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Ways to Embed a YouTube Subscribe Button on WordPress

YouTube has become among the leading search engines on the website. Many people are using this video sharing platform for tutorials, music, and any latest news. You can use it on your WordPress website to attract enormous traffic on your site.

Do visitors spend little time on your website? There is a high probability that those who visit your site will not scroll to the end of your website page. You can raise your website’s visibility.

It is easier to maximize visibility by placing a YouTube subscribe button on your WordPress website. Having a YouTube subscribe button enables your web visitors to subscribe to your channel through a simple click.

After your website users subscribe to your channel, any video you add will be displayed to their YouTube subscription feed. It raises the chances of your users viewing your content.

YouTube channel engages the viewers. The valuable content you offer to them will attract them to subscribe to your channel. You can raise traffic on your site by using video clips. YouTube channel provides you the best platform to achieve it.

Are you wondering about the profits of having a YouTube subscribe button on your site? Here are some of the gains you are going to get.

  • You will increase your YouTube followers. It leads to more exposures and sales.
  • It enables you to leverage your present audience. They are aware of your content. Just raise their chances of following you on your new platform.
  • With a subscription button on your site, no need for you to send your web users to the YouTube page. They can use a simple click to subscribe and remain engaged with your website.

Having given you the role of subscribe button on your site, here Ways to Embed a YouTube Subscribe Button on WordPress.

Method 1-add the YouTube subscribe button on WordPress

The best method is through creating your channel videos using top keywords that human-friendly. That means they should entice the viewers to want to watch! The title should remain short yet straightforward. The word breakers play a crucial role in adjusting the titles. However, it should retain its relevance to the blog or video content. The subscribed members will see the popup over the YouTube page.

After that, click the save button. Then, the YouTube subscribe button will be on your website. It is advisable to check whether it is in the working condition before proceeding.

If you have the WordPress blog, log into it and go to the appearance and proceed to the widget. Add your YouTube subscribe button code into the text widget so that your readers know your YouTube channel. Seeing it, they can easily subscribe to your channel. It will help you garner more YouTube subscribers, more views to your video hence positive riddance for your channel.

Decide the time you may want your subscribers to see your content. It could be at the beginning, the end, or at a customized time. It all depends on what you choose. After that, save, and viewers will be able to subscribe to your channel with just a single click.

The subscriber buttons generated help you to connect with any page that you are appearing. The switches ink you to the YouTube channel. Upon the clicks, it opens a new window allowing the user to confirm their subscription.  

These subscribe buttons have a significant impact on a blog or channel. Making them more visible and clickable is imperative. It is because they will serve their purpose, which is to tempt visitors on a website to end up subscribing. The subscriber gets interested in the content.

Method 2- follows these steps

  • Visit the HTML embedded code generator

The HTML tools enable you to acquire the embedded subscriber button. Configure and set a display option in previewing the button. Copy the required switch to add it to your page. From there, copy the generated code on your inbox, highlight rows and paste it on the clipboard you will easily view it through the HTML.

  • Insert the YouTube user name and id
  • To begin with, you have to get the YouTube user and the id of the channel. Every user has a unique identity.
  • To get your channel’s ID, you are required to sign in to your account.
  • From your top right of the page, there is a need to click on the profile, scroll down to the menu, and choose the advanced settings.
  • It will prompt you to see the user and the channel’s ID.
  • Choose the page layout and preference.

The customized designs will lead the viewers to understand what your channel entails. Content creators should upload videos regularly. It is essentially adding a channeled trailer. It helps get a glimpse of the content. It must be captivating. It helps you in suggesting the best content for your subscribers.

Select the right niche should be a priority. Choose a theme that best suits your title.

You also need to organize the videos to a playlist, which makes it more captivating. The basic guidelines entail logging in, choosing the profile picture, and scrolling the customized channel to come up with the various layouts. Select a dark theme or any other that suits you best. 

  • Google will generate a code for you.

After the preview, a code is automatically brought forth on the content box. Click on the add gadget to the content and paste the provided code. Ensure to follow the required illustrations.

  • Copy and paste the whole system into the HTML

It is essential when editing or for the page conversion.

  • Linking the HTML and JavaScript

Finally, click on the HTML, a language that describes the structured document. The website’s structure gets enhanced or identifies the language for creating webpages. Professionals need to acquire this skill as it concerned with content creation.

JavaScript is a native language in the world of the web. It brings forth dynamic purposes to your site. It is essential as it creates unique characters, inserting images, and links. On the other hand, the CSS describes webpage presentations. Both HTML and CSS are core bones of a website and both essential as they work together.


Today people are earning by blogging and through YouTube content. Many people are making an income by putting up videos on their YouTube channels. Having several subscribers is thus vital as you earn many views for any uploaded video. Earning more YouTube subscribers, it is advisable to embed their YouTube subscribe button on their blog pages. It will grow the number of subscribers as they get attracted to your content.


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