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Samsara Review 2022 – Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Services

It would help to consider purchasing an electronic logging device (ELD) for your commercial vehicle. Recently, many drivers have shown an interest in purchasing an ELD. In addition, they’re continuously on the lookout for the ideal option to suit their demands. However, it is difficult to determine which one is properly suited for your vacation.

Within the ELD device market, Samsara is making a name for itself. With several years under its belt, Samsara is already in the ring with established names like Garmin. Because most buyers, mainly commercial truck drivers, seek an ELD device that is economical and compliant with federal requirements, Samsara has become an immediate option within the sector.

The excitement around the Samsara ELD device is justified and understandable.

Samsara ELD is the subject of this blog post, which will go through the device’s benefits, disadvantages, price, and services.

The Verdict
Samsara Samsara

As far as fleet management systems go, Samsara has covered all the bases. Incorporating cutting-edge hardware and a sophisticated program, a Samsara fleet management system gives your company the tools to monitor its vehicles, control expenses, and ensure compliance.

Several consumers have complained about the app's slowness after recent upgrades. However, despite these concerns, most clients find the system simple to use and an excellent tool to keep track of all fleet-related activities.

  • Driver Safety
  • Autonomous detection of unpleasant events, including fast acceleration, high speed and driver braking, is built into Samsara FMS. Managers can use this information to address reoccurring issues and improve safety.
  • Dispatch and Routing
  • Real-time communication between fleet management and drivers is made possible through Samsara's mobile messaging program. They can send them on to the next assignment as soon as a destination has been achieved. Using the phone, management can provide step-by-step directions to stranded drivers or redirect automobiles. They can then provide reports containing each automobile's stops and an output score for every automobile.
  • In the course assessment part of the fleet management dashboard, drivers' actual routes are compared to those they originally intended to travel. Managers can better arrange future trips by knowing the routes and times that drivers like. Using Samsara's online FAQ section, fleet directors may learn how to augment courses t
  • No Free Trial
  • It is impossible to test Samsara's services since they do not allow you to do so. There is no free trial, and a three-year commitment is required. In the business, this kind of contract duration is not uncommon, but you'll be tied down for a long time if it is. Such a level of dedication may put off some company owners.
  • Three-Vehicle Limit
  • Due to the three-vehicle limit, tiny firms cannot use the program. You can disregard the three-car minimum because of the many capabilities, many sectors supported, and minimal automobile needs.

About Company

Organizing and managing cars and other transporting assets is possible using Samsara, a cloud-based fleet monitoring tool. The company has offices in San Jose, Atlanta and London, but its headquarters are in San Francisco. The firm employs over 1,500 people and prides itself on serving over 15,000 consumers worldwide.

Regarding providing complete fleet monitoring solutions, Samsara is one of the industry leaders, with a mix of IoT devices for real-time visibility and AI for precise analytics. Company customers are diverse in nature and size; they range from small businesses to large corporations, from local governments to food producers to transportation and logistics companies.

In addition, a free trial is available before you commit, and a devoted team is available to assist in creating a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs. What’s more, ELD-compliant Samsara is FMSCA-approved.


If you’re looking for an all-inclusive fleet management platform, Samsara is the best option for you. A sampling of the products and services available through Samsara is listed below.

  1. Fleet Telematics

The company’s telematics ingenuity makes for an all-inclusive fleet monitoring solution. Easy to use, plug-and-play GPS trackers collect every aspect of a truck’s activity. Geofence warnings, unsafe driving, idling time, existing traffic, and even security warnings are included in this activity. Remotely stowed trucks can also be tracked around the clock.

Telematics transmits all of this real-time data to the fleet office. The platform’s user-friendly dashboard shows real-time driver and truck data. Managers benefit from this bespoke program solution’s simplicity and ease of use.

The dashboard shows critical current events, plus it tracks fuel management, offers a maintenance plan, which is incessantly up-to-date, and maintains important papers that are archived.

For each team, Samsara’s fleet management system is customizable. Editing and rearranging displays and information panels are also possible. Users may also decide which reports they want to be generated, which is an important feature. Using Samsara’s sophisticated software, you can bring together huge quantities of information into forms that are simple to understand.

Going over figures on fleet output, driver output, repairs, and even fuel use may help fleet managing crews pinpoint motifs and possibilities.

  1. Connected Drivers

Using this fleet management technology, you may create a more cohesive workgroup. Drivers on the road and personnel at distant offices may communicate instantly, resulting in a smooth operation. Nevertheless, it also allows drivers to time-stamp their location and verify the delivery of their goods.

Additionally, the office staff may quickly provide their consumers with the most efficient delivery route. It is easy to route and dispatch drivers based on real-time figures such as traffic situations, idle time, and the state of the vehicles they are driving.

  1. Fleet Safety

Samsara is also responsible for ensuring the safety of drivers using the company’s products. Dashcams equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) provide a live video feed to the fleet office, and consumers can select the amount of information they want to keep on file.

Noteworthy events on the road are caught and recorded, and if there is an accident or any occurrence that happens on the road, the evidence may be pretty helpful in a court of law.

Nevertheless, in addition to assisting with driver safety and instruction, the dashboard cameras may also record video. The in-cab voice coaching system is designed to notify drivers engaging in unsafe behaviors such as speeding, cornering too quickly, or becoming distracted while driving.

  1. Fleet Compliance

Samsara ensures that your team remains compliant in addition to ensuring that they remain united, safe, and productive. ELDs are equipped with inviolable innovation, which consistently logs driver hours and prevents any desecrations of hours-of-service regulations.

Once more, the Samsara dashboard makes all of these figures entirely discernible for users. Every time there is a violation, the office employees are notified immediately. Notifications will be sent to drivers when they are getting close to exceeding the hours that are considered safe for them to work.

  1. Alerts and Reporting

Samsara’s real-time notifications allow you to keep an eye on your fleet at all times. Alerts for driver behavior and more may be set up in the system. Few companies give real-time tracking, and Samsara is one of them. In contrast to other GPS fleet monitoring systems, Samsara’s real-time location updates offer a more accurate picture of your car’s whereabouts at any given moment.

In its software, you can get a bird’s-eye view of your fleet from a high altitude. Elevated views enable you to zoom right into the path of your car, which displays as an arrow on a map. Regarding Samsara tracking capabilities, Samsara is head and shoulders above the competition.

  1. Open APIs (Application Programming Interface)

It’s not as difficult as it seems. Samsara’s fleet management system now can interface with third-party software. Think about Human Resource (HR) programs, payroll programs, and invoicing solutions when creating the ideal management system for your company.

  1. Fleet Maintenance and Optimization

Samsara gives great maintenance reports, which discern the status of your cars. You may handle preventive maintenance and examine automobiles during breakdowns. Samsara also assesses fuel usage, idle time, and deployment. Hence, you can well configure courses and train drivers to embrace more gas-saving behaviors.

Gasoline card incorporation is a terrific way to lower fuel expenditures and enhance your fleet. Samsara is among the several firms we reviewed that can interact with FleetCor-issued gasoline cards. Small companies are typically required to cut expenditures where they can, and incorporating fuel cards is a beautiful method.

Plans and Pricing

All Samsara’s systems are custom-tailored to meet your company’s unique demands, and each quotation is unique. Typically, you’ll pay a one-time price to get your site up and running and then a monthly subscription to keep it running.

A fleet management system’s return on investment should incessantly be considered. There’s a great Samsara ROI calculator for company owners to use. However, if you wish to know the actual cost, Samsara’s sales professionals will provide you with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

It would be beneficial to address some of the most often asked questions concerning Samsara GPS devices in general as well.

  1. What is GPS Fleet Tracking Software, and How Does it Work?

It is possible to track and monitor a fleet of cars using GPS Fleet Tracking Software, which uses the global positioning system (GPS). When a gadget is put in a vehicle, several satellites are used to pinpoint its position.

  1. How will Drivers React to Being Tracked?

Some motorists may enjoy the time-saving benefits of being monitored. Logging was formerly done by hand. It took a long time and a lot of effort. Using digital technology, the Samsara tracking systems simplify this procedure and make it a cinch for drivers.

It is possible that several drivers may not be pleased with being followed and believe such monitoring is spying on them and invasive. Hence, get your drivers on board with tracking by explaining the many pros.

  1. Is it Simple to Install and Configure the Samsara GPS?

Yes. Samsara designed a gear that was simple to set up. Installing it on a car is an easy process that only requires a few minutes of your time.

  1. Is there support for 3G or 4G on the Samsara GPS?

The company’s 4G LTE is designed for fast devices with pre-installed Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing you to quickly connect to your PC or smartphone.

  1. Is there a Customer Care Line?

On the site’s contact page, you’ll find some articles that explain how to solve common problems. Plus, you may work with a personal consultant if you purchase a specific package.

  1. Is Samsara’s User Training Available?

Several tutorial videos and product tours are available for you to watch.

  1. Has Samsara Received much Praise?

In a recent comparison, Forbes Advisor termed the product as one of the best, but it is well-suited for major corporations than smaller businesses.

  1. What is Samsara’s GPS Tracking Feature?

GPS tracking is included in Samsara’s Vehicle Gateway. You can use it to find a car in a matter of seconds. Having real-time visibility into your fleet allows you to provide customers with more precise ETAs. It is possible to receive notifications when engines are idling, plan efficient courses, set geofences to prevent unauthorized use of your vehicles, and monitor gasoline consumption using the GPS tracking app provided by the company in this case.

  1. Who deploys the company’s GPS Fleet Tracking Software?

Samsara serves a wide range of industries. However, it primarily serves startups and small and medium-sized companies but also offers an enterprise solution for giant corporations.

  1. What is the Purpose of Samsara?

Samsara is a Fleet Management Program, and it provides the following features:

  • Automobile tracking
  • Automobile data
  • Routing
  • Repair planning
  • Gasoline monitoring
  • Driver supervision
  • Inventory management
  1. Are there any Alternatives to Samsara?

Listed below are the best alternatives to Samsara:

  • KeepTruckin
  • Fleet Complete
  • Azuga fleet
  1. Is there an API provided by Samsara?

The Samsara API is available.

Is The Company Right For You?

You can expect small enterprises to grow over time. They need a GPS fleet monitoring company that can help them while they are minor and grow with them as their business expands. Safety and track are two of the most important considerations when transporting goods. Therefore they need an option that has a wide range of options to choose from. Samsara is our top choice for small enterprises since it meets both criteria.

Samsara may be used by organizations of various sizes, from those with only three cars to those with hundreds of vehicles, to manage their fleets. Advanced Samsara fleet tracking, monitoring, and reporting options are available from a single dashboard provided by this provider. So small firms can concentrate on establishing new routes, increasing driver safety, and cutting fuel costs instead of dealing with all of that bureaucracy.