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Oracle NetSuite CRM Review 2022 – Top 10 Accounting Software

NetSuite’s CRM is a comprehensive tool that enables a real-time, 360-degree perspective of your clients. Customers are at the heart of everything done at CRM+. From the moment a lead is generated to the moment an order is placed, we are there to assist your whole sales process and customer life cycle, starting with a lead. Hence, Oracle NetSuite CRM might be worth trying if you have been looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) program for your enterprise. And if you don’t know what the platform is all about, this blog post will help you learn.

The Verdict
Oracle NetSuite CRM Oracle NetSuite CRM

So, why Select Oracle NetSuite ERP? Well, it's worth noting that Oracle NetSuite is a scalable ERP system that businesses can use at any growth stage. Companies can secure their investments while gaining agility, efficiency, and innovation by using a single end-to-end solution. It has built-in real-time statistics and best practices, making it appropriate for various industries, including retail, advertising, and public relations firms, wholesalers, and non-profit organizations.

  • Complete CRM Solution
  • NetSuite CRM is comprehensive in that it includes all of the tools companies anticipate receiving from a CRM system and additional attributes because it combines both old and cutting-edge capabilities to catalyze growth.
  • It possesses a collection of powerful functionality such as automated tools in addition to the conventional CRM tasks such as sales force automation and administration of customer support.
  • Management of Contacts
  • NetSuite CRM's contact management capability is beneficial for its NetSuite clients' businesses. With this Oracle CRM system, you can easily find out who a user is, what they do for a living, and what problems they've had with your goods and services. It's easy to offer access to select workers or departments to customer data since every customer encounter is organized in a timeline.
  • Tracks and Records all Customer Activities
  • The software can track every customer and visitor's activity on a user's web page and then transfer pertinent infor
  • Not a Stand Alone Solution
  • The major restriction of Oracle NetSuite CRM is that it is not a stand-alone solution but a constituent of a broader corporate system. The CRM is unaffordable unless you're ready to purchase a full set of enterprise applications. Businesses with a budget that allows them to spend on a NetSuite package should remember that the greater the utilization, the more training and upkeep it requires.
  • Complicated
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises may find Oracle NetSuite CRM excessively complicated and feature-heavy. Oracle is a well-known corporate software vendor that has streamlined its offerings to fit the demands of smaller organizations better. However, some groups may feel it is still too extensive for everyday usage.

About Company

NetSuite, founded in 1999, is one of the first cloud-based software companies. It was established a month barely before Salesforce. Oracle purchased NetSuite in July 2016, becoming Oracle NetSuite; however, it continues to sell its small to midsize company (SMB)-focused enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution as OneWorld.

OneWorld was developed and created particularly for the cloud, with prices starting at $999 per month. This distinguishes it from its competitors, and it’s a decision that’s paid off for Oracle NetSuite.

In addition, Oracle’s managerial team can brag because they have gifted the world Oracle CRM software that assists distinct enterprises. From small companies to international cooperation, within different sectors with effective Oracle NetSuite CRM features, such as marketing automation, client support, and sales automation, all in a single cloud-based Oracle CRM system.

There is significantly more to Oracle NetSuite CRM+ than just managing potential customers. This software handles everything from client management to order fulfillment and servicing. All your members of staff within the sales, management and marketing department will have access to a 360-degree view of the clients.

The standard version of NetSuite contains useful capabilities, including sales performance tracking, order management, and marketing services. NetSuite CRM+ connects with current systems, or you may purchase a complete suite of tools, including automation apps, ERP, and e-commerce.

The NetSuite CRM+ lets you streamline the sales cycle, improve customer service, and raise conversion rates. A diligent sales staff significantly influences your company’s performance; thus, Oracle NetSuite CRM+ may be a wise investment.


NetSuite CRM is a business-class CRM that includes marketing automation and sales capabilities. It has both bespoke and standard reporting capabilities.

  1. Customizations and Integrations

As a CRM, which large organizations and corporate customers typically utilize, almost all its components can be modified.

First, customers can build as many custom fields as required to have the platform laid out precisely according to their demands. Second, the NetSuite site creator lets customers construct request forms replicating their agents’ desired lead-gathering procedure.

  1. Reporting and Dashboard

As part of Netsuite CRM’s dashboard environment, the home screen provides a real-time stream of information from around the company.

The pipeline may also be seen by filtering the activity based on its stage in the lead funnel.

Regarding reporting, Netsuite CRM allows customers to choose between pre-built reports and those that may be modified to meet their individual needs.

  1. Mobile Options

NetSuite CRM’s mobile apps support Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating systems.

In addition to key performance index (KPI) metric exhibitions, scorecards, and visuals, users of the original iPhone app have access to the whole CRM feature set.

The Android version of the business suite gives customers access to company snapshots, dashboard.

  1. Customer Service

You may choose between basic and premium Netsuite support. People who pay for premium service have access to vital systems 24 hours a day, and four approved support contacts in the business for non-critical issues.

If you’d like to speak to someone in another country, you may do so by dialing an international direct call number or by clicking the live chat icon.

  1. Opportunity Management

The sales representatives may expedite sales and customer purchasing procedures with detailed data and a comprehensive perspective of prospects in the funnel. They may obtain data on leads, prospective income, notes, and records.

  1. Contact Management

When information is centralized, it is much simpler to manage and generate contacts using sales portals.

Additionally, it is much simpler to examine leads, tickets, and chances related to those contacts. Tracking leads is made easier with the help of a funnel perspective, which also provides comprehensive data of all interactions.

  1. Quote and Order Management

You can speed up the quotation and order processes using a cohesive quote-to-order, cash-and-fulfillment system. Automatic bids with back-end financials are converted into authorized sales orders, which contain programmed tax, shipping rate computations, and pricing regulations. Predictions and modifications provide access to revenue estimations, as well.

  1. Quote Management

Sales staff may define and trail quotas by article, category, location, or sector. It’s also feasible to create quotas based on business sales targets.

  1. Incentive Compensation Management

Incentives may be tracked and managed more effectively with the help of an incentive management tool.

  • Create commission schedules for each of the following time intervals: monthly, four times a year, semi-annually, and yearly.
  • Profitability, volume, sales targets, and other factors such as these can all be used to calculate commissions through configuration rules.
  1. Lead Management

To track a marketing campaign’s return on investment (ROI) and generate new leads, link your marketing and sales departments.

Automate the collection of leads from various sources, including events, search engines, and web pages.

  1. Campaign Management

Develop and monitor focused marketing promotions relying on buying trends, population, and reaction motifs. Make use of focused NetSuite marketing by leveraging data segmentation, and use a single application to assess marketing initiatives such as events and direct mail.

  1. SEO-Optimized Website

When augmenting dynamic websites, place Meta tags, image-alt tags, changeable page names, and short URLs that are descriptive to search engines.

Using permanent (301) redirects, it is feasible to maintain search ranks for web pages, either statically written using HTML or dynamically generated using other languages.

  1. Web Forms

Drag-and-drop to make landing pages that automatically populate visitors’ information from your website. The gathered leads are sent to salespeople using a routing engine.

  1. Partner Management

Utilizing a unified application, you can synchronize the order management and sales activities in NetSuite’s CRM with the partner activities in PRM. Tracking leads and marketing activities may be done by registering for an account. Orders may be placed and tracked transparently by resellers.

  1. Case Management

Support cases can be submitted, tracked, and routed online, depending on case category, product, partner, client, and matter.

Routing across several communication modes, such as phone and fax, allows for improved availability and caters to client preferences.

To keep track of the most important cases, assign them a priority and use predefined statuses like not started, intensified, ongoing, completed, closed, and re-opened.

  1. Sales Forecasting

NetSuite CRM has several sales projecting tools, which lend teams the greatest opportunities for success in a tough environment. Computed predictions analyze client information to establish immediate prospects, forecasted amount, and weighted amount for chances and quotes within the funnel.

Projections based on “mood ring” predictions can be used to make generic predictions that aren’t related to a specific quote or prospect.

  1. Upsell Recommendations

A built-in upsell executive examines purchasing motifs and other CRM metrics to recommend upselling chances, suggesting articles, or classes of articles.

The NetSuite solution can also produce segmented lists of clients meeting specific standards, assemble possible chances from current client records and deals, build project records, or arrange calls for reps.

  1. Reporting and Analytics

Subscription renewals, call resolution times, call volume, and client purchase trends are all tracked by Oracle NetSuite. There is a range of configurable CRM reports that provide insight and analysis on crucial sales initiatives. Individuals or teams can also access sales funnel phases and quota execution.

Plans and Pricing

The Oracle team does not divulge pricing information on their web pages; hence, you must reach out to the company’s sales rep for an estimate depending on your organization’s size, demands, sector, and financial muscle.

However, our investigation reveals the basic pricing is $999 per month. But it’s still advisable to reach out to Oracle’s sales team for a tailored quotation and get the most precise cost details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is superior, Netsuite or Salesforce?

It all relies on your company’s requirements. NetSuite is essentially an ERP system with a built-in customer relationship management solution. Salesforce, on the other hand, is just an ERP software solution.

Do you know any of NetSuite’s rivals?

SendInBlue, Capsule, and Commence are just a few examples of NetSuite’s CRM rivals.

Had I wanted to see a Netsuite CRM demo?

Several role-based demo films are available on NetSuite’s website.

What is the price of NetSuite CRM?

Each of NetSuite’s CRM solutions costs between $99.00 and $999.00 a month.

What is NetSuite CRM’s other name?

The company is also known as Oracle NetSuite CRM. And this is because, in 2016, NetSuite was bought by Oracle. Hence, making it an Oracle subsidiary.

How to buy Netsuite CRM?

Netsuite CRM may be purchased by contacting the sales staff via the chat function on their web page or by filling out a form online to get a free product demonstration.

Is the whole Oracle CRM software cloud-based?

Thanks to NetSuite’s servers, located in many different geographic areas, you will have quick and simple access to your customer relationship management software.

Is The Company Right For You?

Yes, it is. Because Oracle NetSuite is part of a comprehensive ERP system, enabling organizations to monitor their financial information and automate numerous accounting tasks. It has the same reporting, planning, and billing functionality as any other top-rated accounting computer program and can be readily integrated with Oracle’s other business products. Growing businesses with an international clientele will find it a useful tool because of its ability to work with various currencies.

Additionally, with Oracle NetSuite, you can streamline your accounts receivable and payable, close deals more quickly, and stay on top of your financial compliance responsibilities while using a comprehensive set of strong company management capabilities.

Also, NetSuite is a tool that is quite scalable, and it provides a great deal of value to its clients as a result of its powerful customization possibilities. These characteristics include the ability to customize forms and extremely strong reporting functions. In addition, it is quite simple to use, resulting in a high degree of adaptability.

Software updates are produced biannually, and a feature that we believe is critical is the ability for users to vote on their preferred ideas for future modifications, allowing them to provide feedback on the proposed changes before they are implemented.

Lastly, you may save a lot of time by using the workflow builder to automate the connection of all of your order information to your economic and accounting data.