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Top Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best CMS for SEO

An integrated Content Management System (CMS) helps you in producing, handling, and enhancing the content on your website. The CMS proves to be incredibly useful since its dynamics are significantly advanced and with the numerous perks it bestows upon you, you can really take those advantages to form a strong digital presence. CMS allows multiple users and grants you permission to easily manage the responsibilities of these users. Improved site maintenance as well as gaining full control over your website through the Content Management System seems very convenient for small to large businesses. 

While we talk about control, you can handle the design of your website and the target keywords of your content. If you are in search of an SEO-friendly Content Management System for your website then WordPress is the best choice you will ever go for!

WordPress was released in 2003 and ever since it has flourished rapidly and adapted to all the changing requirements that the digital media of today asks for. If we talk about the statistics of today, WordPress successfully and greatly impacted about 34% of the entire web. With such rapid changes and considerable growth, it is no shock to know that WordPress’ version 5.3, which was released on the 12th of November, 2019, has swiftly become a part of our business lives. Its downloads are 8,088,611 and it has gained incredible fame. But how and why? You can’t just pick one answer and revolve your theory around it. There are so many reasons attached to it and WordPress being the greatest SEO-friendly Content Management System (CMS) is one of them. Let’s dive into some top reasons as to why WordPress is the best CMS for SEO.

WordPress’ dedication to providing an amazing user experience 

The themes and plugins of WordPress combined to produce a superb effect on the website. They make the website user-friendly, captivating, and so professional. You know what’s the outcome of this? Visitors love a user-friendly and attractive experience and they get the best of it when they land on a WordPress website. Their visit on the website becomes longer which ultimately reduces the bounce rate of your website. Almost every passionate business owner wants high ranking for their website and WordPress is their go-to option. Google loves gifting such websites the reward of SEO who cater to people with the best user experience.

Build superb permalinks with WordPress!

It’s extremely easy to edit the permalink of your website on WordPress. You can fill the keyword you want into the URL and you’ll like how your URL gets free from dull characters. This results in your permalink coming off as an informative one and helping you with your Google search ranking.

Handling metadata easily with WordPress

It’s important for your website to show relevant information when someone searches your website on Google. SEO titles as well as metadata make sure such relevancy is added to your website and makes the Google search engine crawlers comprehend the dynamics of your webpages. At this point, adding appropriate keywords is the best thing you can do to your metadata as this makes your site rank higher with those keywords. With WordPress, you get plugins that help you in adding metadata to your posts quickly. 

WordPress allows you to optimize images

We all know the importance of optimizing our content for SEO but some people fail to realize the importance of optimizing images well. Images are a fundamental part of your blog posts. When used in good time, it fragments your blog into fascinating and clear sections that the reader enjoys while he goes through it. With WordPress, for every image you go for, you can create alternative text. This will help you in plugging in your keywords to make image descriptions obvious to the search engine crawlers. WordPress also allows you to create alt text automatically for your image and you can change the size of your images as well to ensure the fast-loading speed of your page. 

When WordPress is there, you can’t worry about slow loading speed!

Page loading speed is a very important ranking factor in Google mobile search. Sometimes, website owners make websites that are friendly for desktop versions but not for mobile phones. In this fast-paced world where all of us have mobiles in our hands almost all the time, it’s important to improve the loading speed of your page for the mobile version as well so that the users don’t get irritated. If they do, you will lose visitors that could have turned into potential ones and you will fall way below in the Google search engine result page. WordPress has great plugins that diminish your problem with site speed. You can compress images and PDF documents to increase the loading time of your page and get your database cleared easily. 

WordPress’ optimization for mobile users 

As discussed above, the usage of mobile phones has drastically increased over the last years. Since your website should also be user-friendly and optimized for mobile phones, WordPress is the bearer of all good news! You don’t need to go the extra mile to solve this problem. To make your website easily accessible for mobile usage, WordPress is there to save the day with its themes that are already optimized for mobile users! 

Make that campaign successful with WordPress 

We talked about mobile phones already so you must also be familiar with the huge impact of social media on our everyday life. News travel faster than light on social media platforms and the use of such platforms to market your brand is the most effective thing you can do! When your social media campaigns are successful, your SEO ranking also improves which makes your brand a big hit eventually. WordPress allows you to create personalized social media buttons. You can create these buttons for your blog so that readers can share your post easily on their social media.

Plugins made particularly for SEO on WordPress

Get the right plugins and watch how easier your ranking is optimized. Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, and Google XML sitemaps are some of the plugins that can help you in optimizing your content with the targeted keywords. They can help you in crafting content that’s understandable to humans as well as search engine spiders. You can create maps that will make the structure of your website easy user-friendly for Google search engine crawlers. You can also get to know the pages on your website that are unique with detailed statistics.

 With so many perks of WordPress being the finest Content Management System (CMS) for SEO, your life becomes much easier. WordPress is dominating in the digital world and with the great impact that it leaves on the Google search engine result pages, you get to rank higher, make your brand stand out with its effective campaigns and custom logo design services, and easily manage the content you post on your website.


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