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The Impact of AI in WordPress Customer Support

Are you looking forward to improving your SEO and provide the best possible customer experience to your users? Well, then Artificial Intelligence is the perfect choice when it comes to creating and maintaining a successful website. We know how the AI is buzzing across the globe in all the verticals and therefore plenty of organizations are taking help of AI to streamline their workflow and engage their customers in the area of customer support. 

In this article, we will be looking at the latest trends of AI in the area of customer support along with future predictions. 

How does AI affect Customer Support?

In the present times, the AI is revolving around something called machine learning which states that a machine is performing all the mundane tasks done by the humans which are learned to complete those tasks better just like a human world. Whether it is for the data entry, or any other tasks, the ultimate purpose of AI is to save the time and energy of mankind. This allows us to free up more time for the people to concentrate on other creative pursuits. 

There are a lot of future predictions for AI in the benefits of humans. Some of the ideas work in automated transportation, a machine that performs hazardous work and humanoid robots for customer service and e-learning.

Here’s how AI can improve your WordPress Website

For the current scenario, we are not digging deep into the humanoid robots but we will focus on how Artificial Intelligence can be put to work on your WordPress website for performing small but crucial tasks. 

  • Automate Customer Service for Ecommerce Sites

Waiting on hold for customer service is becoming a traditional thing now as the customers with quick responses to their inquiries. Effective customer service is crucial for driving sales and producing repeat customers as well. Using the AI for handling the customer service keeps the customers updated with all their queries every time they come to ask one for. This is where the chatbots come in as these AI-powered tools help to direct the customers across your website and answers all your basic questions. There are plenty of chatbots that work with Facebook Messenger for providing customer service on your websites such as Manychat and Chatfuel. You can also check out the for creating the inspirational landing pages and even be used as a pop-up chatbot. 

  • Enhances your Content by rectifying the Mistakes

Using the right spelling and grammar plays a crucial role in the user’s perception of your website. Websites with incorrect spelling and grammar errors lead to less trustworthy and professionalism. Your word choice also matters and overusing the cliches leads to uninterested content which makes your reader give up on your site. Make sure that fresh ideas always attract potential customers. In addition to this, the poor word choice leads to confusing sentences thereby decreasing the communication quality with the site visitors. 

There is plenty of WordPress plugins which helps you to deal with the faulty sentences and grammar. For instance- Jetpack comes with the proofreading feature which uses the immense capabilities of the AI whereas Deadline offers spelling grammar and style checking to make your content look professional and easy to understand. 

  • Improve the Site’s Visibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential art in order to create content for the web. If you wish your site to get succeeded, you need to get it rank high on the search engines so the users can spot it at once. Not all SEO has to do with your content, it also considers optimizing your text and images. 

Optimizing all of your website content can be time-consuming and requires full attention to detail the several areas. But with the aid of AI, this can be speed up and you can focus on creating content rather than optimizing it. If you are a blogger or marketing executive, WordLift can help to improve the content’s SEO. It includes various features that perform SEO-related tasks like publishing Meta descriptions, tagging content and organizing posts & pages and much more. 

Wrap Up

WordPress websites come with the stress of daily maintenance and help from humans is not always an option. Therefore, by making use of the AI, you can take care of the tasks which are required by your site to free up your time and attend more pressing concerns to improve the overall user experience. We can still predict more to come from the AI side in order to enhance the customer experience. Till then – Keep Learning!


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