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Paychex Oasis Review 2022 – Top 10 Employee Leasing Services

Professional employer organizations (PEOs), such as Paychex Oasis company, provide many services, including payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and regulatory compliance. In contrast to other payroll software programs, they connect business owners with specialized HR and payroll staff. The perks are comparable to those of Fortune 500 corporations, which are not often available to small enterprises. They provide many of the same features as a substitute for employing full-time HR staff.

While the company may save some small-business owners a lot of time, it’s probably too much for those who manage less than ten workers, have little overall duties, and are not interested in delivering higher benefits packages.

The Verdict
Paychex Oasis Paychex Oasis

Even before being a member of Paychex, Oasis provided PEO services for almost two decades. It provides extensive training, compliance, and risk management solutions as part of its integrated HR and payroll outsourcing services. Oasis PEO's UI is a touch archaic and lacks in-app help tutorials, but it offers specialized services to help you manage your HR needs throughout the lifespan of your employees. Therefore, the service provider is not suitable for the following;

Small Firms That Solely Need Payroll Help

Oasis PEO is not the most cost-effective solution. In addition to competitive employee benefit alternatives, HR compliance, and the whole co-employer or PEO experience, it also offers various services. If you are looking for additional solutions, look at our list of the top payroll services for small companies.

Businesses Who Aim to Use HR Software in the Near Future Instead of PEO

Setting up your firm with a PEO may be time-consuming, and leaving a PEO like Oasis can be even more time-consuming. As a PEO, Rippling is the best option for those who know they'll eventually need to convert to an HR software. The PEO service may be used indefinitely and can be turned off with a single button click if you no longer need it.

  • Choosing a partnership with this PEO platform provides several benefits, including HR process simplicity and compliance with employment laws. You may save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by enlisting the help of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). When working with Oasis Paychex, small and medium firms frequently reap the most rewards.
  • It's a Great Way to Attract the Best Talent
  • A small firm might have difficulty finding the right personnel to fill critical positions. Many small company owners do not have the time or competence to contact a large number of potential employees. However, it's possible that at one point or another, they may have found themselves having to choose between the best candidate for the job and someone who wasn't.
  • The service provider has recruiting support to speed up the hiring process. Writing and putting ads, interviewing candidates, and doing background checks are all examples of services that might be provided. Recruitment experts kno
  • Minimal Number of Employees
  • The major drawback of the platform is that you must have at least five workers to access their services. Small firms, particularly startups, must consider this even if it is not an issue for most.
  • No Standard Pricing
  • PEO Paychex has the downside of not providing any online price information. Businesses, particularly startups, may immediately evaluate whether the service is within their budget without having to contact for a customized estimate if they have a general notion of the price.
  • Inconsistent Response to Customers
  • Sometimes the company's employees are not as responsive as they might be, resulting in you having to sort out problems independently. Users may have difficulty integrating the program because of its steep learning curve.

About Company

Oasis Paychex PEO has much to give regarding HR and payroll, thanks to its comprehensive solution set. Using its digital tools and services, you can recruit quality applicants, onboard new workers, pay employees, give competitive benefits packages, evaluate job performance, and educate your personnel. Compliance and risk reduction are two of its other strong suits, in addition to process automation. To sum up, Oasis PEO is ideal for the following:

Businesses in Heavily Regulated Sector

You can count on Oasis PEO’s HR experts to guide your organization on particular compliance challenges and obligations. Payroll and tax laws, FLSA decisions, and OSHA rules are all included in this category of legislation.

Companies Paying Their Employees Per Hour

Oasis PEO’s incorporated time tracking tools make payroll management easier for businesses with hourly workers. Its system can meet most paid time off (PTO) rules and keeps track of accrued PTO time.

Businesses in Need of Comprehensive Employee Benefits and HR Tools: Establishments seeking access to Fortune 500-level employee benefits packages, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and telemedicine alternatives, should choose Oasis PEO. It provides financial wellness and employee support programs to help employees plan their financial futures, manage stress, and more. The PEO’s exceptional training and performance assessment solutions are in addition to its recruiting and onboarding capabilities.


Oasis PEO can assist if you are struggling to keep up with the ever-growing administrative burden of human resources (HR). Therefore, you may put more energy into expanding your corporate and less into running your human resources department daily. Listed below are a few of its most important features;

  1. Processing of Payroll

Oasis PEO handles everything from PTO accrual monitoring, year-end reports, tax estimates, filing, and payments. Pay cards, direct deposits, and physical paychecks are all supported by this system. Similarly, your employees may save money using the platform’s split-to-save tool.

Although it has basic time tracking features, you can also enter your staff’s time data (in the form of CSV files) straight into its system. Likewise, Oasis provides job costing, expenditure management, and workers’ compensation claims administration, which are capabilities that not all PEOs can provide.

  1. Employees Benefits

Oasis PEO provides a variety of employee perks. A self-service portal allows workers to subscribe for benefits when onboarding and make modifications as required. Your options include the following:

  • Optical, dental, and overall health (HMO, PPO, point-of-service, and high deductible health plans)
  • Options for telemedicine care
  • Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending arrangements (FSAs)
  • Participating in a defined-benefit plan
  • Life insurance is a need for many people.
  • Injuries and serious illnesses that need long-term or short-term care (additional fees may apply)
  • Legal advice and insurance for pets (added charges may apply)
  • Oasis’s business partners offer discounts.
  • Employee aid and financial well-being programs
  1. Human Resource Service and Tools

Oasis PEO provides employee system integration services from the time one is hired until retirement.’s HR professionals may help review job descriptions, create job listings, craft bespoke screener questions, evaluate resumes, and run background checks. Online paperwork such as Forms I-9 and W-4, a staff information sheet, and salary disbursement permission for direct deposit activities make onboarding simple for new employees. When you fill out Form I-9, the platform’s onboarding pre-populates the name, location, and social security number data boxes on pertinent documents. You may have the service provider add company-specific forms that new hires must complete for an additional cost.

Oasis helps you retain and grow your personnel once recruits have been onboarded. A complete training program that covers technical abilities, managerial, interpersonal skills, and professional growth, in addition to Fortune 500-level perks, is also available. You may even design personal development programs for your employees to aid their professional growth. Employee surveys, diversity and inclusion programs, and advice on internal communications. Similarly, they assist you in improving your workplace culture.

  1. Certifications and Help with Compliance

PEOs help small companies keep track of all the legal and regulatory requirements necessary to operate a successful company. IRS and Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) recognize Oasis as a certified service provider. A comprehensive examination of the product’s compliance with key financial, operational, industry, and governmental standards and laws is evidence of this.

Access to HR specialists and tools that can help you remain per the federal, state, and local laws and restrictions is what this means for you. They will keep you apprised of any new laws or amendments to current ones by sending notifications and updates from the specialized team of HR specialists. As a bonus, Oasis delivers you with OSHA and other programs’ labor banners and helps you meet the requirements of EEOC and HIPAA.

  1. Development and Training

Employees at Paychex Oasis may gain soft skills and technical and computer-related skills through online courses provided by eLearning. Many other subjects, such as customer service or leadership and management, are covered in the many online publications, videos, and courses available to users. The company’s e-learning solutions include reporting features.

On the other hand, Paychex offers HR outsourcing, which delivers similar services but does not need the co-employment model. Remember that, although you may have accessibility to HR, benefits, and payroll services, you may not receive the same perks that come with the company’s PEO offering. They include better prices on medical and dental insurance rates.

Plans and Pricing

Oasis PEO’s costing is quote-based; you must engage the provider to explain your demands so that it may suggest a PEO solution that meets your business’s needs. These services are included in the company’s regular PEO service, giving access to extensive benefits products. If needed, there is a fee for additional services, such as performance management and application monitoring.

With the service provider, small and medium-sized enterprises may choose different price alternatives. Paychex’s PEO services are only available to businesses with five or more workers. They require a one-year commitment, but you are not obligated to use the service for a full year if you give a 30-day written notice. However, you may have to pay a cancellation charge if you end your contract early.

Using payroll service is a must, even though you may pick and choose whatever services you desire. It’s a condition for practically every PEO we looked at, so it’s not an unusual rule. You will need to get a personalized quotation from Oasis Paychex since there are many options in the precise services you pick. According to our calculations, monthly rates for one employee start at $40.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Mobile App for Oasis Paychex?

Personal details and 401k balances, as well as W-2 and W-4 information, may be accessed via fingerprint recognition in the Oasis Paychex Employee Connect App. Payroll summary, pay stubs, PTO, and employee discounts can also be seen.

Do Oasis and Paychex Have the Same Origins?

Oasis is currently a part of the Paychex family of products. After acquiring Oasis Outsourcing in 2018, Paychex offers a complete set of solutions to help its customers and workers succeed via industry-leading products, services, and technology.

What is Oasis, and Why is it Important?

In addition to HR management, payroll, and risk management, Oasis is a professional employer organization (PEO).

What is the Pricing Range for Oasis?

On the Oasis website, there is no information on cost. Users interested in learning more about the product and price can contact the firm.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes. The company’s system is simple for your staff to get started with. Its online platform makes it easy for your employees to come up to speed fast, and a sales specialist will assist you through signing up your organization. Suppose you use Oasis company online to manage your payroll and benefits information. In that case, your workers can access their 401(k), health care plan details, and other critical Oasis HR data. Likewise, various HR-related online tools will be available to employees. Because it can customize its services and execution to particular firms, it has an edge since they fit the unique needs of small businesses.