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Top 7 best WordPress templates for writers

Whether you are a journalist, ghostwriter or one of the reigning professional thesis writers, finding the best WordPress templates made for writers can make a lot of difference in your profession. You will be able to convince readers and potential clients that you know what you are doing when they read your work. And of course, the template will add more creative spark to your work.

There are tons of WordPress templates available, making it difficult for writers to make their choices. But we have managed to do the legwork and provide details of the seven best we think are ideal. Let’s take a look at them one after the other.

The Writer is a WP template created for writers looking for a layout that makes texts easy to read. If you like telling stories on your website, The Writer can give you the boost you need. Every writer wants their work to be appreciated. And using this template can get you the exposure and recognition you seek.

The design of this template is simple. And it will keep your readers focused on the story. Visitors will be more interested to read those incredible stories on your blog word for word. Another reason this template is rated among the best is about the customer support. Even if you are new to this template, you won’t have problems using it.

Other additional features The Writer offer

Other great additional features that the template provides include SEO tools, social media profile as well as a visual customizer to make images more captivating on your blog. Even if you are not providing writing service like write my paper 123, this template is great for personal blogs.

ThemeBeans is the maker of Forte, an incredible template that comes with advanced customizing tools that let writers personalizes the theme. It is a stylish theme for authors and writers and is modern and beautiful design stands out. It features great topography that will captivate your readers. And if you have excellent photos you want to share on your blog, Forte can make them more enticing. It is so clean and simple.

Other features Forte offer

There are tons of features that make this theme outstanding. It has a responsive design and is email subscriber compatible. You will also fall in love with the video background.

Evoke is one of the best themes for writers. It is suitable for writers that like to accompany their written work with images. Your texts will not be clustered around even though this theme can make the image to take up the entire screen.

Evoke has a unique WordPress theme customizer which is ideal for writers that like to add more visuals to their work. You can customize the theme to suit whatever option you like.

Other features Evoke offer

Evoke’s mobile responsiveness is incredible. Customer support is also great, and you can enjoy live preview when customizing the theme.

It is impossible to mention themes that are responsive without including semantic. Semantic allows users to use shortcodes to add sliders, buttons, testimonials and other features. There is also a theme options panel that is so powerful and allows users to modify the fonts, colors, background and other aspects of their websites. And they can also showcase their writings in a visually appealing way, thanks to the numerous homepage layouts as well as beautiful galleries it offers.

Other features semantic offer

The post-emphasis is one of the features that differentiate the Semantic from other themes. It allows users to feature some of their old posts directly on their homepage. And if you an avid content writer, you will find this theme more useful.

If you are eager to take your writing to the next level, Raita is one of the templates to go for. You can customize the template to your taste to promote your blog, articles or writing. It is superior to most themes, and built with popular HTML – CSS framework.

If you want to look more professional in the eyes of your visitors, Literatum is a great theme to choose. The post title on this theme is laid over an adorable full-screen image. It also has a beautiful topography that creates a sleek feel.

Other features the Literatum offer

If you like to change posts from what they are into interviews, Literatum is the best theme for the job. It also has a reading time indicator that shows the length of the post.

If you are a blogger with a great audience, the Himmelen theme will stand you out. It is a stylish theme that can help you to look more creative and is great for bloggers in the food, travel and fashion niche. Just how a website that writes papers for you will give you the best of quality, this theme will make bring out the quality in your blog or website. It has tons of layouts and blog styles that you can choose from to make your work exceptional.


These are great themes that will cause you to stand out from the crowd. You can choose any of them to give your writing a touch of excellence. There are many options, but these are ranked among the best templates for writers. You will be able to persuade readers when you have a great theme installed on your website.


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