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Rippling Payroll Review 2022 – Top 10 Payroll Services

Using Rippling’s integrated HR platform, employers can quickly and efficiently handle their workforce. You may use its many capabilities to keep track of employee information, hire, pay, and train new workers. Besides HR tools, the software provides IT services for establishing computers and tracking app use. For as little as $8 a month per person, this is a great option for small and medium businesses, especially those with ambitions to go global.

The Verdict
Rippling Payroll Rippling Payroll

Employers may use the platform as a one-stop solution for their HR needs, including Payroll and tax services. It is the best software for small and medium-sized businesses wanting to improve HR and IT procedures. It provides completely automated and configurable solutions. In addition, Rippling's PEO services, which include payroll processing and employee benefits administration, may free up some of your HR time, and you have the flexibility to turn them on and off whenever you need to.

  • It is Consumer Friendly
  • The software is so simple to use that even non-technical users may quickly become proficient customers. Rippling's personnel, Payroll, and analytics are all readily accessible from the main menu. Additionally, the payroll interface is a breeze and enables great access to important data such as total hours completed and labor expenditures. During the induction program, the platform simplifies new workers' learning about and signing up for accessible health benefits. Many users have praised the efficiency with which they may sign in outside work to examine perks, add family members, change personal details, and complete their timecards, among other things.
  • One-Click Payment Runs
  • Because the software exchanges all the critical employee records such as hourly work and deductions, you will be able to operate Payroll in less than a minute and a half with the press of a single button. This is made possible by the one-click payroll feature. You will never have to deal w
  • No Automation
  • Rippling Payroll does not provide the chance to automate the payroll process fully. Although it is possible to perform Payroll with the press of a button, this feature is not available. However, it doesn't imply that you will need to recall the payroll process every week consciously. It is a massive surprise that the service provider does not include automatic Payroll, given that most leading payroll companies don't have it.
  • Minimum Term of a Contract
  • The minimum initial length of a contract with the company is one year. If you do not like the program, you are stuck with it until the end of the year and will have to pay penalty costs if you want to cancel your subscription. It may be a turnoff for some customers, which is particularly problematic considering that there is not even a demo version of the program that consumers can test out for free to see whether or not it meets their requirements. However, before signing the contract, the company will give you a 30-minute

About Company

Rippling Payroll is a privately held company based in San Francisco, CA, and was founded in 2016. Its major product is human resources. However, it is well-known for its comprehensive Payroll and tax preparation capabilities. Direct deposit and cheque payments are available, as well as limitless pay runs. Likewise, the software can control recruiting operations, employee onboarding and offboarding, app access control, and employee data. Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services may be turned on and off effortlessly.


Some features included in Rippling’s workforce management platform’s standard plan include induction program, offboarding, and job scheduling. Payroll processing, benefit plan organization, talent management, and app and device control may all be added at this point if you so want. Rippling plans vary in terms of the elements they include; however, the following is a list of some of the most popular ones;

  1. Recruiting and Onboarding

Applicants’ details may be entered manually through an application monitoring or background registry system, depending on how you want to go about hiring new staff. Onboarding and offboarding, documentation and task management, personalized position management, application monitoring, background checks, e-verification, and contract letters are just some of the personnel administration capabilities you may access.

The platform’s ability to design and control the employee onboarding process, as well as develop unique recruiting procedures and confirmation automations, is something we like. New hire documentation, offer letters, workplace policies, I-9 and W-4 forms, and termination pay information may be sent to new employees for electronic signing using Rippling’s workflow. These papers are then stored in the system for future reference.

You may use the system to expedite background checks and e-verification on job prospects and then input their pay and start date to make the hiring official. Onboarding a member produces an employee record for them in the program. It comprises their employment and personal facts, positions, direct reports, approved and recognized papers, payroll records, insurance plans, employee productivity, and the connected Rippling app. Using this feature, you may access and edit employee information, execute operations like planning, converting employee kinds, and adjusting their salary. Your Payroll will be updated as a result of these adjustments.

  1. Time and Attendance

Monitoring employee time and attendance is one of the many benefits of using Rippling’s payroll service. Companies may evaluate the hours worked by their staff each week using the automated timekeeping system. There will be no need to manually enter any evaluated hours since they will instantly sync with Payroll.

Integrated time-tracking procedures allow you to keep track of things like overtime, missed breaks, and unauthorized hours, all of which may help you better manage your employees’ time. As an added convenience, the system will alert you if and when your workers go over their allotted overtime.

With Ripplng, you can see exactly how many hours your staff spend on the job. As a result, you may develop bespoke reports and determine labor expenses by a task to prepare for the future more effectively.

  1. Payroll

Adding the full-service Payroll to your Rippling HR software will allow you to generate and handle Payroll in all 50 states. Workers’ compensation coverage, direct payment, year-end tax records, automated tax filing, and new-hire registration are all included. Paying employees throughout the world is one of the strengths of Rippling’s Payroll. Your workers and contractors may be paid in minutes, no matter where they are situated.

Using this tool will enable you to keep track of pay rates and work costs and also comply with I-9 and W-2 regulations is a snap. You can feel confident that your Payroll and accounting information will be in alignment since the software connects with an accounting system such as QuickBooks and NetSuite.

  1. Management of Candidates and Performance

With the Ripple HR application monitoring system, you can keep tabs on your company’s pool of potential employees. At this point, the onboarding process has already been started for your recruit. The software’s learning and performance management features are fantastic for helping your present staff advance in their careers.

  1. Observance of the Law

Regarding sexual harassment training and cybersecurity guiding principles, the platform can help your team stay in line with the law. ACA reporting and COBRA paperwork can be automated with this software.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

There are many customized reporting options available with the platform. You may, for example, build reports to examine your company’s staff turnover. Similarly, the reports can be accessed via the built-in, latest, and shared reports sections.

  1. Employee Benefits

Benefits management is simplified with the platform’s one-stop-shop for all things related to employee compensation and benefits. Regarding health insurance and retirement plans, your workers may use the service to keep track of everything they need. Few companies enable administrators to work with whichever insurance broker they like to have an advantage over the competition. Getting quotes and comparisons for over 4,000 policies from the biggest insurance providers is possible.

When you switch to Rippling, your staff can maintain their current plans and prices. No need for them to re-enroll or re-enter their data. In a short period, their insurance policies will be imported and handled. During the onboarding process, new workers will be encouraged to update and participate in health insurance and retirement plans, giving you more time to operate your company.

Likewise, employees enjoy the convenience of being able to manage their benefits when away from the office. After hours, they may easily add or remove dependents, modify the cover, or make other changes to their profile information using the software.

Plans and Pricing

Rippling Payroll, in comparison to its rivals, does not provide its user base with a typical menu of membership plan options from which to choose. However, it tailors its price to each customer’s requirements, with monthly subscriptions beginning at only $8 per person. The company asks you which solutions you need, after which it generates a cost estimate that is completely free of charge.

It is essential to be aware that the only way to access the payroll services the service provider offers is to register for the company’s Employee Management Platform. Keeping this information in mind, you should anticipate that the comprehensive payroll software will cost more than $8 per person monthly. Be sure to include monitoring of time and attendance and medical benefits management in your budgeting, as you will need to account for these additional expenses.

Many customers have complained that the program is pricey compared to other options available, despite that we have not been able to locate any more details on the estimated expenses of Rippling. This is up to the opinion of any business; hence, the best way to find out how the company handles pricing is to get a free estimate from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Chat Feature in Rippling?

The platform support agents may be contacted virtually by requesting to convert a customer’s live chat session into a virtual call. This enables the customer service representatives to communicate with clients as they display their screens, expediting the resolution of their support issues.

What Other Software Does Rippling Work With?

The company eliminates the need for a calculator or manual data entry such as hours worked or deductions made by your company’s employees. You have to press the “Run” button once. That’s all there is to it.

Rippling Payroll: What Is It?

As a personnel management software system, the company provides cloud-based solutions. Operations, information technology, and human resources are part of the package. It was created in 2016 and has offices in San Francisco and Bangalore, both in the United States.

Why should I use the Services?

Using Rippling, HR and IT departments may work together to serve their employees better. Payroll, career planning, benefits, and staff administration are a few features of this all-in-one solution.

Does the Software Monitor Activities?

A feature known as a real-time activity stream allows you to observe your workers’ devices and keep tabs on their app use. Logging in to a program enables you to monitor which apps are being used, who is logging in on what gadget at what time, and the location of the person logging in.

How Many People Can the Software Support at One Time?

Ripling HR is crucial for businesses with between 2 and 500 workers since it is entirely web-based. Additionally, Rippling Payroll may work with accountants that want to provide their customers with free payroll services via a partnership with the company.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes. The service provider is one of the best options available in terms of ease of use and integration with third-party sources. With its configuration wizard and how-to tutorials, you can easily navigate through it and rapidly upload your workers’ profiles, including their pay and benefits data. This tool is a godsend when it comes to automating HR, IT, and payroll operations. With its in-app chatbot that gives links to assistance articles, you can get answers whenever you need them.