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Strategies to Improve the ROI on Your Enterprise Application

Business owners and marketers are always in search of increasing return-on-investment from their enterprise applications so that they can utilize their existing customers and product to generate decent revenue for their hard work.

It is a legitimate expectation to increase revenue from an enterprise application which is providing a reliable and trustworthy solution to the people. 

As being a part of a professional enterprise application development agency, today, I am going to share with you useful tips to improve return on investment from your apps.

I’m going to show you the exact strategies which will allow you to generate recurring income from your enterprise application.

These techniques have allowed me and my clients to generate revenue from our enterprise applications. And I am sure that after reading this article, you will have some actionable tips to monetize your enterprise application.

Let’s dive deep into strategies to improve our why on your enterprise application.

Provide API

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a software that enables portability and scalability to an app.

If the enterprise application is reliable and trustworthy, visitors expect that they should be able to use the app on all other platforms which they use daily.

With the help of API, you can let those users access the features on other platforms as well. They just need to embed the API of your enterprise app on relevant platforms like landing pages, websites, or SaaS-based software.

Now, you can charge money to grant API access to the users. Because this way, you are making your enterprise application available on different platforms. 

With the help of the API, customers can enjoy seamless service provided by your brand and expect the same results that they are getting from your mainstream application.

Similarly, you can enable support to APIs of other enterprise applications. This way, under one roof, users can leverage your enterprise app and access features of their other favorite applications. 

For example, you are providing ERP software where users can manage all their companies’ data and contact details. 

Now, if you support Google API, they can use all the Google products on your enterprise application seamlessly. This way, with the help of their Google products, they can get the most out of your enterprise application effortlessly.

Encourage Sponsorships

To all the digital marketers and online advertisers who are reading, this would agree that sponsorships are deal-breaker to increase brand awareness and improve domain authority of their websites.

Sponsorships create a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers. For your enterprise application, be it web for mobile, you can enable sponsorship to invite other brands to get the benefit of online advertising.

They can place their banner or embed website link inside one of your highly engaging landing pages, where you can mention them as a sponsor of your enterprise application.

This way, the brand will get the attention of your users. If your enterprise app is a website, advertisers will get a quality backlink to improve their websites’ domain authority.

In return to the sponsorship, you can charge the handsome amount. You can also introduce sponsorship packages like a lifetime, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and so on.

Charge Per Account 

If you are running a SaaS platform on web and mobile, then you introduce per-user purchase. For each new member, the admin has to pay a nominal fee to let the team member use the enterprise app.

Suppose you have an online platform that manages all the communication and team-building tasks of multinational organizations. So, you can sell your enterprise application based on the number of staff that the organization has.

For example, if an organization has 500,000 team members, and you are selling your enterprise app for $1000. So, the total cost of the complete sale would be 500,000 x 1,000.

Enable In-App Purchase

In-app, purchase is the most renowned and probably the oldest way that can improve the revenue from an enterprise app.

If an enterprise application is solving a problem through an interactive feature, it could be made a paid feature by encouraging users to purchase it. 

This way, you can charge a relative amount for the quality of solutions that you are providing throw your enterprise application and improve revenue.


I am sure these strategies will allow you to create unique ways that will help you improve return-on-investment on your enterprise application.

I am excited to know how are you planning to execute either of these strategies in your current enterprise application to generate more profit. 

So, please share your feedback regarding the strategies in the comments below.


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