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Textedly Review 2022 – Top 10 Text Message Marketing Services

Marketing professionals and businesses embrace text message promotion because it is exceptionally successful at acquiring leads and maintaining customers. Choosing the right platform for your SMS advertising campaign is the first step. Textedly provides everything a company needs to create a successful text message marketing campaign.

The platform is a simple text message advertising platform that provides SMS and MMS transmission, a unique toll-free contact, and other effective SMS promotional basics. If your text message needs modification, you may quickly switch between the service provider’s 12 reasonably priced options. A one-time price will be charged for permanent membership, auto-replies, personalization, and drip marketing. For these considerations, Textedly is a good recommendation for businesses looking for a flexible, economic SMS promotional tool that will evolve with them.

The Verdict
Textedly Textedly

Regarding per-text messaging rates, Texedly is right up there with the best of them. This platform isn't as feature-rich as other companies, but it's relatively user-friendly, and you'll have to invest in some of the features other suppliers provide for free. Nevertheless, building a database of customers and sending out messages to individuals or groups is a simple process. Customers may communicate with you in real-time through SMS. When it comes to basic messaging requirements, Texedly is a good solution.

  • Affordable
  • The cost of this specific service is the most appealing aspect to potential customers. It is a much more reasonable choice than many comparable services now available on the market. With a monthly cost of just $24, it is more accessible to owners of tiny enterprises and freelancers.
  • Automated Text Response
  • Their automated text response services make it possible for businesses to promptly respond to the inquiries and concerns of their clients without the need to write a new message manually. Users like the option to plan bulk messages and the customized templates available for their messaging campaigns.
  • Compatible With Many Apps
  • The software is adaptable to many applications, which is another major advantage of using it. When it comes to communication, you can ensure that everything runs more efficiently and consistently if you link Textidly to the other tools your organization employs.
  • Good Customer Care Services
  • Numerous people like the round-the-clock availability of clien
  • The service provider has a few shortcomings, which, in the opinion of some of the app's users, need to be improved to make the program more intuitive and user-friendly. The fact that customers are expected to pay for a whole year's worth of service up front is the primary cause of the constraints with which they are dissatisfied. If your company expands, it could be tough to improve your products, which is a problem for businesses as the demand for text messages rises in the workplace.

About Company

Textedly is a private firm that assists businesses with text advertising founded in 2015 with Its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. When creating the company, the founders kept the end-user in mind. Their goal was to bring some sanity to the confusing world of mass text messaging. The platform now enables SMS text messaging throughout the globe, thanks to a team of bright and charismatic staff. The platform has stayed true to the original mission, listens to its consumers, and keeps prices cheap, making the platform more attractive.

With the software, you can easily expand to any of its options as your company grows and you deliver more SMS. The cost of scaling is negligible as well. Even if you transmit 240,000 texts each month, the company will cost you a fraction of what other SMS advertising agencies would charge.

It does not matter how many consumers you have; T will always allow you to communicate with them. Marketing functions are not constrained in any manner due to this strategy. There is no difficulty in adding new consumers and tying them to a keyword. Adding data is as simple as pasting a CSV file, selecting a keyword, and clicking “Save.” Similarly, the software makes it simple for subscribers to opt-out, which is an important SMS marketing best approach. As a result of these features, Textedly is a favorite for adaptability.


The firm exceeds all of your expectations for a text message marketing campaign. They attempt to predict your requirements by providing a wide range of options. Package selection affects the number of included services. You can look forward to these exceptional features and services from them.

  1. Applications and Connections

The software’s one-time fee add-ons stand out from the rest of the text message promotion apps tested. Unique applications for auto-replies, customized text messages, drip marketing, SMS inbox alerts, and Instagram messaging may be found alongside popular connectors such as Slack. Textedly’s audio calling app may be accessed outside the App Tools area, but it doesn’t make it any less unique. Among several text message marketing companies analyzed, these add-ons are unusual.

  1. Templates and Keywords

The platform can target customers based on the items and services they are keen on. If your company is a nail salon, use phrases that describe your services like “manicure” and invite users to utilize them when they sign up for SMS. You will be able to develop a strong keyword in under 60 seconds. An opt-in message will be sent together with the keyword and the number of messages you selected per month.

Similarly, you may write your welcoming greeting or use a pre-written one. It’s just that Textidly’s template feature is a total hassle. Creating a new template isn’t as simple as ticking a box; instead, you must travel to the “Manage Templates” area three clicks away to make it happen. Although there are 65 templates to pick from, they are not connected to this dashboard. However, you will be delighted by the keyword system’s speed and ease of use, although just a small number of keywords are available on cheaper plans.

  1. Keeping Track of Subscriptions

With Textedly, it’s easy to organize your users into different categories based on keywords. Personal subscriber records can have several tags added to make it easier to locate them. Uploading a CSV file or doing this manually is an option. To save time in the long run, it’s preferable to mark each new subscriber as soon as they join. Otherwise, you will have to go back over your database and manually add them to every appropriate record as time goes by. This method is not optimal for detailed segmentation since it might take a long time.

Due to the platform’s sophisticated filtering function, it’s easy to locate subscribers by using tags. Lists produced using search cannot be saved, which is inconvenient. You will have to re-enter all your search terms for the same members and conduct the same search again. Similarly, this makes classification more difficult.

  1. Messages and Proposals

In the “Messages” section, a breakdown of the texts and campaigns you have previously sent will appear. A new message or campaign may be created quickly and easily. At the top of the screen, there is a “New message” button. Type their name into the search bar to send a text to a specific user. As a customer care channel, texting may be quite effective if used one-on-one. This is also where new members may be added.

Make sure you check the boxes for each subscriber you will want to target in the campaign you’re creating. Optionally, send the advertising instantly or at a later time. The new campaign can’t be turned into a recurrent one in this part of Textedly. You will have to go elsewhere on the site for that.

Textedly allows you to participate in real-time text conversations. Consumers and prospective customers can connect with a company when they have a two-way conversation. It’s a great way to get folks in the door in the first place and maintain them coming back for more. Messages may be seen and replied to directly from the messages interface by selecting “Inbox.” Notifications on desktop browsers may notify you of new messages as immediately they arrive.

  1. Direct Dial-In

You get a toll-free phone contact that your consumers may use to SMS you with every subscription plan. Clients may reach you by dialing this number if you use Textdly’s voice calling add-on, which is enabled by default. The monthly cost of 10DLCs or more toll-free lines is $15 for each additional line.

  1. Use of Quick Response (QR) Codes

According to a recent study, QR codes are one of the trendiest ideas in text message advertising right now. They may make it easier for you to sign new clients for your mailing list. QR codes on printed items will automatically fill your phone number and signup code when consumers scan the codes.

Textedly is one of many companies that provide this service. App Tools must first be opened to enable this function, free of charge. Other text message promotional solutions do not need this additional manual activation stage. On the other hand, some systems for text message advertising do not use QR codes.

  1. Scalability

Small business software must be able to expand with your company, so why start with a solution that you may have to ditch later on? Textedly is the most adept at addressing this issue out of all the text message marketing firms tested. There are 12 price tiers, ranging from a low of 1,200 monthly messages to a high of 240,000. Likewise, there is an option of developing a plan from scratch.

The company’s pricing is the cheapest for the number of texts you transmit. It charges less than half the cost of some of its rivals, even at large monthly texting volumes. Scalability has now been made much easier thanks to this low-cost option.

Plans and Pricing

There are 12 different price levels offered by Texedly, making the brand stand apart. In our assessment of Textedly, we identified many plans, but only eight are available. Custom plans and pre-packaged bundles are available with the service provider.

The free trial with the platform includes 50 messages, one unique keyword, and no incoming texts for the 14 days. You may then choose from one of the plans below. The company’s pricing plan is unusual in that the brand does not utilize reduced costs to induce customers to move from monthly to yearly subscriptions. Instead, you can send hundreds or thousands more SMS every month for the same price, regardless of which service you choose.

It’s as simple as that: the platform has three price tiers. For each of these monthly texting restrictions, competing SMS marketing businesses charge more monthly. Free incoming texts are included in all plans.

Bronze Plan

One unique keyword, 1,200 messages per month, and free incoming messages are included in the $24/month fee.


For $39 a month, you get 2400 messages, 2 custom keywords, and free messages coming in.

Enterprise Plan

$50 per month offers 4,200 monthly messages, 3 unique keywords, and unlimited incoming texts.

Elite Plan

With $70 a month, you will get 6,000 monthly messages, four unique keywords, and unrestricted incoming messages.

Business Plan

The subscription costs $140/month and comes with 12,000 monthly messages, 6 configurable keywords, and unlimited incoming messages.

Silver Plan

With $210/month, this plan gives 18,000 monthly messages, seven customized keywords, and unlimited incoming messages.

Premium Plan

The plan costs $350/month and contains 30,000 monthly messages, 10 unique keywords, and unlimited inbound communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Platform Function?

The software will automatically collect a user’s city, state, and zip code when they sign up for the service. Additionally, users have access to statistics, which may include customer timestamps, engagement, user histories, and other quality measures. Customers do not have to worry about paying for incoming texts, and there is no restriction on the number of subscribers they may have.

How Many Persons Can Participate in a group SMS at Once?

There is a maximum user capacity of one hundred on Android phones. However, this number might be less based on the model. iOS permits a maximum of 20 persons to participate in a group chat, and the number of participants in the conversation might vary depending on the Apple device used.

Where is the Headquarters of The Company Located?

A favorable working environment is essential for the firm’s and its workforce’s success. Contemporary offices are located in two bustling cities, Los Angeles and Nashville. Each workplace has its character, but they are all staffed with bright and creative individuals committed to assisting clients in achieving their goals.

What is the Purpose of SMS Automation, and How Does it Work?

The technique of delivering pre-scheduled text messages to one or more subscribers is known as SMS automation. It is possible to send programmed SMS using a drip approach in which texts are activated when a user takes action.

In What Ways are SMS and MMS distinct?

Sending text messages that merely include letters and numbers is known as an SMS. Images, links, videos, and symbols may be included in a multimedia message (MMS).

Use of an SMS Marketing Service?

Sending out tens of thousands of SMS daily is a complete job that takes a lot of time and energy. The use of SMS marketing solutions frees up your time so that you can concentrate on your business.

Are My Credit Card Details Required for the Free Trial Period?

No, if you want to use the platform, you must sign up and use the free option. However, you will be required to submit your payment details for the other plan that suits your business.

Is The Company Right for You?

The software is a good option if you are searching for a simple text message marketing solution. It excels at what it is capable of and does it with style and elegance. You can get the job done quickly and inexpensively with this. The software can link with other applications using Zapier to connect with other software and applications you are utilizing for your company, including some more upscale platforms.

Textdly has an in-browser dashboard from which you can manage your account. A lot is going on the screen, but it’s well organized. Deliver texts, check message history, add and remove keywords and contact information, see reports and activate audio conversations can be done via the left-hand navigation menu.

Adding a filtering tool next to the taskbar makes the screen look more crowded. Several tools may be difficult to locate, and even if you do, there isn’t much guidance on how to utilize them. The UI is well-designed and user-friendly, although it might need a little more work to make it simpler.

First, you must ask Textidly for authorization if you wish to import your data from a different text message marketing provider. You may submit your current subscriber list as a CSV file after receiving permission from the vendor. This might be made more accessible by using an online signature tool.

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