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Simpletexting Review 2022 – Top 10 Text Message Marketing Services

Small companies may benefit greatly from text messaging. Email marketing isn’t always the most efficient way to reach consumers. It is possible to develop and group consumer databases using Simple Texting so that you may deliver various information to targeted customers and increase sales revenue. Simple texting is an outstanding product with a low price and a well-designed, user-friendly, and fully equipped framework. No other service provider includes the bespoke connections the company gives its small-business customers to manage their businesses.

The Verdict
Simpletexting Simpletexting

Generally, Simply Texting is the greatest solution for your enterprise. It's cheap, simple to use, and packed with extensive tools for your text message marketing campaigns. According to the service provider evaluations on sites such as G2, Capterra, and Software Advice, other consumers had a similar experience. We recommend this company if you are searching for a more complex SMS text promotional tool with link monitoring and bulk SMS capabilities.

  • Good Customer Care Services
  • On weekdays, Simply Texting's customer care is available practically all-around clock. Even on Weekends, customer care may be reached by phone, which is unusual among several text message marketing firms.
  • They Provide Extra Educational Materials
  • The company's website and Dashboard both provide live chat. Click the live chat feature, and you will find a list of recommended articles, videos with step-by-step instructions, and information on recent updates. Using these tools may help you resolve certain issues before contacting an online chat person. As you wait for a response, you may get links to publications that might be useful.
  • Other benefits include;
  • No restrictions on how many keywords you may use.
  • Bespoke integrations development for customers that sign up for services that include at least 7,500 messages every month.
  • Experienced account managers for tactical text message promotion counsel.
  • It Lacks QR Codes
  • The service provider has yet to incorporate QR codes into its text message marketing plan, unlike most of its competitors. As a result, the business is falling behind in an area where SMS marketing is quickly becoming a vital instrument. QR codes allow your small company to print an image that clients could use to preload their messaging app with your phone number and sign-up keyword.
  • No Email Support
  • The firm does not provide email assistance, which most of its rivals do. However, you can contact them by phone or through live chat.

About Company

What time is it precisely? The co-founders, Gene, Felix, and Andrey, created the company in 2010. New York City-based advertising firm Founded in a modest office in Brooklyn, the initial objective was to develop a full-service marketing business. As a result of the 2011 mobile surge, a new possibility arose: SMS marketing that could help business people thrive.

The service provider has more than 100 staff in 18 countries and eight zones worldwide. When Sinch, a major worldwide communication network as a service provider (CPaaS), acquired it, its purpose became even bolder. It provides text, audio, and video communication solutions to a huge global client base. The company has engaged in developing a service that is easier to use and improves its customers’ lives better.

Although it has grown to over 15,000 clients, SimpleTexting remains a close-knit workforce that collaborates and is dedicated to making it simpler for them to connect with their target market. This is a long way from the humble three-person Brooklyn headquarters, and it hopes customers will join it on the journey and enjoy the wonderful experience.


Keywords and classification are standard capabilities, but Simply Texting offers the unexpected through bespoke connectors and in-depth analytics.

  1. Free Zapier Custom Integrations

If you are on the $229 monthly plan or more, the service provider will construct special Zapier connectors from the start for your organization, which is one of the top Simple Texting perks. If you don’t understand how to utilize Zapier, you may save a lot of money by integrating it with other services. Nothing else in the world of text message advertising gives you this kind of compatibility with your different company’s software programs. It’s a priceless resource for your small business.

  1. Two-Way Communication in the Inbox

You can see all the communications consumers have sent you in your Inbox. All past and continuing interactions between you and a given client may be accessed by clicking on a specific message. Begin a new chat by clicking the center of the screen button. The company ensures that you can add emojis and references to your text without having to leave the current page. Similarly, you can engage in real-time conversations with consumers and exchange messages. Through this feature, you can better serve your customers by answering their inquiries promptly, pitching for a product or service straight or establishing a connection with them.

  1. Segmenting

Simply Texting has a clever approach to segmenting its subscribers. In the beginning, you must pick if you want to construct subdivided categories based on every one of your contacts or on separate lists you have previously created. There are many ways you can divide your users into groups, such as those who signed up through a form or those who opened on a short URL in a prior text message promotion.

Email newsletter members can get SMS messages from your business. Although the directions for utilizing this function might have been worded more simply, it took a long procedure to figure out how it worked.

  1. Customized Fields

Creating unique fields may gather your users’ age and ZIP codes. That’s quite helpful when trying to figure out what your audience likes or who your ideal consumers are. It’s possible to establish a custom field so that consumers only get messages from the nearest place if you have many locations.

  1. Keywords

Customers are invited to text a term that expresses their preferences from the outset, which helps categorize them. Simple Texting’s software makes it simple to include phrases in your text. You can create an alternative auto-response for each keyword, enabling subscribers to understand how often you will text them with incentives and news throughout the month. However, you may alter this to as many instances as you want.

  1. SMS and MMS Marketing

You can utilize the service provider’s system to run SMS and MMS promotional strategies, just like any other text message promotional tool. Draft a note, select the lists of members you would like to deliver it to, and then submit it to begin a new campaign. You can distribute the campaign instantly or at a predetermined date and time. You don’t have to move to another site section to have a recurring promotion as you did with other texting services. A campaign is a good way to boost sales for a certain product or service.

  1. Autoresponders

Businesses may use the company’s services to establish various auto-responses for members depending on the categories they feature in their contact database. When you cannot answer instantly, they are helpful to have on hand. Once you have chosen a list, click the “Create Autoresponder” button. The customer’s name might be included in your answer to make it more personable. Your answer may then be delivered immediately, at a predetermined time, or later.

  1. Analytics

SimpleTexting’s extensive statistics dashboard displays the number of replies and unsubscribes to particular campaigns, autoresponders and API messages against the number of text messages sent out. The analytics feature lets you specify a period for which data should be generated. Similarly, you will like the capability to track overall subscriber growth, with data split down by list, category, keyword, online form, and customers shared with Mailchimp.

The Simple Texting platform presently has a unique testing feature that allows you to track campaign success by individual team members. Another feature that sets this solution different from the competition is its ability to assess employee productivity.

  1. Tools for Creating a List

To get the most out of a text messaging network, you need a large userbase, or at minimum, one that you are actively attempting to build. Your homepage, social networking profiles, and email signature may incorporate Simply Texting’s mobile phone opt-in web forms, which can be used to recruit users. The new subscriber may choose the mailing list they wish to join by filling out the form. You are in charge of what other information is received.

It has the birthday text feature, allowing friends and family to send you a text message on their birthdate. Your subscriber will get a “happy birthday” SMS from you on their special day and an auto-response confirming receipt of your message. This is a thoughtful addition concerning leveraging text messaging as a customer care tool.

  1. Alerts for Scheduled Meetings

You can set timely reminders using Simple Texting, Zapier, Google Calendar or the Acuity Scheduling software. Complete guidelines are supplied; however, if your company is large enough, it’s usually best to ask the service provider to handle it for free.

Plans and Pricing

The 14-day free trial of Simply Texting allows unrestricted usage of all features and 50 free texts. Depending on how many credits you anticipate using, eight different price options are available if you are satisfied with the company. One credit is used for text messages, while three credits are required for MMS (photo or video). Among other benefits, you enjoy free incoming messages, unlimited contacts and keywords, a special toll-free number, customer service seven days a week and rollover credits for five users.

In terms of Simple texting pricing, it is in line with the rest of the industry.

  • 500 credits will cost you $25 per month, and $0.045 for each extra credit
  • 1,000 credits for $45 per month and $0.045 for each extra credit
  • 2,000 credits for $75 monthly and an extra $0.035 for each extra credit
  • 3,000 credits for $95 per month, plus $0.030 for each extra credit
  • 7,500 credits for $145 per month with an added $0.02 for each extra credit
  • 25,000 credits for $375 and $0.015 for each added credit
  • 50,000 credits for $625 monthly and $0.0125 for each added credit

Contact the customer care service for a customized payment plan if you anticipate sending more than 50,000 SMS messages monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Precisely How do Keywords Operate?

Keywords are used to compile a database of potential clients’ mobile phone numbers. When a consumer sends the keyword to your contact number, a collection of mobile phone numbers is immediately generated. In this context, the consumer is referred to as “opting-in” or “subscribing.”

How does SimpleTexting Manage Safety?

The company’s goal is to be as open and honest as possible regarding the security of your private details. It employs a variety of safeguards to ensure that your privacy is protected, including:

  • Adopting industry-accepted digital and manual security protocols facilitates the secure transfer and storage of information. Similarly, they use the TLS 1.2 protocol to encrypt information sent among their customers and their U.S.-based database hardware.
  • Performing frequent safety checks to uncover any possible security holes.
  • Within minutes, the company’s developers may update the application securely. It’s prepared to swiftly bring out any essential security patches since they release many daily updates.
  • It is providing its employees with information on security procedures. The company has a detailed reaction strategy in case of an occurrence.

Is it Possible to Set Up Many Campaigns?

Yes, log in to your account so that you may develop other campaigns. Conventional messaging, Sms to Vote Assessments, Text to Win Prizes, and several others can be used in campaigns. In the Inbox, you can identify which campaigns each specific mail belongs to. The identity of the campaign your customer is engaging in will appear at the top of each message you exchange with them.

Is there an API for

Yes, kindly call the service provider if you haven’t already so that you may integrate functionalities into your app or platform. To discover more about the company’s features, see the API documentation.

Login into SimplyTexting, browse to your Dashboard and then select the Settings icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen to see whether you have API access. Always be aware that account administrators or owners may only access the Settings page.

After that, look for the API part by scrolling to the bottom. Your token will be displayed in the company’s API if you have permission. For those who don’t, you may get in touch to communicate with the customer care team right here.

Is There a Way to Get Additional Keywords?

You don’t have to worry about running out of keywords with any premium plans since they all feature limitless active keywords. The free trial of the firm only allows you to use one keyword, but after you subscribe, you will be able to use more.

How Can I Utilize URLs With Custom Fields to Dynamically Pre-Fill Forms?

Requesting extra information from your contacts is possible using the Data Collection tool. A link to a lengthier, more detailed form would be preferable if you just needed to gather brief info. You need a tool like a dynamic URL and custom fields to help.

Custom fields and dynamic URLs let you pre-fill forms with information you already have. Your clients will appreciate not having to repeat themselves.

Is There Any Campaign That Can’t Use SimpleTexting?

It is against the CTIA and cellphone carriers’ policies to authorize texting applications to function on platforms that encourage or advocate violence, improper or adult material, vulgarity or hate speech, and illegal narcotics. Customers who do not comply with Simple Texting’s terms and conditions risk having their service terminated.

How Can I Update My Account?

Log in to Simple Texting and tap on the human symbol in the top right corner to implement adjustments to your account. Individual profiles may be edited from here. You may change your main email address and phone number in your user’s setup. Resetting your password and customizing your notification settings are all options you have at your disposal.

As an account owner or administrator, you may access settings in the bottom left corner of your Dashboard. You can change your organization’s information, such as billing, teammates and telephone numbers. The API token may be managed through Settings if you already have API access. You may seek authorization if you do not have it on that page.

How does SimpleTexting handle Sales Tax?

Depending on your company, every US client may be liable to state and municipal sales taxes. A line item on your invoice will reflect any applicable sales tax if you acquire its service and reside in a state that does so.

A third-party tax firm that is an expert in state and municipal taxes has teamed up with Simply Texting. It gives tax computation at the moment of purchase, and that tax is then included in the invoice. Organizations like governments and non-profits may be free from taxes in certain areas.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes, Simply Texting is a good text marketing company that caters to all kinds of businesses, no matter how big or little they are. Its user-friendly UI provides for a shockingly straightforward text messaging service. Similarly, it gives a wide range of text marketing tools and integrates with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Zapier at competitive prices that most businesses can afford.