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Splashtop Review 2022 – Top 10 Remote PC Access Software

Splashtop is a remote access software that allows users to access their computers remotely. The software benefits support teams, helpdesks, educational institutions, a hybrid workforce, and IT technicians. This software allows easy remote access connection to computers and devices through a simple session code.

The software comes with four service-tier plan packages for customers to choose from. The plans include Business Access, SOS, Remote Support, and Enterprise. The packages offer unique varying features based on the subscription you choose. However, the company does not allow monthly billing for their plan packages.

The remote access software allows users to access multiple devices, print remotely, transfer files, group, chat, and management functionalities. The company offers its software via cloud-based or on-premise deployment options. With downloaded software, users can easily access remote computers using a nine-digit session code.

The company also includes features like remote printing, chat, and multi-screen display. The pricing plans for all the feature plans vary depending on the number of computers to connect with. Here is a detailed review of Splashtop.

The Verdict
Splashtop Splashtop

In general, it is right to conclude that Splashtop is among powerful remote connection software. This software is fortified with industry-standard security features that guarantee data security and privacy.

The company's service plan packages are affordable and user-friendly. However, the company offers its service plans through an annual billing only. Users also benefit from a free seven-day trial of any service plan they choose.

The software is a safe harbor for everyone who falls short of tech experience because of its easy setup process and user-friendly interface. Along with the intuitive interface, expect awesome features, all-level powerful security settings, and a detailed knowledge base.

  • Security protocols
  • The software is well secured with several security features and functions to ensure data is protected. The software uses security tools like two-factor authentication in addition to other user-level security features like the lock screen tool.
  • Multi-monitor navigation
  • This software is unique because it allows for multiple screen share options that are not available in other software plans. The software allows users to enjoy the multi-to-one and multi-to-multi remote screen share features.
  • Remote wake and reboot
  • This software's exclusive feature is a breakthrough in innovative technology. The software allows users to access switched-off computers remotely. The user can then awake and reboot them remotely using a connected device.
  • Some of the other pros of the software include:
  • ̶ Easy upgrade or addition of features when the business and team grows
  • ̶ Ability to chat outside and in remote sessions.
  • Annual- only Billing structure
  • The billing structure that this company adopts is not user-friendly to many. The company offers annual only subscription plans. Some companies that have not yet decided to commit to the long-term use of the remote access features view the annual billing plan as unrealistic. Other top competitors have a monthly billing option
  • Linux users limited
  • The software poses difficulties for Linux users who want to remotely access devices and computers that are not of the same brand. However, you can use the software to access Linux devices remotely. The limitation is common for such remote success software. Reach out to our customer service support team when you experience such difficulties.
  • Software installation
  • The software must be installed in the users and the desired remotely accessed device for one to establish a connection.

About Company

Splashtop Inc. is a company that offers state-of-the-art remote support and remote access software that stands out globally. The company’s software has gained a reputation globally. The company offers secure, cloud-based, and easily manageable services to a number of end-users. The remote access software benefits academic institutions, multinational enterprises, individuals, MSPs, and small businesses.

The company was founded in 2006 and made great sales of its first product. Their pioneer product was an operating system that allowed computer users to securely get online in less than five seconds, called splashtop. The name is a combination of the BIOS pre-boot system ‘splash’ and the derived word ‘top’ from the word desktop. The OS shipped across many 300M computers and netbooks like Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, LG, Sony, and Asus, among others.

When the market changed, and the OS prospects were dimmed, the company forged an ingenious way to remain relevant. The company decided to bridge and merge the PC and mobile worlds. The company relied on its top experts to develop a high-performing system.

In 2020 the company redefined the remote access experience by introducing remote desktop software for iPad and iPhones. In 2011, the software’s Remote Desktop became the best-seller app on the Apple App Store, beating top competitors like Angry Birds.

Splashtop first focused on remote mobile gaming and later directed its attention and efforts to remote support and computer software that were generalized. For over a decade, this remote access software tops the game when it gets to enabling affordable, easy, secure access to remote computers. The invention allows remote working, remote play, remote support services, and remote learning on any device, any location, anytime.

The management team that founded the company in 2006 is still in control and has close relations as friends. The software offers a variety of plans and solution packages to its users, including business access, remote support tool, SOS, enterprise package, personal, and splashtop On-Prem.


Like many other remote access software in the market, this remote access to PC allows you to access a computer remotely using other devices. The software has features that allow users to execute remote functions like chatting between devices, recording live sessions, transferring files and printing remotely.

However, the intriguing aspect of this software is its ability to allow users to transfer files between computers without starting a remote session. Amazing right! That’s just the tip of the iceberg, here are other amazing features that this amazing software offers.

Remote wake and reboot

Imagine working from home, and you need access to your workplace computer, which is most probably off. Sounds impossible, right! However, the remote wake feature that comes with the splashtop software can do just that. Talk about achieving the impossible.

However, for the remote wake feature to work, your computer must meet these criteria: it must support Wake-on-Lan (WOL), it must be connected to a LAN network, and one of the computers connected on the same LAN network must be awake. The steps might seem complicated, but they are easy and mandatory to achieve the connection.

The hybrid workforce that frequently dodges between the office and home workspace must ensure their computers support the remote reboot and WOL capabilities. To remotely reboot a machine, open your console or web and select the reboot computer action. The software allows you to choose between safe mode and normal reboot.

Multi-monitor navigation

The hybrid workforce effectively collaborates and interacts using the multi-monitor navigation feature. This feature allows users to share their screens and view the screen of colleagues. Splashtop offers a variety of options for screen navigation.

In addition to the common feature among every competitor, viewing multiple remote screens simultaneously, the software goes a step further to maintain dominance. The software can also allow users to enjoy the multi-to-one and multi-to-multi remote screen features.

The software also allows two users within a team to remotely access a computer concurrently. This unique ability is useful for a team of people working in separate locations to work on a project or presentation simultaneously.


Remote connection of computers with multiple users and devices is a complex process that requires safe and secure connections. The software comes protected with all security settings that meet the industry standards. The security features include TLS 1.2 with AES 256-bit encryption, device authentication, two-factor authentication, and multilevel password security.

The software also has user-level security features like auto-locking and screen blanking, copy and paste controls, idle-session timeouts, remote print control, and file transfer control. In addition, the software also offers users additional minor security settings like streamer-locking configurations, remote connection notifications, digitally signed notifications, and proxy server authentication.

Plans And Pricing

This company offers a large selection of software plans compared to other companies in the market. The software offers several service-tiered plans for a wide range of target markets, including individuals, businesses, education facilities, managed service providers, help desks, support and IT.

The software offers three major plans exclusively for the business market, including the Business Access Solo, Business Access Pro, and Business Access Pro Volume Licenses. The number of devices accessed and the type of features on your display vary according to the subscribed plan.

The pricing for the service tiers of the Business Access is affordable in the market. To access the business access plans, expect a monthly fee of between $5 and $8.25 per month. However, the company also offers a free seven-day trial which falls within the range of the free trial period other competitors offer (14-21 days free),

It is worth mentioning that the company offers an annual billing option only to its customers. Here is a review of the pricing to expect.

  • Business Access

Business Access Solo

The business Access Solo plan is the basic among the software package. This plan is specifically designed to fit the needs of individual users giving the user access to a maximum of two computers. This plan allows users to view one remote monitor at a time and the ability to switch between monitors.

The Business Access Solo plan costs US$5 per month and is billed annually at US$60. This plan allows users to access remote computers using their Mac, Windows, IOS, Chromebook, and Android devices. The Business Access Solo plan allows users to use remote printing, file transfer, logging and audio features.

Business Access Pro

The Business Access Pro is the most popular plan tailored for individuals and small teams. This plan gives users to access up to ten computers per user. The business access pro plan costs US$8.25 per month per user and is billed annually at US$99.

The business access pro plan offers all the features included in the business solo plan. In addition to that, customers have access to many other plans, including session reporting, remote rebooting, remote wake, desktop sharing via a web link, managing multiple users in teams, and two-user access on a remote computer. Tow users remotely connecting to the same computer will, however, require two business pro licenses.

Business Access Pro- Volume Licenses

The Business Access Pro- Volume Licenses plan is designed to meet the needs of larger teams. The plan costs US$6.19 per user monthly and is billed annually. This plan contains features that allow users SSO integrations, active directory, granular privilege control, group-based access permission schedules access, and many others.

The business access pro-volume license plan also allows users to combine a number of remote access end-user and remote support technician licenses. With this plan, you can also access the cloud and on-premise options.

To receive discounts on the monthly payment of the subscribers, the business access pro-volume license plan offers the following discounts:

  • Four to nine users- given a discount of 20% on the annual billing scheme paying US$6.60 per user per month
  • Ten plus users who subscribe to the annual billing option- receive a discount of 25%, paying US $6.19 per month per user.
  • Remote Support

This package plan is a remote support and unattended remote access solution for MSPs. It allows for monthly subscriptions to support MSP business models and allows you to pay for the required number of unattended computers per year. This package plan allows connection from any device, unlimited technicians and remote computers.

  • Enterprise

This company’s enterprise plan is a valued remote computer access package offering support tools for class-based setups. This plan allows students, IT managers, and employees to work from home using the unattended anytime access.

This plan package also includes an on-demand quick support tool for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, and IOS devices to remotely share screens. This plan supports/SAML integration and remote computer management capabilities.

This company’s enterprise package for remote labs allows the scheduling and remote access to computer labs in the education institutes. The plan package also allows students and faculty devices to receive support from IT managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer monthly billing?

No, we only offer annual billing. Our company subscription is annually based on ensuring customers pay lower prices for our plans.

Can multiple users access the same computer?

Yes, users are allowed access to the same computer within the same account. However, you will have to purchase the Business Access Pro plan. When you purchase this plan for two users, the users can access a group of combined computers. The software also allows you to define each user’s access to which computer. It can allow the same computer to be accessed by two users concurrently.

Where can I download the software?

You can install the software’s business app on the Mac, Windows, Android, Chromebook and IOS devices you want to connect to remotely.

If you do not want to install the software on the device, you can download the portable version of the app on your Windows devices exclusively.

What if I need to access more than ten computers?

To have access to more computers, you need to add more user licenses. Two user licenses give two people access to a maximum of twenty computers, and ten user licenses have access to share a hundred computers.

Use the SOS software if you are an IT specialist or support professional that supports computers for others.

How can I upgrade or add to an existing subscription?

To do either of the two, visit web console. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select the subscription option.

How many computers can I access at once?

Using a mobile device, you can access one computer at a time. One computer gives you access to all your computers at the same time.

What is a user?

A user is any person who uses their email address to log into the software account. Each of the users is given a remote access ability to their computers upon paying a subscription fee.

What is a technician?

Technicians are any individuals who provide remote access using this software. The software allows you to create as several technician accounts as possible.

How does the attended support feature work?

The software allows unlimited unattended access. In addition to that, users are also allowed.

Is The company Right For You

Many business employees prefer working from home (hybrid employees). Choosing to work remotely can be very challenging whenever you want to connect with colleagues. However, the company presents the perfect software to solve all your remote access needs making you remain productive.

If you are part of the hybrid working society, you definitely need access to powerful remote access software that delivers top performance yet is affordable. Splashtop offers affordable plan piece packages and contains amazing features like the wake and boot, allowing you access remotely sleeping computers.

This software is the perfect solution for anyone looking to benefit from the following:

̶ Save on cost

̶ Have access to the security of data and compliance with safety standards.

̶ access all remote desktop features to work from home- for productivity.

̶ Seamless working across remote connections.

̶ Remote Access to PCs from any device of your choosing.