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RemotePC Review 2022 – Top 10 Remote PC Access Software

Are you a business owner or employee who travels frequently? The good news is that you no longer need to worry about carrying that PC whenever you go. RemotePC is there to sort out your PC remote access needs to satisfaction. This software is packed with many features and tools that allow you to access your PC from a remote location and carry on with your work.

The amazing benefit of using this company’s software to access your PC remotely is that you need not download the software. The company allows you to use your web browser to securely connect to remote PCs and perform remote printing, data transfer, and file management tasks, among others.

Fascinating right! Let us now delve into a detailed review of remote PC and see what the software can do for you.

The Verdict
RemotePC RemotePC

Remote PC is an excellent software that serves both small and large companies. The software allows remote connections for PC and is a perfect choice for anyone with a fixed budget and in search of excellent tools and features.

This remote access for PC program allows users to connect to multiple computers simultaneously. However, the number of computers you can connect to depends on the plan choice you subscribe for. The program has an easy-to-setup attended access feature. Most of the advanced plans come with advanced HelpDesk software.

This software also contains awesome communication and collaboration tools that help users interact. These features include an interactive whiteboard and an in-built live chat platform. The company's meeting app can also access the audio and video conferencing tools.

The remote PC Company also offers cross-platform compatibility. This feature enables remote access to PC software on any Linux, Mac, and Windows device. You can also use mobile devices supported by Android and IOS to access unattended computers.

The software web access platform has a very simple-to-use interface. The company also offers an array of plans that you can choose from depending on the desired features of your company. Despite the few setbacks the software presents, we would still recommend the RemotePC software as the best solution for your remote access needs.

  • Affordability
  • This remote access software is affordable compared to other similar software in the market. The plan's basic cost is $29.62 for the first year or $59.25 for two years. Small businesses get value for their money by accessing amazing features at affordable prices.
  • Seamless Document Transfer
  • The software can allow users to copy documents from one computer to the other easily. Traditionally, one had to email the documents between the connected computers. This software enables seamless document transfer options.
  • Easy Setup
  • The remote pc is a very easy-to-set and use remote access software available in the market. New users will receive help from our qualified support team to guide them through the installation steps. You need to allow a few permissions and adjust some privacy and security settings on your desktop to make the instalment.
  • Web Support
  • Once the software is installed and running on a remote computer, users are not required to download any additional software. The w
  • Security Of Data
  • The software is fortified with excellent security features. However, the concern comes in how the users are allowed full access and control of the end-user computer. This presents a possibility of a personal data malpractice scenario.
  • Realizing that the user can access the client's computer nonetheless and transfer information between them is at times scary. Is my data really safe!
  • Monthly Billing Excluded
  • Other competitors for remote access software offer monthly billing options. However, the remote PC excludes its user from this option. Scraping off the monthly payment option is a loss because many companies may opt to avoid the annual contract.
  • Companies that are yet to decide on the long-term decision of supporting the remote working option for their staff may find the annual only contract impractical. The software companies that offer short-term contracts of monthly billing options are more desirable to many because of the payment flexibility they offer customers.

About Software

RemotePC is a software program providing businesses/consumers remote access solutions to their computers. This software is a product of IDrive Inc. It allows users, IT, and business professionals to access and remote control their Macs and PCs using devices that support the IOS and Android operating systems.

The software allows user employees to connect to their work PC remotely and handle any work-related task required regardless of location. Users are also granted control to seamlessly manage their files, print documents, and transfer data remotely. The software also has a collaboration feature allowing external users to access your PC through an invitation, allowing presentation and real-time data sharing.


  1. Access Via Web

The access via web feature is a breakthrough for small business employees who occasionally work from home but are not assigned any official computer outside the working space. This software allows the user access via the web browser. It does not require one to download the software to their devices.

The access web feature allows users to remotely perform monitor switching, remote printing, screen locking, and chatting and transfer of files between computers in a live session. The users’ web data is kept safe and secured through AES- 256 encryption and TSL version 1.2 encryptions that are industry-standard.

  1. Invite To Collaborate

The working environment is dynamic and currently allows employees to work from home. Small companies with limited workspace tend to rely much on the working home plan for their employees. This feature comes in helpful to remotely working employees by allowing them to effectively interact with colleagues regardless of location.

The invite to collaborate feature allows employees to give multiple colleagues access to their screen content and information. This allows for presentations, training, and meetings to take place. The communication roadblocks addressed by this feature allow technicians to help troubleshoot issues of clients remotely.

  1. Security And Compliance

The software is cloud-based for some users, meaning they access it through the web. The software is a fortress to cyber hacking and data breaching. The software is enforced with personal keys, encryptions, two-step verification, and blank host features to keep clients’ data safe and private.

The software also works with clients to ensure they meet their remote access solution’s compliance standards and regulations. We can comfortably say that the software meets the PCI, GDPR, HIPSS, and FIPS security standards, among others. Businessesiness handling sensitive data, we got you covered!

  1. Unattended Remote Access

When performing troubleshooting assistance, the remote support technicians sometimes need to access the clients’ computers without the end-user being present. The unneeded remote access feature is here to solve that. This feature allows the remote user to access clients’ computers without disrupting them with connection process protocols.

Recurring clients you once established a connection with in the past are accessible without having to repeat the connection process. The feature allows users to remotely access other computers using devices connected to the internet.

  1. Communication Tools

This remote access software has a lot of communication and collaboration tools. The software gives users access to a native video conferencing program of the remote PC and meeting feature.

This software’s communication package features include an integrated whiteboard and a built-in chat box.

  1. User Management

The remote access software can allow users to invite and add other users to their accounts. The web dashboard has an options tab that allows you to send invitations to users through email.

The user management features allow users to add multiple users via CSV, create groups, and implement additional security measures such as 2FA.

  1. Helpdesk

This feature is important for users who need to regularly provide customer support. The feature contains a centralized admission portal and tools that help you handle support tickets. The centralized admission portal allows users to view current request status, manage technicians and view statistics.

However, only the high-end team and enterprise plans can access the helpdesk feature.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

This software allows users to use it on several devices. The software has a mobile app that allows users to remotely connect to computers using Android and iOS devices. The software program can also be run on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

Plans And Pricing

RemotePC offers users four varying remote access subscription levels. These subscription levels vary depending on the accessible computes, number of users, and other added features in each plan. This remote access software also offers an additional separate plan that gives unlimited remote support.

This remote access for PC rides the wave compared to its competitors by their choice of offering users unlimited user licenses in each of their plans except the entry-level remote access plan. This benefits small business users who subscribe to the low-ended plans but receive the golden feature.

The entry-level plan is, however, still packed with many amazing features. Here is a review of the subscription plans and pricing:


This entry-level subscription plan costs $29.62 for the first year or $59.25 for two years. This plan includes access to two computers, one licence, always-on remote access, file transfer, unlimited remoter access, whiteboard, remote printing, video conferencing, access via web browser, 35/7 email and chat support, and remote reboot and phone support.

SOHO (Small Office Or Home Office)

This subscription plan has a first-year cost of $59.62 or $119.25 for two years. The SOHO plan includes access to ten computers, unlimited licenses and organized users.


The teal subscription plan costs $224.62 for the first year or $449.25 for two years. This plan allows access to fifty computers, single sign-on, active directory, on-demand remote support and active directory sync.


The enterprise plan is the highest-tier plan in the package. This plan costs $449.62 for the first year or $889.25 for two years. The enterprise plan allows access to a hundred computers, user roles and user-level access permissions, and computer grouping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Software Safe?

Yes, remote access for PC Company offers a safe and secure platform that guarantees privacy and safety of data. The software’s communications between local and remote computes are fortified with 256 encryption and TLS version 1.2 security keys. In addition to these two industry-standard security features, the software has a two-step verification feature with a time-based OTP.

The software also uses personal keys as secondary passwords before logging in to any computer.

Is The Software Free?

This remote access company gives quick access to IOS and Android for quick access to a free screen share tool. The company also offers a seven-day free trial plan for the enterprise plan and a remote support help desk plan for the remote access team.

What Happens When My Subscription Ends?

You need not worry about your subscription ending abruptly. The software has an automated billing and payment feature. This allows the software to automatically renew your subscription before the current one ends.

The software uses the credit card stored with them during your sign-up to charge the renewals.

What Is Remote PC Backup?

The remote PC backup feature allows you to have a cloud-based backup of your computer data. The existing remote PC infrastructure is integrated with the endpoint backup feature to ensure the computer is backed up.

The software allows users to keep their data safe from loss and ransomware by letting users decide which computers require backup.

Can I Change My Plan?

The plans you access or subscribe to depend on the features that meet your needs. However, the company allows users to change between plans. This entirely depends on the number of computers you wish to remotely access. Users can upgrade and subscribe to any plan that best suits them.

What Is A Remote PC Enterprise Plan?

The enterprise plan is the highest-end subscription plan available. This plan allows users to access a hundred computers remotely using a single account. Other available features with this plan include organizing users into groups, adding unlimited users in one account, providing remote deployment and assigning computers.

How Do I Enable Backup For My Remote PC Account?

The backup feature can be enabled for any account holder. The process is easy and does not require the assistance of our support team. Go to the Backup tab, click the Enable Online Backup option, select your desired plan, and proceed.

However, it is worth noting that the cloud backup storage space is charged depending on the storage space required.

Is The Software Right For You?

RemotePC software is an excellent fit for small businesses. Self-employed individuals and small contractors greatly benefit from the SOHO (Small Business and Home Office) plan. This subscription plan offers access to ten computers at an affordable rate.

Those seeking to work from home effectively are also welcomed to join the party. This software can allow employees to work from home and attend online workshops, share files, retrieve documents remotely, print remotely, and share their screens with colleagues.

The software is also very efficient in allowing users to access the services using a web browser without installing the software on their gadgets. When it gets to storage space, the company offers up to 200 TB of storage space in the cloud. Companies can choose from the various storage space plan that suits them.

Ever lost data and wondered where to retrieve it from? The remote PC access software company covered you from data loss. The software offers automatic data backup to the cloud of all the selected computes.