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Patriot Gold Group Review 2022 – Top 10 Gold IRAs

When it comes to precious metals trading, Patriot Gold Group is at the top of the game. Precious metals IRAs, a special type of retirement investment, are handled by these experts. There is a higher level of tax control and requirements for precious metals IRAs than traditional investment.

It is one of the best companies to choose from if you want to open a gold IRA. Thanks to their one-business-day service, getting your profile set up is a breeze. In another way, they are much faster and easier to use than their competitors.

The Verdict
Patriot Gold Group Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Trading Group may be a great resource if you are new to Precious Metals IRAs or a seasoned investor. Users may take advantage of the tax perks with self-directed IRAs that include assets like valuable metals when spreading retirement investments. To buy and sell precious metals, the service provider acts as an intermediary for the client, coordinating operations with the user's IRA administrator and relocating the assets to safe storage.

For the client, the company value is based on the time and trouble savings it provides. With over 30 three decades of experience in the precious metals market, they manage all of the registration and digital monitoring between the custodian and depository to save the investor time and guarantee that the precious assets acquired are eligible for an IRA.

Don't hesitate to contact 844-524-9001 or visit Patriot Gold Group's website for more details.

  • The personnel at Patriot Gold and Silver are helpful and quick to respond.
  • Fast turnover
  • The service provider is an experienced and well-regarded organization operating within this sector for over three decades.
  • Creating an IRA account is a simple and quick process.
  • The company's customers are allowed to deal with the storage and custodian business of their choosing, which gives them complete control over their retirement accounts (IRA).
  • No other precious metals are available for purchase except gold and silver bullion.
  • Customers can't keep their bullion in their homes if they wish.
  • The initial start-up price of $225 is much more than the fees charged by other providers that give precious metal IRAs.
  • There are few accessible options when it comes to purchasing gold bars.

About Company

Patriot Gold group was founded in 1986, and its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. The company’s main goal is to make it easier for people to set up and fund valuable metals retirement profiles. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium may be held in an IRA. Traditional IRA tax benefits and deferrals apply to this account as well. Economic uncertainty has led many people to avoid putting their retirement savings into gold.

It is a blessing that a precious metals IRA provides an added layer of protection in times of market instability. Because precious metals are observable valuables, their value rises in tandem with the stock market’s upward trajectory.

Many investors feel anxiety about the economy. With so many financial crises in the last several decades, many people were afraid to retire. Therefore, the main goal of the service provider is to supply its users with gold IRAs to alleviate their anxiety. Additionally, the gold IRA can withstand inflation.

When it comes to setting up and managing your precious metals IRA, Patriot Gold is here to help. Their job is to serve as a go-between for you and the IRS. Similarly, they work with your keeper to set up an account for you, which is convenient. A certified trust or bank will often serve as your custodian in most situations.

You need to make one phone call to complete a transaction, and your customer care experts will handle the rest. There will be no paperwork, no shuffles, and no pep speeches in the process of managing your profile. Everyone engaged in a process can communicate with the service provider, including the parties involved like the custodian, shipper, and vault provider.

Mostly, the company acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers. Patriot Group is always ready to ensure that every transaction and function goes according to plan. Expect no legal or financial issues to arise at any point in the process.

Individuals of all income levels can benefit from Patriot Gold Group’s self-directed IRAs. This unique Individual Retirement Account (IRA) offers all your investment options. However, ensure that your selected investment complies with the applicable regulations. The process will be overwhelming if you do not know the basics of tax or financial law.


Patriot Gold Group’s goal is to assist investors in purchasing, selling, storing, and establishing gold IRAs. Here are the services you will get when you register with the company;

  1. An IRA for Precious Metals

A nest egg is a need for many people when they retire from their job, so they want to start saving now. For most people, investing in retirement accounts is one of the greatest methods to ensure their assets will increase over time.

The company has created a gold IRA to assist users and save for a promising future. When you submit your taxes, you may deduct any contributions to a conventional IRA from your taxable income. Because you deposited, you will pay less tax in those years. When you remove money from the account in retirement, you pay taxes at a lower rate since you will be in a lower tax bracket.

Patriot Gold can assist those who want to put their money into precious metals while benefiting from the tax benefits of an IRA. The provider facilitates buying and selling of valuable metals. Similarly, the company may handle storage and transportation management for you.

  1. Products Made with Silver and Gold

To purchase valuable metals with Patriot Gold Group, you do not need to create a gold IRA. Gold and silver coins are the main focus of this business. Other precious metals like platinum and palladium are out of the question. The coins for sale come from many countries worldwide, including Australia, Austria, South Africa, and the United States.

Patriot Gold Group’s website does not provide real pricing information for its coins, which is a negative. To get a price, enter the amount of money you are willing to spend in each currency. Similarly, the cost of each coin can be accessed by speaking with a firm representative.

Plans and Pricing

Patriot Gold has many benefits that make it a good place to spend money. The investor direct pricing function is one of the options. When calculating customer fees, some dealers employ percentages. They increase your fees the more you purchase. A large part of the sale goes to the seller. Patriot, on the other hand, is not like that.

When you open a new precious metals IRA with Patriot Trade Group, you will pay a $225 setup fee, but this amount is waived if you spend more than $30,000. The service provider reimburses users’ first-year rollover costs of $260 and waives storage expenses for the first three years.

With a minimum balance of $250,000, you’ll be eligible for the No Fee for Life IRA. However, it is important to remember that precious metal storage facilities and custodians charge their rates. Before creating a bank account, ensure you understand how much your transactions will cost.

A sectioned vault, for example, may be sought by certain investors as an added layer of protection. The vault’s valuables are believed to be covered by insurance. The annual custodial fees cover the safekeeping and insurance expenses. Custodians may charge more fees to cover the processing of paperwork, financial transfers, payouts, and the liquidation of accounts, among other things. In addition, certain transactions, such as early distribution, may result in fines.

A yearly fee is calculated depending on the balance of the user’s profile and other variables. All custodians may rely on the company. Suppose you are not sure which custodian to choose. In that case, it may lead you toward a reliable partner like STRATA Trust and Equity Institutional, which have a long history of working together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Be Sure That the Value of my IRA’s Precious Metals is Protected?

The projected value of precious metals, like any other investment, cannot be predicted. It is not uncommon for prices to increase or decrease in response to a wide range of market factors. A good illustration of this is the rise in gold and silver prices from 2000 to 2011, followed by many years of decline before finally starting to rebound. Metals IRA investments should be considered long-term investments like the rest of your portfolio.

Is it Okay if My Precious Metals Are in the Form of Coins Rather Than Bars?

Only a limited number of coins qualify for consideration in precious metals IRAs. The Internal Revenue Service maintains a collection of approved valuable metals forms for IRAs. The company provides IRAs with both coins and bars of gold.

Must I Utilize the Recommended Storage Places or I Can Select One of My Own?

Patriot Trade Group uses two vault storage providers: DDSC of Delaware and Brinks Global. Customer service representatives from the company can help consumers create an account or approach these corporations for storage arrangements.

Can I Store the Precious Metals at my Residence?

According to IRS restrictions, you cannot store your IRA-related valuable metals at your home or in a locked box. A bank or a permitted non-bank custodian must handle IRA valuables following regulations restricting access. This ensures that any precious metals owned by the client are kept separate from one another.

These rules certify that the specific metals acquired by the consumer are restored to the account when a payout is made. Access to the valuable metals is controlled in the same manner as an IRA that holds equities, bonds, or mutual funds to guarantee lawful deposit and payout activities. However, the buyer has the option to keep non-IRA precious metals purchases in the household.

What is the Process for Withdrawing From my Account?

Rules set out by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) govern the timing of when you may begin making withdrawals from an IRA. You can’t withdraw money from the account until you are at least 59 years old. Any withdrawals before the age are subject to a 10% fine. You have two options when taking money out of your self-directed IRA.

When it comes to transporting your precious metals, Patriot Gold has a solution. Once you have the silver or gold coins and bars in your hands, you are free to use them in any way you want.

Alternatively, your account representative may assist you with selling your metals and transferring the resulting funds to your bank account. It’s the most convenient solution if you’re looking for money.

Can I Examine the Performance of my Gold and Silver IRA?

It’s important to monitor your investment account and its progress. This allows you to change your investment strategy and assets. After partnering with the service provider, you will be paired with a custodian who will provide you with an online account where you may see your holdings. Prices for gold and silver may be found on the company’s website, which is updated regularly.

What is Patriot Gold Group’s Location for Storing my Gold and Silver?

Preserving your valuable metals is one of the most difficult elements of investing in the industry. Because these valuable metals are tangible, you must store them in some place secure to prevent them from being damaged or stolen.

Vault storage solutions are available from Patriot Gold. There are several repositories all around the nation where it may be used. Gold and silver may be stored in one of the depositories for a charge by the firm if desired.

The company allows investors to keep their gold at home for taxable accounts. The IRS often prohibits IRA participants from keeping precious metals in their self-directed IRA at residences. Although it’s difficult to understand, Patriot Gold provides a system that allows investors to hold gold in an IRA at home without breaking IRS laws.

Keeping your metals in a depository rather than employing the company’s unproven approach, which also necessitates handling storage and safety, is the wisest course of action in reality.

How Do I Open an IRA Account with the Company?

If you already have a self-directed precious metals IRA, you may switch it to Patriot Gold and Silver. As a full-service business, the transfer may be established over the phone, documentation can be e-signed, and the profile will be ready within 48 hours. Starting a new account is a similar process that starts with completing registration on the company’s website or contacting a representative.

The service provider can help you establish or roll over a qualifying IRA. After you have paid your obligations and your profile has been set up and financed, you may start performing trading orders with the platform. Purchase timescales are determined by the speed with which IRA administrators move monies, as is the case with all precious metals IRA transactions. Before deciding on a custodian, we suggest speaking with a few. Trades will be completed within 48 hours of payments being received. Orders are transported to the vault provider purchased, according to standards.

When it Comes to IRA Precious Metals, What Type can You Put in There?

Bars of precious metals are eligible for IRAs. On the other hand, not all IRAs allow coins as a payment method. Patriot Trade Group offers precious metals in bar and coin form for all investment accounts following IRS standards.

Why Should I Put Gold in an IRA?

IRAs preserve your future financial well-being and those of your loved ones through tax-deferred growth. Savings in these accounts are not subject to current taxation, making them ideal for long-term planning.

With long-term accounts, it’s essential to designate a large amount to have stable and trustworthy assets so that you may have a happy and secure retirement. Some people pay attention to financial advice. However, the value of your cash in an IRA is rapidly depreciating, and inflation is out of control. Gold is the best investment you can make since it is reliable, holds its value, and even grows in value over time.

Uncertainty is at an all-time high, and investors are putting actual gold in IRAs to protect themselves from the turmoil in the global economy. In times of crisis, gold IRAs do better than most other investments. Failure to protect yourself and your loved ones against economic threats is a kind of risk. With a Gold IRA, you can secure your financial future by being aware of the economic risks and taking steps to mitigate them.

Is the Company Right for You?

Yes. There is no excuse why you should not entrust this platform with managing your silver or gold investment or IRA based on the company’s exceptional customer service and rapid response times. When managing one’s own Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), customers are allowed considerable leeway.

If you convert to Patriot Gold, you may keep your current custodian and storage space. Similarly, if you are unsure what sort of custodian to hire, it is okay to do so. Fortunately, the Patriot Gold Group is well-connected and can put you in touch with one of the industry’s leading lights very quickly.

The only negative is the higher initial cost, but considering all the benefits, it can be well worth it.