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Wagmo Review 2022 – Top 10 Pet Insurance Services

Dog and cat owners may rest easy knowing that Wagmo offers coverage for everything from regular care to immunizations and emergency treatment.

Forbes and TechCrunch are just a handful of the publications on Wagmo insurance. In addition, they’ve built up a sizable fan base on social media, accumulating roughly 13,000 Instagram followers.

An in-depth analysis of Wagmo Pet Insurance will be presented here. See whether their wellness policies are worth the dimes by learning more about their customer assessments, offers, and other details in this blog post.

The Verdict
Wagmo Wagmo

If you want to protect your fluffy friend and your dimes all at the same time, Wagmo is a fantastic alternative. Coverage options are many, and it's clear what's included in the price. Even if your favorite animal has prior problems, it's still something most pet parents should think about buying.

  • High Compensation Rate
  • As long as the deductible is satisfied, you may be compensated up to 100 percent of veterinary bills. Much other insurance limits their coverage to a ceiling of 90 percent.
  • Wellness Plans vended distinctly
  • Certain pet insurance providers will only permit you to enroll in their wellness program if you buy a policy simultaneously. Wagmo is not such a firm.
  • Amazing Coverage
  • Vet exam costs and cleaning are covered by Wagmo Wellness Schemes, which are not covered by other insurance.
  • Discount for several pets
  • If you cover many animals, you may save up to ten percent on your premium.
  • No-Claim Reduction
  • Your insurance premiums might be reduced by an extra 15% if there have been no claims in the previous year.
  • Collaborates with any certified veterinary professionals
  • You are free to take your fluffy friend to whatever groomer or veterinarian you want, including visits that take place virtually, in your house, or at their physical location. You need to take a photo of the d
  • Waiting Durations
  • Wagmo's waiting durations for accident and sickness coverage take a bit longer than other insurance companies.
  • There are more affordable alternatives
  • Although Wagmo's first insurance cost of $13 per month is great, it is not the most affordable. For example, Lemonade Pet Insurance has been voted as the greatest pet insurance company in the country due to its affordable prices. You'll need to compare quotes from several insurance providers to get the best deal.
  • Wagmo Pet Insurance isn't offered in all areas
  • Wagmo's insurance products are not offered in all fifty states where the company operates.
  • Immediate payment to the veterinarian is required
  • You are responsible for paying the costs, and Wagmo will refund you. Nevertheless, this is a standard operating procedure for pet insurance companies.
  • Pay-out Caps
  • Pay-out limits for Wagmo are $10,000 per occurrence and $ 100,000 per lifetime. As much as many pet parents require, other insurers offer more substantial compensati

About Company

Wagmo’s aim is to ensure that all pets get the medical care and attention they need while also making sure that their owners don’t have to pay for an arm and a leg.

New York City serves as the location of the company’s center of operations, and Alison Foxworth and Christie Horvath are responsible for the company’s launch in 2017.

Let’s continue with this Wagmo best pet insurance review now that you’re familiar with the company’s history. If you’re interested in getting insurance from this firm, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the brand’s features.


  1. Exam Period

There is no need for pet parents to have their animals assessed by a veterinarian before applying for Wagmo membership. The only reason the corporation could ask for your pet’s medical history is to establish whether or not it has undergone treatment for a similar problem in the past. However, they might ask for any history. When you make a claim, you risk this happening, although it generally only happens the first time.

  1. Raise in Monthly Premium

Your pet’s monthly premiums may go up as it ages, especially if it lives into late adulthood. The company does this because they know that caring for geriatric dogs is more expensive due to their fragility and increased susceptibility to illness and injury. In addition, the company monitors the vet market continuously. An increase or decrease in the cost of veterinarian services will affect the firm’s premium rates. Fortunately, the insurance company will contact you through email if and when your rates are adjusted.

  1. Claim Submission Time Limit

The time limit for submitting a claim to Wagmo is quite generous since it remains in effect for 90 days after the insurance term has concluded. So that your claim for the current insurance term may be considered for approval, you must submit your paperwork no later than three months following the end of the current coverage period.

  1. Claim Processing Times

Wagmo’s state processing speed is another area in which they shine. Best pet insurance claims typically take between 10 and 15 days to complete once submitted, although this will go down as they get to know more about your pet’s medical condition.

  1. Waiting Periods

In terms of appealing to as many customers as possible, the company’s waiting times don’t seem to be all that appealing. “Non-existent” wellness coverage has the only waiting time that’s good to hear about. At the very least, the remainder of them takes at least half a month. There is a half-a-month waiting time for accidents and diseases; however, orthopedic disorders have a half-a-year waiting period. Adding insult to injury, there’s a one-month waiting time for cancer treatments, which isn’t common among other insurance companies.

  1. Pet Insurance Coverage with Wagmo is Valid

Only licensed vets in the US are eligible for the company’s best puppy insurance coverage. Unfortunately, this is another area Wagmo is challenged because most of its rivals allow their policyholders to use their coverage when globe-trotting.

  1. Bilateral Conditions

An illness affecting both the left and the right side of your fluffy best friend is usually omitted from coverage if it already exists on one side before signing up with the insurance firm. And Wagmo’s is known to exclude itself from cruciate damage.

  1. Devoted Pet Parent Concierge

The company puts great effort into always showing up for its clients. Hence, in an attempt to assist their policyholders on every occasion they have queries associated with their fluffy friend’s insurance or need advice on their pet’s present health challenges, Wagmo has a great pet caretaker on their smartphone applications.

As a pet owner, download the application, register, and begin communicating with other pet parents. And since every one of their knowledgeable client service reps is also a caring pet parent, they’ll know precisely how to help you with your existing problem.

  1. Personnel Benefits Program

Wagmo presents a new tool for companies wishing to give their members of staff best puppy insurance and pet health care as a perk of employment. In this approach, owners of pets in the office can protect their animals at a cheaper cost, while companies can retain their employees and foster a more positive work atmosphere.

Plans and Pricing

Puppy insurance from Wagmo includes an emergency vet care option to aid with unexpected health bills. It also has three plans of wellness programs.

Wagmo’s plans come with several capabilities and benefits, all of which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

Wagmo provides several Pet Wellness levels, including:

  1. Value

This plan includes the most elementary care your fluffy friend needs annually, including a regular checkup and immunizations. Plus, this service is pretty logically priced at $20 per month.

  1. Classic

An additional benefit of this mid-tier plan is that it includes reimbursements for the cost of specialist pet grooming services. It has a monthly cost of $36.95.

  1. Deluxe

Regular immunizations and dental checkups are included in this tier, which is more expensive. Periodontal illness and expensive tooth removals may be avoided if your domesticated animal’s teeth are scrubbed often. The monthly fee for the “Deluxe” plan is $59.

What does Wagmo cover?

All of the following are covered by Wagmo’s pet insurance plan:

  • Accidents and diseases
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Operations and procedures
  • Pet ambulance
  • Euthanasia

What’s not covered?

First, already existing medical conditions are not covered. And this is also true for other fluffy friend’s insurance companies.

According to the organization’s terms, already existing health issues encompass medical conditions which develop symptoms before the policy’s effective date.

Spaying and neutering are operations that Wagmo will not cover. Lemonade’s Pups/Kittens wellness plan add-on may be able to assist you with the cost of neutering.

Regular care isn’t covered by Wagmo’s top pet insurance coverage, either. Yearly vaccinations and checkups, personal grooming, and dental checkups are examples of this. If you sign up for a Wagmo wellness plan, you are eligible to cover a few of these bills.

Check with Wagmo’s insurance for a complete list of what’s left out from your coverage before making a decision.

Plan Customizations

Many deductible options and annually payment limitations are available to personalize your insurance plan with Wagmo. You may also select between a ninety and a hundred refund percentage for your costs.


Apart from the 10 percent discount for several pets, Wagmo provides a 15 percent discount for puppy insurance policies that have not had any claims in the last year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I end my Wagmo membership?

Any moment you wish to terminate your Wagmo insurance, you can do so without penalty. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by sending Wagmo an official letter of intent.
  2. Tell the insurance company that you are canceling or not renewing your coverage.
  3. And what date do you wish the termination to take effect?

If you wish to terminate your plan, provided that no claim has been made, there’s a day grace duration, which lets you modify coverage or terminate for full reimbursement.

However, you’re penalized if a claim was made or the 24-hours grace duration has elapsed. For the individuals who have not claimed anything from Wagmo, all they are required to do is contact consumer support and make a request. And the customer support team will assist them in every possible manner.

How do I submit a claim to Wagmo?

Wagmo’s claims are simple to make. Once you’ve logged in, pick the “Make a claim” option on the dashboard.

Uploading a snapshot of your statements for the claim is required at this time. Your animal’s health history and a detailed list of procedures should be encompassed in the estimate.

Wagmo will respond to your claims within a reasonable amount of time after you’ve filed them. After that, they’ll take care of you by answering any queries regarding your claim(s) or requesting any more information they may need.

For how long does a claim take to pay out?

You’ll be notified through email if a claim is made, so keep an eye out for that. After that, you’ll get a confirmation email informing you that your claim has been processed, perhaps during the following week. However, you may get your compensation sooner if your claim is processed more quickly.

Pay-out options are available when your claim is deemed valid. To pay, you may use a credit card, bank transfer, or send a check.

Wagmo manages claims in-house, so they are often completed within a day. You’ll be notified by email after the claim is evaluated and approved.

Payments for wellness claims may be paid using bank transfer, Venmo, and PayPal.

What distinguishes Wagmo from the competition in the top pet insurance market?

Because there are so many best dog insurance companies, it’s almost hard to rate them all and choose which one deserves to be at the top. Wagmo should undoubtedly take the top spot regarding the best pet insurance.

Why? You may decide for yourself, but here are a few of its great capabilities:

  • According to comparable providers, the pet health package offered by Wagmo is among the finest in the industry. It is possible to buy individual programs that include cleaning and dental cleaning, as well as various other beneficial features.
  • There is a 5 percent discount for every extra animal, which is added to the base coverage policy.
  • If you want to join the company, your pet doesn’t need to undergo a full physical examination. It is not required for enrollment.
  • Charges for vet assessment are entailed in the firm’s Emergency Veterinary Coverage tier.
  • Wagmo pet insurance policies also cover prosthetics, orthotics, and orthodontia, to name a few of the perks.

How can I manage my pet insurance coverage using a Wagmo mobile app?

There is, without a doubt. Smartphone users may enjoy Wagmo’s high-quality mobile applications. Policyholders can file claims, watch their development, modify their bio-data, improve their coverage, and reach out to experts anytime they have an animal-related problem.

Are there any restrictions on how many claims I may make?

No. You may submit as many claims as you wish. Several days later, Wagmo will inform you if your claim has been accepted or rejected for compensation.

  1. Does Wagmo require its policyholders to utilize only veterinarians affiliated with the company’s network, or may I continue using my current veterinarian?

It’s impossible to find a network of vet clinics dedicated just to Wagmo customers. Wagmo’s coverage allows pet parents to utilize the services of any licensed vet in the nation for their pet’s health care needs. Wagmo will compensate you for the fees you incur while you carry on to see your former veterinarian.

What are Wagmo’s benefits?

There are several advantages to Wagmo, such as different wellness tier choices, customizable plans, a smartphone application, and a discount for several pets, among others. Wagmo’s $ 100,000-lifetime cap is particularly impressive since it exceeds the offerings of many other firms.

Is Wagmo an insurance company that covers exotic pets?

No. Currently, Wagmo only offers insurance for dogs and cats, but plans are being developed.

Is hip dysplasia covered under Wagmo?

Yes, but only for dogs under six, a rare elimination among insurers covering the condition.

What is a bilateral exclusion?

Exclusions for an illness or condition are said to be bilateral when they impact both sides of the body as they do in most people. Even if a Wagmo coverage protects your pet, the ailment will not be compensated since it has already been diagnosed as bilateral in your animal companion.

Are Neutering and Spaying covered under Wagmo Wellness policy?

No, both of them are not included under Wagmo’s insurance.

Is The Company Right For You?

When it comes to fundamental veterinary care for pets and unexpected vet expenditures, Wagmo has you covered. Wellness plans from this firm are unique since they include services like cleaning and annual checkups in addition to other common visits.

It’s worth noting that Wagmo is a great option for those who are getting a dog or cat or have a pet and want to save money on veterinary costs and other expenditures. At the end of the day, although you have to pay a regular subscription, you’re probably to save a critical amount of money.

The bottom line is that Wagmo’s plans are great investments for your fluffy friend.