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TriNet Review 2022 – Top 10 Employee Leasing Services

Outsourced HR is the right choice for most businesses. In establishing a widely recognizable brand, you need an active HR department. You need to get the services elsewhere if you can’t afford to pay for an in-house team. There are plenty of companies that sell HR services to small and midsized companies. You have to look at their offer and pricing before making a choice. TriNet is a full-service HR solution to manage your employees and other business aspects. You will have a committed team on your side to ensure you grow a d stay compliant. Knowing you are fully covered gives you the peace of mind to focus on other pressing issues. But TriNet might be a new company to you. Luckily this review tells you all you need to know about the company.

The Verdict
TriNet TriNet

If PEO is what you are looking for, TriNet is a solid choice. The platform is meant for small and midsized businesses looking for HR solutions. Other competing companies offer some answers, but TriNet stands out because they have created an all-in-one platform for your HR troubles.

  • Simple payroll processes
  • Self-service portal for employees that is simple to use
  • Wide range of benefits
  • Expense management
  • Talent management
  • Leadership training
  • The PEO solution is well-balanced
  • Customer support is poor
  • The pricing is far from transparent
  • You have to schedule a call to get a quote

About Company

TriNet is a well-established HR solutions company founded in 1998 in San Francisco. They have over three decades of experience. By 2021 they had over 16,000 clients, which is more than what other HR companies have achieved. Their vision is to be the most trusted advisor for small and midsized businesses. The company received accreditation from the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) in 1995. TriNet acquired two professional employer organizations (PEOs) in 2003. They have enhanced their platform to meet the demands of the ever-changing today’s workforce. A more intuitive, visual, and powerful platform gives businesses easy access to HR solutions. The mobile application, workforce analytics, and integration centers are necessary for an HR platform.

TriNet customer service will come in handy, especially when setting up the software. Their support team will ensure the system is up and running within a short period. They also have many resources, including recent trends and insights on the website. This information is essential for a startup that wants to improve employee experience and make the business more resilient. TriNet introduced a non-profit in 2015. It’s a complete HR platform that helps non-profit organizations focus on their missions. They also launched an industry-specific HR solution in the same year. The solution is focused on the needs of life sciences and biotech businesses. TriNet has introduced many HR innovations to help owner-operated and local companies across the US.

Fortune Magazine named TriNet among the 100 fastest-growing companies. You can easily track their progress over the past thirty years. But it wasn’t until 2018 that TriNet received the IRS’s Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) approval. TriNet cost is competitive, which is why many small businesses use their services. The incredible HR platform is reliable and straightforward to use no matter where you go. TriNet is a top-rated platform, but it might not have all the features you want. Find out if the HR solutions are right for your business by looking at their services.


As you already know, the company is a full-service HR platform. Any business that wants to eliminate the HR burden can outsource services. TriNet solutions also offer a self-service portal where employees can access all their HR concerns. These are the primary services you should expect from TriNet.

  1. Payroll Services

TriNet solutions will help you navigate evolving tax codes and help you manage your payroll. You will get the systems and resources you need to hire and pay workers as your business grows. They ensure your staff is paid accurately, efficiently, and on time. You won’t spend time worrying about payroll administration services. The self-service payroll tools help you focus on other business functions. Compliance won’t be a problem because they allow you to adhere to all the requirements and regulations governing pay, including payroll taxes. They simplify taxes while mitigating risk. If you have remote workers, you can handle payrolls online. TriNet was able to process $ 37 billion in payroll in 2017. They are experts at what they do and will be a valuable addition to your team. Streamlining payroll administration is not easy. But when you have such a system on your side, it becomes a possibility. You can integrate the software with other payroll apps to make it more powerful and efficient. They make it easy to go paperless with electronic W-2 preparation and delivery.

  1. Talent Acquisition

Employee talent acquisition and retention are crucial to success. There will be tremendous growth when you keep your best employees happy and in leadership positions. Most TriNet competitors don’t offer talent acquisition services. But TriNet will stay on top of performance management to ensure each employee stays productive. They ensure each worker understands the company goals do that they all work towards the same bottom line. Even after you hire workers, you will be able to understand their performance from the reports you will be getting from TriNet. They also ensure the employees continue learning and developing their skills to remain productive. They have online learning resources your employees can access anytime. These are professional courses like work ethics, accounting, business writing, and finance. Providing workers with relevant education is also a motivating tool that makes them want to stay longer at your company. They even offer off-boarding services for workers who wish to leave.

  1. Risk Mitigation

Risk management solutions will help you protect your growing company. Complex employee-related regulations will always be met to keep your business compliant. When it comes to risk mitigation, you must start by making informed decisions. If you receive a wrongful termination lawsuit and have been working with TriNet, you can produce a detailed trail of all performance-related issues that led to the termination. Establishing such practices ensures you do everything right and protect your business from lawsuits and other risks. Their comprehensive program will protect you from employer liabilities like harassment claims, discrimination, or unlawful retaliation. TriNet’s team also ensures you stay on top of regulatory shifts, so you are never caught off guard. You will only gain peace of mind when you run a compliant business. Payroll, ACA, and benefits compliance should be priorities. The risks against your business are real; you need a team of experts to help you mitigate the risks.

  1. Team Building

Team building services allow your staff to reach their full potential. TriNet has tools that help them recognize ways of developing great talents into a cohesive team. That means they must identify how their employees naturally behave, feel, and think. When they identify individual strengths and skills, it’s easier to make everyone work as a team. They use psychometric and performance assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses. That’s how they can develop organizational efficiencies. A high-performing team will help you meet goals faster and grow the company. Every employer knows how difficult it is to get a group of members to work together. It doesn’t matter whether you have ten or a hundred employees; team building is crucial. You can rely on TriNet’s expertise to create the dream team.

  1. Compensation Consulting

TriNet will give you a detailed analysis of your company’s current compensation offers to see if you match or lead the market. It would be best to remain competitive by looking at what other businesses in your industry offer. Compensations can be a way of motivating employees to perform at the highest level. When your workers don’t feel appreciated enough, they will seek employment elsewhere. Compensation consulting gives you detailed benchmarks that help you make better decisions. This can help you reduce turnover and the time you spend hiring and training. Create a company culture that retains workers and offers the best working environment. When starting a business, there might be so much you still don’t know about compensation; that’s why TriNet provides consultation services.

  1. Employee Support

Employees face many issues daily, some of which they can’t openly discuss with you. If you don’t have an HR team, you are denying your workers access to real-time support that might come in handy. Luckily TriNet provides direct employee support to small and midsized businesses. They handle everything from new hires to enrolling newborns into company benefits. Employee support is readily available, which gives your workers the best experience. When life changes occur, your staff can update their employee status. They can ask the support team for answers if they have any benefits questions or concerns. Your workers can call them directly for their day-to-day needs. Knowing your team will always be supported allows you to focus on the bigger picture. TriNet also offers the same support to business owners for whatever issue you might be facing. Connect 360 is a platform that gives you HR answers at your fingertips.

  1. Benefits Solutions

The size of your business no longer has to limit the type of benefits you offer your workers. TriNet will help you access top insurance carriers. You will provide benefits for spouses, pets, and many other perks for your employees. Offering comprehensive employee benefits is a powerful recruitment tool. Every worker wants to be part of a company that provides benefits. Access to employee benefits is no longer reserved for large companies. If other small businesses are giving employees benefits, you have to do the same to remain competitive. TriNet has a rich benefits plan that goes beyond health and retirement coverage. They have a home, auto, accident, and illness policies. These are some of the things people consider when looking for a job. Having such a plan in place will help you attract the best workers. Every employee will get an attractive package. TriNet leverages the collective strength of thousands of small and midsized businesses to provide premium-level benefit options. They have also partnered with great insurance providers in different industries.

  1. Expertise In Sensitive Issues

You never know when you will get caught between a rock and a hard place. The decisions you make in such situations can either make or break the business. For example, you can hire a new employee and immediately realize they are the best option for the company. Most employers don’t know whether to terminate or train them to become better suited for the company. TriNet will help you navigate such issues without causing any damage. They might even connect you with others who have gone through similar situations before. You barely know all the answers when you are new to the industry. But you can relax knowing you are fully covered no matter your issue. From TriNet reviews, this is one of the services new entrepreneurs find very helpful.

Plans and Pricing

TriNet PEO claims to offer flexible and transparent pricing. However, the figures are not disclosed anywhere on the official website. They say they charge a flat fee per employee per month. The price differs depending on your industry, region, scope of service, and company size. This makes it very difficult to compare them to other TriNet competitors. According to them, pricing is complex when considering all the associated costs when delivering full-service HR.

The best way to understand TriNet’s cost is to schedule an overview call. Their representative will give you more information on the pricing plans depending on the nature of the business you run. It would have been best if they had given an average price range to help newcomers know what to expect. Get a quote and see if your business can be able to afford their services long-term. There is no free trial; you will access their services once you become a paying customer. At this point, you have to rely on their word that they offer flexible pricing. However, before paying, look at TriNet’s most significant competitors and see their price structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TriNet Offer Payroll Services For 1099 Individuals?

No, they don’t. One thousand ninety-nine individuals are usually considered independent contractors and not employees. So if you are under the category, you won’t benefit from their payroll solutions. They mainly serve businesses with several employees. Their online payroll solutions include payroll processing, W-2 preparation, and delivery. You can also use the platform to track paid time off and view estimated invoices. They don’t offer comprehensive payroll solutions compared to other companies, but it’s enough to get you by.

Do they offer mobile services?

Yes, with TriNet Mobile, your workers will have all the HR essentials at their fingertips. Your staff will access the platform whether they use iOS or Android. Mobile services allow your business to be flexible. You can acquire remote workers since they will access everything wherever they are. The mobile platform lets them see detailed paycheck summaries and access vital tax information. They can view company information, benefits, and security features. Workers can track their time of history. Employee management becomes easy with TriNet Mobile.

How Is TriNet Customer Service?

They have contact information on the official site when you have sales inquiries. They have different phone numbers for sales inquiries, customer solution centers, and media and PR. Get in touch, learn how their solutions can help your business, and ensure you get a quote. TriNet customer service also includes live chat. Their phone support is usually available from Monday to Friday.

What Consulting Services Does TriNet Offer?

They offer HR, benefit options, online payroll services, technology platforms, and risk mitigation consulting. When you have issues in any of these areas, it’s always best to hear from an expert before moving. Consulting will give you plenty of information that you didn’t have before. Their consulting services are extensive and have helped many businesses before.

Does TriNet Report Any Payroll Taxes?

TriNet PEO reports different payroll taxes, including all federal taxes. When it comes to state and local income taxes, they report for all states except for Oregon and California. Their services may vary slightly depending on the region, so ensure you ask before becoming a paying customer. Tax information is essential because it keeps your business compliant. If you are paying for payroll services, you should also get tax solutions. You can find an alternative if they don’t offer all the required services.

What Kind Of Employee Benefits Can I Provide With TriNet?

You can provide 401 (K), dental, heal, and vision. If you want a more comprehensive cover, you can include commuter benefits, critical accidents, home, and auto policies in your plan. You must consider offering benefits even if you are a small company.

Is The Company Right For You?

In terms of costs, it’s hard to tell if the company is the right fit. But when you look at their services, you will realize they have various solutions that might be helpful for a growing business. Employee management is not something you can manage alone. You require a team of experts, which is what TriNet offers. They have decades of experience which becomes very useful when you have a sensitive HR issue on your hands. TriNet reviews reveal that they don’t have the best customer support in the market. But that doesn’t take away from the fantastic solutions they offer.