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Payment Depot Review 2022 – Top 10 Credit Card Processors

If a company is good to enjoy consistent expansion, it will want the services of a credit card processor that can keep up with the rise in revenue. Payment Depot is a good option for businesses that handle a high number of credit card transactions. Similarly, it’s one of the rare credit card processors that provide membership-based rates in conjunction with retail prices.

Your business will have big leeway to adapt to changing conditions since you don’t need to sign a long contract or incur early withdrawal penalties if you decide to leave the service. The service provider is a top pick for the position of perfect credit card processor for high-volume sales for many reasons.

The Verdict
Payment Depot Payment Depot

The company wholesale transfers prices to its members as part of a membership payment processing and merchant account service. Even micro-businesses with large trading volumes may benefit from this user-friendly technology and decrease credit card processing fees.

Price security, refund and vulnerability assessments, shopping cart connectivity, next-day funding, mobile payments, and a digital terminal are just some of the features that make this service unique. For the first 90 days, new customers may try the service risk-free. Contact Paymentdepot for more data to see if it's a good match for your company.

  • Better Customer Services In terms of customer care, the company is top-notch. Their phone and email lines are open anytime you want a problem solved. The company's staff are only present during regular office hours, so keep that in mind. However, the backend operators, Fiserv or TSYS Merchant Solutions, will likely respond to your needs if you make it after regular office hours.
  • The service provider has a good image for customer service if you check out the company's customer reviews. The Better Business Bureau has enabled the firm an A+ rating, and there have been few complaints. The service provider has a reputable name in the credit card processing industry compared to many of its competitors.
  • It's Transparent
  • The service provider is open and honest about all aspects of its business, including Pricing, terms, and the specifics of its services. All fees are clearly stated, and there are no penalties for canceling early. This is a departure from the industry norm, which is characteriz
  • Does Not take high-risk Accounts
  • Pay Depot does not operate with high-risk businesses. Therefore, if your business comes inside the criteria, you will have to hunt for another service. Some companies are deemed high-risk even though they may not seem like it, including travel, healthcare, and financial services. Similarly, the provider may refuse you if you have a weak credit history or if your company has a bad image.
  • No Support Library
  • The company does not provide users with a help library that includes a collection of articles and forums that are used to solve problems independently. If you need help, you may contact the Pay Depot customer service department by phone or submit a request on the website.
  • Costs Associated with the Return of Equipment Are High
  • The company assesses a restocking fee equal to twenty percent of the value of any returned equipment if a customer cancels their contract. If you decide to keep the gears, you will be responsible for paying the total retail price

About Company

The service provider is a supplier of merchant solutions, one of which is the processing of payments at the point of sale. The company, which has its headquarters in Orange, California, aims to assist companies of varying sizes with their payment requirements. The company assists your business in processing client payments by providing the permitted hardware (point of sale machines) and the necessary server technology.

Since Fiserv and TSYS Merchant Options are used as backend payment processors, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their financial transactions are processed safely and timely by two of the most well-known companies in the sector.

The service provider was the first large payment processor to develop the member status approach, which substitutes flat monthly subscription charges for percentage-based processing costs. You will still be responsible for paying the wholesale transaction fees sent directly to the financial institutions and credit card issuers. Still, you will not be needed to pay more to the company itself.

For several enterprises, this may lead to charge reductions. Generally speaking, moderate to big organizations will permanently save by moving to this option. Low-volume enterprises will want to examine the math to determine if making the transition fits. This Payment Depot review will explore everything that small company owners have to understand about this renowned merchant services company.


When selecting the best choice, one important stage is to give some thought to the particular functions and help that can be obtained. An outline of the following is provided for your perusal;

  1. POS System

Clover and Vital Select are the two third-party POS technologies given by the provider. Each system is entirely distinct from one another. Both POS systems allow you to monitor sales, make reports, maintain inventory, control the permits, time, and participation of your staff, and receive payments. There are modules specifically designed for merchants and cafes, with capabilities like printing kitchen receipts and configuring many product attributes, such as layout and quality.

  1. Online Payment Gateway

A payment system, such as, may be established for eCommerce retailers and anybody who accepts online transactions with the aid of Pay Depot. Gateway costs are included in the monthly subscription price. Therefore, there are no more charges.

  1. Equipment

Dejavoo, First Data, Poynt, SwipeSimple, and Vital Selec are just a few of the impressive third-party credit card processing equipment options available. You will have to speak with a representative of the provider to find out how much the equipment costs.

  1. Merchant Cash Advances

A firm may benefit from a minor merchant cash increase from the provider with short-term working capital problems. Term loans with lower interest rates and other stipulations are a better option for long-term cash flow needs.

  1. Credit Card Terminals

A basic countertop credit card plug is all you’ll need to accept credit cards. It is possible to get a free terminal with some of Pay Depot more expensive monthly subscriptions.

  1. US-Based Merchant Accounts

Payment Depot supports the facilities and management of merchant accounts for US-based businesses. Credit card transactions are performed by partners Fiserv and TSYS Merchant Solutions.

  1. Paying For Goods and Services Through Mobile Devices

The company uses SwipeSimple instead of a mobile app for mobile money services. It is possible to maintain a product listing, store payment data safely, add tips, and handle refunds using the app. Mobile card readers from SwipeSimple are used.

Plans and Pricing

The company’s pricing idea is built on a subscription-based flat-fee model. Pay Depot includes a monthly fixed cost plus a service charge of $0.05-$0.15. In addition, you will pay the usual transfer charges imposed by Visa, MasterCard, and other options, but Pay Depot will not mark these prices up. The following is a summary of the many packages that may be purchased;

The Starter membership costs $79 per month and includes $0.15 per activity and exchange fees for customers who process up to $50,000 in operations each month. More than $150,000 in monthly transactions qualifies you for the Most Popular membership at the cost of $99 per month. There is a reduction in trading costs with this plan. Customers that process $300,000 or more in monthly transactions may benefit most from our Enterprise package, which has the lowest cost. Interchange costs are included in the monthly price of $199 and a small transaction fee of $0.07.

Breach Safety is included in both the Most Popular and Enterprise plans. Protect your company from the harm that scammers and other malicious hackers can do with this $100,000 in cybersecurity protection. There are no hidden charges, including no set price for smaller businesses. On average, funds are made available 24 to 48 hours after payment. The customer service line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there are never long phone hold times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paymentdepot?

Pay Depot is a business service company with a subscription cost structure. Enterprises spend a single monthly membership and per-transaction cost rather than an exchange cost. The service provides technologies for internet and in-person transactions, including the Clover POS package.

What Kinds of Options for Customer Service Does the Company Provide?

In addition to providing help through texts and emails message, the firm provides live customer service over the phone around the clock. When you join up for the service, you will be provided with a devoted account representative. This official will be familiar with your company and serve as a point of contact for you.

What Are Interchange Fees?

Interchange fees are the costs imposed and received by credit card providers. These prices are paid over to the financial institution that provided the bank card to purchasers. The fees do fluctuate, with the median for credit cards being 1.81 percent. Debit cards have a reduced average of 0.3 percent.

Do Businesses Believe that Using Paymentdepot Saves Them Money?

The financial situation of each company is unique. Still, in many cases, enterprises that handle more than $10,000 per month in credit card transactions may be able to reduce the expenses of credit card processing by working with the provider. Companies that do a lot of business and have substantial transactions often have the best opportunities to save money.

What Do You Name the Little Chip That’s Included in Credit Cards?

Your credit card payments are made safer by using a microprocessor, which is a little computer embedded into chip cards. Each time you use it, the chip creates a one-of-a-kind code that is representative of a separate action.

What Are the Steps Involved in Establishing a Merchant Services Account with Paymentdepot?

Once you are ready to begin with the service provider, you can either dial the sales support department or fill out the registration inquiry form. To finish the process will take around 10 minutes. After the application has been processed, a customer service person will get in touch with you to discuss finalizing the equipment selections. The approval process for most applications may take up to a day to complete.

Is The Company Right for You?

The provider is the right choice for you if you run a business in the United States and are searching for a processor that charges a flat rate. You will love how transparent the Pricing is, which allows business owners to have a better understanding of where their processing prices go. The company provides perfect customer service over the phone and is ready to assist you in any situation.

If you want to join the service provider, you will be needed to apply for an application online or speak with an official to get the ball rolling. You will shortly receive an email containing a link to the relevant application.

You will be required to provide many things, including;

  • Physical business location (business front, workplace, or even house)
  • Federal Tax ID number (not required for single proprietors)
  • Social Security Number
  • The voided company check to ensure your accurate financial details

After that, you will have to go through an authorization to ensure that your company is reliable and upholds minimum requirements. As a portion of the review process, a background check will be performed, as well as other issues like validation of the enterprise and chargeback record. The service provider does not accept a greater-risk company.

Approval is usually approved within 24 hours after submission. A company representative will answer all the details. After a few days, you will receive your device and be able to begin using it to swipe cards. There are options available that the company will recommend to you if you are rejected.