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Shopify vs. WooCommerce (2020) – Which is Best?

Are you thinking of setting up the e-commerce store to supercharge your retail business? 

Now that you are reading this, it is easy to guess that you are confused between two eCommerce platforms- Shopify and Woocommerce. 

Well, both are reliable e-commerce platforms. And both are easy and peasy. So, let’s get started to know whether Shopify simplifies your business process or WooCommerce. 

In this article, I won’t give you a suggestion on Shopify vs WooCommerce. My purpose is to give a brief overview of shopify and woocommerce.

WooCommerce VS Shopify- Overview 

What is WooCommerce?

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Woocommerce is a powerful open source e-commerce plugin that can transform your existing WordPress site into an engaging online store. 

It is a flexible, secure, robust, and very reliable e-commerce platform. If you want to create a stand-alone ecommerce from scratch or want to turn your existing WordPress website into an ecommerce store, then use this perfect plugin.

This plugin is a great choice for the business or individual who needs a modern and clean interface online store. 

How to Install WooCommerce?

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Undoubtedly, woocommerce is an amazing e-commerce development plugin that installs and uninstalls the same as other wordpress plugins.

Want to know the full-installation configuration of woocommerce? Then follow the steps that we have mentioned below-

Step1: Install the plugin 

The very first thing you need to do is to install the woocommerce plugin on your site. 

Follow the process to install the woocommerce plugin.

Go to the Plugins> Add new plugins> Type Woocommerce> Click on Install> Activate it

Now, a plugin is running on your website. 

Step2: Access the Setup Wizard 

Once you install the woocommerce plugin, now we instruct you to set up a wizard. Here you need to enter some basic details about your online store like where the store is based, what currency you accept for payment, address, city, and so on. 

Don’t panic when entering the information; you can change the information in the future if necessary. 

Step3: Choose your payment processors

Now choose the payment methods like Paypal, UPI, and Cash On Delivery. 

Step4: Configure your shopping options

Next, you will come across the shipping page. Here you need to decide the delivery charges. 

Step5: Addons woocommerce features

The next page of the wizard gives you some recommendations. We suggest you choose at least a storefront theme that helps you in designing a store hassle-free. 

Step6: Install the Jetpack Plugin 

It’s a handy plugin that comes with impressive WordPress ecommerce features. It improves security, adds various analytics, and more on your website. 

Step7: Complete the Setup Process 

How to Display a particular category product in WooCommerce?

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The following are the steps to display a particular category product in woocommerce:

Step1: Group your products into relevant categories 

Before setting up the category table, you need to create the product categories. When designing the product categories, make sure they are easily accessible by the customers. Create parent categories then include subcategories. 

Step2: Install and activate the woocommerce product table plugin 

Once the categories are ready, install the product table plugin to keep the products in a well-organized way. 

Step3: Customize your product table settings 

To fit the table in your store, you can customize the product table settings. Right from the styling table, content, images to determining pagination for the large tables, you can customize everything. 

Step4: Add your product category tables to your store

Now, add the product category tables to the relevant pages. There are many ways to do this. Normally, the shortcut is used by the developer [Prdouct_Table]

What is Shopify?

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Shopify is an ecommerce development program that is used to create an online store. It has become a homeowner of 1000,000 merchants so far. 

By offering a wide range of themes, advanced ecommerce features, and flexibility in creating and managing online stores, it has gained huge acceptance in the retail world. 

It let users create an eye-appealing and responsive online store without coding.

How does Shopify work?

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To launch your shopify online store, you must follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Step1: Sign up with shopify 

Visit the official site of shopify and click on the sign up icon. Along with the store name, Shopify will ask for some other details as well.

Step2: Start Setting up your online shop 

Once you sign up, you will be directed to the online store setting page. You will get full access to customize the theme as per your choice. But make it clean and modern. 

Step3: Choose a theme 

Browse a theme store to preview the theme and choose the best one. Always select a mobile responsive theme.

Step4: Edit Shopify settings 

Most of the Shopify themes allow you to make simple changes that can massively affect the appearance of the online store. Do it wisely. 

How to add products in Shopify?

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Adding products at Shopify is a hassle-free process. By following these easy and peasy steps, you can add the products at the online store. 

  • From the Shopify “Admin” panel, go to the “Products” and then “All Products.”
  • From the “Product Pages,” click the “Add Products.”
  • Now enter a title and products and description. 
  • Click Save. 

Shopify Vs WooCommerce Which one is right for you?

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Both Shopify and WooCommerce features are impressive and help you in running an online store with ease. If you are a non-coder, then we suggest you choose the Shopify e-commerce development platform. And if you have an existing WordPress website, then it is good to turn into an online store by installing a woo commerce plugin.


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