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Verizon Connect Review 2022 – Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Services

Verizon Connect is one of the finest GPS fleet monitoring technology for smaller fleets. Businesses with medium-sized fleets want a system, which is both user-friendly and all-inclusive, and Verizon Connect delivers on both counts. One of the most flexible systems available is perfect for fleets of all sizes. Thanks to its multi-language and multi-time zone capabilities, you may customize your program to drivers in different time zones and languages. Electronic logging device (ELD) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requirements can all be met by Verizon Connect.

About Company

Verizon Connect is a global positioning system (GPS) fleet monitoring business giving multiple tracking options. Verizon Networkfleet, Fleetmatics, and Telogis merged to become Connect, now an important stakeholders in the sector. All three companies were owned by Verizon, which opted to combine them into a single service.

Fast and simple expansion is a distinct advantage of Verizon Connect. A huge range of service options are available through Connect, thanks to the backing of these three well-known companies. It gives simple plug-and-play devices and high-end gear depending on your needs. As a result of these factors, the firm is considered one of the top GPS fleet monitoring services for smaller fleets.

In a nutshell, Verizon Connect is a fleet management and optimization program. And companies of all sizes may benefit from the platform, which increases profitability by better-using assets. Using the vendor’s creative capabilities, you’ll keep track of your mobile staff and the equipment or vehicles assigned to them.

The Verdict
Verizon Connect Verizon Connect

In addition to real-time maps and notifications, Verizon Connect is a fleet management program that allows you to monitor your vehicles at all times.

Plus, you'll be notified through text or email if your driver violates traffic laws, like speeding. Hence, making it a great choice for midsize fleets.

  • Reduce Fuel Cost
  • Your drivers' behaviors and courses may be tracked using Verizon Connect. This allows you to tailor remedial procedures to every driver's specific needs. This way, you may create more efficient delivery courses and save money on gas.
  • Ensure the Safety of Assets
  • Using Verizon Connect, you can oversee and track your pieces of equipment, locations, and drivers with ease. This allows you to enhance security and encourage disciplined driving.
  • Enhance Client Satisfaction
  • Technology and capabilities in the program allow you to improve client satisfaction. Responding quickly and effectively in the face of unforeseen circumstances is one of the program's strong suits. You can more effectively supervise your drivers and fleet with Verizon Connect and better react to late tasks.
  • Raise the Level of Work Output
  • All solutions offered by Verizon Connect are designed to assist you in effectively organizing your ambulatory staff. You may use the features to improve your firm's complian
  • Not BBB Certified
  • Verizon Connect's alarming Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings might push away specific customers. As of 2021, the BBB gave it an F rating and documented roughly 90 complaints against the firm. Therefore it is not certified by the BBB. Although it's not always that Verizon Connect's service will meet your expectations, we like to see our top options get great reviews.
  • It's Expensive
  • Despite its customizable plans and price, Verizon Connect's GPS fleet monitoring program is on the more expensive side. If you're looking for a low-cost fleet management system, you may not be able to afford the higher prices. This increased price is often not an issue for medium-sized fleets, which have the financial muscle to pay; but, if you seek a cheap system to manage your fleet, you better seek another service provider.


Fleets of any size may benefit from Verizon Connect’s services since it works on desktops and smartphones. Verizon Connect offers a variety of services, some of which are listed below:

  1. Hardware

This appeals to us: Verizon Connect includes some hardware alternatives, from critical plug-and-play technologies to more complex devices. You can mount the hardware yourself or have experts do it for you.

Choosing which devices to use is great for medium-sized fleets with a wide range of cars and resources. Plug-and-play devices, for example, may be desired by specific users. At the same time, an OBD II connection may not be available, necessitating the usage of a hardwired device for additional security. Some of the company’s rivals only provide one of these ways of techniques.

  1. Fuel Performances

With Verizon Connect, you’ll have access to the tools you need to save money and improve fuel economy. Courtesy of these tools, you can reduce engine wear and monitor idling. You can also use its program to assist you in training your drivers to drive more fuel-efficiently.

  1. Customization

What sets Verizon Connect apart from its rivals is the ease of customization. Users can tailor the platform to their fleet’s needs thanks to a wealth of customizability options. Fleets that travel across several states benefit from the ability to set many time zones and languages.

Since a medium fleet is likely to have a personnel hierarchy, additional security measures are necessary. Verizon Connect might be of help with its great ability to set security levels for an infinite number of consumers.

Customizable daily features like routines, alarms, and word labeling are beneficial. For example, you may replace the word “car” with “hoist” inside the system to make it more understandable to your staff.

  1. Geofencing and Mapping

Like most fleet monitoring services, the software supports geofencing. You may introduce geofences to your map to generate notifications when they are accessed or departed. This is specifically important for security since you may get warnings whenever a truck departs the vicinity of your company.

It’s possible to assess traffic and data overlays using Verizon Connect and create efficient courses, schedule drivers, and dispatch them all using the service. With Google Maps as a GPS engine, many of the companies we looked at offering its users a wide range of GPS services. Thanks to Verizon’s mapping program integrated into Connect, your cars will be monitored by the world’s most reliable telecommunications businesses.

  1. Alerts and Reporting

You’ll get a wide range of notifications and reports via Verizon Connect. There is a half-a-minute interval between updates; hence, you can view the most recent information in real-time. And alerts may be set up for multiple activities, including idling, towing, and video events. Tracking aggressive driving and other truck activities is very beneficial for fleet management. Verizon Connect’s application allows you to customize and get notifications like many different monitoring systems.

Verizon Connect has the data and information you’re searching for. And reports may be seen as often updates, timelines, or continuous feeds and can be filtered by period or location. We unearthed that these reports give fleet managers helpful information for making well-informed business decisions throughout the company. In contrast to many of its rivals, Verizon Connect goes above and beyond by providing you with personal analytics professionals to assist you in sorting through the many reports.

  1. Driver Safety and Performance

Using Verizon Connect’s monitoring tools, you may gather driver performance and safety information and assemble it into scorecards for personal use. The most amazing bit is that the data may be deployed to reward good driving practices and help less-knowledgeable drivers learn the ropes. One of Verizon Connect’s most valuable features is its dashcams. Due to their high visibility, these systems allow you to note dangerous driving situations and occurrences. Even if not all competitors provide them, dashcams are becoming more common in the market.

  1. Fleet Maintenance and Optimization

When you use Verizon Connect to monitor your fleet, you can save money on gasoline and keep your assets in good condition. Case in point, idle time and fuel card tracking may lower wasted time and minimize expenditures. We also like the ability to get service notifications and plan maintenance depending on time, engine hours, or distance traveled. When an automobile is serviced, the status is immediately updated throughout the whole platform. It is common practice in business for these elements to be included.

  1. ELD and Compliance

This all-inclusive software also eases and programs all compliance processes and reporting, such as the truck assessment and accumulation of on-road driving time and inspections of vehicles and equipment.

  1. Asset Tracking

To optimize security, usage, and uptime, businesses may keep watch on their tools and on-site resources through distant access. To optimize processes, increase use, monitor maintenance, and prolong the life of their resources, Verizon Connect helps businesses unearth innovative methods to do so. Monitoring engine hours and repairs history for humungous pieces of equipment like loaders and cranes is made possible by this application.

  1. Field Service Management

Deploying the platform’s Reveal Field, field managers can organize and dispatch tasks, serve customers with ETAs using a drag-and-drop calendar, and have technicians deliver work progress updates through a mobile application. Increased visibility of experts and the state of their work allows users to react to consumer demands more quickly.

To avoid juggling several almanacs and worksheets, all personnel may log into a single system. If an expert hasn’t seen the task, the platform warns dispatchers. Automated appointment notices and reminders are also provided.

  1. Compliance Management

Verizon Connect simplifies compliance-related tasks, such as inspection and driving hours. It ensures the driver complies with all regulatory requirements, reduces paperwork, and promotes personnel safety.

Plans and Pricing

There are no prices listed on the Verizon Connect web page; hence, for price information, you’ll need to contact a sales representative directly. According to the sales team, the company has a three-year agreement. But several companies provide annual agreement alternatives or even month-to-month flexibility. However, this 36-month contract is usual among fleet monitoring firms.

The program is refreshed once every half a minute. A huge number of the available options have a refreshing time, ranging from one to three minutes. Compliance with ELD requirements and assistance with HoS is accessible via Verizon Connect. IFTA compliance is another service that may be provided. Talk to a Verizon Connect sales reps if you have concerns about whether or not you comply.

Many demo videos and screenshots of fleet monitoring programs and services are available on YouTube and other sites. Due to Verizon Connect’s recent purchase of critical industry businesses, we could not locate much information of this kind online.

In the same way that telematics businesses provide demos of their products, Verizon does the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Cost of Verizon Connect?

There is no pricing mentioned on the Verizon Connect website. You’ll need to speak with a salesperson directly for Verizon Connect pricing details.

Moreover, the company does not offer a free trial, and no freemium package is available. Hence, you have to pay for the program.

  1. Does Verizon Connect Record Audio?

Dashboard cameras only record video. Ergo, Verizon Connect is unable to capture audio throughout the driving experience. And as of now, Verizon Connect does not seem to be adding the ability to capture audio shortly.

  1. How do I add a Driver on Verizon Connect?

On Verizon Connect, adding a new driver is a simple process, irrespective of whether they’re an existing user or a first-time user. To bring on board a driver who is already a registered user, perform the following steps:

  • To access the Admin menu, go to Account Profile after clicking on the User List.
  • After selecting “Users and Roles” and then “User List,” the user whose information you want to modify may be edited by selecting the “pencil” icon.
  • Click “Save” after selecting “Yes, this person is a driver” from the drop-down menu.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that you can’t convert a current driver into a new user. Instead, you will need to get rid of the driver who is now in use and then reconstruct them as a person who drives.

Similarly, by following the processes outlined below, you will establish a new driver who is not currently registered as a user:

  • To create a new driver, go to “Account Profile” and pick “Drivers” from the menu.
  • After selecting the option labeled Details, fill out all the sections with the necessary information, including uploading a picture, providing your first name and last name, as well as your driver’s number, employment ID, and driver’s license things.
  1. How do I settle my Verizon Connect Bill?

Verizon Connect bill payments may be made using the platform’s Payment Panel, which requires you to establish an account if you have none.

You may use any major credit or debit card or speak with a customer care representative to make a payment.

  1. How many Employees are there at Verizon Connect?

There are 3,681 people employed by Verizon Connect, located in Atlanta, Georgia, and smaller than other Verizon divisions, like the cellular business we’ve been used to.

As a result, Verizon Connect is an excellent choice for international shipments because of its wide network of personnel located in over 15 different countries.

  1. How many Clients does Verizon Connect Serve?

In 2021, Verizon Connect had more than 4 million subscribers and made approximately $259 billion.

Ergo, it’s simple to understand why shipping corporations and other companies have chosen Verizon Connect over its rivals because it is a widely used program in all corners of the world.

  1. How Do I Cancel Verizon Connect?

Even though you must sign a contract to use Verizon Connect, getting in touch with customer care is the fastest and quickest method to end your subscription.

Nevertheless, you should know that if you terminate the subscription while under contract, you’re responsible for the outstanding agreement amount. You might lose a lot of dollars if you terminate quickly after ratifying.

  1. What is Verizon Connect used for?

The Verizon Connect GPS is deployed to track many aspects of fleet operations, such as the performance of drivers and the upkeep of vehicles. The discernments that may be gleaned by using Verizon Connect by fleet directors can be used to enhance driver safety, optimize fuel consumption, maintain safe cars and assets, and increase overall output.

Is The Company Right For You?

When Fleetmatics, Verizon Networkfleet, and Telogis were combined with Verizon, the result was Verizon Connect. Since these three firms have been merged, Verizon Connect has a greater capacity to scale than any of its rivals. If you’re running a medium-sized business, this is the best option. Regarding functionality, Verizon Connect is appropriate for medium-sized fleets, which require a robust tracking solution.

Since medium-size fleets often move between jurisdictions, it may be challenging to guarantee that you adhere to all state and federal laws. Via its monitoring technology and program, Verizon Contact may assist you in adhering to all applicable rules and regulations.

In comparison to its rivals, Verizon Connect is more configurable. As your company expands, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of the programs and the amount of informative and coaching materials they provide. As a bonus, we liked that Verizon Connect gives a wide range of reports and even includes training on how to deploy them effectively.