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The Best New Approaches to Digital Marketing

It’s official: tech works. Never before has society been so connected and so informed all at once. The digital landscape has completely transformed the way we live, from the ways we communicate, learn, and yes, shop.

Marketing, which has always been linked to technology, has similarly been affected. Companies have always looked for the best ways to reach the biggest markets as efficiently as possible. But although traditional marketing methods have worked for decades, they often posed challenges in efficiency, trackability, and measurability. Now, with digital marketing, intelligent marketing is easier than ever.

Where small businesses might have struggled with printing and distributing marketing materials, tons of affordable options are now available at the click of a mouse. Whether through social media, email, or simple browsing, businesses small and large can reach out to more customers faster and more efficiently.

While SEO and content marketing have been top tools over the past decade, marketing is continuously evolving. Now, businesses and marketers have new, more innovative options to help with efficiency and effectiveness. Here are only a few of the best new approaches to digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a while, recent years have seen it transform from a niche tool to an essential aspect of digital marketing. It’s become ubiquitous in the online sphere, with machine learning shaping what and when the market sees your product. It’s even on social media, as platforms like Facebook are now offering chatbot options for pages and small businesses.

Sean Cotton of describes the reasons behind AI’s success, writing, “When AI-powered technologies are effectively implemented within digital campaigns, they enhance creative impact, allow for more accurate audience targeting, make tactic optimization easier, and ultimately boost conversions (…)”. AI increases the effectiveness of campaigns by streamlining customer journeys, providing and analyzing data in real-time, helping to generate leads, and much more. While we haven’t yet reached the limit on what AI can do, it’s become clear that machine learning is blazing the path forward.

Omnichannel Marketing

Despite the effectiveness and scalability of digital marketing, you won’t find businesses and marketers abandoning traditional methods any time soon. Why is that? Digital marketing’s purpose is not to eclipse traditional marketing, but to provide options that can help support and strengthen campaigns. This is why more and more marketers are turning to a blend of offline and online approaches— also known as omnichannel— for their campaigns.

Why invest in omnichannel? According to Triadex Services’ Director of Sales Ryan Mogged, the answer is simple: “Marrying the online with the offline has been very effective for our customers. For example, a consumer may start seeing your digital ad on their couch Monday night as they surf the web. Then, when they get home from work on Tuesday and check the mail the brand recognition is more top-of-mind so the consumer is less likely to throw the mailer away.”

Omnichannel allows you to create a unified ecosystem, both online and offline that ultimately motivates your customer into buying your products. While it does take more time and investment, the returns are clearly worth it. The growing number of businesses making use of this approach says the same.

Mobile Marketing

Finally, you can look at mobile marketing. While mobile marketing isn’t exactly new, it’s become more and more relevant as each year passes by. There are over 2 billion smartphone users in the world, and those numbers keep climbing. In fact, companies that don’t optimize their services for mobile use are increasingly finding themselves left behind.

Your products and services will not only have to look attractive, but they’ll also have to be actionable while your customers are on the go. We’ve discussed this before in our article ‘5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Digital Marketing Strategy’, but it bears repeating. Short content, proper social media use, optimizing for mobile screens, and video content are all going to be cornerstones of digital marketing if they aren’t already. Businesses should make sure to use these tools to their best advantage.


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