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Top 5 Tips to Improve WordPress Performance

Top 5 Tips to Improve WordPress Performance

There is no doubt that WordPress is becoming popular and this means that many people are using it for their websites. However, have you actually given a thought about the performance of your WordPress website? Do you have an idea how visitors find your website? How do you stay ahead of competition and gain more visitors? These are questions you should consider especially in this era where there are competition among businesses to get the highest rank in Google and other search engines.

It is important to look at your website critically and there are chances of finding something that could be responsible of poor website performance. Sometimes these issues could be old or outdated plugin, theme related or any other problem that can slow down website performance and leave a bad impression for visitors of the website.

The problem is that most website owners encounter these problems without even having an idea on what causes these problems. In fact, most business owners create good websites and forget that these good looking websites would require updating from time to time. However, when these things are not taken care of, WordPress performance suffers. The good news is that there are tips when adopted go a long way to improve your WordPress website. The following are the tips

Choose Solid Hosting Provider for Your Website

There is no doubt that hosting is the key to the success of a website. In fact, your website, SEO and even sales can improve tremendously if you choose the best hosting company. The most important thing in this regard is hiring the best hosting provider and it could be a problem if you do not have an idea on how to go about it. However, it is important to always choose a hosting provider that has a verified track record of performance and experience with a solid strategy for improving website performance.

Install the Right WordPress Theme

It could be confusing to choose from over a thousand WordPress theme. Some of them are paid while some are free but for best results, choose themes that are right for your website. It is important to note that the theme showcase your website to the visitors. It presents the feel, look and functionality of your website. A boring theme may leave a bad impression on visitors; therefore, it is important to select a great theme even if it is paid so as to improve the performance of your website.

Remove Unwanted Plugins

There are thousands of plugins on WordPress and the reality is that not all can be used. However, outdated plugins on your website needs to be eliminated. If by any means, you install a plugin that does not work, remove them else your WordPress performance will be affected. Do not forget that these unwanted plugins are responsible for slow websites which cause low rank of websites. Check for latest version of plugins periodically and remove these unwanted plugins.

Check your site Images

Do not forget that images and videos are elements that could attract visitors. However, it is important to note that large images have a way of ruining the performance of your WordPress website. For example, putting a large image on a bid size paragraph is just a sure way of introducing slow loading to your WordPress. No matter how good the content of your WordPress website are, any sign of slow loading will leave your visitors frustrated and make them move to a similar site . Therefore check the images and videos on your WordPress site and ensure that they are well optimized for quick loading.

Keep Your WordPress Website Up to Date

The truth is that if you do not update your WordPress website, there is every possibility that your visitors will switch to the next updated website. Besides, not updating your website leaves your WordPress website vulnerable to virus, bugs and hackers and this is a performance killer.

WordPress websites remain one of the best but effort must be made to ensure that they are on top of their performance expectations. So if your website is having some performance issues, then these tips could help correct them and improve your website performance.


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