the cloud, as you would expect. Therefore, the service provider gives annual subscription agreements to its customers. When your demand grows, it is reasonable to need more resources, raising the cost of sustaining the services. The costs might be prohibitive unless your company is big enough to justify them.
  • For Higher Modules, You Will Pay Extra.
  • Using the software means you have to spend if you want to use additional or sophisticated modules. If you plan on using the services for the long ha

About Company

Businesses are evolving and adapting at an unprecedented rate. The platform is the best way to remain ahead of the trend and expand your company. Nevertheless, what exactly is NetSuite in its most basic form? It’s the most comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution on the market today. It helps you keep track of inventories, monitor financials, host e-commerce businesses, and handle customer relationship management systems. NetSuite was acquired by oracle in November 2016.

Spreadsheets and point solutions can’t perform what the software does, and at the same time, it lowers expenses and boosts productivity. The integral feature enables it to handle different applications under a single operating system and provide customizable dashboards for tracking progress. Since NetSuite is hosted in the cloud, your critical accounting and operational data are available from any location and device. You can see, manage, and adapt your company’s operations with the platform.


Oracle NetSuite’s financial management software includes the following major features:

  1. Control of Financial and Operational Procedures

Organizations may develop and apply their financial process within NetSuite’s accounting software. It allows for a smooth integration of accounting and management tools. Managers get access to their financial details in actual time, allowing them to generate reports or resolve problems. The whole financial details may be entered and monitored in a personalized ledger. Reporting features, facilitating audit tests, and creating support for new management are all possible via the general ledger.

Receivables and payables in the platform combine all accounting transactions into a simple, automated system. Taxes, fixed assets, currency, and payments may be managed using simple-to-understand management solutions.

  1. Billing

The software may help optimize your invoicing structure if you have many customers, providers, or partners. A unified infrastructure with activities, memberships, and initiatives flow straight to the billing engine, giving customers power and choice over their charging process. Agreements and regular charges may be created and managed using their billing system.

  1. Recognizing Profits

During assessments, the service provider allows organizations to adhere to accounting requirements and quickly submit financial findings. Companies benefit from financial reporting services because they can quickly plan, calculate, and report income on accounting records.

  1. Management of Financial Resources and Reporting

The software is not only a financial management tool for today’s organizations. The solution’s budget preparation features may aid businesses in preparing for the future economically. Forecasting income and what-if situations may be generated by NetSuite using financial and operational data. Likewise, the software may generate reports depending on your existing data and future estimates.

  1. Integrated Global Accounting and Consolidation

To run a successful international company, you must overcome many obstacles, including language barriers and cultural differences. The software’s global financial engine allows enterprises to manage their money globally. The software includes multilingual user interfaces to help users interact across cultural or linguistic divides.

  1. Government Risk Compliance

The NetSuite plan aids entities in setting up and monitoring their systems to ensure adherence with their GRC initiatives. Because the software is audit-ready, it’s easy to see and find any financial challenges as your business grows. The service provider meets regulations like ASC 606, GAAP and SOX.

By creating a risk assessment and control process that predicts uncertainties in place to avert them from occurring, the software can reshape your GRC program immediately. Using this function can save enterprises money in the long term by predicting major problems before they occur.

  1. Compatibility

All modules on the platform can be seamlessly integrated. There are many business software suppliers that the company works with, as well as open APIs that allow for new integrations. A customer care team is available, but at an added charge, to help you integrate the software with other business applications you already use. ERP platform deployment, as well as added integration and project management planning, are provided by the team.

  1. Management of the Warehouse

Companies can keep track of incoming and outgoing shipments and storage inventories using the software’s warehouse management and delivery module. They accelerate the handling of elevated requests by adding them to a “expedite” list in NetSuite and then sending purchase orders to their vendors. Outbound logistics tracks goods that are transported directly to retailers or users. When an item is ready for shipment, this tool’s “pick, pack, and ship” component alerts warehouse and distribution workers. The platform adjusts its data to show the right inventory levels as a product goes throughout your facility.

  1. Monitoring of Stock Levels

For you to find things in a facility, the logistics technologies rely on a precise inventory system, which uses barcoding, batch tracking, and serial locating. In the storage unit, products are moved from the loading bay to the proper lot, aisle, and bin by scanning them. It is possible to scan an item more than once, and the software keeps track of the most recent scan date and time when an item is put.

  1. Inspection of Stock List

Inventory checks are performed by the software constantly after an item is kept in the warehouse. Oracle NetSuite’s inventory-tracking software and the real goods in storage are compared in these inspections. Additionally, the software’s auditing tools make it easier to conduct stock checks by categorizing goods based on their value, number, and qualities like color, dimension, composition, and product type.

  1. Order Processing

To avoid “deadstock,” or items that cannot be sold quickly, warehouses utilize order-management technology to ensure that a suitable number of every item is constantly on hand. Automated reordering levels for each product are determined based on previous sales and logistical data, ensuring that supplies are replenished to an acceptable level when they run short. Additionally, the software considers the lead periods revealed by the inbound logistics tools, modifying the minimum quantities appropriately.

  1. The Administration of Many Locations at Once.

Oracle NetSuite Accounting Software has a solution for managing many locations, which is helpful for a warehouse that distributes different sites. The system automatically switches suitable stock levels to fill orders across your regions via lot monitoring and bin and serial tracking.

Plans and Pricing

The platform has four major components: inventory control, financial planning, point of sale and customer relationship management (CRM). The cost might change based on the characteristics of your business, such as the size, income, and modules needed.

A company’s sales professional can provide you with an exact pricing quotation depending on your business’s scale, sector, and particular requirements. According to our study, it costs $99 per user monthly and an additional $999 monthly license charge to utilize the platform. You may use this pricing as a starting point for estimating, but your expenses may differ greatly.

The service provider may not be ideal for a small firm with relatively basic record-keeping requirements. Most likely to benefit from the platform are medium-sized, growing, big, and multinational companies. Despite the high price tag, you should not let that prevent you from making the switch. Using an integrated ecosystem instead of many software solutions from different suppliers may save you time and resources if your business deals with great complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Simple to Use the Software?

This is designed with flexibility and simplicity of use, specifically for the cloud. Financially sound, it’s a platform that can be quickly extended to fulfill other company requirements by purchasing new capabilities on the internet.

What is the Purpose of NetSuite Oracle?

It aids in inventory management, financial tracking, e-commerce, and customer relationship management. NetSuite goes beyond the capabilities of spreadsheets and point solutions while lowering expenses and increasing output.

Is Oracle NetSuite a Suitable Substitute for the QuickBooks Software?

Yes. The platform is a popular replacement for QuickBooks for growing businesses. It’s often important for small businesses since the QuickBooks solution can no longer meet their demands and might have negative repercussions, such as growth limitations and insufficient company data.

What Makes the Software Special?

Companies of any size can manage all their business apps in one system. This software may accommodate international firms with multiple currencies, languages, tax regulations, and reporting requirements.

Is Oracle an Accounting Software?

The accounting software provided by Oracle has a comprehensive set of tools for effectively managing a company’s financial needs. The fact that the information is secure and simple to get from inside the system ensures that it is only seen by those authorized to see it.

Where Exactly is The Data for NetSuite kept?

The service provider at the moment runs many geographically separate data centers worldwide, including in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. If one of the data centers stops functioning, the other data centers each have a parallel that can offer data mirroring, recovery plans, and fallback capacities in their respective regions.

Does NetSuite Function as a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from NetSuite provides many strong features, all of which can be accessed via a single cloud-based platform. These functionalities include sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer care and support.

How Safe is it to Use NetSuite?

Every action, from logging in to viewing data, is protected by NetSuite’s 256-bit encryption, which is the same degree of security used by online banks. This ensures that every piece of information that moves via NetSuite is just as safe as doing financial business online.

How often does a backup of NetSuite take place?

The software performs hot backups regularly, and data is stored off-site at a safe and protected facility from any weather or other environmental factor. Oracle accounting software performs nightly incremental backups of Taleo Learn products for six days every week.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes. If you are looking for accounting software, Oracle accounting software is the best choice. It has a good customer support staff that will answer all questions concerning the services offered. Likewise, the platform provides educational services for consumers to enhance speed and understanding of any new features. Documents and online courses are available as part of this service. In addition to providing consumers with clear answers, the chatbot on the company’s website may connect them with a support agent. The software can be connected with your other systems and keep a record of your money.