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Resource Guru Review 2022 – Top 10 Project Management Software

With the help of Resource Guru, you and your team can stay connected, build your company, stay on top of your workload, and stay on top of deadlines. Is there anything Resource Guru can do for you? In addition to being a simple planning tool, it puts your complete team on a digital calendar where you can map your movements and create timelines and resources.

The service provider gives businesses the insight they need to get the most out of their employees, equipment, resources, and time by giving them a clear view of their calendars. Thanks to its open APIs and Webhooks, you may link it to nearly any system and quickly incorporate it into your existing program. Bookings may be organized by project or client from the comfort of a single dashboard, and tailored emails can be sent daily. There is a wide range of price options for all customers, starting at $ 2.50 per month.

The Verdict
Resource Guru Resource Guru

From experience Resource Guru is the most user-friendly program to use in your business. Your staff can get up and running with the program without training since much of it is self-explanatory. In addition to its professional appearance and user-friendly interface, you will enjoy its overall design. Filtering is an essential part of the company, but there is potential for improvement in its functionality. You can get this program up and running in record time for a team of more than 100 field service engineers by developing simple workarounds.

However, the waiting list and overtime function may be a bit perplexing. The hours do not get added to resource reservations and boost the usage percentage. It would be nice if the extra hours increased the utilization percentage beyond 100 percent to identify over-allocated resources.

Similarly, color preferences for each customer are not available. It would be nice to keep track of the number of hours spent on each project. A log would be useful if the timeline for a large animation project were shifted. These projects are divided into several components like drawings, mood boards, and animated sequences.

  • Scheduling software's capabilities are often overlooked and underutilized by business leaders. Resource Guru scheduling software may be used in a variety of ways to get better outcomes, including;
  • Improved Communication.
  • Keeping your staff updated on schedule changes might be tough using paper printouts or email attachments. However, it will be easy to interact with your team because of this automated employee scheduling system. Employees may get a notice when a new schedule is published, or an old one is updated. As a result, your staff will not be caught off guard by sudden schedule or shift changes thanks to software that allows transmitting this information in real-time. There will be fewer requests for time off at the last minute.
  • Reduce Scheduling Conflicts
  • The platform makes it easier for workers to coordinate their plans, reducing scheduling disputes. Workers will be happier, and time off requests will be processed more accurately. Employees might alter their work schedule acco
  • There are certain drawbacks to using the platform. When it comes to small firms, this is particularly true since they cannot afford to hire shift workers. Flexibility in the workplace has many downsides, as the following list illustrates;
  • a Sense of Unfairness
  • Certain employees may be barred from working remotely in companies that use the platform. They can't afford to have customer support representatives working from home all the time since it would impede client handovers. Additionally, customers may get dissatisfied if employees work various shifts. If a customer shows in during business hours and no one is there to assist them, it might be a source of dissatisfaction.
  • Productivity Drops
  • If no one is there to monitor them, some workers may get lazy. Although they put in the time, they do little connected to their work, resulting in significant inefficiency. Employees who work from home may find it challenging to focus on their job if they have entertainment, domestic tasks, or fami

About Company

Resource Guru is a London, England-based firm that provides a web-based planning and calendaring service. They are experts in online collaboration software that may be used for various purposes, including project management, event planning, task management, and resource allocation.

After years of spreadsheet resource scheduling, Andrew Rogoff and Percy Stilwell began designing the app in Cape Town in 2009. They saw a gap in the industry and decided to create their online resource scheduling application. In London, the firm was launched in May 2011 with just two full-time employees and has since expanded to over 20 employees. Since 2014, they have secured nearly $1.4 million in investment, of which Index Ventures has contributed $870,000.

Planning and scheduling resources are made easier with the service provider, an online tool for group collaboration. As an alternative to utilizing spreadsheets to keep track of resources such as employees and equipment, this company’s cloud-based team scheduling software may be of interest. It’s meant to make scheduling appointments and staff time easier. The company is suitable for companies with recurring appointments but also hourly-charging consultants and freelancers.

Instead of a freemium model, they encourage all customers to purchase a membership after a free trial. Each month’s fee ranges from $19 up to $199. Companies including Vodafone, Deloitte, Cisco, Yahoo!, and VMware have utilized the web application’s capabilities.


A resource scheduling technology like Resource Guru takes the hassle out of assigning teams, allowing managers to devote more time to higher-priority activities. Many of the functions are seamlessly incorporated into the user-friendly interface. Do not be deceived by the basic user interface; it hides a lot of strong capabilities, which may explain why Disney, Saatchi & Saatchi, VMware, and Deloitte are among its impressive list of clients. Here are the services you will get when you subscribe to the company;

  1. Dashboards, Notifications, and Permissions

You do not have to be a project manager to take advantage of Resource Guru. Access to a dashboard will be available for everyone invited into an account to keep up with their daily routine; they may sign up for email reminders. Using granular user permissions, you can control the information that each team member has access to, ensuring that they only see the data they need to complete their jobs.

  1. Scheduling Resources Through Drag and Drop

With the service provider, creating a resource calendar that shows anything from project and client appointments to holiday leave and other free time is easy-answering the all-important planning issue of who is available and when is made simple by the timetable. Bookings may be shifted by dragging and dropping to ease the burden of ever-changing projects.

  1. Reports

Using Guru’s reporting section, you can see how much of your team’s work is billable and how much of that labor is unbilled. Similarly, you can look at how much capacity you have available, how much time you have taken off, and which projects or customers are taking up most of your time. You may download the reports as a “CSV” file for further modification in your spreadsheet or BI tool of choice and filter them using your custom fields.

  1. Integrations

To make it easier for users to connect to hundreds of applications, like Gmail, Slack, and Basecamp through Zapier, Resource Guru just implemented a full-fledged connection. Similarly, they can provide a REST API with webhooks, so groups with technical know-how may get creative and design their connections.

  1. Keeping an Eye on the Availability of Resources

You have great control over the availability settings with Resource Guru. There is a “Default Availability” option for each resource type. Individual resources may also be set to ‘Normal Availability.’ If life gets in the way of your plans, you may add availability restrictions to your calendar daily. You will get a booking clash notice when you attempt to reserve anything that’s not currently available. Afterward, you can put the reservation on a waiting list. As a result, overbooking of resources is minimized.

  1. Leave Management

There is a process in place at Resource Guru for keeping track of time off, including trips, holidays, and even sick days. In most stand-alone platforms, managers have little insight into future workloads, finding it challenging for them to authorize time off applications. Managers can confidently add time off with the platform’s help since they can see it from the perspective of already-booked time off.

  1. Fields and Filters that are Specific to the User

With Resource Guru’s amazing custom fields functionality, you may categorize resources by whatever criterion you want. So, if you are wondering, “Do we have any designers accessible next week at our office?” you may use the schedules and reports section filters to narrow your search. The only drawback is that it is difficult to find since it is tucked away in the settings. You’ll be blown away by what it can do for you as a user.

  1. Overtime Function

It’s now possible for Resource Guru users to submit work that falls outside of usual business hours. Overtime may now be noted and included in reports when it occurs, whether requested by the user or forced upon them. Looking at the calendar, you’ll see that any overtime tagged will be highlighted in red. Each resource’s availability timetable, total hours of availability, and amount of overtime are shown on the card when its details are clicked.

Plans and Pricing

The company provides three subscription plans, including;

Grasshopper Plan

It’s an essential plan without reports, costing you $2.50 per person monthly. For non-human resources, it will cost $0.83 each.

Blackbelt Plan

The plan contains all standard features, including reports. It costs $4.16 monthly per person. For non-human resources, you will pay $1.25 each.

Master Plan

The subscription comes with SSO, data imports, and phone support. It costs $6.65 per person monthly. Non-human resources go for $2.08 each.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Resource Guru?

The service provider is a handy scheduling tool that keeps your business running, maintains the work tempo, and fulfills targets. A cloud-based group calendar allows for allocating and appropriating salespeople, equipment, and resources.

How can I Schedule a Meeting with Resource Guru?

After finding the resource, you want to hire, click on “Book Now” to make a single-day reservation. Once you have filled out the form for a new booking, click the Add Booking button.

Is it Worth Using the Company’s Services?

Yes. The company is more than just a calendar. It allows your company to plan moves, communicate activities and dates, and build up plans for you and your business team and resources in one online calendaring system. The company’s reviews highlight the software’s ability to give organizations optimum insight to manage their schedules and resources and make the most of their time and money.

What is the Purpose of Resource Management?

Resources are allocated to group members on their capability, skill capabilities, and best fit for the work. As a result, teams can control their usage rates, capacity, and progress better, which helps them stay under budget and on schedule.

What Exactly is the Guru App?

You may access a searchable March Networks product information database by installing Guru on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. The app’s powerful diagnostics and support tools let you troubleshoot and fix problems quicker in the field.

Is the Company Right for You?

Yes. Improved user experience and interaction with other programs have been ongoing goals for this software. When making reservations, this specific tool has recently incorporated a new overtime function, the opportunity to adjust one’s typical availability period, and an updated interface for making appointments. So that users may keep scheduling people and resources quickly and easily, all of these features have been added to the program.

In response to user input, the company’s team made certain adjustments to the sequence in which time-specific reservations are shown. Bookings for a single day are now shown in reverse chronological order, with the earliest ones at the top and the latest ones at the bottom. In multi-day reservations, this new calendar display is not applicable since the length and time of days change, and gaps may occur in the calendar if the same sequence is utilized.