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Select Home Warranty Review 2022 – Top 10 Home Warranty Services

For seven years, Select Home Warranty has been a popular choice for homeowners all over the US, and it continues to grow. Affordability and regular offers are two of the company’s most crucial selling points, and it continues to draw in new customers yearly. You may get a $150 discount and sixty free days if you sign up for a year-long plan and pay annually.

Apart from Wisconsin, NY, Nevada, and Washington, the firm welcomes customers from around the country. And this speaks volumes about Select’s scale and scope to manage customers from many states.

So, if you’re looking for the best home warranty in Virginia, Florida or any other state covered, you’re asked to read this blog post thoroughly before committing.

The coverage limitations of Select Home Warranty are to somewhat high compared to those of other appliance warranty companies, but the premiums are within the normal range. Because of this, the firm is worth the money.

The Verdict
Select Home Warranty Select Home Warranty

The prices at Select Home Warranty are among the most affordable in the industry. The business also provides a diverse selection of plan combinations, a simple method for filing claims online, a user-friendly website, and even periodic discounts. The Select Home Warranty program has impressive accomplishments. It is a great way for property holders to shield themselves against the normal wear and tear in central systems and appliances and save money by avoiding expensive repairs. It seems that most customers are pleased since there are many glowing testimonials. The organization stands behind the quality of its services by providing great options for homeowners' warranties.

  • Online Claim Submissions
  • For any service contract coverage, you may put forward a claim through Select's website, and it's easy. To file a claim, customers only need to provide their bio-data and policy number. Claims reps from Select will follow up soon following the claim filing. Customers can relax knowing that a professional will get in touch with them immediately and set up an appointment to mend or replace their broken equipment.
  • Coverage Options
  • Several coverage opportunities are available from Select for property holders, homebuyers and vendors, and anyone involved with the real estate industry. Those dissatisfied with the Bronze Care coverage but still desire more security may choose between upgrading to Gold or Platinum Care at no extra cost. Select covers all major appliances and house systems if customers are prepared to pay an extra fee. For every plan, the following is a complete list of protected appliances:
  • Promotions
  • Occasionally, Select provides a discount. Client dis
  • Repeat Service Fees
  • Select's customers are charged each time a technician visits their property, irrespective of whether the appliance was lately assessed or not. The home warranty gets put on hold if you fail to pay the fee during service. However, the suspension of the warranty doesn't affect or prolong its initial closure period. The servicing agreement excludes already existing problems or faults. Although appliances may eventually need to be repaired due to use, this is included in the Select Warranty policy. Within the home service contract sector, asking for a fee each time a maintenance worker comes to a client's house is not unusual.
  • No Smartphone Application
  • To the dismay of customers who expect a smartphone application, the Select business doesn't have one. Mobile applications allow users to file claims and pay fees directly from the convenience of their smartphones; ergo, not having one makes certain operations more cumbersome for them.
  • State Availability
  • Home warranty serv

About Company

The company’s corporate headquarters in New Jersey has been around for a decade. Based on customers’ demands, Select provides three home warranty options, which cover appliances, systems, or both. The Warranty business also gives extra add-ons to customize your warranty coverage and specific reductions.


  1. Plan Exclusions

Only damage triggered by normal wear and tear is covered under Select Home Warranty. Select clearly says in its terms and conditions that it doesn’t cover commercial tools or systems and appliances protected by a producer’s service contract. As a result, Select only provides coverage for single-family residences, individual condominiums, and modular dwellings. Non-residential property is not included in the scope of this policy. On the other hand, the Select plan doesn’t cover already existing conditions.

  1. Help and Support

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call Select’s customer service department. It’s open every time. If you want to contact Select Home Warranty by email, the address is As far as online claims submission goes, Select doesn’t provide a site for homeowners to keep tabs on the progress of their claims or to go through their policy information. Basic questions and answers may be found on the company’s website under “FAQs.”

  1. Add-Ons

There are several more coverage options available through Select Home Warranty:

  • Stand-alone freezers
  • Pools
  • Septic systems
  • Spas
  • Sump pumps

You can include these things in any of Select’s available plan options.

  1. States Covered

The District of Columbia and all 50 states provide Select Home warranty policies.

  1. Plan Exclusions

Your Select Home Warranty insurance usually covers appliances and systems which break down due to regular wear and tear and use. Exclusions provided by the firm should be reviewed before registering for the plan, though. Bear in mind that a product may be insured, but there may be exclusions as to which parts are covered by your insurance.

For example, the insurance does not cover window and moveable air conditioning systems, and neither is any damage attributed to a Freon leak or any other kind of leak. In addition, the coverage for roof leaks does not extend to metal roofs, nor does it cover skylights.

  1. Payout Caps and Limitations

The best home warranty company caters for as many repairs as you require throughout the time of your contract. There are, on the other hand, money limit numbers that are lesser than the business-standard.

Select Property provides options that charge about $125 per call depending on the state in which your home is located. For certain insured products, a Select Home policy’s payment maximum of $500 can make the policy uneconomical. Instead of paying Select Home $503 a year (the national mean), consider saving the yearly premium in an emergency fund.

Additional requirements include giving yearly repairs and washing reports by a qualified technician for approved goods or the risk of losing coverage. In the event that you don’t have evidence of repair reports for the three years before, Select will only cover $150 of the repair or replacement cost of the pieces of equipment.

  1. Repair Times

All across its coverage locations, Select has its self-governing contractors that the best home warranty company has approved. You will not be allowed to pick your renovation worker, but with previous business approval, there might be exclusions. Reimbursement for repairs carried out by service providers outside the system is impossible without prior go-ahead. The most of important repairs will be given the green light within one to four days after submitting a claim. In the event of an emergency, Select will work with you to organize for the fast posting of an expert, as other businesses do.

Grievances about Select’s reaction time are among the most common. Forty-eight percent of respondents claim response times are the important deliberation when selecting a home service contract.

  1. Client Support and Claims

Online forms, emails, and phone calls are all options for customers requiring assistance at any time or night. Select will begin the process as soon as the claim is filed. An important repair might take one to four days to get the go-ahead.

  1. Grievances and Third-Party Examination

According to the more than 4,800 grievances and 1,400 reviews, the BBB has rated the Select Home Warranty as a 1.6-star company. Several customers have complained about the absence of a response from non-affiliated contractors handling service contract claims.

Plans and Pricing

How much it will cost you will be determined by your selected design and the size of your house Plan costs might rise dramatically if you have a house with many systems (as with Gold Care and Platinum Care). The costs shown below are average. However, each residence will be different. If you have any doubts, you should get in touch with them and ask for a more detailed estimate.

Gold and Bronze Care packages demand you part with $44.42 every month on average. On the other hand, the Platinum package costs roughly $6 more every month than the Gold and Bronze packages, but it gives a lot more coverage (basically, it’s a combination of them all).

You get to save a lot of money in the long run if you pay annually rather than monthly. You also get two months of free coverage if you go with this alternative. The Bronze, Gold, and Platinum package, billed annually, cost $479.99, $549.99, and $599.99, respectively.

  • Bronze Care: $44.42 monthly
  • Gold Care: $44.42 monthly
  • Platinum Care: $49.83 monthly

Payout Limitations

There are restrictions on the amount of money Select Home Service Contract will pay to repair or replace eligible articles. All covered objects must be maintained and cleaned at least once a year to steer clear of tight payment limitations. Payouts for home equipment and systems are capped at USD 150 if you can’t serve the provider with three years of past looking after records.

Up to $2,000 in coverage for heating and cooling systems with documented enough repairs may be acquired. Repairs or replacements that exceed that amount will be your responsibility to cover.

Additional covered goods, for example, septic tanks, often have a maximum of $400 for mending and replacement costs on the $500 ceiling for pieces of equipment, drainage system, and electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Property Assessment Necessary for a Select Home Warranty?

A property assessment is brought on board in the Select Home Service Contract fee before the coverage provision. A home service contract coverage from the provider may only be bought when all appliances and systems have been restored to their former operational state.

What’s the Process for Canceling a Select Home Service Contract?

You can cancel your membership within thirty days of signing up for the Select Service Contract at any point. A formal appeal must be made through the firm’s 24-hour hotline to achieve this goal. According to the firm’s online reviews, you’ll get a quick answer to your problem.

Is it possible to select my service provider for Select Home Warranty?

Provided they are licensed experts, you are free to select your service providers. Additionally, before using a third-party providers, make sure to receive Select’s permission.

What kinds of things are covered by the Select Home Warranty?

As an option, Select Home Warranty offers a Platinum Plan that includes a few products that aren’t included in the Gold or Bronze tiers, for example, garage entrance openers and ceiling fans.

What does Select Service Contract Company not cover?

Personal possessions not included in your tier are not covered by Select. Typically, home warranties are meant to protect domestic systems and equipment in the event of a breakdown.

Pieces of equipment and systems which are incorrectly set up or inadequately preserved will not be covered by Select’s service contract. Even appliances and systems that are usually covered are not exempt.

You may contact Select or look at a sample agreement available for download to see the total number of exclusions.

Does Select Home Warranty cover roof leakage?

As a non-compulsory add-on, Select provides limited coverage for rooftop leaks. To be eligible for coverage, a single-family house must include an inhabited living space, and certain rooftop materials that may be mended:

  • Metal roofs
  • Shingles
  • Tiles
  • Structural leaks

Is mold covered by Select?

In terms of mold destruction, Select does not cover it. Home warranty companies are no exception to this rule. Several Home Service agreements exclude coverage for destruction attributed to water, fire, and other natural disasters. The property holder’s insurance may cover this destruction, so check your policy.

Does Select cover water destruction?

Unfortunately, the Select policy doesn’t cater to the destruction caused by water. Although drains repair is covered, water destruction is not included.

Is termite and pest protection included in the Select Home Warranty?

Do not expect Select to pay for destruction attributed to termites or any other kind of pests. Generally speaking, pest destruction is not covered by home service contracts since pest management is seen as a necessary element of regular housekeeping.

Is Select Home Warranty coverage for theft included?

Select doesn’t provide theft coverage. Vandalism also isn’t covered by this policy. Hence, insurance for your house and personal items may be necessary in the event of burglary or damage.

Does the Select Warranty cover tree damage?

Select Home Warranty does not cover tree damage. Acts of nature are often not covered by house warranties.

How soon after filing a claim does a technician arrive?

A professional may generally be found two working days after placing the call. A four-day turnaround time is possible if the request is placed on the weekends or during a holiday. According to the Select Service Contract Firm, you may need to leave your house to protect yourself and your family.

Are there Clients’ Support Complaints?

Over the previous three years, the Select business has resolved more than 4,800 grievances with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Hence, your agreement should clearly show the plan’s omissions and bounds, so be sure to read it entirely before appending your signature.

As of this assessment, the Select Company has a B score from the BBB and is not currently recognized. Scores and approvals from the BBB may fluctuate swiftly and often. Customers should not primarily rely on a business’ BBB score when making buying options, according to the BBB. If you’re interested in learning more about BBB’s approval standards and consumer feedback, you can visit their site.

Is The Company Right For You?

Select is an attractive option if you want to sign with a warranty provider for an extended period. To attract new consumers willing to stick around, the firm provides crucial savings and a variety of all-inclusive plans and add-on coverage options.

In addition, the firm’s service price is reduced compared to other home warranty service providers, making it more straightforward for you to establish whether or not to contact a technician.

It’s great for property holders worried about roof top leakages since Select provides complimentary slates coverage. On the other hand, select may not be accessible across the United States, so be sure to double-check before signing up.