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The Evolution Of WordPress Theme Design 2019

In May 2003, WordPress brought in some of the exciting features in its first version.  From nice designs and textures to intelligent line breaks, there was everything for the bloggers to have a gala time. Blogrolls were literally a big deal down that time but today in the year of 2019, it’s a thing of the past. Today the bloggers have entertained block-base editing and page builders with which they are able to develop their own WordPress site without any need of coding.

It has evolved quite remarkably and has exclusively become the fortress for bloggers around the world. Here in this article, we are going to discuss in detail about its evolution over the last 16 years. So, let’s take a look at how the theme designs of WordPress have exclusively evolved from 2003 to 2019:

WordPress 0.71: The Beginning

The first default WordPress theme was released in the year of 2003 in the form of b2layout. The attributes of the WordPress 0.71-gold theme were basic for the purpose of blogging at that time. There was a simple back sidebar with a header. As the internet speeds were slow this simple design also took time to get loaded. But it was easy to make the changes when compared to rival platforms.

With the use of sidebars, bloggers were able to display their content with ease. It was easy to manage and use making it quite a significant impact in the world of bloggers

After WordPress 0.71-gold, came the 1.2 version which gave the platform a grip of new color which was certainly a pleasant change to make. In this version, the bloggers were allowed to share the plugins with the WordPress community.

WordPress 1: The Evolution

WordPress exclusively evolved as a fresh blogging platform and also a perfect space for the one who loves to code. This phase saw tech-savvy bloggers helping WordPress address bugs and also asking for new attributes. WordPress was an open source project where feedback was always welcome to make the platform better and bigger as per the needs of the users.

Visual Improvements: From Version 1.5 To 3

Here we are going to assess the changes experience to this platform in the time 2005 to 2010. In the year of 2005, WordPress came up with even flexible system with its new theme. The version 1.5 sees themes being divided into different segments giving users much more flexibility to manage and control their site as per their custom needs.

In WordPress version 1.5, the start of Kubrick era was noticed. It was exclusively considered to be the first real default theme which allowed users with easy to control options in a very precise way. Kubrick, the new theme system worked out-of-the-box for a number of users with a wide range of plugins. Not only this, during the time of 2005 to 2010, this new theme was exclusively acknowledged as the front-end face of WordPress. This theme exclusively became the mainstay of WordPress theme design trends big time helping users around the world with its flexible options.

In the year 2008, WordPress came up with Theme Repository which exclusively allowed bloggers around the world to download WordPress themes for free and exclusively share their own designs. Yes, with this invention, one was able to check how others were making use of the WordPress platform and the given theme.

WordPress 3.0 came in the year 2010 taking a huge surge ahead in the development of this blogging platform. It exclusively became an amazing Content management system with attributes like better custom taxonomies, custom post types, headers, custom background, and menus.

Easy To Customize

By 2012, WordPress 3.4 came into existence which allowed users to make basic changes to themes. Yes, they were able to change the backgrounds and colors with ease. Not only this, but the first fully responsive theme also came into place.

In 2013, the rise of page builders was acknowledged. It was certainly groundbreaking allowing users to drag and drop their sections of the page from one place to another.

In 2014 the world of WordPress theme got more modern, sleek, and was designed beautifully with the infusion of responsive technology.

During the time of 2015, WordPress continues to expand as a complete CMS with the involvement of business and portfolio themes. It was used for different agency and business sites.

In the year 2016, the headers got bolder and bigger. Not it had become fullscreen and was able to feature sliding videos and images.

By 2017, the premium and independent theme developers created niche themes. Yes, one was able to create WordPress sites on any sector and industry.

Phase Today: A Complete Package

In 2019, WordPress is a complete package with the best of attributes in the form of page builders and the block editor. Not only this, you will exclusively have been many other tools which makes it easier for users around the world to create complicated websites without any kind of issues at all. The drag and drop feature certainly stands out with downloadable themes making it easy and very manageable to get the sites to build without any complications.

So, there has a number of WordPress theme design trends since it came into existence but over the time it got easier to control with lots of attributes in store. In 2019, you can have your site’s design in complete control with page building attribute. In the future, it will certainly get better and more user-friendly!


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