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Podium Review 2022 – Top 10 Text Message Marketing Services

Podium is a text message marketing rostrum with unique customer relationship management (CRM) and highly user-friendly solutions. In addition to the review solicitation option in Podium’s chat window, you may get reviews by SMS with the Google Business interface. Google will display these reviews right away. This property, together with the platform’s payment doodad and web chat, makes Podium the best choice for SMS marketing for CRM. Podium is worth considering if you’re looking for an excellent text message marketing service for established businesses that depend on local consumers and community goodwill for most of their revenue. This Podium review will explain what the platform is all about if you are unfamiliar with it.

The Verdict
Podium Podium

Podium provides a smooth interaction with Google Business and features, which are simple to use and can be used to seek reviews and comments from clients. Podium is distinguished from other text message marketing platforms by these qualities, making it the best option for client relationship management.

  • Customer service is simplified with the use of well-known mediums
  • Conventional channels are used to make client engagement easy and available on any gadget when it comes to Podium. Podium helps you use current media to achieve your goals, whether it's a reminder for feedback, so you have more control over the entire process. More visibility on the internet and increased sales choices are a result of this strategy. This unified reputation management program helps you improve your company's online reputation.
  • Usage of well-known channels simplifies customer service
  • Podium provides a mobile communication channel and an intuitive user interface, all of which make it easy to compile customer feedback. When it comes to making judgments based on reviews, it will save you time since it will identify the best websites and calculate an average of their star ratings.
  • Podium is available for both iOS and Android users
  • Podium can be used by both Android and iOS operating systems users; ergo, mobili
  • It doesn't integrate with Yelp
  • In light of Yelp's immense popularity, it's strange that Podium doesn't provide such integration. If Yelp is a crucial component of your marketing plan, you may be tempted to switch to a competitor's text messaging service. Because Yelp prohibits companies from soliciting feedback, it could be the reason why Podium doesn't include it.
  • Podium is pricey
  • Podium's cheapest premium bundle goes for $289 per month. Hence, if all you want to accomplish is text, there are less expensive solutions with the functionality you want. For very tiny or brand-new enterprises, it may be preferable to begin with another messaging platform and get ratings in other ways.
  • Podium doesn't group subscribers by keywords
  • Unlike most other platforms, Podium does not group subscribers based on the keywords they use to sign up. As a result, you'll have to keep an eye out for the customer's terms and then tag them. Many hours might be saved by allowing users to tag contacts and subscri

About Company

Eric Rea and Dennis Steele launched Podium in 2014. Currently, the company has more than 45,000 clients and is swiftly expanding. Home services, automobiles, and retail are Podium’s most successful industries. Within the last year, the company’s workforce has risen from 200 to more than 700 people.

Local companies use the platform to produce and manage digital reviews, connect with consumers, and understand the clients’ sentiments. According to Podium, the platform’s clients enjoy an increase in sales of 6 percent, courtesy of improved search engine optimization (SEO) and higher consumer involvement.

Podium is one of the most popular reputation management software available and has established itself as a market leader thanks to its 45,000 satisfied clients. The solution comes with various cutting-edge extras and a devoted customer service representative. As a direct consequence, Podium is superior for use with big teams but also more expensive than other options.

In general, we strongly suggest that local companies explore the possibility of implementing a reputation management solution. Podium is a market leader and should be considered for inclusion in all assessment procedures, including vendor options.


Relying on the service level, you select for your company, Podium is standardly equipped with a wide variety of user-friendly features.

  1. List-Building

Subscribers can join texting lists based on the items and services they find appealing using the platform’s keyword feature. A subscriber selects a term that interests them, and you can send them related deals. For one thing, it does not arrange new subscribers by keywords routinely. Instead, once a person joins, you must physically add a tag to their profile to specify which promotion they came from. This is a surprise irritation that adds unnecessary complexity to creating message lists.

Developing website widgets to promote message sign-ups, on the contrary, requires virtually half a second. The Podium will mount the doodah straight onto the platform if you have shared login credentials. Alternatively, the seller will give you the mounting instructions. Other list-developing gears are available, including social network connections. The firm offers an excellent video on how to increase your subscriber base, with tips such as having a computer within the premises where individuals can sign up and collecting contact information from customers who have just made a purchase.

  1. Contact Management

Contacts are where you’ll find a list of subscribers, such as their names, references, and tags allocated to them. To see a contact’s prior chats and reviews, tap on their name on the right-hand side of the page. You may add, remove, or modify tags to target your marketing efforts and collect payments from clients.

  1. Text Marketing Campaigns

Podium’s campaign sites incorporate the company’s advertising templates as a convenience. The platform also offers coupon codes, product promotions, service promotions, and icebreakers to inform clients that you’re textable.

Using the “Marketing > Campaigns” menu option, you can create new campaigns or see existing ones. To start a movement, click the “Create a campaign” button, choose a name for the campaign, choose the subscribers you want to send it to, and type your message.

  1. Multifunctional Inbox

Our favorite thing about this is that text, email, online chat, Instagram, and Facebook communications are all found in the same Podium’s inbox. Customers can contact you directly through Spotlight Search and web-based Podium contact forms, courtesy of the software’s built-in messaging capabilities.

The fact that Google has a stake in Podium opens up a world of possibilities. Messages from Google and Apple Maps users who deploy the Message button on your Google Business Profile are sent to your Podium’s inbox. Anyone who discovers you using Spotlight Search or tapping the message bubble of an Apple gadget can send you a text immediately.

  1. Custom and Template Responses

Podium’s messaging interface is one of the easiest to use. Replying is made even faster by including other features such as putting attachments within the text box. If you’re stuck for ideas, you may either start from scratch or use a pre-written response.

In contrast to most competition systems, you don’t have to leave the platform to get hold of the templates. If Podium enabled you to save the text you’re currently scripting as a template for future usage, possibly by introducing a check box adjacent to other text-related elements, it could be instrumental.

  1. Review Management

You can deploy Podium to encourage customers to post. Click “Review Invitation” and enter a brief note for the consumer. The recipient will notice a link in their message, which directs them to a review page. Google reviews are the default option.

You can see where feedback is hailing from and your total ratings across all rostrums in the dashboard’s reporting area. The fact that you can directly approach consumers who have written a review and urge them to sign in to your messaging lists is a valuable feature that consumers enjoy.

  1. Video Chat

Suppose you sell a rare item to your subscribers, and a prospective customer responds to your promotional text by informing you that they want to get a glimpse of the article but are unable to visit your shop today. But they do not want to miss out on the opportunity to purchase it; thus, time matters to them. We suggest you recommend a video call to them. The platform will immediately email them a URL to commence a video conversation if they accept. This attribute is even more tempting because neither you nor the consumer must download any computer program for the call to happen.

  1. Payment Processing

You may send a message to your clients to collect credit and debit card payments. With a URL to the Podium software secure payment page, clients may see the amount you’re demanding and pay it.

When it comes to making payments, Podium payments are more swift and efficient than in-person payments. The tool is free to use; however, each transaction has a processing charge. Payments incorporate cutting-edge features such as:

  • Brand-named invoices
  • Reimbursements processing capabilities
  • Link several bank accounts
  • Accept credit and bank transfers
  • Scam protection
  1. Analytics

Your incoming sales lead, the median amount of time it takes your team to reply to texts, and the overall number of interactions broken down by month and year are all detailed on the Analytics dashboard. When it comes to running reports, there is no opportunity to select a specific date range as there is on other rostrums. In addition, the Podium software allows you to generate reports on your online evaluations and the cash received from clients. You even have the choice to analyze how good specific workers are performing, which may help you uncover chances for training.

  1. Podium Teamchat

Teamchat is a feature of Podium which enables your team to effortlessly interact with one another regarding what is going on without exiting the Podium program. Due to this, they will switch less between programs, emails, and calls during the workday, saving time. This is a pretty advanced feature that is absent from most other solutions for managing reputations.

Teamchat allows users to communicate with one other individual and in groups. The following are subjects that frequently come up in conversation:

  • Challenging or intriguing customer reviews
  • Client inquiries
  • Closing incoming leads
  1. Podium Integrations

Many of the most popular CRM, ERP, and POS systems can be integrated with Podium. The following is a breakdown by sector:


  • Greenway Health
  • Athena Health
  • Booker
  • DocuTAP


  • CDK
  • Dealer Socket
  • BAYiQ
  • Shop Boss


  • The Edge
  • Profit Systems

Plans and Pricing

At the moment, Podium’s website does not disclose any information about its various price options. Nonetheless, numerous evaluations assert that its pricing alternatives are too pricey.

The Podium has a starting price of USD 289 a month, as stated by one review website; however, other review websites and customers have indicated that they spent between USD 300 and USD 650 per month for the service. The following is a condensed version of what we discovered:

  • Starter: $0
  • Essentials: $289 per month
  • Standard: $449 per month
  • Professional: $649 per month

You can appeal for a free demo and work with the support staff at Podium to develop a price package that is unique to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podium?

It is an interaction management rostrum deployed for producing and handling online feedback, streamlining client interactions via Podium messaging, and observing consumer emotions.

How much does Podium cost?

The cost for Podium begins at $289 per month. The total cost depends upon the quantity of monthly Podium reviews and Podium SMS contacts needed. The Podium has now released a freemium package of their software that is being referred to as Podium Starter. Podium Starter provides most of the primary features featured in Podium’s subscription plans; however, each of these functions is restricted to a lesser extent.

What are all the tools I can get with Podium?

Podium comes with a number of helpful features, including:

  • Analytics
  • Messaging inbox
  • Reviews
  • Teamchat
  • Webchat
  • Payments

What does Podium do?

The platform is famous for providing other services in addition to conventional Podium marketing using SMS. It enables you to accept payments from customers by text message, add a web chat doodad to your PAGE, and gather feedback from your customers.

Is there a way for Podium to help customers?

Podium’s consumer support team can be reached via phone or live chat. Their contacts are found on the dashboard’s support area, providing access to live chat and other support options.

Do you have to pay much for your Podium subscription?

Podium texting promotion rates are on the high side. Nevertheless, the wide range of its exclusive, top-quality features is reflected in this hefty pricing. In addition to Podium SMS marketing, you’re being charged for a whole lot more.

Is The Company Right For You?

When it comes to assisting businesses in gathering feedback from consumers, Podium is the best. And when it comes to business, multiplying the number of evaluations you get by 10 is a terrific way to boost your long-term profits.

Nonetheless, the platform is accessible at a high cost, and you must sign a year contract before signing up your team. Using Podium’s services is only justified if your firm has many locations and interacts with a continuous supply of leads.

Small enterprises that lack the resources to get into a contract with Podium may utilize its starter package instead.