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Top 5 Security plugins for Securing your WordPress Website

The WordPress is considered as one of the most popular Content Management System that is handling a million of websites in the present times. We all are familiar with how the business, as well as an individual, can have their own website using this platform.

WordPress is changing the world of websites by providing affordable and easy to build websites. But along with this comes the risk of securing these websites from the hackers. The security of your website can be put to risk by some unethical sources and hence it is always a better option to secure yours from the hackers by following some simple steps.

It is an obvious rule to use a quality host when it comes to choosing a web service provider for better security. Switching to HTTPS can also help you tons in saving from these attacks. Try to create the secured login credentials and enable a web application firewall for stronger security. Always implement two-factor authentication and choose new plugins and themes carefully.

Furthermore, you can also try on some interesting security plugins by the WordPress development company to provide more secured web platform to increase customer engagement and trustworthiness. Here, we provide with a list of security plugins in both free and premium mode that you can try to enhance your website security.

#1  All In One WP Security & Firewall

This plugin is an open source and free that has been developed by Tips and Tricks HQ which is loaded with numerous security measures. The plugin is totally free to download and it helps to take your website security to an advanced level by not hampering your site speed.

It allows the users to automatically schedule the database to minimize the risks associated with the loss of data. The security levels are categorized into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced with the login lockdown feature to save from any brute force login attack.

#2   Bulletproof Security

This security plugin claims to provide complete protection against malicious attacks and comes loaded with numerous functions to provide a secure and safe environment for effective website operations. Even the tutorial is provided by its developers, AITpro to grasp the plugin functionalities by watching these videos.

It comes with a simple installation and idle session logouts feature to keep a track of regular database backups for preventing any data loss by having a real-time file monitor function.

#3  Google Authenticator

The google authenticator comes up with the two-factor mechanism to authenticate the hacking attacks by providing double layer protection to your website. The interesting thing about this plugin is it provides the same protection in all smartphones and landlines as well that means it is customizable for multiple users.

Developed by miniOrange, it offers more than 15 methods of authentication. The plugin provides device identification option to let a user remember the device for future reference and also provides QR code scanning with the push notifications to get alerts.

#4  Wordfence

The Wordfence security plugin is more popular among all. It provides high-end protection from unidentified threats that are getting generated from unknown sources. It comes packed with wordfence firewall that foils all the hacking attempts on your website and scrutinizes all the activities and intimates the owner about the threats. Also, it has the live traffic function that imparts real-time information regarding the traffic sources.

#5  iThemes Security

The plugin is designed by the renowned theme developers which were known as Better WP security. It also provides few video tutorials for in-depth learning against the security. The plugin provides a malware scanning at regular intervals and two-factor authentication to prevent unethical login attempts.

It also syncs for managing themes and plugins from a single dashboard and also comes with Brute force attack protection network to take stringent measure against the malicious attacks. It is a free source and can be downloaded easily from the WordPress official site.

Exciting times ahead

We can conclude from the article how the security plugins help to discard the better protection to the websites and how it helps to keep your website secured from other attacks. There are a plethora of plugins available which claim to provide complete protection but still, you can try on to variant plugins to check which one works the best for you. Keep Learning!


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