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Pipedrive Review 2022 – Top 10 CRM Software

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) program that provides graphic funnels and automation of sales processes. The platform’s most important features are lead and deal management, communication tracking, deal reporting, and an AI-powered sales helper dubbed Smart AI.

It is great for sales reps who demand simple CRM with graphic sales funnel tools. However, Pipedrive lacks in several aspects, including customer service. So is it a suitable fit for your company?

Our evaluation of Pipedrive will enable you to confidently decide whether or not to subscribe to a Pipedrive plan.

The Verdict
Pipedrive Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a great option if you're searching for a complete sales solution that will assist you in monitoring your objectives and staying on track.

Using this software, you can ensure that your sales process is well-managed throughout the transaction. Also, with numerous connectors available, Pipedrive may be easily connected to other business tools.

Ready to give it a shot? Check out Pipedrive's two-week free trial and experience how easy it is to get everything you require in one place.

  • The platform is great for sales and marketing agencies that desire to take their service to prospects and customers a notch higher. Please continue reading to know more about what we like regarding Pipedrive's CRM and administration tools.
  • Intelligent In-Platform Tips
  • The Pipedrive sales helper provides performance recommendations, suggested capabilities, and application connections depending on your group's program usage.
  • You'll learn how to improve your efficiency or effectiveness using this function.
  • To ensure that everybody is on the same page, it sends an email to everybody within your group anytime your account settings are modified.
  • It's not obtrusive because the sales helper only pops up in the crucial scenarios. After a brief appearance, it will fade away as soon as it is no longer required.
  • Workflow Automation
  • Pipedrive provides a great automation tool.
  • Prospect emailing, funnel addition, and task creation are examples of chores that may be automated using workflows. For exam
  • No Social Network Integrations
  • To increase your consumer base, you should use social media. Hence, it would be great if you could import leads straight from social media into your Pipedrive account since several sales journeys begin with a bite of your offer on social media.
  • Lack of Phone Support
  • Pipedrive's knowledge library is comprehensive about troubleshooting challenges or figuring out how to perform anything with the program. They also provide live chat help if you want assistance from a representative.
  • However, for certain firms, the absence of phone help might be a major issue. A helpful customer service agent should be easy to reach if something isn't operating as it should, and you must talk with someone. Pipedrive, on the other hand, does not provide this feature.
  • Also, if you have a recurring issue, live chat might make it difficult to simplify subsequent contacts with support representatives. A new one will most likely pop up each time you try. However unusual, our investi

About Company

A group of five salespeople created Pipedrive in 2010. They aimed to build a CRM, mainly focused on the sales part of consumer management. Instead of focusing on the final result, salespeople are encouraged to focus on the actions they take during the sales process, which is the philosophy behind the activity-based selling program they developed to assist companies in attaining their goals.

The philosophy has enlarged Pipedrive’s customer base to 95,000 businesses in 150 nations. The CRM has created jobs for over 700 people in 10 offices throughout the globe. The multinational investment firm Vista Equity Partners acquired a controlling stake in Pipedrive in late 2020.


Think about swiftly glancing at an efficient yet graphically appealing sales dashboard to know which transactions are scheduled to close this month. Consider how useful it would be if the whole team could access your lead flow from a simple dashboard. Let’s take a closer look at the several things that Pipedrive offers. In that fashion, you’ll know how the program might aid your sales staff.

  1. Pipeline Management

Pipeline’s management team uses a tried-and-tested method to give your sales process and lead creation center stage. They are letting you and your colleagues know what steps to take to enhance conversions and stay on track.

On Pipedrive’s dashboard, you can view the standing of all the moves within the sales phase. Hence, your group understands what moves to make next. The beauty of Pipedrive’s dashboard is intuition, so you can understand your main concerns and dedicate your promotional efforts like a laser ray.

The finest aspects of Pipedrive’s pipeline management are:

  • Look for a certain set of statistics, and there they will be. It is easy to notice trends and get answers to your lead-generating process inquiries at a glance.
  • Each stage of your pipeline may be tailored to fit your specific sales and marketing procedure.
  • The intuitive visual style makes adding transactions, activities, and contacts easy.
  1. Email Integration

Do you get annoyed when a potential client begs for your help, but you don’t know how they got to you? If that’s the case, you are losing a crucial resource, time.

Knowing who each potential client was and where they were within your marketing funnel would be great. The pipeline does exactly that by linking emails to contacts.

Handling a disorganized lead flow can make your startup or small business lose a lot of money! Particularly if a customer notices you are not ready or disorganized.

Pipedrive makes tracking leads and email conversions incredibly simple. You will see the rank of each potential client and the emails they respond to. You’ll also understand their position, allowing you to focus on providing excellent customer services and sales.

The following are the Pipedrive’s greatest email integration attributes:

  • Syncing your emails to your inbox makes accessing and unifying the lead generation data simple.
  • You can keep track of everything using Pipedrive. It is possible to disseminate emails straight from Pipedrive and synchronize those emails with your other accounts.
  • You’ll be alerted whenever a viable client opens an email or clicks on a URL. As a result, you can follow up with your viable clients while you’re still fresh in their minds.
  1. Activities and Goals

For the success of your small business, information is power. Pipedrive’s activities and goals give awareness of what is occurring within your industry and what lies ahead.

It is also adaptable, allowing you to design distinct jobs and activities based on the requirements of your business. This tool is fantastic if you want to arrange your deals, so you never miss an impending meeting, sales call, or deal milestone.

Your complete to-do list is readily synchronizable with Google calendar. You will always see what to expect, allowing you to prepare with the utmost devotion.

Pipedrive’s best activities and goals features:

  • Individual team members can benefit from their distinct talents by easily allocating responsibilities.
  • Missed chances may be immediately identified by using the “deal rotting” function of a CRM.
  • So that you can make the most of your sales and marketing efforts, you’ll continuously be aware of what’s coming up next in your whole pipeline and sales flow.
  1. Lead Generation

It doesn’t matter how reliable your company is if you don’t produce enough leads to make a profit. So, you’ll enjoy Pipedrive’s prospect generation tools.

Your website’s lead-gathering smart bot may be launched and deployed by Pipedrive. You may then automatically route those leads to your greatest salesperson.

Your site visitor will never fall between the cracks because of this. Smart automation and leveraging may help you get the most out of your sales staff.

Pipedrive’s best lead generation features:

  • Using a chatbot, you can capture leads straight on your web page, ensuring no warm leads are lost.
  • To transform a warm lead into a scorcher, send them to your top sales staff immediately.
  • Utilize bots to allow visitors to your website to set up appointments for meetings, phone calls, or consultations. Regarding marketing, bots are a game-changer since they never take a day off, sleep, or fail to pay attention to your target audience.
  1. Sales Reporting

To use data effectively, you must comprehend its consequences. So, if your material is easy to grasp, it might be your most valuable marketing tool.

Consequently, the sales dashboard in Pipedrive is awe-inspiring. You’ll quickly identify the metrics that drive your business forward.

Using Pipedrive’s reporting tools, you can easily identify your top performers and those struggling.

Pipedrive’s best sales reporting features:

  • Easily view your critical performance metrics to identify what is and isn’t working.
  • Attractive charts and graphs reveal data concerning your company, allowing you to understand critical figures swiftly.
  • Clear reporting helps you improve your marketing and sales goals at every level.
  1. Sales Forecasting

Envisage having access to a smart sales predicting tool helped you prioritize which transactions and leads to target with your promotional efforts.

As small company owners and marketers, our daily time is limited. Therefore, we must utilize every second.

You will have total clarity with Pipedrive, allowing you to pick the proper activities and transactions to prioritize each time.

Pipedrive’s best sales forecasting features:

  • Make the most of your time by focusing on transactions, which will probably close.
  • Give your sales and publicizing staff the authority to focus solely on opportunities under their noses.
  • Forecast dates, items, discounts, and more according on your preferences

Plans and Pricing

Pricing constantly takes center stage to get the greatest output without depleting the company’s resources.

Pipedrive has a variety of price plans to choose from:

– Essential: $15 monthly

– Advanced: $29 monthly

– Professional: $59.90 monthly

– Enterprise: $119 monthly

The Essential plan includes more than 275 integrations, easy data transfers, bespoke dashboards, and rudimentary reporting.

This feature set serves as the foundation for more complex schemes. For instance, the Advance plan includes everything in the Essential plan as well as the following extras:

  • Scheduling and synchronization of all email messages in one place
  • Tracking opens and clicks on group emails
  • Built-in triggers allow you to automate your workflow

Pipedrive’s Enterprise package removes all per-user or per-company restrictions on bringing on board new deals, running reports, or fashioning custom CRM fields. In contrast, the Professional plan gives you access to every functionality.

Pipedrive is a great value for its features, especially compared to other CRMs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pipedrive differ from Salesforce in any way?

Pipedrive is the way to go for beginners because Salesforce is quite a complicated CRM system. However, Salesforce provides a wide range of extra tools. And it’s well known that sophisticated companies require complex tools. Hence, a good tool for well-established businesses.

What makes Pipedrive Unique?

Pipedrive brags about a straightforward dashboard. If you like experiencing your sales funnels, you can readily observe from the uncomplicated interface. In addition, chatbots make everything spontaneous. And you can get leads and reach out to them on your web page.

What is Pipedrive best for?

Using Pipedrive’s CRM, sales staff can monitor their customers, prospects, and deals. Even though it’s classified as an “operational CRM,” other kinds of CRM applications are good for your firm, relying on your demands.

Is Pipedrive simple to operate?

Pipedrive is easy to use. The interface makes it simple to browse configurable sales funnels, and contact management is uncomplicated. It has a visual design, making it simple for everyone to comprehend and utilize.

Does Pipedrive integrate with Outlook?

The platform can interface with Microsoft Outlook as well as other email accounts. You can set up a two-way sync between your Outlook account and CRM, which will make your contacts, transactions, and emails accessible in both applications.

Is The Company Right For You?

Yes, it is. Many small firms will find value in Pipedrive’s vast array of CRM capabilities. Because Pipedrive is affordable, it’s ideal for small teams or even sole proprietors who wish to manage leads, produce leads, or optimize their sales process.

Small company owners who generate leads, complete sales, or offer services might benefit greatly from using Pipedrive. If your website produces leads or sells things, Pipedrive has a wide range of marketing and CRM tools, which are cheaply priced.

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