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Rippling PEO Review 2022 – Top 10 Employee Leasing Services

Payroll and HR software from Rippling has some of the most outstanding customer satisfaction ratings. As a PEO service, the platform provides a simple integrated system, a range of attractive perks, personalized HR help, and quick response times from the company’s support team. In terms of cost, they do not have standard pricing on their official website because you will be charged according to the customized services that fit your business.

The Verdict
Rippling PEO Rippling PEO

Rippling PEO's extremely adaptable, beautifully easy platform provides great advantages and outstanding service. If your company relies on many third-party applications that might affect your Payroll, this is the best option for you. Get in touch with the customer care team for a demonstration and a quote. However, it is not suitable for businesses in this category;

Blue Collar Labor-Intensive Employees

Due to the high risk of an on-the-job injury, these sectors mostly require extensive workers' compensation protection. The Department of Labor, OSHA, etc., often has very stringent rules that must be followed to comply. Customers of this caliber cannot be accommodated on the Rippling platform. Consider XcelHR if you have these requirements.

Businesses in Urgent Need of Clear PEO Pricing

Custom pricing is available from Rippling, but it isn't listed on the website because it is dependent on the modules you use. For more details, you will need to set up a demo. Try Just works as a PEO with transparent pricing that you can compare on your own without having to speak to a salesperson.

Enterprises that Need a More Traditional PEO

The modular architecture of Rippling was a problem for some businesses, who claimed that it added to the cost and required them to purchase modules for functionality they considered should be standard. PEOs like Insperity, which have a more straightforward design, could be a good option for you.

Organizations Seeking for a CPEO

Rippling is not an IRS-certified PEO, a voluntary certification procedure that ensures the financial and operational integrity of the firm. Considering ADP TotalSource may be a good option if this is essential to you.

  • Good Customer Care Services
  • Although customer care is only accessible through email and live chat, users have rated the quality of the assistance as superb. The customer service team may resolve most issues immediately, while more difficult ones can be dealt with in 48 hours or less. Adding phone support to Rippling Payroll's customer care choices would be amazing.
  • Added Protection
  • One of Rippling's management features is sure to please security-conscious IT administrators. Multi-factor authentication is supported by the platform, which means that anybody trying to log into the system is required to give an extra form of identity. This additional step of protection might be crucial when securing the sensitive information that is often held in HR systems. A third-party identity management system is one method to do it; however, small firms will appreciate having the option built-in.
  • Pricing Model According to Service Quotes
  • the program does not give users any basic membership alternativ
  • Lack of Basic Subscriptions
  • Even while the quote-based pricing may be reasonable for certain clients, the lack of standard premium features is likely to discourage users from engaging with the program in the first place. Some consumers have complained about the company's pricing being greater than the competition's, even if they don't know what it is. For buyers eager to get their hands on the product as soon as it goes on sale, the platform could consider developing some simple membership alternatives.
  • No Automation
  • The payroll process cannot be automated with Rippling Payroll's technology. Payroll cannot be done with a single button hit, although it is technically feasible. However, this does not mean you would have to remember the payroll procedure each week intentionally. Because most major payroll providers do not have automated Payroll, the lack of it by the service provider is shocking.
  • Minimum Contract Terms
  • To get a contract with the firm, you must agree to a one-year term. Un

About Company

There are numerous payroll and PEO options that we have tried and tested. In some cases, they seem to be grouped because of their similarities but Rippling’s PEO is an exception. In addition to its icon-based layout and easy onboarding process, the platform is a standout. It is very modular and helps ensure the technology continues functioning without problems. Because the site allows users to submit data once “ripple” across and be accessible at any time, the company was named after this feature.

To sum up, Rippling PEO is best suited for the following;

Multi-State Organization

Rippling automates the registration process for multi-state groups. PEOs such as Just works will lead you to a directory or help page explaining how to complete these registrations.

Startups That are Prone to Change

Rippling PEO is designed to help young companies navigate the various changes that come with rapid expansion. As your needs evolve, you can easily add or remove features thanks to the software’s modular design. If your company becomes too large, you can quickly convert from the PEO service to the HR software by pressing a button. Check out our Rippling overview for additional information.

IT and Tech-heavy Businesses

The company makes it simple to onboard devices and software, and Rippling PEO was developed with the IT sector in mind.

Businesses That Use a Wide Different Software

From layout and collaboration to finance, legal, and IT, Rippling’s 500+ add-ons enable company owners to handle all aspects of their organization from start to finish. Integrations for office administration, sales, and marketing are also available.


The platform excels in providing PEO services and functionality for its consumers. Here is a breakdown;

  1. Aspects of Safety and Legislative Obligation

The platform’s options include employee compensation, COBRA insurance, ACA reporting, wage garnishment adherence, and other risk management services.

  1. Training and Development

For an extra price, company users may have access to HR professionals. Unlike some of the other firms we examined, it’s unclear whether Rippling provides access to a comprehensive library of training resources for both workers and management.

  1. Human Resources Services

It is possible to automate onboarding and offboarding, customize fields and notifications, manage electronic documents, handle positions and tasks, and streamline workflows and approvals with the platform’s HR services. Additionally, a mobile app and software are available for monitoring and recruiting job candidates and providing customer HR service.

  1. Incentives for Employees

Access to all of your company’s health and retirement plan information may be found on a single dashboard. Internet open enrollment, payroll synchronization, online self-service for employees, and benefits packages for small and big groups are just some of the other services the platform offers.

  1. Recruiting and Onboarding

On the other hand, a background register or an application monitoring system may be used to input applicants’ information. Personnel administration features include onboarding and offboarding, paperwork and task management, customized position management, applicant tracking, background checks, e-verification, and contract letters, to name just a few of the tools at your disposal.

You will enjoy the platform’s capacity to design and manage the onboarding process for new employees and create custom recruitment processes and verification automations. Rippling’s workflow may be used to send new hire documents, such as invitations, workplace regulations, I-9 and W-4 forms, and termination pay information, to new workers for electronic signature. To keep track of these documents, they are saved in the system.

It is possible to utilize the system to accelerate background checks and e-verification on employment prospects and then insert their compensation and start date to make the hiring official. When a new person joins the program, a new employee record is created for them. It includes their job and personal information, roles, direct reports, authorized and recognized paperwork, payroll records, insurance plans, employee productivity, and the Rippling app. Using this function, you may access and make changes to personnel data, carry out activities like planning and type conversions, and alter employee salaries. As a result of these changes, your Payroll will be modified.

  1. Taxes and Payroll

Of all the few firms we examined, local tax registration is only offered by Rippling PEO. This is a great tool if your organization has staff spread throughout various states. The provider’s payroll service includes payroll processing, time and attendance features, direct deposit and tax form preparation, and new-hire filing.

Plans and Pricing

Price is determined per-employee basis, and there are no additional, undisclosed charges. Because of this, you can precisely forecast expenses, as opposed to the price fluctuating with your payroll percentages every month, as is the case with the pricing structure used by certain other PEOs. This is a good situation for new and developing enterprises.

According to the information provided on the website, the cost of the company’s services for small enterprises begins at $8 per employee each month. It is not quite apparent if short-term or long-term contracts are required for Rippling’s services. To get an exact price estimate for your company, you will need to work alongside a sales representative from the service provider.

Working with the platform provides many benefits, one of which is access to its variable pricing approach. The company allows you to pay for stand-alone services and the freedom to move away from the PEO model in the future if that is what your business requires. It’s perfect for small companies since it offers a mix-and-match solution and is particularly useful for SMBs that want to grow quickly.

You will be obligated to pay an additional price to use its HR help desk, often paid as a modest monthly base fee. Companies that are just starting as well as those who are expanding, may get high-level HR assistance from the help desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Activities Being Monitored by the Software?

You may monitor your employees’ app use in actual time by using a feature called a real-time activity stream. When you log in to a program, you can see what applications are being used, who is signing in at what time, and where they are located.

Are There Any Other Programs That Rippling Can Be Used In?

The firm avoids needing a calculator or manual data input, such as the hours worked or deductions made by your personnel. It is necessary to hit the “Run” button once.

Payroll Ripple: What Is That?

The company provides a cloud-based solution for staff administration. Operations, information systems, and human resources are included in the package. It was founded in 2016 and now has operations in San Francisco in the United States.

Does the company have a Live Chat?

Using the platform’s live chat feature, customers may request to have their conversation converted into a virtual phone call with the platform’s support team. With this, customers’ support difficulties are resolved more quickly since customer care employees may speak with them as they show their displays.

What is the Price Range of The Company’s Services?

You will get a quotation based on the size of your business, the services you want, and the PEO’s fee schedule. Rippling uses the per-employee, monthly rate method. In addition to taxes, worker’s compensation, and employer practice liability insurance, a percentage of Payroll are required.

Be aware of any additional expenses, such as startup fees, administrative fees, or other expenditures associated with any approach. The PEO contract and the overall cost of working with the platform should be well understood before signing.

Is the Company Right for You?

Yes. The service provider is among the top possibilities for simplicity of use and interaction with third-party sources. Your employees’ profiles, including their pay rates and other perks, are uploaded quickly and effortlessly, thanks to its wizards and training. Using this software to automate HR, IT, and payroll functions is a lifesaver. With its in-app chatbot, you may receive help anytime you need it, which provides links to help articles.