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ProMerchant Review 2022 – Top 10 Credit Card Processors

ProMerchant offers credit card processing solutions to large and small businesses. They offer flexible pricing plans, making them different from other card processing companies. They offer clients a choice between interchangeable with a flat monthly fee and interchangeable with a fixed rate. Other processers will only offer you one pricing model. They can open a merchant account for you as quickly as possible. Most of their clients aren’t credit card processing. They don’t have upfront application fees and also offer long-term contracts. Many other impressive features and services make them an authority in the industry. Check out this detailed review to determine if ProMerchant is for you.

The Verdict
ProMerchant ProMerchant

ProMerchant has been around since 2017, and there are no doubt older credit card processing companies out there to consider. But ProMerchant has earned its striped by providing reliable services and giving clients flexible pricing options. That makes it a great choice for businesses that want you to turn their customer experience around by accepting credit cards. Credit cards are a major part of payments and business transactions. If you deny customers the chance to transact with their cards, you are not offering a wholesome experience. When you want to outsource credit card processing services, ProMerchant is worth considering.

  • They have multiple processing solutions to fit different types of businesses.
  • There are no cancellation fees.
  • They don’t have long-term contracts; all their services are month-to-month.
  • Setting up is fast and easy.
  • The zero-cost processing plans and interchange pricing is favorite
  • You will get a dedicated, personalized support team
  • Free terminal placement program
  • Their analytics and reporting tools are easy to use
  • They are PCI compliant, which allows businesses to process credit cards securely
  • ProMerchant doesn’t have a free trial
  • They haven’t published their prices online
  • There isn’t an extensive list of references

About Company

ProMerchant is a Boston-based credit card processing company. It’s relatively new in the industry; it was founded in 2017 before being rebranded in 2018. Despite being new, they have made a name for themselves by offering transparent and reliable services. The company owners have been in the payment processing game for over ten years. The experience plays a major role in the success of the company. They work with different businesses, including retail shops and restaurants. They have worked with businesses that other companies in the industry would consider high risk.

The company currently has an A+ rating from BBB. They barely have any complaints from former clients. Most ProMerchant reviews are pleasant from satisfied customers. Their customer support page has a dedicated phone number for customers in need. Their straightforward and fair pricing plans allow clients to clearly understand their fees and rates. They take the specific needs of every business into account when customizing their services. ProMerchant uses month-to-month agreements that don’t bind clients into a long-term contract they can’t get out of.

Customers can establish an online payment virtual terminal. ProMerchant can also help you get the fully customized point of sale (POS) systems. If you want to start accepting phone payments for your business, they can also set you up. Some of their hardware options are free. They don’t offer a free trial, but at least you won’t be paying setup fees, and there are no hidden charges. It’s an established credit card processing company that has helped countless businesses be swifter with the payment process. You can also be among the many satisfied clients who have benefited from their credit card processing terminals.


The company provides merchants with the most cutting-edge terminals and processing solutions that fit their type of business. Payment processing is what their services are focused on. They have several features that make them the best choice for risky and small businesses. A quick look at the company’s services is the best way to determine if they are worth it. These are the features and services you need to be aware of.

  1. Point Of Sale (POS) Systems

The company offers POS systems with plenty of solutions that fit today’s businesses. The systems can help you process payments easily and quickly. The POS they offer is fully customized, NFC ready, and EMV compliant. The system can help you manage inventory more efficiently, and they come with a wide selection of useful apps. Running a business without a reliable POS can be tricky. Customers are looking for an easy checkout process. If you sign up with ProMerchant, you might get a chance to set up an incredible point of sale system for your business.

  1. Restaurant

The company has ultra-reliable with the best technology that helps all restaurants easily and quickly accept all major credit cards. You can avoid unnecessary delays while processing the bills. Some restaurants use servers and waitstaff, while others use a counter to take payment. No matter the type of restaurant you run, payment processing solutions from ProMerchant can help you. Super-fast transactions are what most restaurant owners look for. Based on the fivestars payment processing reviews the company gets from restaurant owners, you know they are doing a great job.

  1. Mobile

They also offer wireless payment solutions that allow your business to sell whenever and wherever. The Bluetooth credit card reader can allow you to make sales even when you are out in the field. The card reader is NFC ready and EMV compliant as well. Mobile transactions make contactless payment a possibility for all businesses. The ultimate flexibility this solution offers will be great for your business. Customers can use their fingers to sign a receipt electronically. You have probably been hearing of mobile payment solutions from other companies. This is your chance to do the same with your business and stay competitive.

  1. E-Commerce Solutions

ProMerchant has helped many E-Commerce businesses accept all major credit cards. In order to run a successful online store, your website needs to be highly optimized, especially the buying process. If you require seamless shopping cart integration or a pay now button, they can help you. You will get all the tools you need from the company to facilitate online transactions. A simple checkout process is all the online buyers want. If you can’t provide that, you might lose reliable customers. Some of the tools you need include easy invoicing, fraud detection, account updater, customer information manager, and automatic recurring billing.

  1. Retail

ProMerchant helps you less time between sales with advanced technology that makes payment easy. Retail merchants have different needs. That’s why ProMerchant has multiple solutions that address different issues. Their credit card terminal for retailers sets the bar regarding performance and reliability. Besides the super-fast processing speed, it also offers advanced security. The intuitive controls make the system easy to use, even for someone who hasn’t handled the system before. New trends keep emerging all the time that shape how retail merchants process customers’ payments. You have to stay informed and look for providers that offer up-to-date solutions like ProMerchant.

  1. High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Businesses like liquor stores, firearm sales, check-cashing businesses, and other businesses that are considered high risk have trouble finding credit card processing services. However, ProMerchant partners with a high-risk merchant account to help provide effective, fair, and transparent solutions for all businesses. They have a long list of acceptable high-risk businesses they can work with. Check to see if your business falls under their list and see if you can get some of their credit card processing solutions. They are very accommodating, unlike most companies. Their will is to assist businesses in thriving in today’s challenging marketplace. They even have fraud mitigation tools to help high-risk businesses avoid losses.

  1. Mail Order

If you accept customers’ credit card information over mail, you will need ProMerchant mail order services to securely and safely transact the payment. They provide you with an efficient system that can also allow you to save customers’ shipping and payment information for automatic billing in the future. You will be able to process payments safely from ant tablet, phone, or computer. Their team will even take time to understand your business before they offer you a solution. The virtual terminal will be more than useful, especially for an upcoming business. There won’t be monthly software costs, which makes it very affordable.

Plans And Pricing

ProMerchant has two pricing plans based on transparency and savings. They haven’t publicly displayed their prices, making it difficult to compare to other credit card processing companies. There is a form online you can fill out to get a quote of what their services will cost based on your business needs. They require information about your business before providing you with the costs. There is enough flexibility within the two available plans to find what suits your business. This is what the two plans entail.

  1. Interchange Plus Fixed Rate

You stand to gain a few things with this first plan, including low monthly fees. They have a cost analysis that’s easy to understand; it will help you compare their prices against your current provider’s fees. You will understand if the plan will save your business any money. A ProMerchant representative will go over interchange rates charged by MasterCard and Visa. Your rates will not go up unless MasterCard or Visa increases interchange rates. Fivestars payment processing reviews agree that this is the best plan for small and midsized businesses. Talk to one of their representatives and predict your future expenses.

  1. Zero Cost Processing

The zero-cost processing plan is available for restaurant and retail-based businesses. They charge a flat percentage or transaction fee on every credit card transaction. You will be the one absorbing much of the processing fees. The flat rate will help you reduce the costs of accepting credit cards. There are also no subscription or membership fees when you choose this plan. How much you charge customers and how your business operates are things that determine payment processing. The one size fits all approach doesn’t work; you have to select a unique plan that fits your business.

All these plans are on a month-to-month basis. They promise you won’t have to deal with hidden costs after signing up. Choose carefully and be sure to provide accurate information about your business to get the right quote. They have people who can help you understand better what the two plans constitute. Failing to choose the right plan can be detrimental to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Businesses Does ProMerchant Support And Service?

All merchants can benefit from ProMerchant services, including E-Commerce and retail. They even work with high-risk businesses. Once you contact their account directors, they will tell you how your business can start processing credit cards. They have many satisfied clients from all industries. The credit card reviews will tell you that they have helped all sorts of businesses.

How Long Before I Start Accepting Customers’ Credit Cards?

It can take a couple of hours or days, depending on your business type and other factors. Their account directors are experts; they will recommend the best processing solution and terminal and help you get everything started. If you pick a complex terminal, it might take time to get everything set up. But you will start accepting credit cards once the short process is complete. The application process is very easy, and you can do it online. They require only relevant information about your company. This will help speed things up and get you started as soon as possible.

When Will The Monthly Costs Be Charged?

The monthly fees will be debited from your merchant account each month between the 5th and the 7th. This will happen alongside the transaction fees on every transaction. The percentage rates and interchange fees on transactions are deducted from daily batches. You can view account activities and monthly statements online. This is the most convenient way to monitor your account and see how the charges are implemented. It gives you an understanding of how ProMerchant conducts its transactions. They will give you information on how to access your account once you sign up.

Can I Get A Merchant Account If I Have a Low Credit Score?

ProMerchant understands there are other more important factors to consider besides your credit score. They have high approval rates but can also be lenient when they need to be. You won’t know if you can get a merchant account with them until you speak to a representative. The company’s profile is very crucial when you are seeking their services. They will want to know your monthly sales and other information about your revenue. These details determine if you make a great merchant account for the company.

What If I Don’t Know How To Operate The Processing System?

Their team will patiently take you over the operation of your terminal. It won’t be long before you grasp how the processing solution works. They provide hardware and virtual terminals depending on what your business needs. Thankfully, their systems are ready to use, so the learning curve will be significantly small. Getting a credit card processing system that is difficult to use is a bad idea. It will take valuable time from your business trying to learn how it works before you can start using it efficiently.

Can ProMerchant Integrate Shopping Cart And Gateway Into My Website?

Once they approve your account, they will send you a detailed transaction on how to implement everything on your site. But if you have issues, there are experts ready and willing to help smooth things over. Not all clients are tech-savvy; that’s why technical support is crucial. The buying process will be very easy for your customers after you integrate the shopping cart and gateway into your site.

Is The Company Right For You?

ProMerchant is a leading payment processing service provider that can benefit any business. As long as you do transactions with customers daily, you need an effective POS. If you have been doing everything else except processing credit cards, it’s time to change that. The company offers different terminals that allow you to start accepting all major credit cards from buyers. They provide these services for businesses in need, whether you own a small store or a large restaurant. The award-winning company will listen to your needs and recommend the best credit card processing system.

Based on credit card reviews, ProMerchant offers customers 24/7 technical support. If you are looking forward to integrating gateway and shopping carts into your website, the company can help you achieve that. They say they can open your merchant account painlessly and quickly, and they mostly approve clients within 24 hours. Anyone looking for efficient services can benefit from the company’s output. There is no free trial you can use to determine if the company is right for you. But you can see from ProMerchant reviews how they have helped other businesses.

Their credit card fees and plans are favorable. You have two options to pick from depending on the type of business you run. The general overview of their two plans can help you decide if the prices will favor your budget. When you consider everything, you will realize ProMerchant is suitable for all business sizes.