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TouchBistro Review 2022 – Top 10 POS Systems

To simplify cafe business processes, the TouchBistro program gives point-of-sale, effective order taking, and account management tools. Several features are included, such as beside-a-table ordering, contemporary menu panels, and scullery screens to assure order correctness. Customers may make bookings online with the program, which also has customer relationship management (CRM) features. Mac computers and iPhone devices both support TouchBistro POS installation. Additionally, a cloud-based option called software as a service (SaaS) is available.

The Verdict
TouchBistro TouchBistro

As you may have guessed, TouchBistro is a popular point-of-sale system for restaurants. This solution can be tailored to match the needs of any size company due to the wide variety of functionality and card processing options it gives. As a result of its concentration on the cafe industry, it provides the answers you require to improve your current setups.

Compared to other leading point-of-sale systems, it is relatively cost-effective with a subscription-based pricing plan invoiced annually. The original outlay rises in direct proportion to the number of terminals needed. Even though, the total charge of acquiring the "traditional" station-based POS will still be pretty affordable than buying program licenses and a large, colossal piece of hardware.

If you choose Touch Bistro to partner, your restaurant will profit from a restaurant administration solution, including continuing software programs and 24/7 customer service. Despite its present incorporation limitations, this provision is ideal for novice and experienced company owners because of its wide range of features.

  • Suppleness, stability, and a general pleasant user experience are among the major profits offered by TouchBistro. When you adopt TouchBistro, you may anticipate the following benefits:
  • Flexibility and Stability
  • This hybrid POS technology gives café’s the suppleness and reliability they need to succeed. It doesn't demand an internet connection since it uses a local one. As a result, you don't have to be concerned if your internet goes down at a critical time of day. Carte du jour control and cloud reporting are both easy to access because of the system's reliable connection. As a result, company owners may keep tabs on their operations at any moment and from any location.
  • Self-Ordering Kiosk
  • Our evaluation of TouchBistro has shown that swift service cafeterias may use their self-ordering kiosk to increase returns, decrease the amount of time it takes to process orders, and minimize the amount of money spent on employees. One of the most important advantages is that it makes automated up
  • Poor BBB rating
  • At the time of penning down this review, TouchBistro had an F rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the agency does not consider it as an approved enterprise. Within the last three years, BBB has resolved roughly 18 customer grievances about this company. Even though the client criticisms that have been put on the BBB's web page may not be a true representation of the sort of service that you will receive from the company, we believe it is important to bring this to your attention.
  • Less Integrations
  • According to our assessment, some of its rivals have more integrations than TouchBistro. Despite this, it provides a several options for accounting and analytics, inventory management, and online buying.
  • They don't have digital menu boards available. For most businesses, this isn't a challenge since the POS system presents a wide range of extra hardware options.

About Company

In 2010, Geordie Konrad and Alex Barrotti created TouchBistro, a bistro POS solution firm in Canada. In 2021, Samir Zabaneh took over as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. TouchBistro is an iPad POS solution that lets restaurants to collect payments using newer technologies. Additional integrated solutions from TouchBistro allow café’s to run more efficiently with a single piece of the program. Since many different types of establishments need POS software, TouchBistro has options for all of them.

There are offices across North America, Europe, and Latin America, in addition to Canada. Because of its rapid expansion, TouchBistro now powers about thirty-thousand restaurants, has 64,000 stations in place, and processes $13 billion in revenue annually in roughly 100 countries worldwide.


Within the diner point-of-sale business, TouchBistro is a frontrunner because of its many attributes. TouchBistro’s program is continuously updated with the addition of new POS capabilities and system advancements.

  1. Cafe Management

TouchBistro is a solution designed to be user-friendly for servers and makes it simple to oversee the floor on busy nights. We enjoy how its table-management capabilities make it simple to create a floor plan which mirrors the framework of your café. This makes it possible for you to supervise tables and seats in an appropriate way. Your tenancy will be increased to its maximum level as a result. During our evaluation of the platform, we found that the tracking features were quite powerful. For example, a manager may keep track of the number of times tables are cleared, which provides valuable insight into the effectiveness of their team.

Our favorite feature of TouchBistro’s online ordering add-on is that it allows restaurant owners to accept requests on their digital pages and transfer them to the system. Online ordering for immediate delivery, and also ordering in advance, is a welcome convenience for restaurants patrons. All of our rivals don’t give this feature.

  1. Personnel Management

TouchBistro allows you to build employee profiles, eliminating the need for a one-size-fits-all-employees POS system. This gives you complete control over the data and features accessible to your workers. You could, for example, want only hosts to make bookings, or you might want only bosses to comp meals.

We are blown away by the fact that TouchBistro also aids you in managing personnel by using worker information. You may run reports on your workforce to unearth who is doing the most in sales and identify the greatest personnel. This makes it simple to hold contests among your employees and motivate servers to provide more products and services to customers. The point-of-sale system is equipped with a built-in time clock and in-app messaging to assist you in communicating with your staff. Additionally, TouchBistro can integrate with 7shifts, which is a helpful planning tool.

  1. Inventory Management

This point-of-sale system has one of the most sophisticated inventory management functions available today. Clients can control inventories down to the all ingredients that go into the preparation of every meal. It cannot notify you of things that run short and routinely remove stuff from the list of options when you run out of them. You can use a barcode scanner to increase inventory or enter it by hand. We like being able to see the price of each menu item in relation to the ingredients it contains. This might be helpful when deciding which products should remain on the menu and which should be removed.

  1. Client Management and Loyalty Programs

If you own a cafe and desire repeat business from your customer, consumer management is one of the most important aspects of the job. TouchBistro provides the ability to do so in the form of customer accounts. You can keep a record of the penchants of consumers, check past purchases, and see any balances that customers might have.

TouchBistro’s loyalty function makes it simple to implement rewards programs. It is possible to give brand-named gift cards and other prizes using this POS add-on. The TouchBistro Loyalty and TouchBistro Loyalty Premium programs are very appealing to us since they provide a variety of benefits for customers.

  1. Check Splitting and Joining

In today’s society, it’s common practice for any person, from close friends to work colleagues, to divide the check. TouchBistro provides users with the chance to divide the check by seat, which is a technique, which is both quick and accurate for dividing the bill. You also have the option of “joining” the seats to create one bill for a single client who is paying for everyone’s meal.

  1. Menu Layout and Floorplan

Simply said, the menu creation process in TouchBistro is easier for you and your team. You may also save your favorite drink concoctions and food allergies. Hosting events may be made simpler with a bespoke floor plan, allowing you to design the configuration to fit your space, even over many rooms or levels.

  1. Tableside Ordering

If you use the TouchBistro platform, your staff members may accept orders immediately beside the table if they’re using an iPad, thus, boosting both accuracy and speed.

  1. Alter Orders

Clients desire to personalize their purchases to their precise needs. TouchBistro’s order adjustment allows the members of staff easily note down specific orders.

  1. Happy Hour Management

Happy hour deals may be modified in the platform to save time for your employees. It’s easy to select a certain happy hour period, and costs will revert to their previous levels when it ends.

  1. QuickBooks Integration

A QuickBooks integration may help you monitor sales and other figures without having to re-input it physically.

  1. Reporting

Since TouchBistro is hosted in the cloud, you can access your data by logging in to your account on any device with internet access. You can generate a wide range of data, like total average sales.

  1. Security

Staff permissions are also possible, allowing you to limit user rights to use to just those features they’ve been granted consent to use. Passcodes may also secure managerial actions such as comping things and unlocking the cash drawer.

Plans and Pricing

Our TouchBistro’s favorite feature is that it allows you to design your own POS system according to your needs and the number of POS stations you want. The price framework of TouchBistro may be seen here.

  • TouchBistro POS: $69 monthly
  • Online Ordering: $50 monthly
  • Reservations: $229 monthly
  • Gift Cards: $25 monthly
  • Loyalty: $99 monthly
  • Self-Serve Kiosk: $69 monthly
  • Digital Menu Boards: $20 monthly

One registration is equivalent to one program license. There aren’t any demands in the agreement. The larger the program and hardware packs, the more dimes you’ll have to fork out in the beginning.

Even though Touch Bistro’s pricing may seem to be exorbitant, it is comparable with competing for POS solution costs. Reflect on the number of stations and places you have right to with each plan, which is great. Because of the firm’s large span of pricing options, you may get precisely what you need at a price you can afford.

What about the real setup of the gear? TouchBistro’s support staff will assist you in effectively installing the equipment during the first setup and ensuing prearranged sessions. Otherwise, they provide premium installation services for a cost, which may be tailored to meet your unique needs and the sort of venue you will be using.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who deploys TouchBistro?

TouchBistro is a point-of-sale solution that is specifically developed for diners. Its wide range of options may be used in several bistro niches. For coffee shops, cafes, food wagons, and breweries!

  1. Is TouchBistro cloud-based?

TouchBistro’s hybrid point-of-sale deploys both server and cloud resources. A local server operates the program, but the system information is saved on the cloud. Hence, your transaction figures are always within reach no matter where you are, on whatever device you use.

  1. Is TouchBistro well-received by customers?

TouchBistro’s reviews are mixed, although the good ratings vastly exceed the bad ones. This is normal of popular programs.

  1. What is TouchBistro?

It is an iPad point-of-sale program that is user-friendly and packed with robust functionality. It was developed with the main aim of serving cafes of varying sizes. It is a cutting-edge hybrid point-of-sale solution, making managing your company easier. TouchBistro is implemented in more than 29,000 diners in more than 100 sovereign countries and is deployed in more than 100. They operate offices in many continents, including North America and Europe.

  1. How much does TouchBistro cost?

TouchBistro’s point-of-sale program has a starting price of $69 per month. It allows you to create a bespoke, all-in-one brasserie management solution tailored to your specific requirements.

  1. Is TouchBistro a smart choice for a business that provide food?

TouchBistro is beneficial because it was created by people with experience working in restaurants. The program and hardware bundles are given at prices comparable to other market options and are laced with capabilities that are needed to operate an efficient business. People who desire a modern interface but don’t need the intricacy of “traditional” point-of-sale systems might profit from using this option. The program has a monthly starting price of $69; however, we strongly suggest trying out a sample version before you buy it.

  1. Who are some of the users which whom TouchBistro collaborates with?

TouchBistro collaborates with the following kinds of users and businesses: mid-sized businesses, startups, enterprises, sole-proprietors, non-profit firms, and government agencies.

  1. What language options are available for users of the TouchBistro product?

The following languages are supported by TouchBistro: English.

  1. What kinds of customer support options are available with TouchBistro?

Assistance is accessible during office hours, live support that is available around the clock, and online.

  1. What other kinds of software or web services does TouchBistro work with?

Freedom Merchants, PayPal, Stax, Square for Retail, QuickBooks Online, ShoppinPal, Caviar, Womply, Xero, and Zip Forecasting are some of the other platforms that are compatible with.

  1. Does TouchBistro provide its mobile application?

TouchBistro does provide a mobile version for iPad users.

  1. When it comes to training, what exactly does TouchBistro present its customers?

TouchBistro gives coaching in the form of manuals and live online and webinar sessions.

  1. Can I try TouchBistro for free?

TouchBistro does give you a free trial.

Is The Company Right For You?

TouchBistro is generally a great experience to its customers since many diner owners are big fans of the application’s ability to guide you through every stage of the dining experience easily. It’s a great piece of the point-of-sale program.

Small companies with just a few stations or devices may save much money using TouchBistro. If your company has more than ten iPads, you may want to look for a more costly program with a higher license charge that allows an infinite number of iPads.

In general, TouchBistro is a good POS system. And its latest updates and additions have mostly been excellent, and the solution still has the chance to develop into something amazing.